Scapegoating the unvaccinated gets mainstream media approval

This is spreading hate and division on purpose, in order to impose state authoritarianism. The solution is not to lose faith in God and not to allow oneself to be demoralized.

CNN’s Don Lemon now defames unvaccinated Americans as “stupid”, saying that “it’s time to start shaming” them: “I think we have to stop coddling people when it comes to this and the vaccine, saying, ‘You can’t shame them. You can’t call them stupid. You can’t call them stupid.’ Yes, they are!” They are “believing the lies on the internet instead of science — it’s time to start shaming them … or leave them behind, because they are keeping the majority of Americans behind.”

What does “leave them behind” look like? Certainly it means vaccines passports, which exclude non-compliant people from some public places. This greatly resembles the Chinese social credit system, in which those who question the state’s views lose points, resulting in restrictions on travel and other services. Vaccine passports are based on the same idea: reward the compliant, punish the uncooperative. It’s the imposition of the state’s authority into everyday life. It’s unquestionably authoritarian and at odds with free, democratic systems of the Western world.

Discipline and Punish: The Birth of China's Social-Credit ...

Once this starts, there’s no telling where it will end. China now has the world’s largest gulag and re-education camps. That may be down the road for hold-outs.

Just a few examples among many: scapegoating rhetoric was used against Jews, women accused of witchcraft, and people accused of being “counter-revolutionaries” during the Chinese Cultural Revolution through public shaming rituals:

One could as easily insert Don Lemon’s kind of rhetoric:

Demonizing an entire group of people is not unknown in history, of course. This kind of rhetoric that’s been used to dehumanize and scapegoat people in all times and places, leading to mass violence. It has always been used in war. We are in a world war right now, but one that’s cleverly disguised to hide itself from us as a war. This is the essence of asymmetrical war. Only one side is waging it.

The interesting thing about public shaming and scapegoating is that to the people doing it, it seems absolutely necessary at the time, even crucial. There’s a complex psychological reason for this: without sacrificial violence it’s thought that the social order will fall apart. A scapegoat is needed to restore order and avoid chaos.

Peter Berger, in The Sacred Canopy: Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion (1967), discusses the formation of orders of reality or worldviews (what he calls a nomos) and how their success or failure depends on their ability to persuade the adherent that they refer to reality. He or she believes this is the way it is.

Berger writes that “Seen in the perspective of the individual, every nomos represents the bright ‘dayside’ of life, tenuously held onto against the sinister shadows of the ‘night.’ In both perspectives, every nomos is an edifice
erected in the face of the potent and alien forces of chaos. This chaos must be kept at bay at all cost.

“To ensure this, every society develops procedures that assist its members to remain ‘reality-oriented’ (that is, to remain within the reality as ‘officially’ defined) and to ‘return to reality’ (that is, to return from the marginal spheres of ‘irreality’ to the socially established nomos) . . . the individual is provided by society with various methods to stave off the nightmare world of anomy [chaos, disorder] and to stay within the safe boundaries of the established nomos. [NB – scapegoating is one of those methods]

“The social world intends, as far as possible, to be taken for granted. Socialization achieves success to the degree that this taken-for-granted quality is internalized. It is not enough that the individual look upon the key meanings of the social order as useful, desirable, or right. It is much better (better, that is, in terms of social stability) if he looks upon them as inevitable, as part and parcel of the universal ‘nature of things.’

“If that can be achieved, the individual who strays seriously from the socially defined programs can be considered not only a fool or a knave, but a madman. Subjectively, then serious deviance provokes not only moral guilt but the terror of madness [and] of being thrust into an outer darkness that separates one from the ‘normal’ order of men.

” . . . to deny [the normal order of things] is to deny being itself—the being of the universal order of things and, consequently, one’s own being in this order . . . profound terror for the individual lies in the threat they constitute to his previously operative nomos.”

Anthropologist Clifford Geertz defines religion as: “a system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and clothing those conceptions with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.” [italics added]

The diabolical genius of the so-called pandemic and riots of 2020-21 is that it disrupted the normal order of things, the nomos, deliberately and on purpose. The point of doing so was to thrust the society into chaos and terror, in order to implement a new order, a more authoritarian order which wiped away the old order predicated on individual rights and freedoms. In its place is imposed a new regime of hierarchical collectivism — similar to Communism, but with full cooperation of corporate capitalism, as is practice in China. Yuri Bezmenov outlined the plan in the 1980s. It has now been successfully carried out.

Bezmenov states that “Subversion can be only successful when the initiator, the actor or the the agent of subversion, has a responsive target. It’s a two-way traffic [Fig. 1]. The United States is a receptive target of subversion . . .

“The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy. And that your system, your civilization and your ambitions look to your enemy as an alternative, if not desirable than at least visible. ‘Better red than dead.’ That’s the ultimate purpose, the final stage of subversion after which you can simply take your enemy without a single shot being fired — if subversion is successful.

Subversion flowchart

For years (since the 1970s) the first stage of subversion — called demoralization — took place in universities in the West, by exploiting racial divisions and promoting anti-capitalist Marxist ideology, called “the long march through the institutions.” Second-wave feminism was also instrumental in the 1970s and 80s. More recently, it is intersectionality, postcolonialism, critical race theory, and the entire gamut of so-called grievance studies. The power of this ideology has reached into the media and centres of power, including the White House. Demoralization reaches into every area of the society: into courts, churches, businesses.

“The next step is destabilization. Again, this word says for itself what it is. To destabilize all the relations, all the accepted institutions and organizations in the country of your enemy.” This also has been successful. The CCP United Work Front Department is tasked with helping to subvert the West. The goal is CCP world domination.

Bezmenov goes into great detail in his lecture about the KGB were engaged in this. But the CCP have taken it much further along; they continued the work of the KGB. The pandemic is their masterpiece of subversion or asymmetrical war. The next stage in the plan is is normalization, says Bezmenov. We are at the start of that process, as the state imposes itself as the overarching authority over every aspect of life.

Bezmenov: “At that stage, the self-appointed rulers of the society don’t need any revolution anymore. They don’t need any radicalism anymore. So this is the reverse from destabilization. Basically, it is stabilizing the country by force.” The radicals are not needed anymore. They are likely to be eliminated.

“The new rulers need stability to exploit the nation, to exploit the country, to take advantage of the victory. So no more revolutionaries, please.” Apparently this was done in Bangladesh. The Communist have perfected this method over may years and in several countries. “So to reverse this process from here it takes only and always military force.” This is why we see a show of force when the Democrats took power.

Two times two equals four

For this plan to succeed it relies on the perpetual creation of scapegoats. The plan to scapegoat the unvaccinated is certainty deliberate, intended to divide society into two tribes and create a collective identity which can then be used to centralize power in the hands of the state and medical authorities.

The new world order must be based on elements of the old order deemed to have sufficient power to command obedience. The Milligram Experiment demonstrated to authoritarians that most of the public will willingly obey medical authorities even when it’s unethical to do so.

The Milgram Experiment Showed That Anyone Could Be A Monster

The establishment of medical science as absolutely authoritative is extremely dangerous for a society, as Paul Feyerabend noted in his statement in Against Method: “there must be a separation of state and science just as there is a separation between state and religious institutions, and science should be taught as one view among many and not as the one and only road to truth and reality.”

In the Nazi-imposed worldview, blood purity was seen as a vital element of the national health of the people (the Volk), and this given absolute authority over everyone’s life by the medical science of the day. It had what Geertz would term “an aura of factuality” and realism due to the pre-established power of medical science, aided and abetted at the time by a massive propaganda campaign — just as is happening now. We are told to “trust the science” – but they mean the state-sanctioned science only. Any dissident scientists are to be censored.

Based on mass indoctrination in the media, mass violence is seen as necessary in order to achieve the desired progress of the society. It’s seen as necessary to purge the unclean or demonic or ‘dangerous’ people from the society somehow — usually involving public rituals.

It has already started with publicly fining of people without masks or for not social distancing – even though there is no proof whatsoever that these activities have any bearing on disease transmission. In fact, the World Health Organization admits that asymptomatic transmission is rare.

True science is open-ended, what Karl Popper referred to as falsifiable. What “trust the science” really means is “defer to medical authorities.” But not all physicians; only medical authorities who are designated instruments of state control and whose actions facilitate huge profits for pharmaceutical corporations.

Medical authorities have always been used by totalitarian regimes to enforce the state’s agenda. The “science” promulgated by the Nazi doctors was thought to be absolute and unquestionable then as well. It was used to justify mass murder at the time.

“German women: keep your blood pure.
Strangers (foreigners) aren’t allowed to reach for you.
You carry inside you the legacy of future bloodlines.”
poster 1944

But scapegoating never solves any problems: it’s only function is to unite a group around a communal identity, creating an in-group identity predicated on purging the out-group that supposedly threatens it. It’s the same unconscious dynamic operative in a lynch mob.

The murder of Joseph Smith, 1844

Rene Girard, author of The Scapegoat, exposes this dynamic in human history as something repeating over and over, but in different forms. We like to imagine that we’re different than people in other times, more enlightened, and having made more progress in all ways — but in truth, we’re no different. The collapse of respect for individual rights in just a year is evidence of that.

Girard says, “when human beings either cannot or dare not take their anger out on the thing that has caused it, they unconsciously search for substitutes, and more often than not they find them.”

The scapegoat is thus an outlet for the aggression of the people who dare not take it out on the those above them. This is called “punching down.” It’s easier. It releases the aggression and unites the group — but at the expense of those scapegoating. However, they’re powerless are seen as deserving of it anyway.

Girard notes that “A scapegoat remains effective as long as we believe in its guilt. Having a scapegoat means not knowing that we have one. Learning that we have a scapegoat is to lose it forever and to expose ourselves to mimetic conflicts with no possible resolution.”

In other words, the guilt of the scapegoat must be maintained at all costs – including in today’s society an endless stream of propaganda. If the scapegoat is revealed to be innocent of the charges, the entire edifice of the worldview is at risk of falling apart. It is seen as a potential existential crisis that must be remedied by the invocations of guilt.

The unvaccinated are called names: selfish, stupid, conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxxer, etc. Family and friends plead with him or her to conform, to take the jab, and escape the stigma of being a social outcast. The risk of poor health is seen as worth it in order to avoid being ostracized.

For Don Lemon, identifying the unvaccinated as Trump supporters builds on his past record of scapegoating roughly a third of the country. Leftism is a largely reactionary ‘faith’ requiring an endless stream of scapegoats against which to define itself.

Donald Trump provided Leftists which their ultimate target and many of them feared he would be gone after being unelected and were overjoyed that he decided to run again in 2024. When a target cannot be located, it must be manufactured; thus the phenomenon of hate crime hoaxes, revealing that the supply of hate crimes does not meet the demand.

We are well on our way to becoming like Communist China, where basic human rights are routinely violated, but it’s justified with state propaganda blaming the victims as evildoers.

It’s a slippery slope from cancelling church and weddings, to censorship of alternate views, to forcing medical procedures against a person’s will, to scapegoating the remaining unvaccinated, to denying basic services and privileges– based on the Chinese social credit system.

The state tell us that it’s concern if for the potential victims of Covid-19. But as Girard reminds us, ““Victimism uses the ideology of concern for victims to gain political or economic or spiritual power.”

Those doing this believe they’re upholding a public good. ” no one ever sees himself as casting the first stone. Even the most violent persons believe that they are always reacting to a violence committed in the first instance by someone else.”

What’s next? Perhaps house-arrest of the unvaccinated, and eventually mass arrests and internment (re-education) camps, and for the incorrigible, executions (which will be listed as suicides). It won’t be the first time that a healthy population was thought to be diseased and treated as pariahs.

Scapegoating provides temporary relief and euphoria, but has to be continually repeated, leading to mass violence because the scapegoated party often retaliates, creating a cycle of violence.

Years later, when the dominant worldview has shifted to something else, it becomes apparent that it was wrong at the time. But when it’s happening, people believe it’s absolutely justified because they’ve been indoctrinated over time into the belief system upon which the scapegoating relies.

For example, during witch trials and burning, the believe in demonic possession was nearly universal, and to question it was heresy. The same has become true of belief in Covid-19: it’s thought of now as something that must be expunged at all costs, turning it from an unremarkable disease with a high recovery rate and known remedies into a source of mass hysteria and global panic.

How in the world does it make sense to imprison the healthy, cause lockdown deaths, create poverty and hardship, violate human rights by forcing millions to inject an experimental drug against their will?

Years later, people will look in this period as another dark age that resulted in the massive violation of human rights through the imposition of medical tyranny, all for the profit of pharmaceutical corporations and to satisfy the aspirations of some power-hungry people willing to use mass deception to get their way.

They will shake heir head has how profoundly wrong and unnecessary it all was. Don Lemon will be seen as no different than the propagandists who performed the kind of work that Joseph Goebbels perfected a century earlier, and which is depicted in Orwell’s 1984 through the image of Big Brother.

Girard states (in Battling to the End: Conversations with Benoît Chantre) that all human societies, past and present, religious and secular, rely on ritual sacrifice in one form or another “because humans imitate one another more than animals, they have had to find a means of dealing with contagious similarity, which could lead to the pure and simple disappearance of their society. The mechanism that reintroduces difference into a situation in which everyone has come to resemble everyone else is sacrifice.” It is thus used in a regulatory way, to keep the society going.

In other words, when we all become similar, something in us wants to distinguish ourselves from others, leading to sacrifice as a means to do it. There are countless variations of tribal (national, religious, ethic, ideological) identities, many of them predicated on hatred of the other. Attacks on social media have become the modern form of sacrificial ritual. We see this in the rise of “cancel culture” in the West, for example. The “Me Too” movement is an example.

Cancel Culture(pronounced Cancer Culture): that which you ...

Girard continues: “Humanity results from sacrifice; we are thus the children of religion. What I call after Freud the founding murder [in his book Moses and Monotheism], in other words, the immolation of a sacrificial victim that is both guilty of disorder and able to restore order, is constantly re-enacted in the rituals at the origin of our institutions.”

Freud’s thesis is that there is an original sacrifice in monotheism, of the father figure, whose death allows the society to progress by disordering it so that it may be restored through repeated sacrifice to God. In our day and age, the death of George Floyd fed into the religion of Leftism by providing a pretext for the sacrificial violence it wished to enact on the United States and culture of “whiteness.”

“Since the dawn of humanity, millions of innocent victims have been killed in this way in order to enable their fellow humans to live together, or at least not to destroy one another.”

We may think of the ritual of human sacrifice. According to Girard, these murders enabled the societies to continue. Today, Leftism seeks ritual sacrifice through cancel culture. Recently, in Canada, about 50 churches were burned down, as ritual sacrifices to atone for the alleged sins of the church vis-à-vis residential schools.

The most recent targets are Trump voters and now the unvaccinated. Don Lemon targets both. Expect vigilante violence against unvaccinated people in the future, especially as the public grows frustrated when the injections fail to protect them from disease (due to ADE).

Girard continues: “The decisive point in this evolution is Christian revelation, a kind of divine expiation in which God through his Son could be seen as asking for forgiveness from humans for having revealed the mechanisms of their violence so late . . . The Passion unveiled the sacrificial origin of humanity once and for all. It dismantled the sacred and revealed its violence.

Mi Buhardilla...: Viernes Santo...Crucifixion

“. . . By accepting crucifixion, Christ brought to light what had been ‘hidden since the foundation of the world,’ in other words, the foundation itself, the unanimous murder that appeared in broad daylight for the first time on the cross. In order to function, archaic religions need to hide their founding murder, which was being repeated continually in ritual sacrifices, thereby protecting human societies from their own violence.

“By revealing the founding murder, Christianity destroyed the ignorance and superstition that are indispensable to such religions. It thus made possible an advance in knowledge that was until then unimaginable.”

Girard, who was a Christian theologian, said that the Crucifixion reveals to us a “counter-mimetic” dynamic, exposing the moral wrongness of the scapegoating mechanism because Jesus was wholly innocent but was scarified anyway. His innocence reveals our fault. The guilt is thus thrown back on the perpetrators, not on the one sacrificed, just as when He said “he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Christ becomes the “final sacrifice” after which no more are required. However, the history of Christianity, when it merged with the state, was far from free of engaging in sacrificial violence. Now that Leftism is the world’s dominant religion, it demands new victims perpetually. Riots by Antifa and BLM are the most overt example of it.

Girard: “The protective system of scapegoats is finally destroyed by the Crucifixion narratives as they reveal Jesus’ innocence, and, little by little, that of all analogous victims . . . We can all participate in the divinity of Christ so long as we renounce our own violence.”

The point here is that we don’t respond to Antifa and BLM with reciprocal violence, they lose the moral upper hand. This is why the FBI orchestrated the January 6 riot: in order portray Trump voters as guilty of violence in order to justify further scapegoating them. Although when the FBI agent provocateurs were exposed, it threw the guilt back on the Democrats for profiting from this debacle and for scapegoating 75 million Americans.

In like fashion, the CCP was behind the scapegoating of Christians in China by alleging they engaged in murders etc. These were set-up, used by the state media there to justify an anti-Christian bias.

Similarly, Canada’s Trudeau does the same with churches, scapegoating them for the alleged sins of the past, to prove the moral superiority of progressive Leftism and to further destabilize the nation as a prelude to the long-awaited period of normalization.

By doing this secular state attains divide status, supplanting the role of the church and God. The church arsons are sacrificial rituals by the Left, reinforcing its nomos; thus Trudeau deems them “understandable.”

As for the unvaccinated, their guilt is pre-established for being “selfish” by not accepting an injection that’s widely believe to protect people from infection. The fact that it doesn’t is beside the point. On top of that, expect to see media stories of the moral depravity of the unvaccinated, their stupidity and disregard for others.

And expect to see the unvaccinated eventually blocked from grocery stores or put under house-arrest if they continue to defy the new social norm and insist on a right to make their own medical decisions. The fact that the disease in question has a high recovery rate and low transmission rate is also unimportant. Don’t ask questions or raise any objections. Do what you’re told, or else.

But Bezmenov provides a remedy to this terrible chain of events: don’t lose faith in God or your country. Understand what the enemy is doing and reject it. And Girard say the solution is understand the dynamic of scapegoating, to expose its violence and thus take away its power.

In both answers, faith in God is important, to ground one’s reality in something greater than the state. The state, in the Leftist ideology, seeks to put itself in the position of a god. Leftism is thus idolatrous. This is why the traditional church is seen a great threat by Communism.


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