CCP threatens Canada if their sycophant, Justin Trudeau, is un-elected

“Canadians aren’t the only ones paying attention to the federal leaders’ debates. Within hours of the final leaders’ debate on September 9th, the Chinese Communist Party-owned Global Times reacted with descriptive accusations and threats, promising that O’Toole’s policies would invite “counterstrikes” from the CCP, if they are enacted.”

It’s incredible that China can get away with the degree of audacity. But recall that China has already interfered in the U.S. elections:

The probability that all the events of 2020-21 were planned by the CCP, in coordination with corrupt political, health and media leaders, as deliberate acts of psychological warfare is very high.

The CCP is currently engaged in psyops all over the world, simultaneously in pursuit of world domination, e.g., against India:

Xi Jingping Threatens USA in Korean War Speech - Hidden ...
Khmer Rouge genocide in the minds of Cambodian youth ...
Genocide after Communists took control of Cambodia. Communism is said to have taken the lives of roughly 100 million in the 20th century. The death toll from CCP-support genocide in the 21st century will make the number seem small. The death toll will likely be in the billions if their plans come to full fruition.

The lockdown response to Covid-19 was borrowed from China. Democrat and (in Canada) Liberal political leaders, as well as mainstream media editors, were instructed by Beijing to fan the flames of panic over a disease with a low mortality rate and then to support support lockdowns. They complied, even though it must have made many of them sick to their stomachs.

In terms of combatting disease, lockdowns were ineffective, but their effect at destabilizing the world was very successful — and that, of course, was their true intent. It’s the same thing with the vaccine mandates and passports: their true intent is to divide and conquer the world, not to combat disease. The CCP is also behind the propaganda campaign to censor dissenting views.

The CCP is also behind Australia’s current lockdown. They have bribed and threatened Australian politicians and media and judges, e.g., and

It’s the same everywhere. The CCP also financed and provided logistical support for the 2020 BLM & Antifa riots in the U.S., as well as the massive propaganda campaign against President Trump for over 5 years.

The CCP was instrumental in the worldwide lockdown, and now media propaganda in support vaccine passports and mandates worldwide. The CCP has declared war on the world but billions of naïve people still seem unaware of it and are in denial. This is on purpose. The war is hidden from us through media deception, deliberately.

#60 China's Psychological Warfare Against the US | Grant ...

The power that the CCP has exerted behind the scenes in manipulating world events is considerable and should make any rational person very fearful of what will come next. They are masters of psychologic warfare. The CCP is evil and monstrous. It’s wickedness know no bounds, including gulags and genocides.

Continued support for their plans will eventually result in the enslavement and mass murder of the entire world. Anyone who supports lockdowns and vaccines mandates and other Covid restrictions is in fact unwittingly supporting world domination by ruthless Communists.

Two longer articles on CCP’s interference in the Canadian federal election:

1. by True North

2. by Brad Salzberg, CAP for Canada

China Threatens “Counterstrikes” If Trudeau Not Re-Elected

Foreign policy may impact the election more than votes– an element of politics that China considers meaningless.

According to the Ottawa Citizen,  Canadian voters have been warned that Canada would be subjected to “counterstrikes” if voters replace Liberal Justin Trudeau with leader of the Conservative Party Erin O”Toole.

If this is what Mr. Trudeau had in mind when he unfurled his “sunny ways” flag in 2015, the times they have a’changed.

Little of this sentiment is understood by Canadian voters. Establishment media have for the past forty years obscured Liberal-China relations, so why would they stop now?

According to Canadian journalist Terry Glavin“there’s nothing quite so peculiar as the cordon sanitaire[ measures to prevent communication] Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have been allowed to construct around any serious discussion of foreign policy.”

Why would this be the case? Can it be that Cultural Action Party know of what we speak? The recent candidate debates were orchestrated soup-to-nuts by Liberal-oriented media– a fact obscured throughout the process. Foreign policy was a minor component of the recent candidate debates for a good reason.

The influence is monumental. The primary issue is not Canada’s foreign policy, but rather foreign nation’s policy toward Canada– also known as control of our country. China is the elephant in the room, the very reason why mainstream media’s presentation squeaks like a mouse.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” is a statement attributed to Voltaire, philosopher of the French Enlightenment.

Hence, the censorship applied to open debate discussion on China. No Canadian prime minister– indeed no political family– has ever ingratiated communist China like the family of ex-PM Pierre Trudeau.

The roots of their raising runs deep:

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung leads us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country, the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”— Pierre Trudeau, Father.

“I find stories that are disgusting[regarding China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.” — Alexandre Trudeau, Brother.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China. Their basic dictatorship is actually allowing them to turn their economy around on a dime.” — Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister.

In a way, what’s worse than this veneration is that Canadian media have never had a problem with Trudeau family admiration for China. Therefore, they must share the sentiment.

Is this not the odd-ball circumstance of the century? Ostensibly speaking, Canada is a democratic country. Why on earth have the Trudeau’s gotten away with 50 years of Hail Mary’s to the communist behemoth nation?

No wonder the government of China is now threatening our country. Watch out, little brother. Go against our geo-political will, and prepare to experience our wrath in the form of “counterstrikes.”

Puppet-nation much? In truth, it’s been written in the cards for decades. More than any political figure in history, Justin Trudeau has facilitated this covert piece of “foreign policy.”

Thus it is that globalist influence will shape federal election outcome. Perhaps even more than votes– an element of politics China considers meaningless.


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