Enough is enough: seeing through the media and state deception

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There’s an interesting letter in the Opinion section of The Epoch Times (Canadian edition, Aug. 26-Sept 1, 2021, pg B8):

When is Enough Enough?
“Eighty-two percent of eligible Ontarians have received a least one one vaccine shot. Seventy-five percent are fully vaccinated. Our health care system will not be overwhelmed with COVID cases because of the very high number of people vaccinated. So why the heck are we still inflicting harm on ourselves with restrictions? When is enough enough? Vaccines were the way to end the pandemic, remember? For crying out loud let’s end it and get back to life and living. Let’s stop obsessing about case counts or variants. We’ve done what was asked of us. Where are the leaders that will actually get us back to normal> The ones we currently have who clearly have tunnel vision can’t.” _________, Toronto Canada.


The writer is referring to the Ontario provincial government (under Premier Doug Ford) that recently announced a vaccine passport system for Ontario.

He is also referencing how the mainstream media (CBC, CTV, etc.) keep reporting case counts and obsessing over Covid endlessly, to the point of absurdity.

The writer correctly says this is harming us. It is. Lockdowns and other measured imposed as a result of Covid mass hysteria are literally killing tens of thousands of people worldwide (one estimate is ~200,000), and driving them to despair. It is ruining life for everyone.

And the efficacy of these measures, in terms of saving lives, has come into question due to epidemiological studies. In other words, the costs outweigh the benefits, even if you concede the utilitarian premise of lockdowns.

On that point, there is certainly an ethical (and legal) question as to whether governments should even be permitted to impose such harsh measures on their own citizens. There is troubling lack of ethical debate over world-alternating life-destroying measures being imposed by force.

What the writer doesn’t grasp, it seems, is that these measures are meant to harm us. It’s an endless nightmare being imposed on purpose and by design. Covid responses by the government are not a remedy for a disease. They are the imposition of power for power’s sake.

As Orwell, in 1984, says the objective of state power is power itself, not some other goal: “power is the end, not the means.”

Covid restrictions are not being done to cure a disease; they’re being done to seize control over all our lives, forever, to create a totalitarian state modelled after Communist China.

The Covid vaccine is a Trojan horse through which to conquer free societies, through fear and social control.

Covid tracker on smartphones.
Arrested for not wearing a mask in Australia.

Chinese social credit score on smartphone device. Criticize the CCP and watch
your score go down, and suffer restrictions on your freedom as a consequence.

Orwell wrote in 1984 that “No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it.” No, the globalists who are doing this are not going to willingly give up their new-found power, which we naively handed over to them out of fear.

This can be hard to accept by some people, because it is almost too terrible to acknowledge. It’s far easier to believe everything is okay and will go back to normal.

So most people are still in denial and label those of us who speak out as “conspiracy theorists.” But getting rid of the messenger doesn’t erase the truth.

Is the writer of that letter aware that the Covid vaccines actually caused the Delta variant? No many people are, as this important correlation is being actively suppressed by the mainstream media and pundits (such as the so-called “fact-checkers”) as “misinformation.”

A “fourth wave” — the Delta variant — is being promoted in the media, and widely blamed on the unvaccinated. I am skeptical that a “fourth wave” even exists. It seems like another lie among many. But for the sake of argument, let’s say it is true. If so, it’s certainly not the fault of the unvaccinated. It’s caused by the ADE response to the vaccines.

Proof of that recently came in the form of Israel where a “fourth wave” is resulting in another lockdown, even though most of the population is vaccinated. It’s precisely because they’re vaccinated that it’s happening, not because not enough of them are vaccinated (as the media is saying).

The more the jab is administered, the longer this will go on, in an endless cycle of injections and “waves” of variants until everyone is sick from complex immune system responses. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3008185/

French virologist Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.” https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/05/22/nobel-prize-winner-reveals-covid-vaccine-is-creating-variants/

Scapegoating the unvaccinated (again on purpose) is already dividing and segregating the world into vaxxed and unvaxxed, leading to widespread discrimination against the latter through ‘vaccine passports’ and mandates for employment, contrary to human rights.

Right now it starts with a ban on restaurants, gyms, theaters, and some jobs losses (for medical staff and government workers and teachers) — but could eventually end up as a ban on grocery shopping and essential services. Or worse.

How far will it go? Never underestimate the power of scapegoating tendency in human nature: it can go all the way, including mass murder.

Right now, we’re looking at the imposition, in degrees, of the Chinese Communist social credit system, which some say has already arrived through “cancel culture” and now vaccine passports.

The Chinese social credit system blacklists citizens who are found to be ‘untrustworthy.’ It can include restrictions on travel, bank loans, even having a bank account, renting apartments, online transactions, and holding certain jobs. It is intended as a form of punishment and state coercion, to make people comply with the state’s mandates.

Already, conservatives are being labelled “potential domestic terror” threats in the U.S. and demonized. The unvaccinated also are being dehumanized and treated as though they’re diseased.

NFL Turns Back Equality Clock - AGE OF AUTISM
A segregated society is not new. It’s been done before, based on race.

But that is the point of all this: control through division and far. The real objective of the vaccine campaign is not to get us back to normal or to mitigate disease: that was a carrot they dangled in front of the noses of a naïve and trusting public.

The real objective is to create a “new normal” in which everyone must get an injection every six months for life, even if at risk of “adverse events” (thus enriching the pharmaceutical corporations).

This is for profit, not disease control — because again, the vaccines make the disease worse, not better, through ADE. Endless vaccines will create a permanently sick society. The alternative is natural immunity.

Stop The Spread: Proof Of Vaccination Required To Enter ...
Mandatory vaccinations for employees is liking being forced at gunpoint:
get the jab or lose your livelihood.

Another key objective of the “new normal” is that we submit to the new technocratic biosecurity state (which will track us everywhere), make us wear masks, and in which there is no privacy or medical freedom of choice ever again. In other words, a dystopian society, a medical tyranny.

And those who don’t comply, will be demonized, fined, arrested, oe even incarcerated. As Orwell said, “”If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” 

How Australia Deals With Its Maskless: Cop Chokes ...
Melbourne police choke an unmasked woman
Calgary Police arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski following ...
Calgary Police arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski 

Our own fear is a powerful weapon to use against us. This is quite well shown in the film The Mist, in which people are so terrified of alien creatures that they irrationally sacrifice a human being to them as a scapegoat.

Image - Jessup's Death.jpg | Stephen King's The Mist Wiki ...
The Mist. The mainstream media are like Mrs. Carmody, promoting fear to gain power.

Those who thought this was all about getting rid of a disease through lockdowns and vacations will be sorely disappointed when they realize the truth.

This will only end when everyone together says “enough is enough” and goes back to life as it was before 2020, in defiance of the fear-mongering media propaganda.

They can’t hand out fines and arrest everyone. Their power is built on fear and lies. It can be dismantled through courage and truth.

Their carefully constructed web of lies and power would collapse if enough people saw through them and chose to defy them.

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Anti-vaccine passport protest, Toronto Canada


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