Positive report: Australians rise up against pandemic prison

Steve Turley: “Australia is exploding! Aussies are rising up like never before against their nation’s draconian lockdowns! In this video, we’re going to take an inside look at the patriot uprising going on as we speak throughout Australia, we’re going to see how even Australian police are beginning to join the protestors, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll reveal how Australia is just the tip of the iceberg; the entire world is quite literally rising up and fighting back against what they see as a pandemic prison over their lives.”

Construction workers block traffic to protest the government’s overreach.
This has encouraged other members of society to join the protest.
Corrupt U.S media do damage control.
Australian police admit the government is wrong.



“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” -V for Vendetta

This is what happens when your government pushes to far, people aren’t going to deal with this much more

I can’t say this is bad, because we need this in our country!

Australia is the trial run for the rest of the “free world”. Hold fast Aussie brothers.

That timeless adage rings true: ” When the people fears the government, there is tyranny. When the government fear the people, there is freedom “

The new world order of 5,000 people vs 7 billion. I like our chances.

Melbourne has been voted “Worlds Most Liveable City” many times over – Locals have now rebranded it “WORLDS MOST LEAVABLE CITY”

When this all ends, all politicians must be purged.

Yep….they guy will pull the lever to kill you because “ look man…I’m just doing my job”……ya….just like our Doctors and Nurses….killing you to keep their jobs!!!

God bless freedom loving Aussies! From a American Patriot!

Praying for the Aussie’s to Stand Strong Against Tyranny!!

The cops who enforce such measures, are every bit as guilty, as those who ordered them.

“I need a paycheck” is not a reason to serve tyrants and betray your own people.

A government only stands by the consent of the governed . Governments have a BAD habit of forgetting that.

This is why we as Americans must protect our second amendment at all costs. The time is quickly drawing near. May God help us.

A lot of the people in the stopped cars were tooting their horns in solidarity with the protestors. Our media won’t tell you that!

“I’m just doing my job.” “I’m just following orders.”. It’s all so depressing and familiar.

Take heed my fellow Americans, go down snarling like a wolf not standing around like docile sheep. Prayers to the Australian people.

The people won’t stand for totalitarian dictatorship by people that aren’t suffering the same pain.

Because the government has failed to listen and serve the people of the nation it governs, this has gone from a riot to a FULL BLOWN REVOLUTION.

The Australian government is going to be replaced with one that actually SERVES the people.

Thanks Steve Turley and team, for highlighting our fight against our government and jab mandates! From Victoria, Australia. 🇦🇺

“The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.” – Sam Adams 1780

They gave up their arms for “security,” this tends to happen when you do that.

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

People with nothing to lose are 10x more dangerous then a corrupt government. Americans need to take note.

Question: Why didn’t Australians rise up like this when the government took their guns away?

The cops need to join the protesters. Time to bring back tar and feathers for the politicians. Go patriots !

These men are fighting for us all. So proud of these guys

“If you can’t tell, we’re not afraid anymore.” God bless him!! Just the beginnings of getting their freedoms back.

Take back your guns, Aussies.

The People’s patience is running out with their moronic leaders.

My heart goes out to my Brothers and Sisters fighting tyranny ‘down under’.

Aussies, dig in your heels and DON’T give an inch. The politicians work for YOU!

They’re losing their homes, jobs, savings, and business. Dealing with jab mandates, locked inside for over 200 days. People had enough.

These cops need to remember that “following orders” isn’t a valid excuse. Ask the Nazis.

Australia should have never gave up their guns!!

Well Australia has had the longest lockdowns so this is exactly what happens when you keep people from even going to the grocery store

Just waiting for an outside government to start shipping arms to the Australian citizens.

“If history’s taught me anything, it’s that good intentions don’t translate into action without a steady hand to guide them. A wise man once told me that a person can do anything once they realize they are a part of something bigger.

It’s taken me a while to understand that. For years, I was just a face in the crowd. But now, I’m choosing to stand up. To become a part of something bigger. I really do believe that together, we can accomplish anything. ―Phil
Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D subversive broadcast

Someone who have nothing to lose, is ten times more dangerous than an entire army of corrupted cops

Didn’t the Nazis say the same thing “I was just following orders”. Look what happened to the French collaborators and members of the Vichy government after WW2. Thousands were executed for their treason.

French police started to switch side, and marched with the protesters!

There comes a time when there is not another way to do this. Illegal Governments must fall!

This has been coming for a long time in Victoria, the socialist government down there are completely out of control… Hopefully they will be voted out..

The world needs to stand up against the authoritarian dictators.

When the Australian police is joining the protestors then the pandemic govt of Australia is in big big trouble. The question is when will the Australian
Military join the protestors?

God Bless the man at around 7 minutes who told the officer to his face he disrespects him for not standing up for what he believes in just to keep getting a paycheck while everyone else isn’t

I’d love to buy that dude in the orange that wouldn’t budge a beer….or dinner for his family.

I remember when the Soviet Generals attempted a counter-revolution after Yeltsin had mounted up on the tank. There was a photo of a young woman, probably 20 years old, putting a long stem rose into the barrel of a young Soviet soldier’s rifle as they stood together. That picture told me that young soviet soldiers were not about to fire their weapons on their mothers and sisters. It gives life to that old expression “you are a great General, sir, but there are no more men to lead.” The counter-revolution died quickly in the streets.

Still more peaceful than BLM’s summer of love and tolerance.

This won’t end well for the Aussie government

If Truckers strike, you’d see the whole lockdown and vaccine thing come to a halt.

“attack on democracy” When did the people have a say on the matter? When did the people vote to willingly imprison their selves in their homes and be threatened with prosecution if they came back out?

“This is my job and I’m not skilled to do anything else” s/b the mantra of most politicians.

The population recognise a tyrannical government when they see one.
Saddest words ever said, “I’m not skilled to do ANYTHING ELSE.”

Who wants to grow up to be THAT weak? 6:10

Good for the people of Australia for standing up for their freedoms we need more of this here in the states

I disagree with your conclusion about the policeman’s reaction Steve. Those cops are saying the same thing that the common Nazi Germany cops said, and we all know how that went

The nobles of old learned this a long time ago: you can not rule by fear forever.

Pretty sure that the guards in Germany were “just doing their jobs”. Smh
When the people stop allowing the police to arrest their fellow protesters. The government will backup

God Bless those good patriots worldwide! Go Aussies may God give you great victory in your fight!

Police globally fighting citizens who are fighting for their future freedoms
God bless from Sydney

We need to stop this authoritarian globalist move!

Nice to see Aussies rising up especially when so many seem to beg for more authoritarianism.

The building workers should just boycott all government jobs for next 5 years.

On one hand I feel understanding of the officer, on the other, he is willing to oppress others for his own well-being, like a common thug.

All my sympathy and inner support for this living, authentic men that therefore are fighting back against this vicious rulers! The earthquake that happened in Melbourne is mirroring this!

I’ve been advocating for Australians to arm themselves with spears for quite some time now. You must exercise your right to bear arms no matter what you arms you have access to.

No Surrender the good People of Australia 🇦🇺 🇺🇸🇬🇧👌🏼👍🏼.

Don’t stop Australia, keep going, remove the government officials, have them arrested, and then hung

The options for every police officer… across the Western World.

You can either stand with those you swore to protect… or stand with those who are against them.

The door is closing
I love how they jammed their freeways with their cars. Maybe in America, we should block the roads to the Hamptons or the streets in DC!

“I was paid to do it.” I’m thinking that will go over about as well as “I was only following orders” did at Nuremberg.


There is coming a time in America that something is going to happen and the Hell of the Patriots will be released.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago.

Well done my Aussie friends, keep up the protests until your gov. gives up their tyranny!👍🙏🏻

Great protest. They’re not burning and stealing, this makes a difference. More people listen, agree and want to help.

“If you cant tell we’re not afraid anymore” what can they expect when they give these people literaly nothing to loose..

Take notes, this is how it’s done. Coming to America soon…trust in Jesus. Fight for righteousness.

And when the people refuse to back down and they are armed….. then you have liberty.

Well, what did you expect? A few leftists take control using Covid as a cover….and the people fell for it- for a while- until they wised up.

The police need to side with THE PEOPLE against tyranny.

“I’m just doing my job” is not an excuse for tyranny. I say that as a Christian white male being asked to go along with CRT at my well paid job at a super work corporation. Me 🤡

Just to summarise, these workers have nothing else to do for 2 weeks, Dan
Andrews bought this on himself. Also the Vic Police are VERY left leaning so don’t be deceived by one tired guy.

Freedoms are the easiest things to loose, and the costliest things to gain.
God bless all our brothers Down Under!

The eyes of the world are on you…Stay strong, we’re with you!
It’s time for a revolution in Australia and here on the US.

Turns out humans like freedom.

Law enforcement and military who receive illegal orders should turn and arrest the person(s) who issued those orders.

“I’m just following orders.” Hmm, I think others have said that before.
Looks like the Aussies have finally had it.

What we’re seeing in Australia is what we saw in Hong Kong nearly 2 years ago, but the CCP tactics will not work in a western democracy…

The citizens should be able to shut down the government at any time.

Especially here in America where they are supposed to work for us.

It should not come to this. The “government” is really overstepping here. She they won’t listen.

A lot of the union members used to be ‘lefties’! It is the main voting base for our ‘labour party’. The behaviour of our police has been absolutely disgusting. Some footage is horrific.

I live in Melbourne and the government told us that we had to be vacated within a week to be able to work. so we protested

To our Brave Aussie Patriots Great job enough is enough is right .The people are in control. Not the Elite

The police are not realizing yet that they are verbally giving the same excuses as those forced to enforce Nazi laws . Learn from history , people ! Brave

Aussie people : Stand up – Do it !

Just went to my local pub in eastern Massachusetts. Town has a mask mandate in place. Pub owner and customers flipped them a massive bird. No f’ing masks. Customers laughed it off.

If the Aussies can rise up unarmed, we in the USA have no excuse!!!!
In the MSM….. nothing is just “right” …. It’s ALWAYS “far right.”

This American is sending our Aussie brother and sisters my support and prayers. Don’t back up and don’t back down from your Chinese ass kissing political dictators.

Those cops…
“We don’t want to do it, but we will.”
The old “We were just following orders” routine.

Stand strong my Aussie brothers and sisters! Never give up!

Things are about to go sideways here in the US if they don’t straighten up….and it won’t be pretty.

The mainstream media had been behaving just like in the USA, however more and more are waking up against the lies.

That’s the Spirit Aussies! There are more of us than the elites!
Yes, they will abuse for a paycheck.

It’s not the Australian (i.e. the federal) government that’s doing this it’s the Victorian State government that is. And it’s a Labor government – behaving just like America’s out of control Democrat Party.

Australians allowed the government to take their guns. NEVER let the government take your guns!

Aussies this is one American praying for you, Stand Fast and strong
God bless the Based Aussies fighting for their freedoms and liberties!

Thank you so much for covering what’s going on here, showing our struggle, it means more than you think.

I don’t recognise my own nation anymore, what has happened here is horrible, stay strong everyone!

‘Fourth verse “that’s how every Empire Falls“
Padlock the door and board the windows
Put the people in the street
“It’s just my job, ” he says “I’m sorry.”
And draws a check, goes home to eat
But at night he tells his woman
“I know I hide behind the laws.”
She says, “You’re only taking orders.”
That’s how every empire falls!

I support the Australian People! Their Government is out of their legal bounds.

“Little by little, everything changes” (Robert Plant) Prep on Preppers!

It’s going to take more people to do this around the world

Its time for the cops to either stand for his fellow man and freedom or worship the BEAST SYSTEM

When the time comes, it ain’t going to matter how much the cops tell us they were with us all along.

“Far Right extremists” are anyone who dares to disagree with the actual fascists.

Thank you for this story about Australia.

It’s like hell here, we can’t leave more than 5 kms from home.
We have curfews.
We have military on the streets.
The police are traitors. “I was just following orders,” can’t be allowed to cut it this time.
He’s just getting paid”

Do we need to make the economy collapse to get these swine off their totalitarian support positions?
Or do we need guns?
Which would you prefer?

They are not losing the police. “Just following orders so I can get paid.” They have only lost the police when they stop showing up.

If the police are really “done” then they can start arresting the politicians and bureaucrats that are perpetuating this crap.

This is what the US of A has created, it turns into a domino effect

The UN will put out the police jobs and then, the police will wish they had joined the people.

Australians are lay back but we have been pushed to the limits when The premier Comrade Dan mandate vaccines on the construction workers. I am waiting for him to mandate it on the police!

G’day from Melbschwitz. Still fighting the good fight. An earthquake yesterday and still going. 🙂

People world wide fighting to keep Freedoms ONLY! Pray for the Aussies in Australia! Solid stand to keep Freedoms!

The Aussies always had balls, ….unlike my submissive fellow Kiwis.
What annoys me more, the Chardonay set will vote Chairman Dan back in.
(Can you imagine if they never gave up their guns?)

Wow… Watching the once respected police say “I’m just doing my job”. It is like watching a large scale version of both the Milgram experiments as well as the Stanford prison experiments in real life.

Australia government is too panicky dealing with the glorified flu. Root cause: China! 🤣

I love to see it… the moment a nation grows their own big hard cohonies
“We are not afraid anymore” HELL YEAA

With all the rioting, they still want to vacci nate everyone on the planet.

The citizens should put the Australian government on lockdown…great one Steve!

God bless 🙌 Australia, and America, we the people, KNOW.

The Aussies need the police and military to refuse to serve. If they have no one to play the part of the Jack-booted thugs, they could actually have a chance of taking their government back.

This reminds me of a scene in the Grapes of Wrath where the Man in the bulldozer said he’s just doing what he’s paid to do to feed his own family, then bulldozes the poor farmers house.

The government’s declared war forget protests, they need to arm themselves and take the country back by force.

Praying for Australia and if the Australian people pray for themselves they will come out on top.

They actually get paid to protect the people. He doesn’t know even what his job is.

I think I am for defund the police after all, especially the covid police. I want my tax money back to pay for personal security instead of tyrant toadies.

I’m from and living in Melbourne, Australia. THANK YOU for being light to this.

Praying for Australia’s citizens in their fight for freedom. God Bless!!

The Nuremberg code says just doing my job is not a excuse, these Officers will be held in account for their actions in mass gynecide

Imprisoning people at home having committed NO crime WHAT ARE THEY EXPECTING!! Do not talk to Nabours/ Do not greet people!! Just say NO seems to be the action of our time…

this is what happens when people stand up against the establishment ruling class. We are the serfs and have no rights, they think.

I’d be more than happy to chat to you about what is going on in our state! We need help!

I Love how the police wear masks so they can’t be identified or recognized.
So proud of the Australian people taking back their country.

I was wondering just how far those auzies could be pushed in that social experiment down in Australia

Looks like there’s hope for Australia after all

The cop that doesn’t have any skills and needs to get paid gets no quarter. No mercy.

I love it when you show raw footage, which is being suppressed more and more by You-Know-Who.

I don’t agree with the “I gotta do what I gotta do” when it comes to the law enforcement. If that mentality were to go away then this would all be resolved over night

We need a total government do-over with term limits and lie detectors involved.

The elite politicians are no longer safe.
Australia leads the way!!!!

If the crowd actually fought back the cops would have ZERO chance of winning.

Their just following orders, I’ve heard that before. Easy for humans to fall into that cycle isn’t it. Sad

This should have been happening months ago when they started saying they’ll toss the unjabbed into camps

I love that guy who just stood there.

Aussies and Americans fought together in WWII and overcame the tyranny of that day! We can prevail once again! Stand together!!!

I heard a murmur that they, the government of Australia, requested military from the UK and US. But I doubt it’s true.

Everyday is the chant they are calling and it means they will march everyday and will not stop until Daniel Andrews the Premier resigns.

Citizens putting the government down and back in their place sounds like a great constitutional republic to me!!!

I live in Australia and this is some of the best reporting on this. Word

Something tells me when those people get hungry enough that peaceful-ish place will start looking a lot more like…. well, you can fill in the blank.

Please cover this as much as you can Dr Turley we need all the help we can get fighting this tyranny.

The Australians should never have voluntary given up their guns. That was the first step on the road to tyranny.

Cop thinking: ” this ain’t worth losing my life mate”….

The Aussy police should only say ‘We just want an orderly protest that’s all, we are Not going to harm you’

We are Praying for Australia! They have been praying for us for over a year.

It’s time we the people dragged these Illuminati elites out of their hiding places and string them up!

Weird. It’s almost like people don’t appreciate living in a prison state.

Yes! We’re with you, brothers and sisters in Australia!
Stand up and fight back!
We will take back our freedom!

They need a shitload of bullhorns and start making demands one of which being the police revolt or they go to prison

He says: the world is rushing up!! Me: hmmm except for Americans ☹️
they don’t even have the amazingly powerful guns that most American’s keep at the ready

I’m an Aussie and this makes me so proud of our tradies (tradesmen) who won’t budge.

Australian Police: Thank the politicians these people don’t have guns, whew, we dodged that one.

Thank you for encouraging the crowd. They all need that… to stand tall!

Question: How did so many Eastern European commissar types come to dominate the English-speaking world so decisively?
(Voting machines?)
Just asking.

Police brutality is on an other level here at the moment!

A protester was found to be armed a few months ago, so now the protesters are considered terrorists, sadly it’s open season.

They have finally taken all the authoritarianism they can take. And when that Health Department woman ACTUALLY used the term “New World Order”, we should all be alarmed!

This is going to happen worldwide before long. Way to grow a pair Aussie Bro’s!

This doesn’t end until we end it. Take back your freedoms, Aussies and take them back NOW or forever live under tyranny.

Just remember the next variant is just around the corner. EVERYDAY!!!

I have said it from the very beginning there is more of us than them! Rock On Australia!

I’m confused. Stay at home orders so who’s driving the highways 🤔

They better do something huge very soon. Hey are well on their way to brutal dictatorship

Yeah, pretty f’d here! Never saw it getting this bad here….

Thanks Steve for raising awareness of our plight and the force of resistance that is rising here. The people United can never be defeated!

Don’t EVER give up your firearms.

This is what happens when you have armed police (cowards) that will do anything for a paycheck & pension.

That cop saying he agrees with the protester is in for a rude awakening when he gets torn apart by an angry mob

good for them! so happy to see that they’re fighting back. it got so bad there.

Dr. Steve Turley, Redpill78 & X22 Report have been the calm voices I’ve needed throughout this whole ordeal! I thank you all! 👏🏼

And I personally think combo and DeBlasio intentionally wanted to harass to synagogues, and the churches

“Just doing what I gotta do” said the Melbourne Police and the guards at Auschwitz..Just following orders.

I live in Melbourne. Good accurate coverage. They have to shut this down as the Govt fears it will escalate. The Govt says the crowd doesn’t represent construction workers but shut down construction anyway.

God bless Australia. Be glad when Americans take to the streets at our state capitals like Louisiana. Tired of mask wearing and vaccine mandate threats by Ochsner Hospitals in New Orleans area.

Apparently there are already foreign mercenaries as backup measure. The government just passed a law to allow foreign troupes to operate on Australian soil.


This is a damn shame Australia even tolerated a lock down pass 2 weeks.
The Aussie cops are able to feed their families, so what happens if they can’t?

I’m in Florida & we’re open for the most part. Still work trying to charge us higher rates for insurance & wear masks

As an Aussie I can say that most working class don’t care for politics! To be accused as right wing uprising is nonsense. They are out of work and no money freedoms gone.

You’d see the same thing in the US it the MSM hadn’t already slandered conservatives to the point of incapacitation.

I remember reading about this: Ordinary Men Reserve Police Battalion 101 Poland 1942!!!

Nazis were still executed even when their number one excuse was i was just following orders

Cops are derelicts for doing what they have done to Australians. They should be ashamed and unable to sleep.

This is one of the reasons why you never allow anyone to take your guns.

Police had better get on the right side of this issue quickly. The “tip of the spear” is the first to get shattered.

Enough IS enough. God bless these people! United we stand, divided we fall.

Let’s keep getting more and more united! Not just in the US… but all around the WORLD!

Well, I was just trying to support my family sounds a lot better than I was just following orders but I don’t think it will pass muster.

Dr Steve, I’m an Aussie and we love you! I’ve been a follower since Nov 3, 2020. Thanks for shining a light on what’s happening down here

This is what happens when people who just want to be “left alone to live their lives”, are pushed too far.

‘We The People’ rule against all Tyranny sanctimonious and otherwise, Amen

Go Australia 🇦🇺!!!’ We are with from Commie California! !!’ 🇺🇸
Australia does not have a Bill of rights, nor do we have constitutional protection. We are at the mercy / generosity of our elected governments.

Don’t be naïve. They’ll bring in the UN police

When that Aussie cop was talking, my first thought was “Nuremberg defense, I’m just following orders”.

I really don’t know how those cops in Australia don’t just walk off the job

Compliant and obedient order followers are the most dangerous slaves on the planet.

Wait till the cops are mandated to take the jab. Who’s going to stand with them?

Weirdly, it’s a militant hard left union behind all this.

An Aussie mate of mine told me this about 10 years ago: “Australia and New Zealand are the test beds for what the Globalist would like to try on the rest of the West. If it succeeds here, they’ll implement in the rest of the Western world. I believe him.

I’m sure those police officers will come to their senses eventually. It’ll get to a point where no amount of money is going to be worth enforcing the lockdowns.

It’s about time! The Australian government is ridiculous!
When the people stand up the evil governments have to sit down

People are sick and tired of the corruption and the unequal treatment we get as TAX PAYERS.

This is exactly what needs to happen: The “blue” have shown undoubtedly that, when the SHTF and your rights are on the line, the blue DON’T back YOU!! There are the latter day gestapo

Today Dan Andrews stooped all live coverage of the Melbourne protests. No one was able to film it live! Wicked wicked man!

Remember the Australians gave up their guns, I forget how many years ago but you see what happens when the state out arms its civilians

Any of these ppl “just following orders” are fair game if this keeps gokng on doctors, cops and nurse

It’s very difficult to steal freedom from a people who have elected their leaders.

This is carrying a mandate too damn far…Aussie’s fight back.

Thank you for raising awareness! Our city is a prison and we need help!

The Australians are showing us the way, it is up to us to do the same….our freedom is being eradicated we have to end this.

When you call your followers (GANG) do you mean the Gangs are taking back control? Condescending isn’t it.

“I’m not skilled to do anything else”

Hitler’s Gestapo said…we just did what we were told. Just obeying orders. The world’s current Gestapo…we are just doing what we are being told to do. Just obeying orders.

Cops have to live their lives in the same neighborhoods as these people.

Seems like they could be made to feel let’s say, unwelcome.

6:03 says it all…..what I heard: “got bills, an unemployed wifey & [probably] kiddos…my few dollars in the bank wont cover pivoting at this point in my life”….its gonna get worse before better…

That’s funny Aussie media trying to use the pathetic “Far right extremists” narrative. Never heard that one before fake news new and original.

We need to rise up, across the West, against the truly evil scum that are in power literally everywhere.

Coming soon to America with Joke Biden and his Joke O’biden administration.

Just wait till they give the police there the green light to use live ammo and be ordered to shot the lot then things will get real

I’m surprised it’s taken the Aussies this long too be honest. They are one of strongest, belligerent and dependable societies which is why you want them on your side when fighting a war. They were bloody great during WW1 and WW2 and they will be in this fight against a draconian government like this.

Dan Andrew’s closed down telecommunications and internet in Melbourne today he was afraid rest of the world will see him kill Aussies

Cop: “MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” Protester stares at him with no fux to give. Cop thinking ‘Oh, shit…’ as he cowers away. That was beautiful to watch.
Like always Doc, you are right on target my patriot brother.

FREEDOM!!! Screw Tyranny!!! I’m with my Australian brothers and sisters here!!!

If they would’ve kept their legally own guns they would have more freedom.
They’re showing the world how to do it, and they don’t even have guns!!!

God bless our Australian brothers. No fucking more. We’re fed up here in America. No more lies. We’re sick of the government’s corruption. Trump won.

When people have nothing to loose, they really loose it !

I just had an Aussie tell me over the weekend that Australians not pushing draconian mandates and he argued it’s only happening in 2 small areas and called “bullshit” on my claim. 😂

That’s We the People. That’s not BLM or Antifa. Get ’em, Australia!
As a builder myself I knew shit would get real when they started on the building trade. God bless from Dublin Ireland

Does anybody remember that the ds predicted civil unrest in their symposium event201? What was their conclusion?

Now the Australian Union members are standing up against their own union that support the Labor government in Melbourne Victoria. This is great for me and people in other Australian States, because the other state leaders will be getting scared.

See what’s happening down there? It’s going to happen here soon. As long as the braindead guy is in the WH the timer is ticking down.

When the protests affect the politicians that is when change will take place.

The Australian police seriously have GRENADE LAUNCHERS?? WTF man. Gross overkill.

God bless those who stand for freedom.


Australia need to get their guns back. As we all need to be vigilant and don’t forget and don’t repeat controlling.

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” – Thomas Jefferson

Joe and his Ho had better hope we don’t decide to use that 2nd amendment ”remedy.” They should have never give up their guns. Those cops wouldn’t be out there like tyrants if the people were armed. Never give up your guns

Their rising against their own union hierarchy selling them out. In Australia union hierarchy go from union leaders go straight into a safe labour seat in government. It’s important to note that the state of Victoria is the most left-leaning in Oz, and the majority of voters are happy to accept their Marxist government’s authoritarian rule. Sadly the rest of the country, as elsewhere in the Anglosphere, has also been moving left as Marxists take advantage of widespread political ignorance and apathy. But as in Melbourne, resistance is stirring.

They keep moving the goal post, so I quit playing the game. To the deepest pits of hell with all of them.

The swamp is in every western country , we are all in this together
Aussies , Yanks , Canucks , Britain. Any other Western country the swamp Rats have invaded.

“Courage is contagious”!!! Yes!!!

I feel terrible for those people! Their being tortured as a test for the rest of us. I pray for them!! I’m so proud of them fighting back! I’m 68 and by God I’d be out their. You got nothing to loose at this point but fight for your life and your families and generations to come…..I SUPPORT THEM!!!!! God Bless Australian People!!

In this case the cops are either with the people or they’re part of the enemy! Aaaaaand this is why they took all their guns last year!
We the people need to take a page out of Australia’s book
There’s only so much anyone will tolerate!

God bless our Aussie patriots down under! In the words of America’s last President: “Fight like hell!”

Yep, 8:38 was the defining moment for me when I saw it on the news and online. Gold star to that high vis construction worker. Absolute rock star right there. Tradies should have turned up with their tools to use as weapons against the bluff and bluster of the cops.

The globalist elites controlled us with fear now it’s their turn to be afraid. Good for the Aussies

American patriots hold one day rallies and wave flags when our elections are stolen. Let the Libs get a taste of “peaceful protests”

Good on ya my Australian brothers and sisters. Don’t take it!

Yell of the year: “Enough is enough!!”

“I’m just obeying orders.” Sound familiar?

As an Australian I am proud of the men and women standing up to this tyranny and I feel it is just the beginning and just wait until the other states join in with ALL workers.

It’s like watching a crystal ball into the not to distant future of American cities. Yet the political elite will likely fail to heed the warning offered by our Aussie brothers.

Well done Aussies! I have huge respect for them to stand up to tyranny!

Breaking News: Florida Man sends love and support to the Australians fighting for freedom.

The guy at the beginning yelling about the protesters attacking the police vehicles – was he this alarmed when his government was stripping away freedoms??

People of the west had better start realizing talking and voting are lost causes.

I love your optimism & passion Steve. Really hope you’re right about the people’s voice mattering. I get it that people are upset all over the world…But, the bad guys are pretty bad – & resourced.

My faith does suggest good will win, but I’m not enjoying ‘scenes from the battle’ very much, or the way things ‘might go’!!!

We have to fight back! Otherwise this is the end of freedom, for everyone!
“I’m just doing my job” is no excuse when you’re job is to oppress your fellow citizens. If that’s your job, don’t comply. If you get fired, welcome to our side.

If the fat right is the Unions, then the left has really hit the end of the spectrum.

There has been a growing discontent between police and civilians for years now, honestly, as that video you show illustrates just how cowardly the cops are, they are more concerned about there paycheck then the well being and health of the common people, also apparently our federal processing system has a limit of 100,000 for judges and the courts if this continues i would imagine, a complete forced shutdown of the system by protestors and martial law declared in some form, which would most likely spark mass rioting.

The construction workers have a lot of power if they band together , which we just saw in Australia

Almost every revolution starts with the laborers first

Bet letting them take your guns sounds kinda bonzers now! The only rights you have are the ones you can defend!

I normally would yelling” back the blue ” but the cops have been enforcing this tyranny

About time America starts to put these Tyrannical SOBs in their place! Good for you Australia !

It’s a good thing the ” Government ” disarmed the population first !!!

Now “these” folks look like the Australians I know and love.
God bless you from Texas!

Unless many police and military in Australia are on the side of the people, they’re doomed. They let their government take their weapons. What will they fight with.

What eventually happens when the govt disarms the citizens

Wonderful, Dr Steve, thank you, Brother. I am an Australian, angry as f*k & I have shared this far & wide. God bless you, Mate!

Good to see people standing up finally!

Seems the “New World Order” is out of order. Lol.


We’ve had it alright. I pity my fellow Aussies in Police State Central in
Melbourne. I’m over in the west. We have a lunatic premier, just the same as other states but we can pretty much go about our lives. But, we can leave the state only with difficulty. I’m hoping it doesn’t get much worse before it gets better, if it ever does. All for the common cold…

To any Aussies watching this video, should you read this comment, KNOW that we, your American brothers, stand with you against the NWO police state! Stay strong and keep up the resistance against this tyranny!!

Good on that copper for being honest, unfortunately the cost of living in our cities is so high people don’t have the capacity to go against their paycheque to exercise their freedom. Perhaps this is intentional?

I almost always support the police but if they’re willing to enforce the tyrannical regime that is over there then they deserve whatever they get.

That cop spoke the truth. They will do what they’re told to do. Same here in the USA. They are not going to help, they will enforce the will of their overlords.

As far as the ruling class is concerned Mad Max world is fine if they stay in charge.

May God bless and Theotokos [Virgin Mary] bless those patriots.

After all each side is one and the same not recognizing that they should be United against the common enemy 🥺

I’m glad to hear that the Australia’s are finally saying no way to these tyrannical dictators.

God bless ..we need God. May His peace Come

I have been wondering why it was so draconian in Australia. Then I looked up the vaccination rates there… a mere 38.x%. THIS IS WHY. They’re trying to ramp up the vaccination rates.

I see twenty to thirty thousand subscribers magically appeared. I’m sure forty thousand will magically unsubscribe in the next couple of days or so. Again.

Hi from Australia, no Steve, the whole of Australia is not in lockdown just
Melbourne, parts of Sydney & parts of Brisbane off and on.

Once the protest movement is boosted by the backbone of proletariat rank and file union members, that is when the political and media elites start to sit up and panic. Hence why they are pulling out the big guns and lies.

They shot not only tear gas, but also rubber projectiles and one man got his scull cracked and possibly died.

This is what happens when you push people to far!! They will stand up and fight back. But, that is very scary.

One great thing about Dr Steve, is that he does see things in the rest of the world, not just America. There are global problems. There are a lot of us followers of him out there elsewhere in the world

Thank the lord that the Aussies are finally fighting back! It’s about time. Put your government exactly where they belong, in SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE
WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES!!!!! No government that locks up their people can call themselves a democracy

The police in your clip are just admitting they will be paid to do what they are told. This isn’t the Police joining with the protestors.

We all need to fight back against these tyrants!

Australia We are with you ALL !!! With Love & Support from America !!!!

I’m an Aussie Tradie and I SAY NO to assault by injection. My daughter is also locked into the country and can’t leave.

Its happening in the UK but now we have new laws coming in to virtually ban protests still the more draconian the govt gets then the more the pushback will happen.

Aussie have had to it easy for to long. This is the suffering phase. Rise up!

Australian men are like American men were 25 years ago. They are proud and will not take any shit. Their dignity is bigger than their fear.

I am glad they are rising up. Now I pray for Americans to rise up and stand firm

Well apparently the “copper” isn’t sick or tired enough. He’s still drawing a paycheck; that same can’t be said for all the others not “copper”.

Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic of Australia. Dear Aussies, we wish you success in regaining control of your wonderful country, as we must do with ours.

God bless and protect all this people doing the truth.

I’m so glad. Well done Aussies!

You take feminism’s control in Australia into account. God it must be hell over there.

Proof that you can’t keep a good people down under!

The new name for Victoria Police (VicPol) is now VICStapo.

To be fair, there are many Police officers who are ashamed of what they are being forced to do.

Far right activists ? 🤣 yep for sure ! For the left everything from center left to the Democratic right is far right antisocial activist ! 😂 !

I am near Australia and they are reaching a point with their government.

India which used Ivermectin from the beginning and they have eradicated Covid from their country. All this other bs has to stop and those pushing these mandates prosecuted and jailed.

There’s no going back. How can people trust the government and the police at this point.

Keep Fighting my Aussie Brothers and Sisters! God willing! Much Mad Love from the America!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God! I’m an Aussie living in Texas. It’s about time the Aussies rise up against these tyrants!

Love how the headline puts freedom in scare quotes. 🙄

This makes me optimistic and happy. The peace train is just around the bend. Isn’t it amazing?

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