Freedom rallies against vaccine passports, mandates and lockdowns, in Canada and across the world, 2021

Signs reading 'Covid cure: Strict 90-day TV-free diet' and 'we can choose' were clutched by demonstrators as they marched in London
London UK
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

It’s turning into a grassroots worldwide movement against medical tyranny. Of course the mainstream media is under-reporting it and mispresenting it as “anti-vaxxers” and even “white supremacists” (so dishonest of them).

Is there any doubt that the MSM and Big Tech social media giants are the enemy of the people at this point? They are constantly schilling for tyrants, spreading propaganda, and actively engaged in censorship.

Great to see so many people organize and attend these events, all over the world. Here are just a few. Provide links to more in the comments, if you wish, and I’ll add them to this post. Thanks!

Various countries: Australia, France, England, Holland, South Africa, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Luxembourg

Across Canada

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Saskatoon, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Edmonton, Canada

Halifax, Canada

Paris, France

Las Vegas, USA

Maine, USA

Thee are thousands more protests and rallies across the world. I have shared only a few here. It’s important to keep this up and to fight back against medical tyranny.

More than 10,000 Covid-19 conspiracy theorists who believe the virus is a hoax gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to protest against lockdown restrictions and vaccination programmes
10,000 march in London, UK

This cause seems to unite people from very different backgrounds and political views. It it uniting all people against medical and state tyranny — people who want to live in a free world — not a world run by Communist dictators, pharmaceutical corporations, authoritarian bureaucrats, media propagandists, smug elitists, and upheld through lies and fascist police states.

A final point. The mainstream media and those who want more lockdowns and vaccine mandates tend to call those of us who want freedom “conspiracy theorists.” This is meant as an insult, to dismiss through a label. They uncritically adopt the dominant narrative from authority figures and seem to prefer fear and authoritarianism to human freedom. They want to censor, silence and want tyranny imposed on others, out of fear.

They will call us “ignorant” even though it is they themselves who refuse to think for themselves. They can’t conceive of anyone who would have their own thoughts and not defer to authority. Ignorant? I would venture to say that the person who sees through the MSM narrative is less ignorant and more intelligent than the person who uncritically buys into it and defers to authority figures without question.


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