Why is this “pandemic” and coercive vaccine push really happening?

Does it really make sense for the new rulers of this world (e.g., political leaders, health authorities, mainstream media & social media rulers) to drive so hard to make sure we get the jab for a disease with a 94% to 99% survival rate (depending on cohort) and a relatively low transmission rate of ~2.0?

You’d have to be incredibly naïve to believe they care for your health and well-being.

Why did they push for economy and life-destroying lockdowns unprecedented in human history? Why did they inflate the numbers of Covid-19 cases and deaths with faulty testing and false death certificates? Why did they perpetrate the widespread violation of basic rights and freedoms of citizens of the world and impose medical tyranny?

Lockdown without Shutdown: The New Ontario Small Business ...

Why did they employ fear tactics through propaganda and block the use of alternative low-cost treatments through a program of censorship and punishment of dissident physicians? And why are they now pushing vaccine passports and mandates, in flagrant violation of human rights, for a disease no more deadly or communicable than many others that came before?

If it’s so serious, why do elites keep hypocritically ignoring the same restrictions they push on everyone else? They know it’s not serious and that this is really about aggrandizing power through fear.

Why did they engineer this disease at the Wuhan lab to begin with?
Why is this really being done to us and to future generations?

The explanation from the mainstream media and politicians has too many holes in it to be taken seriously by an intelligent person who bothers to do the most basic research. This is not a real public health crisis caused by a “pandemic” disease. That is a wicked lie, a crime against humanity.

PLANDEMIC - Part 1 - Judy Mikovits PhD | Qanon.video

The disease is real. It was engineered on purpose in the Wuhan lab. It has killed several million people, as has the flue, TB, HIV, and many other diseases. But it does not warrant global economic lockdowns that do more harm than good.

This has been an incredibly ambitious (and unfortunately successful) psychological operation to create orchestrated mass hysteria for nefarious political purposes.

Below are three possible and overlapping reasons for why they’re doing this:

1) Depopulation
2) Profit
3) Power

The truth could be a combination of all three reasons. They are not mutually exclusive.


We have all heard this one due to Bill Gates’ statements year ago. Globalists are interested in solving climate change, which a mass depopulation agenda would serve by reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by consumption of fossil fuels.

Depopulation could be an end itself, but it could also serve a greater end, such as mitigating the mass extinction of species and climate change.

A Sheep No More : Yes, They Really Do Want To Reduce The ...

If so, it’s a rather morally callous and misanthropic solution to the environmental crisis, to say the least. It makes the genocides of the 20th century seem amateurish by comparison. This has been world-changing — and it’s far from over yet. The point is that will never end.

Perhaps those pushing this forward feel they’re doing an honourable thing? Solving the problem of the mass extinction of species is an honorable goal, but at any cost?

There is an ethics problem here: does the end justify the means?

Social engineering on a mass scale always results in casualties. From the perspective of those suffering it and also later generations, it seems murderous and insane, but to ideologies its all makes sense.

Pol Pot thought what he was doing in the early 1970s in Cambodia served a greater good. Totalitarian ideologies are driven forward by idealists, in service to whatever Utopian vision they wish to serve.

Gates is a technological optimist and climate change activist who is using a manufactured crisis in order to implement social engineering on a scale never before seen in human history.

And perhaps he may have persuaded himself that this is the more painless route to take than a climate chaos which the world would have eventually descended into without his intervention. Perhaps he looks at it like euthanasia: to prevent a greater suffering?

This story feeds into that theory:

“Medical researchers bury data showing 82% miscarriage rate in mRNA
vaccinated women”

Of course, the corporate “fact-checkers” have already tried to debunk it, but that only tells us that the powers that be are worried about the impact of the story to disrupt their fiction.

untitled image

Already births are at a record low in the West – which is a phenomenon that predated 2020, but if births taper off countries like Israel with high vaccination rates, that will reveal a lot.

“Births fall to 42-year low in U.S., new CDC data shows” – May 5, 2021

Why is it so low? (if the CDC is correct) You’d think there would be more babies due to being locked in — but I suspect there are a lot of abortions happening now.

There is some anecdotal evidence of miscarriages in VAERS, though perhaps not enough to establish a pattern:
“Miscarriage Reports in the Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Database”


This site below boldly claims a major increase in miscarriages associated with the jab based on medical adverse event reports:

But it’s countered by a pro-vaccine “fact-checking” site that tries to debunk it:
Note that this site says it’s neutral but admits to being funded by Facebook and Google, which are hardly neutral sources.

חֵ֖ן Data

CNN reports that the CDC says pregnant women can safely get the jab,
but anything from either of these two sources is suspect. They’re
politically compromised.

Time will tell. They cannot possibly cover up millions of miscarriages. Or can they?! They do control the media, but not the Internet — at least not entirely – though Trudeau is trying to fix that with censorship laws and “firewalls” such as those operatives in China.

Iain Davies and others claim that once they gain absolute control over us, they’ll commit mass murder. The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski said the same in his Manifesto: if enough of us are rendered obsolete by robotic and other technologies, why keep us around to cause problems?

It’s not implausible if one takes into account the totalitarian history of the 20th century. It can easily happen again. The conditions seem ripe for it now, due to the concentration of power into the hands of a few state and corporate actors. I don’t discount that possibility.


… for Big Pharma, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and others whose profits ballooned during this thing. This may have been the ultimate driver of events, or else just an added bonus to serve as an incentive for Gates’ group to get major corporations on board.

After all, who needs democracy when the world can be remade into China, where these corporations are doing well? And it was a golden opportunity to eliminate small businesses (the competition) at the same time. Wal-Mart stayed open while small stores were closed.

“How the Covid-19 Vaccine injected Billions into Big Pharma” –

“Amazon and Walmart have raked in billions in additional profits during the pandemic, and shared almost none of it with their workers”

“Gates Foundation makes billions through dangerous vaccine development”


Concentration of power for globalists and regional despots and technocrats through the creation of a global biosecurity state, e.g. Australia: https://www.americanlibertyemail.com/articles/covid-martial-law-when-did-australia-go-completely-crazy/

| Martial Law: Enforcing the COVID-19 NarrativeReal News ...

“Halting our descent into tyranny …”

This theory is almost certainly the case and does not exclude the others.

There are two important addenda: 3a) Power of the CCP and 3b) Power of the Left/globalists.

3a) the CCP

This is a golden opportunity for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agenda of imperial expansion and control, giving it the edge in becoming the world’s # 1 superpower, by defeating the USA through asymmetrical warfare using Covid-19.

We already know that China has imperial plans through its Belt & Road Initiative in Africa and other countries, and also wishes to defeat the USA economically and politically.

It seems highly likely that Covid-19 was deliberately and not accidentally released by the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army).

The First Rule Of Unrestricted Warfare : ConspiracyMemes

China used its influence in Italy and Iran to scare the world into believing that Covid-19 was a deadly pandemic when it is no more deadly than many other communicable diseases. There is evidence from 2015 that the PLA considered using SARS as a bioweapon:

“China Weaponizing COVID Since 2015”

“Yes, COVID-19 Was A Biological Attack By The Chinese Communist Party” https://noisyroom.net/blog/2021/04/18/yes-covid-19-was-a-biological-attack-by-the-chinese-communist-party/

3b) the Left

This is most evident in the way that the Democrats and Liberals (in Canada) and other would-be tyrants have seized on this issue as their golden opportunity to amass regional and national power. It’s a simple formula: by pushing fear non-stop they gain power.

The success of this operation is dependent on the willing participation of the would-be tyrants. They never had so much success at advancing collectivism before, despite decades of trying.

Seemorerocks: The Cambridge professor who calls for genocide

Decades of indoctrination in universities, conditioning millions to adopt Leftist ideologies have definitely contributed to this moment. Inevitably, most of what Lenin termed the “useful idiots of the revolution” will live to regret their support for what will eventually be revealed as real tyranny, but by then it will be too late.

Another sad irony: Donald Trump unwittingly played into their agenda: he was easy to scapegoat, giving rise to the strange phenomenon of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” which seemed to animate the Left and push many undecided voters into the arms of radical ideologies. And he caved into Fauci’s wishes, unfortunately.


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