Artistic video response to medical tyranny

Short film, inspired by a performance art piece from Switzerland created in 2020, this piece was conceived and performed in the spring of 2021 in New York City.

A short animation below is a good reminder that for animals, lockdown is permanent. I am not sure that the animator is correct in saying this is temporary for us. I suspect we’re in this for a lifetime of lockdowns and other forms of medical tyranny – just like the animals – unless we collectively say no to all of it. We are now the caged animals. The leash is briefly loosened if you take their injections.

Personally, I am for the liberation of both human beings and animals (in zoos, marine parks, laboratories, and factory farms). No one likes to be trapped. All slavery of anyone who wants to be free is wrong.

There have been surprisingly few artistic responses to medical tyranny thus far. Why? The Left seems fine with it. Where is Banksy, the graffiti artist who opposes tyranny? Nothing. His art now sells for millions, so I guess he doesn’t want to go up against the establishment. Some musical artists have their performances cancelled or attacked for being unvaccinated or for opposing medical tyranny, e.g.,

NFL cancels Grammy winning artist Victory Body’s singing of the national anthem because she refuses to get the Covid shot

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison write a song against medical tyranny and are attacked online by cancel culture mobs:

If you run across some real protest art, post the links in the comments below.

Lyrics for the song by Clapton and Van Morison:

“This Has Gotta Stop”

This has gotta stop
Enough is enough
I can’t take this BS any longer

It’s gone far enough
If you wanna claim my soul
You’ll have to come and break down this door

I knew that something was going on wrong
When you started laying down the law

I can’t move my hands
I break out in sweat
I wanna cry
Can’t take it anymore

I’ve been around
Long long time
Seen it all
And I’m used to being free

I know who I am
Try to do what’s right
So lock me up and throw away the key

Thinkin’ of my kids
What’s left for them
And then what’s coming down the road

The light in the tunnel
Could be the southbound train
Lord, please help them with their load

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