Graphic: how to turn a free democratic society into a totalitarian police state in two years. Please share.

  1. Release virus from Wuhan lab.
  2. Fake deaths (image from Chinese state media, early 2020).
  3. Scare people with corrupt news media (e.g., CNN, CBC).
  4. Corrupt medical ‘experts’ create more panic (e.g., Fauci).
  5. Lockdowns imposed to condition people to subservience.
  6. Corrupt politicians impose draconian laws.
  7. Medical experts who disagree are censored.
  8. Populations forced into compliance through fines & arrests.
  9. Media scapegoat the unvaccinated as dangerous and blame Delta virus on them (even though it’s caused by the vaccines through ADE).
  10. Vaccine passports are imposed regionally, at first for non-essential services, but eventually they’ll be for essential services as well.
  11. Employees fired for refusing to take an experimental drug the long term effects of which are still unknown; principles of freedom of medical choice and informed consent are violated.
  12. In some countries, there are no mandatory vaccine campaigns for everyone; eventually that will happen everywhere.
  13. Those still unvaccinated at that point will be put under house arrest, face fines, lose bank accounts, and otherwise punished.
  14. Eventually, anyone who disagrees with the state or refused the jab will be taken to re-education camps and forcibly vaccinated.
  15. Those deemed incorrigible or too resistant will be executed, if not by the state then by vigilantes groups sanctioned by the state (as has happened in many countries where tyranny was imposed).

Think it can’t happen in a free democratic society with a constitution that protects the rights of its citizens? It has happened before in other places, and is happening now.

We see how easily the constitution (or in Canada, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms) can be violated by the state under the pretext of an “emergency.”

When people are programmed to be frightened by the news media propaganda, they can be led to accept anything. As Voltaire said …

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It’s absurd to believe that a disease with such a low mortality and transmission rate poses such an extraordinary risk that fundamental human rights must be violated to stop it — and entire economies destroyed.

And it’s frightening that more people cannot see through this ruse by the media and so-called health ‘experts’ and the state.

Many millions of people, out of fear, seem willing to scapegoat and dehumanize their neighbours. Or to go along with those who do, quietly, complicity. This is mass hysteria by design.

A system that protects the principle of inalienable rights of individuals against the state took hundreds of years to create, through the work and wisdom of constitutional scholars, statesmen, and philosophers — but is now being undone in a matter of months by demagogues, charlatans and propagandists.

How far can it go? Every step of the way we told ourselves it can’t possible go further. Human decency won’t permit it. Laws are in place to stop just this sort of thing.

After all, we live in the West, where individual rights and freedoms have always been protected. But in fact, it can go much further than we may wish to think.

Many educated people in the 1930s in Germany also did not think it could as far as it did, and were shocked when it happened.

I predict this is going to go all the way — though I hope I’m wrong.

those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Yet ...

We are not far from the unvaccinated being denied essential services and then under house-arrest a this point. There may be vigilante mobs against them too, such as those that terrorized the USA in 2020, or who have terrorized the Boers in South Africa.

The unvaxxed are right now being blamed for the Delta variant, even though it’s been caused by an ADE reaction to the Covid vaccine.

When the variants get really bad — or some new disease comes along that’s truly deadly — the unvaxxed will be blamed. Mandatory vaccines for everyone will be the law – which is already happening in some countries.

The Chinese Communist Party is behind it and they are ruthless. There are no limits or boundaries they won’t cross. They seem to have the Western media and politicians on a short leash.

Those who think is about disease control, and not power, are in denial; they’re just being naïve. Many Leftists have gone along with this, believe it’s all for the good, for climate mitigation or to implement the kind of society they want. This is quite naïve. Those who will rise to power from this don’t care about those things.

2015 document from the People Liberation Army re: use of a bioweapon to use against the USA.

If the grassroots movement to stop this medical tyranny doesn’t succeed now, the world will go into a dark age that will take years to emerge from. Humanity will never be the same. We may end up annihilating ourselves eventually.

The people doing this may very well be planning a mass culling of humanity, and these are the preliminary steps towards absolute control.

Yes, it seems far-fetched, but can we really afford to take the risk? This is the time to stop this madness before it goes further.

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