Did voter fraud give would-be Communist dictator Trudeau an election win in a nation where many people despise him? Or are most Canadians just blind to what he really represents, due to media propaganda and scapegoating? Probably the latter.

It seems most likely that the Canadian public was (again) misled by Canada’s corrupt mainstream media into believing Trudeau is the best leader for the country, despite his abysmal record.

But first, let’s explore the possibility of voter fraud. It’s much harder to commit voter fraud in Canada than in many other parts of the world. Elections Canada, the government body that oversees elections, is very rigorous, using paper ballots and a nation-wide uniform system. Paper ballots are far preferable to computers, for example — which are easier to manipulate. Paper ballots can be re-checked, and Elections Canada’s system requires multiple recounts.

Trudeau does not appear to be popular in Canada. He is even hated by a vocal minority. For example, he was met on the campaign trail he was met with hostile crowds from Canadians sick of him, even yelling at him “you monster! you ruined families!” The reference is the draconian and entirely pointless lockdown policies that had horrible social and economic costs despite lacking any real medical justification.

Trudeau jeered and heckled during the election campaign
by voters angry upset with his Covid restrictions.

Opposition leaders and some journalists question why he would hold an election in 2021, two years before he had to. In Canada, the Prime Minster can call an election when he wants. Nor are their term limits, as in the U.S. One journalist cleverly compared Trudeau’s ambition for a majority government to fable by Aesop: “The reason for this gamble was simple. Trudeau wanted to lock in his approval. Things were fine for him, as prime minister, but they could be better . . .

“If Trudeau were a character from a fable, he would be the dog who, walking alongside a river, sees his own reflection in the water. Mistaking it for another dog carrying a better piece of meat, he opens his mouth to snatch it, losing his own real meat in the process. The Dog and His Reflection is an old fable by Aesop, retold innumerable times in various ways, with a moral about trading substance for shadow. It cautions against risking the good in pursuit of the perfect.”

Đại Kỷ Nguyên ĐKN: Truyện ngụ ngôn song ngữ 'Con chó và ...

In other words, Trudeau, who tends to act like a dictator since being elected, wanted even more power, through a majority government, and gambled that he could win it, through the politics of division.

Despite all this, why in the world was he just re-elected? Was it the result of voter fraud? We have to seriously consider the possibility, given Trudeau’s tendency towards corruption and China’s interferences in this election.

ID cannot be verified through mail-in ballots

Republicans allege that mail-in ballot were abused in 2020 in the U.S. election. There is evidence that that happened, despite widespread media and social media denials.

Mail-in ballots should be reserved only for overseas voters, such as the military. When they’re used under the pretext of “emergency orders”, this creates the conditions in which voter fraud could occur.

In an excellent article, independent media The Trumpet, reported how election fraud could occur in Canada: through mail-in ballots, implemented under “emergency orders” due to the alleged ‘pandemic’:

“Despite the massive amount of evidence of mail-in voting fraud for the U.S. election in 2020, Elections Canada and the case, both run by the Liberal government, are confident there will be no fraud from the mail-in voting and that any speculation about voter fraud will be “misinformation.” Yet the same federal government set the voting day at the expected climax of the fourth Covid wave in hopes of gaining a majority.

“The pandemic context is very important. Under Canadian law, the Canadian Electoral Officer (ceo) has the power to recommend the cancelation of the election if there is a major crisis in a voting district, as the Elections Canada website explains: “In an extreme and unexpected case, the ceo could certify that it has become impracticable for Elections Canada to administer the election in one or several electoral districts and recommend to the Governor in Council that the election writ be withdrawn.”

“That is the outlook under the current laws. However, Canadian Parliament has stalled on passing Bill C-19, which would grant temporary changes to the election process due to the pandemic. These changes would include having the voting occur over a span of three days instead of one, allowing people who registered to vote by mail to vote in person (with a process to cancel their mail-in ballot), and granting the Canadian Electoral Officer power to extend the amount of time a district has to count votes if there is a pandemic-related emergency.”

As it turns out, Bill C-19 did pass, and Trudeau had a strong incentive to win at all costs, to hang onto power to please the CCP. He has a “basic dictatorship problem”: his admiration for China and his corruption and bad policies seem to stem back to his parents’ admiration for Fidel Castro. Pierre and Margaret Trudeau both had Marxist leanings.

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Corrupt media

Independent conservative journalist Brad Salzburg reports that Trudeau bribed the media with billions just prior to this election. As a result, these corrupt propagandists in the mainstream media (e.g., CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, etc.) essentially acted as sycophants leading up to the election, siding with him on the campaign trail.

Only True North, Rebel News and Spencer Fernando and a few other independent journalists have dared to tell the truth about Trudeau. Rebel News has even been persecuted for doing, facing arrests and investigations from the police and censorship online.

Foreign interference

There was undoubtedly foreign interference in the election, as O’Toole alleged. It was not even hidden: we already know that China interfered in the lection by threatening to enact a “counterstrike” if O’Toole won: Chinese politburo mouthpiece Global Times published an article last week sharing threats from officials at China’s state-run China Foreign Affairs University.” Yet China’s blatant interference in the election, through a variety of means, doesn’t bother Liberals. Opposition leader Erin O’Toole contends that there foreign interference in the election occurred: “We’ve seen interference from bad actors” (i.e., China).

The CCP uses WeChat, an online social media program to spread propaganda and
threats against Canadian conservatives. WeChat is controlled by the CCP.

Prior to the controversial U.S. 2020 election, there are allegations that about five million mail-in ballots were printed up in China and added to the final vote tally in order to push Democrats over the edge in swing-states they might lose in — and it worked. The complicit mainstream media orchestrated a CCP-style media blackout on widespread allegations of fraud by Trump supporters.

The New York Post reports on this election that “Trudeau’s Liberals were leading or elected in 157 seats — exactly the same number they won in 2019, 13 short of the 170 needed for a majority in the House of Commons. “Trudeau lost his gamble to get a majority so I would say this is a bittersweet victory for him,” said Daniel Béland, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal.

“Basically we are back to square one, as the new minority parliament will look like the previous one. Trudeau and the Liberals saved their skin and will stay in power, but many Canadians who didn’t want this late summer, pandemic election are probably not amused about the whole situation,” Béland said.

“Trudeau bet Canadians didn’t want a Conservative government during a pandemic” (the Post continues). “Canada is now among the most fully vaccinated countries in the world and Trudeau’s government spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up the economy amid lockdowns.” [NB – Billions? It’s now a $1.45 trillion debt!]

Did election fraud occur?

The Trumpet reports that “among the 27 countries in the European Union, 17 ban mail-in voting [because] they know how susceptible such ballots are to fraud. Yet Democrats [and now Liberals in Canada] have used the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to encourage as much mail-in voting as possible.”

An article titled “Justin Trudeau Could Become Canada’s First Elected Dictator, Thanks to Electoral Shenanigans” says “Trudeau’s promises on the campaign trail have exposed an agenda that is increasingly authoritarian [through the use mandatory vaccinations for government employees]. Trudeau called the election during the media-hyped fourth wave of covid-19, which will increase mail-in voting, opening the door for fraud.” The author uses the slippery slope argument: vaccine mandates and passports “lay the groundwork for removing any legal avenues for citizens to challenge authoritarianism and lawlessness from the government.” This is an important argument, worthy of another article.

So is the allegation of fraud true in this case? The argument for it seems to wane when considering the fact that Trudeau’s win occurred in the early hours of Sept. 21, 2021, even before all the mail-in ballots were counted. Many of them will not be counted until a few days later, apparently. Based on paper ballots alone – which would be difficult to rig – he seems to have retained power.

Apparently, “British Columbia has the greatest number of mail-in ballots, many of them on Vancouver Island. In the Victoria riding, more than 12,600 people applied to vote by mail — the most in Canada — followed by Saanich—Gulf Islands, where more than 10,700 people applied for postal votes.” It remains to be seen if the mail-in ballots, once fully counted, will give Liberals even more power. We don’t know who they will favour, as yet.

After reviewing this election, and giving it this matter serious thought, it now seems to me that voter fraud is a remote possibility, not necessarily a probability. In other words, it seems unlikely, but had to be examined.

Canadians complicit in their own undoing, succumbing to scapegoating

The possibility of election fraud is disturbing, but another possibility is even worse — and more likely: that a majority of Canadians are naïve and misled, or worse — foolishly complicit in their own undoing. And worst of all, many Canadians appear to have fallen for Trudeau’s divisive tactic of scapegoating the unvaccinated, revealing the dark heart of humanity (or what Trudeau would call “peoplekind”). Scapegoating brings out the worst in us. In this case, it is based on a tissue of lies, promoted by the media.

Christianity's 5 Most Popular Scapegoats - Stephen Mattson ...

The dominant mentality assumes the ‘pandemic’ is really about disease, not power, and that the lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and finally the ‘vaccines’ were all necessary measures. They believe the mainstream media narrative on all this, despite the fact that no scientific proof exists for any of it, despite the fact that lockdowns were a disaster, and that despite the fact that Covid vaccines have ended up making people more sick, due to variants caused by ADE.

Covid vaccines do not provide immunity; what they do accomplish is to generate endless profits for pharmaceutical corporations, and concentrate power in the hands of the state which imposes them. They also seem to be an excellent tool for dividing a population, which empowers corrupt leaders. Hitler infamously scapegoated Jews to gain power, but he was not alone in doing so: all demagogues throughout history have used he tactic to some degree, to pit one group against another.

A new documentary on Covid restrictions illustrates this with parable about a king who quells a revolution of peasants by pitting them against townsfolk, which is analogous to how Trudeau pits the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. It’s a cynical tactic that seems to have worked by keeping him in power.

The idea that Trudeau won fair and square – is even more disturbing than the allegation of voter fraud — yet appears to be the truth. It’s reminiscent of times in modern history when entire nations were misled into accepting the worst possible government, due to the role of propaganda. One source quipped that Canadians have now an elected dictator. Despots have been known to hold fake elections, to appear democratic, especially when they were assured of retaining power.

Trudeau’s father Pierre, when he was PM, attempted to impose a military dictatorship, roughly half a century ago, through the War Measures Act, but had to rescind it under criticism. Justin Trudeau has used emergency powers in response to the supposed ‘pandemic’ in much the same way, but more successfully than his father. In so doing, he reminds some people of Fidel Castro, whose intimate connection with the Trudeau family goes back decades. Despotism seems to be a family business for the Trudeaus.

Justin Trudeau to retrace father's steps on upcoming Cuba ...

If a majority of Canadians actually believe that would-be Communist dictator Trudeau (who openly admires Communist China’s “basic dictatorship”) deserves to stay in power, that ‘s profoundly unsettling. And yet it does seem to be that way. Trudeau’s continual re-election since 2015 doesn’t reflect well on the majority. It tell us they can be easily manipulated by the mainstream media propagandists into accepting the slide of Canada into Communism.

In profound and tragically prophetic words, Brian Peckford, former Premier of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador (1979–1989), writes of this election: “The people have chosen big government over personal freedom. Fear has won the day.  Science has lost . . . Independent thinking has lost . . . Canada has stooped to a new low democratically. We can no longer call ourselves a real democracy —we have become a child of authority, fear and misrepresentation, and personal attack and the swamp.  Debt and deficit have become words and concepts unspoken.  The country will be poorer for all this —-and our Charter  of Rights  and Freedoms , thought so important , has been trampled on by people who should know better.” 

A win for Trudeau means a Canada that will increasingly become more like Communist China, with censorship and a social credit system in the form of vaccines passports. Soon Canadians will be punished for criticizing the government, as happens in China.

It also means more out-of-control debt and mass immigration from war-torn Islamic countries, more limits on free speech, more of the state pushing racial division on an already excessively tolerant population (much as happens in the EU, with devastating consequences in the form of uncontrolled mass immigration and unwarranted collective guilt), more scapegoating of those who choose freedom of medical choice over medical tyranny.

Trudeau’s scapegoating of the unvaccinated, his politics of fear and division, and push to discriminate against those prefer freedom of medical choice over medical tyranny, was used on the campaign trail much like Hitler’s scapegoating of Jews in the 1930s, to shore up political power. This is not to say that Trudeau is as bad as Hitler, since clearly that is not the case. It is only to say that he employs the same tactic of scapegoating.

Scapegoating is a powerful and dangerous political tool that has led to mass violence in the past, and may well do so again, in Canada (of all places). We are now witnesses to rising fascism in Canada, not from “white supremacists” but from the Prime Minister’s scapegoating of one fifth of the citizenry. This is a profoundly cynical but timeworn tactic for reinforcing political power, used by any number of historical political villains: spreading hate and division to reinforce power.

Trudeau’s re-election also means less freedom of religion and attacking Christians, more abortion and euthanasia, and the state pushing Leftist policies such as promoting transgender surgery for young teens and Orwellian restrictions on the English language (i.e., pronouns).

The list of Trudeau’s wrongdoings is too long to go into here, but you get the idea. In short, it means the end of Canada as a free and prosperous nation founded on Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment principles — which is precisely why so many people from around the world want to become Canadians. It means an endless welfare state, through Universal Basic Income, massive overspending and inflation, eventually bankrupting Canada. That will be used as a pretext to justify a bailout from China, with huge strings attached.

Traditional Canadian customs and laws are endangered as it becomes the kind of “post-national” state Trudeau envisions for it — much like the EU, suffering from inflation, terrorism and sharia law and no-go zones. It means handing Canada’s vast natural resources over to China — a process already happening — and the transformation of Canada into a Chinese satellite state – which would have been unthinkable prior to Trudeau’s election in 2015.

So, is there any good news from this election? Brian Peckford thinks so, writing that, “The Peoples Partly of Canada now has thousands of new members and can carry the torch of freedom forward , knowing that there are people who care about truth and are willing to continue fight for a free nation.” Spencer Fernando agrees that this election signals the start of a real conservative movement in Canada and alternative to the CPC, through the emergence of the PPC.

In other words, it woke up some people to Trudeau’s tyranny and the ineffectiveness of the Progressive Conservative Party (CPC). Spencer Fernando says that Erin O’Toole was uninspiring: he “played into the Liberal world-view on almost every issue.” Not that the PPC is perfect, but they are far better than the other parties when it comes to speaking up for human freedom.

Let us hope that the populist trend against tyranny continues before Canada is entirely lost. Even Canada’s commonwealth neighbours (Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S.) did not include it in a recent coalition against Chinese imperialism. Many abroad consider Canada a lost cause and according to some Canadians, it may already be too late to save Canada. They lament that this election is Canada’s death knell. Nonetheless, it’s not as bad as China yet, so while there is still a chance for a free country, it should be fought for.

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