Oh look, there goes one of those second-class citizens, he’s unvaccinated!

Author David Ware

NYT Image

By David Ware

June 5, 2021


“They are not like us. They don’t follow the rules. They don’t even do what they’re told. They actually think they have the right to decide things for themselves. They are not productive parts of society. They’re so careless they don’t mind if they kill all of their neighbors. Since they’re useless, in fact actually dangerous, we need to get rid of them in any way we can. If we can’t just shoot them or gas them outright, let’s just make it impossible for them to survive in society unless they conform and become like the rest of us.”

We’re not going to make any inappropriate references or analogies to the wearing of the yellow star and the Holocaust. We are simply going to say that when life comes down to “Us vs. Them” and the powers-that-be can make life miserable…

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