Informed Consent: It’s your right!


This from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance

No means no. Consent is not consent if it is coerced. Over the last 10 months incentives to take an investigational COVID vaccine have escalated from free pizza and beer, to marijuana, concert tickets and lottery tickets. Now it’s the removal of basic freedoms: You need a vaccine to take a train or a plane, attend post secondary school, or to keep your job.

On August 13, 2021 less than a year since the vaccine rolloutbegan, the Government of Canada announced that it will require travelers on trains and planes to be vaccinated with investigationalCOVIDvaccines, and that all 300,000 of our country’s federal employees must now submit to vaccination to keep their jobs. Many colleges and universities have become emboldened by the government’s lead, and are now demanding students be vaccinated to return to the classroom in September. This despite a growing number of severe…

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