Satire: Biden’s “accomplishments”

JP Sear

Video satirist JP Sears produces a number of brilliant sketches, lampooning political hypocrisy, and exposing political lies. This one is particularly good:

Below is an edited transcript of it, for posterity.

After winning the most controversial election in U.S. history that we’re not allowed to question, the clear winner, Joe Biden, has already racked up many monumental accomplishments as President.

So many that he deserves to be on the same list of all-time great world leaders that includes Mao, Stalin, Putin, and Kim Jong-Un.

What are Biden’s greatest accomplishments that have earned him a place in this exclusive club? Let’s find out.

1) He classifies U.S. citizens as terrorists.

Actual slideshow from MSNBC Nightly News. Shows that the Whitehouse now labels anyone who opposes medical tyranny or who questions the 2020 election results as a potential terror threat,
i.e. about 75 millions Americans.

Biden now classifies only a couple hundred million Americans as terrorists.

This comes from his new guidelines that state anybody who questions his Covid measures, or claims there was election fraud, are terror threats.

Sounds reasonable.

And the fact that he’s threatening people with a label of “terrorist” if they question the election kind of makes people (who accidentally think for themselves) think there was that thing that we’re not allowed to mention.

Kind of like Biden’s playing poker with his card facing out, only he doesn’t know it.

2) He handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban.

Joe Biden make taliban great again hat |

After being in Afghanistan for over 20 years to help stabilize the country for our allies, Biden decided to suddenly withdraw all U.S. troops.

And right after Biden did that, the Afghani President had to flee the country as a terrorist organization, the Taliban, completely took it over — including seizing control of the capital city and the presidential palace.

U.S. citizens had to do an emergency evacuation from the roof of the U.S. Embassy.

With the U.S. not there anymore, the Taliban is currently hunting down and murdering innocent Afghanis who assisted the U.S. mission against the Taliban.

And these people would never have the opportunity to be brutally murdered if it wasn’t for the President who got the most votes in U.S. history.

Afghanistan getting attacked and taken over by the Taliban after Biden abruptly pulled all U.S. troops out, comes after Biden ignored five U.S. intelligence reports that told him that’s what would happen.

Biden is a good enough leader that he knew what happened wasn’t gonna happen.

Video of Whitehouse press conference plays

Reporter: “Is the Taliban take over of Afghanistan now inevitable?”

Biden: “No, it is not, because the Afghan troops have 300,000 well equipped, as well equipped as any army in the world, and an air force against something like 75,000.”

And now that the Taliban has gained a strong foothold of strategic positions because they have all of them, Biden has ordered thousands of US troops back into Afghanistan.

Satirical meme from Babylon Bee. Leftist “fact-checkers” felt the need to correct this lest the public actually did think CNN praised the Taliban. Perhaps this is because CNN produces so much anti-American propaganda and fake news these days, it’s hard to distinguish it from satires of it.

Which is way more dangerous for U.S. troops, but the Taliban will now be much safer against the U.S. troops.

When giving a news conference about the success in Afghanistan after he could barely read off a teleprompter for ten minutes, Biden turned and walked out without answering any questions and went back on vacation.

But Biden did manage to blame Trump for everything Biden screwed up in Afghanistan.

Oh, and also, the Taliban did find tons of U.S. weapons on bases they took over, that the U.S. left for the Afghani military.

And now the Taliban will be able to use those weapons against U.S. troops because of Biden.

Now that’s a great accomplishment of strategic leadership.

3) He took away free speech.

Cartoon of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, which the Whitehouse uses to do an end-run around the First Amendment in order to censor alleged “misinformation.”

Many used to think the First Amendment was untouchable. That is, until Biden started assaulting free speech like it’s a female intern in Andrew Cuomo’s office — [Cuomo] whom Biden praised for his leadership.

When the White House announced it was instructing Facebook what to censor, Biden successfully became the only President in U.S. history to censor U.S. citizens’ right to free speech.

4) He created a race war.

Branco Cartoon - What's In A Name?

Biden has a relentless agenda to get critical race theory taught in workplaces, the military, and most horrifically schools.

He teaches young children that they’re evil and born racist if they’re white.

And he teaches brown and black children that there’s no hope for them all because of their skin color.

Biden’s been inspiringly indoctrinating kids to judge themselves and other people based on their skin color, not the content of their character — which happens to be the opposite message that Martin Luther King Jr. taught and ultimately gave his life for.

So it’s kind of like, technically speaking, either Joe Biden or Martin Luther King has to be a racist.

And when you consider the facts, [such as] Biden is on record saying of Obama, that he’s the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

And by sponsoring the 1994 crime bill, he’s responsible for locking up more black men in prison than anyone else in history.

And he also said black people don’t know how to use IDs. He also said blacks and Hispanics don’t know how to use the Internet. He said poor kids can be just as bright as white kids.

After considering all that, I’m pretty sure it’s not Biden who’s the racist.

Also, Biden gave the eulogy at the funeral of KKK leader and recruiter Robert Byrd, during which time Biden said he was a friend and mentor.

And with all that expert mentoring in mind, I think it’s clear that between the two [Biden and MLK] that Martin Luther King Jr. is the racist.

And if you’re still thinking about Biden’s whole handing Afghanistan over to the Taliban, just know it’s hard for Biden to fight terrorism when he’s busy terrorizing the citizens of his own country with his race war. So have some compassion for the guy.

5) He told Americans that showing an ID to vote is racist.

Vaccine Passport, a policy that the Democrats endorse ...

To protect election integrity, one might think that having to show an ID to vote would be a good thing. Well, isn’t that policy already in place? Nope.

And in order to control all elections, Biden told Americans it’s racist to have to show an ID.

But by instituting vaccine mandates, Biden ensures that you will have to show your medical records in order to get into restaurants, shops, and theaters. And that’s not racist.

It’s a “show your papers” kind of thing, like the Nazis did. They tried to exterminate an entire race — which I don’t think was racist.

But at least now, for example, the fact that 65% of black people in New York City haven’t gotten a shot means that most black people in New York will be banned from eating in restaurants and going into other public places — which is not only obviously not racist. It’s unifying!

It kind of reminds me of when Rosa Parks got on the bus and was told “Go to the back.” Only now Rosa Parks isn’t allowed to even get on the bus.

6) He defunded the police.

Biden aggressively pushed to defund the police, which helps protect people by not having anybody to protect them.

How Dems 'Defund the Police' Push Would Work in Real Life ...

And now, with murder rates and crimes skyrocketing all over the country and people mistakenly realizing that defunding the police causes catastrophic problems, Biden is now saying it was the Republicans that wanted to defund the police.

Some people would say he’s lying through his teeth, but others who aren’t grounded in objective reality would say that’s just good.

7) He promotes disrespecting motherhood.

Some would consider motherhood to be the most sacred act in life.

But Biden disses motherhood by trying to indoctrinate people into believing that “mothers” don’t exist. They’re now “birthing people.”

He’s also trying to replace the terms “mother’s milk” with “human milk” and “breastfeeding” with “chest feeding.”

Objective truth doesn’t have a place in reality when your brain’s achieved Biden-levels of dementia.

Biden’s “build back better” agenda starts with destroying the nuclear family.

And based on how his son Hunter turned out, it’s safe to assume Biden’s already an expert in this area.

8) He created a border crisis.

Biden opened the border for illegals to enter the U.S. and stay in the U.S.

border wall Memes & GIFs - Imgflip
Nearly a million illegal immigrants crossed the southern U.S. Border in the first six months of 2021, which is a 20-year high. 180,034 in May alone, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protections. Source:

This has significantly boosted the economy of human trafficking while improving foreign relations with drug cartels.

But for full transparency, Biden doesn’t allow reporters to film or take photos of what’s happening at the border.

While Biden has allowed well over a million illegals to enter the U.S., he demands that U.S. citizens stay in their homes and wear masks around their own family in order to protect them from Covid.

And it’s estimated that up to 40% of illegals are infected with it [Covid].

But sending them all over the country with no testing or safety measures makes Biden’s leadership look as true as his narrative on Covid.

9) He subjects the nation to Faucis’ abuse.

Let me ask you this, if you had a babysitter who was caught abusing your children, you wouldn’t feel the need to get a new babysitter, would you?

Well, neither does Biden, after it’s been proven that Fauci helped create the virus that caused the pandemic by funding ‘gain of function research’ at the Wuhan Lab.

Instead of firing him and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law, Biden keeps Fauci as the guy in charge, to instruct people on how to interact with a bio-weapon that he created.

Fauci’s mandates and recommendations have arguably caused more deaths of despair than the number of deaths that he’s caused with his virus.

Fauci’s willingness to relentlessly lie makes him a very valuable asset to Biden’s leadership Council.

10) He’s trying to take all your guns.

Biden aggressively wants to take all guns from people now.

While that might be treating the Constitution like his toilet paper, Biden heading up the most authoritarian tyrannical administration in this country has ever seen, doesn’t look suspicious at all as he wants to disarm the population. Unless you know about history.

11) He’s destroyed women’s sports.

Biden is such a strong advocate for women’s rights that he wants all people to have women’s rights, including the right to play women’s sports.

With his push to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports, and with many of those said individuals dominating over biological women, many Americans are finding that at least women’s’ sports don’t suck as much to watch anymore.

WATCH: Female athlete speaks out against transgender ...

Women’s’  cage-fighting is my favorite.

12) He’s destroyed children’s education.

Under Biden’s dismantling of society, Oregon recently announced it’ll allow kids to graduate high school even if they can’t read or do math, as math is now racist, and reading is obviously rooted in the white supremacy of literacy.

Biden’s helping usher in a new generation of uneducated people.

And this society of uneducated people will be completely dependant on the government: a perfect recipe for the masses to obediently welcome in socialism and Communism, coincidentally enough — amongst Biden’s other Communist-creating coincidences.

13) He wants equity, not equal opportunity.

And here’s another one of his Communist coincidences already.
For comparison, “equal opportunity” means you’re living in the Land of Opportunity.

Whereas “equality of outcome” means you’re living in the land of Communism, where everyone loses equally — including losing all opportunity.

14) He gave up our energy independence.

Because Biden wants to look like he’s caring for the environment while he destroys the country, he shut down the Keystone pipeline.

Now Americans get to enjoy sky-rocketing gas prices while he’s made Europe dependant on Russia for energy.

That might mean a loss of power for the U.S. in many senses of the word, but at least he gave a lot more power to Russia.

15) He is submissive to the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden’s dedication to helping the CCP is tireless.

And it came to a beautiful crescendo when he was speaking of its commanding officer Xi Jinping, and the genocide the CCP is committing against the Uighurs.

Instead of condemning their concentration camps, murders, tortures, rapes, and forced sterilizations, he covered it up by saying “they’re cultural differences.”

It takes a strong leader to find the good in genocide.

16) He walked up steps. Biden successfully walked up 9 steps before he fell 3 times in a row.

And then he displayed his strength of character by having his press secretary saying the wind blew him over. Which makes him look stronger.

17) He’s created record inflation. Biden has driven inflation up to its highest level in over 30 years.

A.F. Branco Cartoon - McFlation - Comically Incorrect

And if that’s not impressive enough, just know, he’s not slowing it down anytime soon.

Biden’s economic strategies mean that he keeps businesses closed as much as possible, so people have to collect unemployment, which he extends for indefinite periods of time.

And then when he allows businesses to open, they can’t find any employees, because the unemployed can make more staying at home, collecting Biden’s special unemployment.

Biden incentivizes people not to work — which decimates the economy even further when business-owners can’t stay in business anymore.

And to fund this “economic prosperity”, Biden passes trillion-dollar spending packages through, like he’s Hunter pushing rocks into a crack pipe.

To fund all this, Biden prints money like it’s nothing — which is helping it become nothing, as Biden’s economic strategies are de-valuing your money and destroying the U.S. currency.

But while all this happens, you get to enjoy an occasional $600 stimulus check.

Wow! Such an impressive list of accomplishments in such a short time in office!

For all that’ he’s achieved, we hereby give Biden the Karl Marx award in leadership excellency. Congratulations to Hunter’s dad.

All of Biden’s accomplishments . . . it’s like he’s a star quarterback playing for China, Russia, and the Taliban.

And he’s definitely leading the team to victory.

Some non-satirical notes on the 17 points mentioned above

1) Listing American citizens as terrorists. This is in reference to the White House listing 75 million Americans as potential domestic terror threats, or “insurrectionists” through its “comprehensive threat assessment’” on “domestic extremism.”

Destroying constitutional rights and turning the USA into a Communist dictatorship is not insurrection, but trying to defend a nation founded on individual freedoms and liberties apparently is? This is a perverse inversion of the truth by Communist lies.

2) Biden handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Perhaps this is not really a accident or error, but a deliberate strategy to weaken America, as part of the CCP’s plan to humiliate its arch-rival for world domination? It weakens the U.S. on the world stage — all of which goes in the CCP’s favour.

The U.S. exit from Afghanistan opens the door to Chinese incursions into the region.

I believe the fall of Kabul was deliberately staged to remind the U.S. of its most humiliating defeat: the Fall of Saigon, in which Communists humiliated the U.S.

It’s also an opportunity to import more jihadists (ISIS members) into the U.S. and Canada, posing as refugees.

If so, the point would be to further disrupt, divide and demoralize the U.S. from within, which is the same strategy used by the EU to destroy Europe.

3) Abolishing free speech. The Whitehouse asked Facebook to censor so-called medical “misinformation” – which Facebook has obligingly done – which is a way of imposing state censorship by by-passing the First Amendment through a legal loophole.

The Left, in general, favors the use of censorship of alternative and opposing points of view, in order to create ideological unity, groupthink, and obedience to the state. We see this in Canada through the various bills against alleged “hate speech.”

Canada has “human rights tribunals” used to enforce these laws. These tribunals resemble Soviet troikas; they’re used to censor free speech more than protect human rights.

4) Creating a race war. This is a reference to deliberately amplifying racial divisions through Critical Race Theory in schools, which demonizes “whiteness” and convinces black children they’re victims and white children they’re “oppressors”.

In other words, CRT teaches racism and hate. It teaches collective guilt and promotes racial violence and hatred. It also creates a false narrative about America as founded on “slavery” (and not Enlightenment principles and Judeo-Christian values).

Branco Cartoon - Enemies List

CRT is historically inaccurate. It issues out of narrow Marxist ideology. It’s purpose is not to teach but to divide and create a hierarchical political order.

One could also add that in 2020 the Democrats supported BLM riots, in the same spirit. Biden’s campaign office even bailed violent Antifa/BLM agitators out of jail so they could back out on the street and burn down more buildings and assault more innocent people and police.

5) Democrats say requiring voter IDs is “racist.” But this is really a way of stopping election reform bills that would prevent voter fraud (which favours Democrats). It’s in response to Georgia and other GOP-run states that are now requiring voter ID prior to the 2020 mid-term elections.

Democrats Terrified at Thought of Voter ID | The Liberty Loft

This has sent Democrats and their mainstream media allies into a frenzy because it threatens their power base, leading to what’s been termed “election fraud denialism.”

The new breed of Democrats, like Communists, don’t believe in fair elections. Illegal voters and fraudulent mail-in ballots were used in Nov. 2020, and they want to use them again.

The real racism is believing that black people are incapable of producing a piece of ID; it’s infantilizing and creepy, as this clever satiry of the Democrat news media illustrates:

White liberals think black people are incapable of producing IDs, which could be considered insulting.

But an interview of actual black people on the street produced different results and incredulity at the white liberal bias.

6) Democrats defunded the police in 2020, thereby increasing crime. The 2020 race riots were applauded and excused by the Democrats and their media allies.

These riots were very likely facilitated behind the scenes by the PLA out of the Chinese Embassy in Houston TX which was a hub for PLA spying on the U.S. and forced to close for that reason:

The Left rallied for defunding the police in 2020. Later when Democrat focus groups and polls indicated this was deeply unpopular with voter, Democrats brazenly lied about it, falsely claiming the Republicans called for police defunding:

In fact, in 2020, several Democrat politicians deferred to the mob and reduced police spending and told police to stand down.

The result was 100 days of riots to which police responded insufficiently, resulting in numerous murders and skyrocketing crimes in Democrat-run cities.

7) Democrats promote disrespect for motherhood. Weaponizing the transgender movement by the Left has resulted in numerous radical cultural and legal changes to promote transgenderism among children.

The Whitehouse supports this radical cultural shift, which includes the mutilation of children and destroying women’s sports.

It has also resulted in what Orwell would term “newspeak” – the forced modification of language to eliminate words. Words such as “mother” and “motherhood” and “breastfeeding” are now considered politically correct, in order to accommodate men who identify as women.

NewSpeak: FaceCrime Archives -

Incredibly, the Whitehouse endorses this assault on the English language and on mothers, women, and families. Why? It destabilizes society: one of the goals of Marxism is to destroy the family.

Interestinglly, it has even divided the Left itself to some degree: TERFS (trans-exclusionary feminists) find this offensive and an attack on women.

But TERFS themselves (now a pejorative term on the Left) have been viciously attacked as “transphobes” even though biological science is on their side in this particular debate:

8) Democrats created border the crisis of 2021. Trump’s administration managed to slow the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. along the southern border for several years, through border controls and the construction of a wall on the southern border.

But when Biden was elected, the flow began anew, and there was a rush of hundreds of thousands into the U.S., leading to a crisis when roughly a million people crossed over illegally.

Some are criminals who victimize Americans. Many illegal migrants end up being raped and victimized themselves during their journey. Biden’s relaxation of the border and ill-advised “open border” policy has been a boon for human traffickers and drug cartels.

The Biden administration has bussed and flow illegals into towns and cities all over the U.S., against the wishes of the citizens who already live there.

This is resulting in increased crime, homelessness, poverty, and strain on social services.

9) Biden subjected the nation to “Fauci’s abuse”, i.e., lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates. To be fair, so did Trump. Both erred grievously in doing so.

Covid-19 (the Wuhan virus) was, from the start, a carefully planned psyop, a form of asymmetrical warfare against the U.S. by the CCP (as revealed in a 2015 document by the PLA) and aided by globalists.

24 Facts About the Psyop Covid-1984 That Prove We've Been ...

There have been whistle-blowers to that effect (though most were murdered) Covid-19 was designed to destroy the West and ensure Communist power. It was never about public health.

The mask mandates, lockdowns, and now vaccine mandates/passports are all designed to impose authoritarian control on populations.

Lockdowns are ineffective at stopping Covid-19.

Lockdowns have ended up causing far more harm than good.

In fact, the “vaccines”, through ADE, create new variants of Covid-19: the Delta variant is a result of a mutation by human cells in response to the jab.

Fauci advised the Trump administration in 2020 on how to respond, and unfortunately, they listened and implemented harsh measures, i.e., lockdowns, that did more harm than good.

The U.S. should have opted for Sweden’s model of herd immunity without lockdowns. The CCP-controlled media tried to make the case that the
Swedish model failed, but they were lying.

As one editor put it, the media was “enraged that Swedes aren’t dying more.”

It turns out that no lockdowns were needed. But it was never about a disease or public health to begin with. It was a social engineering exercise from the start, entirely about shifting power into the hands of an authoritarian elite.

The callous violate of constitutional rights and murder of people through “lockdown deaths” (due to lack of medical access and drug overdoses and suicides) was on purpose. It was – and continues to be – a crime against humanity.

In Australia and New Zealand they’re still going through the worst lockdowns in the world, needlessly. It is nothing short of outright fascism.

Untold numbers died from the lockdown, needlessly. To make matters worse, Fauci was the one who, in part, was responsible for this crime against humanity, by funding gain-of- function research in the Wuhan lab in past years, for the express purpose of implementing this crime.

10) Take away guns / disarm people. This is an old Communist strategy. All totalitarian dictatorships disarm the populace first, in order to ensure their success.

Shouldcars be illegal? Should hiking be illegal? Should ...

The reason there is outright state fascism in Australia right now is because the populace is disarmed:

“Australian citizens (like many European citizens) have absolutely no means to compel their government or the elites that influence their government to limit themselves. It is these nations, in which the populations have been mostly disarmed and pacified, that any agenda for tyranny will first be established.”

In the U.S. this is done ostensibly to stop school shootings, even though the number one cause of firearm deaths in the U.S. is black-on-black shootings.

Most of those guns are unregistered, owned by criminals, so taking away firearms from citizens won’t do anything other than render powerless the very population that might put up some resistance to Communism. And that is the real purpose of violating the 2nd Amendment.

11) Democrats destroyed women’s sports by allowing biological males to compete. Biden signed an executive order allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports, though the former tend to dominate those sports, to the disadvantage of the women contestants.

This is seen by many, including some female athletes, as an attack on women:

12) Democrats are destroying children’s education. This is a reference to a law in Oregon, which allows high school students to graduate without having to become literate or learn math – because apparently such learning is now considered “racist.”

In general, the Left has taken over the entire education system in both Canada and the U.S. and is indoctrinating children and young adults in colleges and universities, brainwashing them with “grievance studies” and cultural Marxist ideology. and

This has been going on for decades, as part of the “long march through the institutions.”

13) The Left pushes equality of outcome (equity), not equality of opportunity (meritocracy).

An example of equality of outcome is affirmative action, and quota systems that force an equal distribution of male and female employees, or white and black workers, even if the “diverse” workers may lack sufficient qualification.

Affirmative action is the only actual example of systemic racism in the West right now.

The absurdity and danger of this policy are evident in the case of engineers or pilots who may be chosen on the basis of skin color, but lack qualifications. It also ignores that some fields already have more female or black workers already, and that women tend to opt out of “dirty and dangerous.”

For socialists, achieving a Utopian ideal at any cost tends to result in dystopian nightmares. This is not to say that we should abandon all political idealism, but that it should be tempered by ethical limits and due process.

United Airlines Affirmative Action Pilot | The Liberty Loft

14) Giving up energy independence and increasing dependence on foreign oil. This relates to abandoning the Keystone pipeline, ostensibly to mitigate climate change because fossil fuels produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Some analysts claim this has been a factor in rising gasoline prices.

It has led to a return to U.S. dependence on fossil fuels from OPEC, resulting in Biden requesting OPEC to pump more oil.

Insofar as anthropogenic climate change represents a real threat, as climate scientists claim, U.S. reduction of dependence on fossil fuels will have some environmental benefit.

But that also depends on whether a U.S. reduction in emissions would be sufficient to avoid the proverbial “tipping point” (2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures), beyond which positive feedbacks render further climate mitigation efforts fruitless.

In other words, it may be too late for mitigation efforts. If so, crippling the U.S. economy does little for the environment.

China is a big investor in the Alberta oil sands.

And now China will be a larger recipient of oil sands energy in the wake of the U.S. departure from the project:

“If the exports are not headed to the U.S., the likely recipients are nations . . . like China or India. Without this crucial supply for American refineries, companies will continue to be reliant on heavy crude imports . . .”

China is poised to destroy the Canadian Arctic at this time:

China’s long-term plans seem likely to include domination of Canada and growing exploitation of its natural resources for China’s growing population.

China’s plan is no less than world domination:

We are now witnessing the rise of a global police state: “a system in which governments are no longer restricted by the boundaries of civil liberties and are given the power to do just about anything they want in the name of public safety. The use of “the law” as a tool for injecting tyranny into a culture is the first tactic of all totalitarians . . .

“The pandemic response is just a means to an end, and the end game is total dominance of the population.”

Canadians themselves, if even aware of it (most are not), are essentially powerless to stop this, especially without the protection of the U.S. (which itself is now being subjugated by China).

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has opened the door wide to Chinese domination. Already, there are “tens of thousands” of PLA troops in Canada:

15) Submission to CCP in trade, foreign policy. In 1995 Bill Clinton signed NAFTA (free trade) which effectively exported American manufacturing jobs to China, greatly enriching them and impoverishing the West.

Every president since, of both parties, has submitted to China in trade policies, except for Trump, with his “American First” American isolationist position. This is precisely why CCP strategists devised a negative propaganda campaign against him through the mainstream media.

Their strategy exploits a primitive instinct in the human psyche: scapegoating. Trump was the scapegoat par excellence, resulting in “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Sadly, TDS helped the media and CCP achieve a global coup d’état.

THE CENTRIST: Joe Biden is China's Puppet

CNN, for example, demonized Trump in order to get rid of him and bring back Democrats. The underlying reason was to empower China and get rid of Trump, who stood up to them in trade. Mainstream media sites are connected financially to China.

In 2020, the mainstream media all dutifully echoed CCP propaganda, blaming Trump for Covid deaths, to deflect blame from China:

The “pandemic” deaths in the U.S., for example, were wrongly blamed on Trump, even though it was Fauci and the CCP who are to blame.

Election fraud was orchestrated to get rid of Trump — all in order to get Democrats back in power.

Voter ID Laws - Frontiers of Freedom

The Democrat Party is controlled by the CCP and even went so far as to block official investigations into that connection, and into the origin of Covid-19:

16) Falling down on airplane steps. To be fair, this is not the man’s fault, it can happen to anyone. Also, it’s not really about Biden himself. He is just a puppet for a group of elitists who want to turn the USA into a despotic regime.

Biden has onset dementia and does not know what’s happening around him. He is taking instructions. It’s elder abuse to subject him to this.

17) Record inflation / dis-incentivizing work through unemployment. The Biden administration is apparently printing trillions it does not have, spiraling the country further into debt.

Small businesses have shut down due to the lockdown.

But meanwhile Wal-Mart and Amazon made record profits as a result of the lockdowns.

Now there are 10 million jobs available that are not being filled, due in part to stimulus check.

The globalist plan is to implement Universal Basic Income (UBI) to keep millions on welfare, which will create an obedient and economically depressed populace.

Eventually, they’ll be useless and considered expendable. Communist nations frequently engage in genocides against their own people. It will happen in the U.S. if things continue this way.

Also see: “Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn”


On political satire in the era of medical tyranny

A satirical response to the Nova Scotia Liberal Party’s election promise to implement
vaccine passports if elected in 2021. They lost the provincial election.

Satire has traditionally been a weapon against tyranny and authoritarianism. Comedian Mel Brooks calls it “revenge through ridicule.”

Another Jewish comedian Susie Essman (of Curb Your Enthusiasm) says, “by making fun of the Nazis, you’re taking away their power.”

Mel Brooks made fun of Hitler and Nazis in his film The Producers. Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator also mocked Hitler. However, that film came out prior to WWII and the Holocaust, so it clearly did not manage to prevent these tragedies.

Perhaps this is because as historian Paul Johnson argues (in his book Modern Times), nonviolent political dissidence is only effective against abuses of power within liberal democracies.

He argued that Gandhi’s campaigns against British rule of India would have not worked against Nazis, and it’s hard to argue against that.

The 19th-century cartoonist Thomas Nast drew several cartoons of the corrupt Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall, contributing to needed political reforms in NYC (see attached cartoon).

His cartoon worked because the United States is a liberal democracy and those in power were thus vulnerable to public opinion. Nast got his cartoons printed in a newspaper at the time. Tweed did not control the media.

How a series of political cartoons by artist Thomas Nast ...
Thomas Nast cartoon of corrupt Boss Tweed, 19th century

But what happens when a liberal democracy increasingly ceases to be one and almost all the media and news sources turn into propaganda machines for the state within a few short years?

This is in fact what’s happening in the USA and Canada. All the major news sources work seem aligned politically to an increasingly authoritarian Left and against conservative values, including free speech.

Social media sites (Big Tech) and search sites now work to censor politically dissident views as “hate speech” and “misinformation.” These are so loosely defined that it has resulted in censorship of perfectly legitimate speech that neither conveys hate or misinformation, but does challenge those in power.

The only avenue available, in that case, is satire over the Internet, provide the Internet itself is not censored. In Canada, there is legislation tabled to do just that, to censor us online – just as in China where you can’t google Tiananmen Square or anything supportive of the pro-democracy movement.

For the time being, satirist J.P. Sears is allowed to share his work over YouTube. He advocates for personal freedom by mocking those who would take it away.

His videos lampoon the increasingly authoritarian state and media actors who lie to us, create mass hysteria and irrational fear, impose draconian lockdowns and mask mandates that have insufficient scientific justification, and push experimental vaccines on the public.

Watch them while you still can (before Youtube censors them).

Videos by Awaken with JP:

Here are his videos on Covid:

“Coronavirus – It’s Deadlier Than You Thought”

“When the Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door…”

“The Only Way to Be Healthy in 2020”

“Lab Leak Theory: The Media’s Failed Cover Up”

“Proof That Lockdowns Are Working!”

“The White House is Censoring You Now!”

“How Social Distancing Rules Are Created”

“What Giving Up Your Medical Freedom Is Like”

“What Health Authorities Are Like in 2021”

“People That Wear a Mask in Their Car”

“How to Be More Afraid!”

“The Medical Mafia and Trump! – A Week in News”

See 4:00 for a report on Canada, which refers to “one of the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been trying to hold his citizens hostage in intense lockdowns. He’s pretending they’re still in the middle of a pandemic, to justify his tyranny.”

“Facebook‘s New Extremism Warning! (For Your Protection)”
This one is more about social media censorship, but it’s good.

“What Gyms Are Like When They Re-Open”

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