The Roman Catholic Church is wrong to impose vaccine mandates on employees: one Christian’s opinion

A recent letter from a Canadian Roman Catholic Diocese office tells employees that it’s imposing a vaccine mandate on staff and it threatens to fire those who don’t comply with the mandate. Many employers are doing this now. The Vatican in Rome has already imposed a vaccine mandate for its employees.

I am disappointed in the Catholic church (RCC) and any church that caves into this political pressure. I expect more of them. Perhaps its leaders see this as a morally responsible thing to do, to mitigate disease, or perhaps they see it as a compromise with the state, to do it to the staff but not parishioners? But once you have conceded an inch, the state will want want a mile. Vaccine passports for parishioners will be next, I predict.

Some Bishops justify vaccine mandates as supporting “the common good.” They believe this is really about a disease. I’m not sure how anyone, at this point, can seriously believe that, but apparently millions of people who watch CNN or CBC do. Millions also believed everything Stalin told them. This is the power of propaganda.

If it were really about disease control, our leaders would have never imposed lockdowns on the healthy (which don’t work); they would have accepted alternative low-cost treatments like Ivermectin (which works in India, en masse); and would not have lied to us and censored the voices of courageous physicians and scientists who disagreed with these draconian strategies — which are really designed to amass power, not further public health. The deceptions of the mainstream media betray their ulterior motives.

The importance of freedom of medical choice

On the question of vaccines, the Vatican is siding with the state against those who prefer freedom of medical choice.

Is the Church in America Really Dying? - Joe McKeever ...

When pressure comes from the state to have a vaccine passport to enter a church, that will really test the church: is the blood and body of Christ only for those who already comply with accepting the state’s mandatory experimental serum into their bodies?

Having caved into imposing it on the staff, I won’t be surprised if the RCC does so to parishioners as well — even though there is no protection offered by Covid-19 vaccines against spreading infection, according to the CDC director. Its only benefit is to mitigate symptoms. So why is it being pushed on the public?

At what point will the RCC leadership decide to take a stand? I’m sure some of them know this is not really about public health, since the so-called ‘vaccine’ doesn’t provide immunity and natural immunity is better.

The vaccine, it has been argued, is the real cause of the variants, through ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) — despite what the so-called “fact-checkers” say to the contrary. Some of them, such as Politifact, are funded by Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so their claims are suspect – and have been proven wrong (e.g. they retracted their denial of the Wuhan lab origin theory).

To force someone to undergo a medical procedure against their will is tyrannical, as was made clear in the Nuremberg Code. Employers wiggle out of it through a loophole by saying you can get employment elsewhere — but the fact is that millions of people have no other jobs available. The RCC by doing this is compelling someone people to lose the job they love for the sake of retaining bodily autonomy.

In such matters, where the state seems to be in the wrong, Church leaders have to weigh the axiom in Romans 13:1-7 (“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities“) against  Acts 5:29, 4:17-2 (“We must obey God rather than men”).

Early Christians leaders were faced with this dilemma and had to weigh the best options. I would argue that this is one of those times to disobey men — but the church leaders in this case thought otherwise.

The RCC thought the same in Germany as well in the 1930s and 40s, and I fear that this is all going to end as badly as that did, eventually. All the signs of impending totalitarianism are evident for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

This is the time to resist it, if ever. Later, when the state is too powerful, it will be too late. I don’t count on the conservative backlash coming anytime soon, despite the hopes of many that it will. Those who are waiting for it may wait in vain. This is the time to take a stand, if at all. The alternative is that we become like China or the USSR, undergoing decades of tyranny.

Scapegoating the unvaccinated

Those who want to retain bodily autonomy and freedom of medical choice against the state are “those who thirst after righteousness” (Matt 5:6). They are the “least of my brethren” (Mathew 25:40), now wrongly scapegoated in the media and on social media, and by Trudeau himself, and barred from certain venues.

Personally, I now cannot enter a restaurant or gym today where I live (a Canadian province). Will it be a grocery store or hospital tomorrow? Will I be starved into compliance? Will I be denied entry to church?

Vaccine passports remind many of us of a foreign occupation by an authoritarian police state

Already there is a disturbing call for denial of medical services to the unvaccinated. This is absurd and pointless because ‘asymptomatic transmission’ is “very rare” even according to the WHO, so why is this being done? A stark answer is given by Orwell in 1984: the end being sought is power. Power is not the means to some greater end; it is the end. In this case, the mass hysteria created in the media over a disease with a high recovery rate is the means to power.

Giving in now to vaccine mandates and passports is a slippery slope; who knows what’s next. Will groceries stores off-limits (it’s already happening in the Philippines)? There are already mandatory vaccines for both private sector employees in several nations. Home arrests and ankle bracelets (as this one authoritarian ‘progressive’ pundit is calling for)? Financial punitive measures to cover medical bills? Revocation of custody and child seizure?

This was drawn in early 2020. We are on the 2nd panel. The biometric ID chip
and “re-education” camps may be in the works already.

The entire gamut of dehumanizing tactics, including mass murder, can be employed, once hatred is unleashed on a minority group, as history shows. The danger of this needs to be called and contested by religious authorities, not supported by them!

This scapegoating is unwarranted: “In a recent article, reporter Alex Berenson explained that the U.S. doesn’t give the full truth about who is dying or having complications from the COVID vaccine. The official narrative advanced by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others is that the unvaccinated are the ones getting sick and dying, yet data shows such a narrative is false.

“As Berenson notes, official numbers in the U.S. do not include the partially vaccinated. Authorities claim a person is not fully protected until several weeks after they have had both doses, and so anyone who has received a shot but not completed the full course of treatment is treated as unvaccinated for statistical purposes. This is not how things are usually done with most medical treatments, nor is it the case in other countries. Thus, many U.S. COVID cases in the last few months attributed to unvaccinated individuals actually occurred in those who were partially vaccinated, a fact that is often suppressed and never reaches the ears of mainstream Americans.” [italics added]

“Berenson also uses data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to show officials like Fauci are flat out lying when they say that only about 1 percent of the fully vaccinated are contracting or dying from COVID, when in reality around 10 percent of U.S. COVID deaths since the beginning of May 2021 have been in the vaccinated. That still is not a number to be ashamed of, Berenson says, so why don’t officials like Fauci simply tell the truth and admit that the vaccines last for a short time and won’t necessarily stop the virus from spreading?” [see full article from which this is taken, here]

Charles Eisenstein in “Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed argues that “contrary to the association of the unvaccinated with public danger, some experts contend that it is the vaccinated that are more likely to drive mutant variants through selection pressure. Just as antibiotics result in higher mutation rates and adaptive evolution in bacteria, leading to antibiotic resistance, so may vaccines push viruses to mutate. (Hence the prospect of endless “boosters” against endless new variants.) This phenomenon has been studied for decades, as this article …”

Ironically, it is a Catholic theologian Rene Girard who pointed out the necessity of identifying and opposing scapegoating, showing that the Crucifixion exposes scapegoating as wrong and robs it of its power. Jesus thus represents a remedy to this sin by being the “final sacrifice” after which no more sacrifices are necessary. And yet here are again: the unvaccinated are the new scapegoats the world over, dividing humanity unnecessarily.

Eisenstein argues that Girardian analysis of scapegoating can help point us in the direction of providing a remedy for it: “The pro-vaccine camp has a powerful nonscientific ally in the collective id, expressed through various mechanisms of ostracism, shaming, and other social and economic pressure. It takes courage to defy a mob. Doctors and scientists who express anti-vaccine views risk losing funding, jobs, and licenses, just as ordinary citizens face censorship on social media.”

The remedy Girard identifies is called countermimesis — which means exposing the dynamic of scapegoating by showing that the person targeted is innocent (as Jesus was — and as the physicians are who are being targeted).

Re-education camps

The media are feeing this frenzy. Given the level of discrimination that’s already begun with vaccine passports and falsely casting blame on them for Delta variant, anything’s possible. A Bernie Sanders organizer infamously called for gulags. Some influential Democrats have had the idea of “de-programming” Trump supporters: they view “74 million Trump voters” as “terrorists” and a lawyer for PBS called for the seizure and re-education of their children.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security description of millions
of Americans as “potential terror threats” (as shown on ABC News)

Given Trudeau’s open antipathy to the unvaccinated, political conservatives and Anglophone Canadians, I suspect some Canadians will end up in whatever re-education camps end up being created. Trudeau has already put some Canadians in quarantine hotels by force, so the precedent of unlawful detention under “emergency order” exists. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “internment camps” (as Tucker Carlson did), but being forced into them was wrong, especially since people were also forced to pay thousands of dollars to be incarcerated in hotels that happen to be owned by China. Canada eventually rescinded them, but still issues fines to travellers who don’t get the accepted PCR tests (which are faulty anyway).

Authoritarians in the Democrat Party are already having public conversations about the need for re-education camps, with such statements as ““Re-education camps for those salvageable. Firing squad for irredeemable malcontents. Round up entire families to ensure the disease doesn’t spread.”

Canada could well be the the site of serious atrocities in coming years, equivalent to the re-education facilities in East Turkestan where the Uighurs are being taught by force to reject their own culture and religion. It can happen anywhere to any people, given the ubiquity of sin in human nature (Rom. 3:10). Canadians are no different; perhaps just more naïve and thus vulnerable to state propaganda.

A Look Inside China's Secret Prison System - Back to Jerusalem
Re-education camp, China

If Charter rights in Canada (or in the U.S., Constitutional rights) can be so easily disregarded, then where does it end? How many cuts do we accept in this “death by a thousand cuts“?

Incidentally, that’s the name for an old Chinese form of execution where the sentenced man literally is cut apart over days while being kept alive to prolong his agony. It’s fitting as a metaphor for Chinese asymmetric warfare — which the creation and release of Covid-19 is the most destructive example of.

This campaign is designed to wear us down by degrees until we’re no longer a free people, until we’re broken and easily controlled – and perhaps eventually eradicated when considered expendable.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” turns into years — and very likely a lifetime — of submission to medical tyranny — all over an unremarkable disease with a high (94 to 99%) recovery rate. We are in the midst of an unparalleled global mass hysteria that defies all reason and common sense.

It’s really a case of the Emperor’s new clothes. But who will dare speak the truth if not the church, which is supposed to stand for moral leadership?

Vain hopes for a Great Reset

Does Pope Francis really believe this is all for the greater good, for the sake of the proverbial Great Reset that he wants to take place? He did write an Encyclical on climate change called Laudato Si. I read it. It was well-written.

But Pope Francis and Bill Gates (in his book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster) are mistaken if they think this will end up in a happy ending for humanity as a result of continue lockdowns. All it will do is cripple the West and open the door to CCP world domination.

The CCP promise GHG emissions reductions, but in fact see this as their big chance. The CCP are not exactly what one could call good environmentalists. It saddens me to say this because I think solving climate change is a necessary thing, but I’m also realistic about what can happen.

While the Western media tends to wax hopeful that China is greening, the reality is that it’s not: “China’s coal power station fleet grew five-fold between 2000 and 2020, and now accounts for almost half the world’s consumption — more than three times its closest rival, the US. It is said to have 1,080 separate plants with a total capacity last year of 1,005 gigawatts — and is building more.”

Coal field in China
Coal-fired power plants, China

Given greater access to the world’s natural resources (e.g., Africa, Canada), that evil empire will industrialize it as never before. The West will be subjugated and climate change will continue as before.

China’s investments worldwide

As a former climate activist (for years) I used to regard climate change as the world’s biggest problem; now I regard Chinese imperialism as a more immediate danger.

This is not to say that anthropogenic climate change does not pose a danger (it still does). Rather, some Leftists are using it disingenuously to usher in a more authoritarian world order, one that will likely disenfranchise the masses through climate lockdowns and carbon taxes while facilitating the rise of a new political elite. In other words, it’s being use as a pretext for Communism by another name.

If the new world order we’re seeing emerge become more and more like Communist China, in which traditional religion is outlawed, the Vatican’s embrace of Covid vaccines at this time may eventually contribute to the criminalization of Christianity later on.

A Bishop who approves of mandatory shots now is helping to pave the way to an anti-Christian world, whether he knows it or not. How? The vaccine mandates are dividing society in an ugly way; they’re being used to divide and conquer us — I suspect deliberately. The more divided we are, the easier it will be for the CCP to achieve world domination — which is their goal by their centennial, 2049.

Good ends to not justify the bad means

And even if climate change is solved, at what cost? It is really worth doing this to billions of people? Good ends do not justify evil means. Pope Francis ought to know that. I see compliance with the new world order as complicity with evil. Why doesn’t the church see it? Some priests do, just as some priests saw complicity with Nazis as wrong, but they were not supported by the institutional church. Some were murdered by the Nazis.

As for RCC employees in Toronto, the only alternative being given is to lose one’s employment, which is a hard choice for many. It’s onerous and is meant to be. This is meant to punish people for not complying with the state, for not submitting to its absolute authority. It will also result in a segregated society The last time we saw that was racial segregation — a two-tiered society – in the Southern U.S. pre-1960s and pre-1980s South Africa.

Canada is increasingly no longer a free nation, but many don’t notice because freedom is being eroded in degrees (the boiling frog syndrome) and many are inoculated to the truth of what’s happening before their very eyes by Leftist ideology put into their heads by decades of secular news, entertainment, and education industries. And the church also, as I found out when I went to a ‘progressive’ seminary.

The pretense that it’s for a short time is laughable. It’s for life. They surely must know that.

Warren Buffet says that new and worse diseases are on the way. And why wouldn’t they be? The first one worked so well: it gave the globalists and Communists what they wanted: a fearful, compliant populace, absolute power.

Class, race, sex, gender, environment — none of these issues achieved the dream of a socialist revolution for those pushing them; but fear of disease did. But it won’t result in the perfect and “diverse” society sought after by progressives: the CCP looks down on baizuos (virtue-signaling Leftists) and it outlaws identity politics in China, as a corrupting influence.

We are not getting a Scandinavian-style ‘democratic socialism’; we’re getting a Chinese-style dictatorship. The progressives will lose out in the end.

What’s down the road in a few years? Organ harvesting by the state, as in China? It’s not outside the bounds of what’s possible.

Once we accept a small transgression, more and more is taken until nothing is left. “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” (Mark 8:36) Communists take your soul in degrees, through public shaming rituals. We already see that in the rise of authoritarian wokeism and cancel culture and the fear it has induced.

Chinese Cultural Revolution
Is cancel culture good or bad?
Cancel culture
Toronto Star headline from Aug 26, 2021, which scapegoats the unvaccinated.
The same headline at the newspaper’s website:

The Church needs to take a principled stand against medical tyranny

Could the Catholic Church have taken a principled stand against this? They have a strong position in support of social justice. Their failure to live up to their purported principles, in this case, reminds me a lot of the article “The Silence of the Professors.”

In that article, the author notes how many Leftist professors claim to be for social justice and “speaking truth to power” but are hypocritically silent and complicit when it comes to lockdowns and now mandates that are incredibly unjust.

Lockdowns were unjust because through them the state robbed tens of thousands in Canada of their livelihoods, it violated freedom of speech and religion, it drove thousands to suicide and depression and drug overdose, it led to lack of access to medical care (killing many), and now it violates basic human rights (freedom of medical choice and medical privacy) and gets employers to do the same.

Churches are shut down while abortion clinics and liquor stores remain open. These Catholic bishops speak of social justice and the poor, but then side with state tyranny.

They want to safeguard the institution at the expense of some of the people. Eventually, it will be all the people – and in a sense already it: scapegoating robs the perpetrator as well as the victim. The vaccinated who are taught to look down on the unvaccinated harm themselves as well.

This artificial division imposed on us is harmful to all. There is spiritual damage done to everyone by this — just as it harmed Romans spiritually to be entertained by the sight of Christians being ripped apart by lions. Scapegoating is a moral evil.

Being forced to take the vaccine is like swearing alliance to a false god

Being forced to take this injection is highly symbolic of acquiescence to a new world order; it reminds me a lot of the incense one was supposed to burn to honor Emperor Diocletian as a god in ancient Rome and Christians who refused were put to death. Many, like Saint Perpetua, chose the latter rather than acknowledge a false god or reject the true God.

Saint Perpetua, 2nd century

Or in the 17th century as when Japanese Christians were told to step on an image of Mary or Jesus to symbolize rejection of them, with the risk of not doing so being torture and death. Many died as martyrs.

Diana’s speech at the end of the Christian film The Robe (1953), speaking to Emperor Caligula is worth quoting:

“I have no wish to live another hour in an empire ruled by you. You dare to call yourself a Caesar. Once the Caesars of Rome were noble, but in you noble blood has turned to poison. You corrupt Rome with spite and malice . . .Vicious, treacherous, drunk with power. An evil, insane monster posing as emperor. As for me, I have found another king. I want to go with my husband into his Kingdom.” [the Kingdom of Heaven]

The Robe (1953) Watch Free HD Full Movie on Popcorn Time
The Robe (1953)

I feel that way about Trudeau and the new elites who are slowly corrupting this society with the mandates and passports, turning people against each other on purpose through scapegoating, and generally acting like authoritarians.

What’s also bothersome is that the Catholic Church could easily take a moral stand using religious exemptions. The ‘vaccines’ may not use stem cells, but they do use fetal cell linings.

Like most other denominations, the RCC accepted the violation of freedom of religion during lockdowns.

Will they capitulate in when the new regime wants to change the Bible itself and appoint the Bishops, as the CCP now does in China? They surely must know that Canada is following orders from Beijing at this point and we are becoming a satellite state of China with all that that entails.

The aspiring Communists doing this here are also not to be trusted. Just as the CPP violated the Vatican agreement, they’ll push here for total compliance by demanding vaccination of parishioners, eventually — and worse eventually.

The strategy of infiltrating the church and corrupting it is a clever one, rather than outright banning it. Banning it creates resistance; corrupting is demoralizing and creates compliance.

We already see it evident with the watering down of the faith by cultural Marxism since the 1970s as a tool of subversion of the West, which some commentators claim the KGB had a hand it (which is certainly possible, given the KGB”s role in facilitating cultural change in the West). Some have already corrupted their own faith from within and have been doing so for years, through Liberation Theology.

Taken from Bezmenov lecture

The strategy seems to be to accept another injustice and another and another until one has no will left. And it’s working because it’s done under the deception that this is about disease control and public health.

I believe there will be a mandatory vaccine for Canadians eventually. I will resist that to the end, as a matter of principle. The ‘vaccines don’t provide immunity; they only lessen the severity of symptoms. The fact that the state wants to impose them by force raises alarm bells; why? I do not believe it’s for public health.

Some in the RCC took a principled stand for religious freedom and the value of jobs and workers during the lockdowns.

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland (Tyler, Texas) opposes any vaccine “that uses the remains of aborted children in research, testing, development, or production.”

Coronavirus - Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Life Through the Lens- 4D Baby Scan | Pregnancy Scanning ...

Hope for Kingdom of Heaven

As a Christian, I now believe the only real remedy is not revolution but passage into the heavenly Kingdom in the life beyond. There is an afterlife, as we know from the testimony of those who’ve died and come back.

Real justice will never come to Earth, as ruled by men (and women). And this gives me the courage to speak out against wrongdoing and injustice while I am here, in this temporary and interesting – though oftentimes trying life. I have a moral duty in this life to speak out against injustice while I’m here, whether it is in this situation or another.

Before this, I advocated for animals, and still believe in that cause. The Bible is against animal cruelty and says they go to Heaven (Isaiah 11:6-7). Though it often feels as though I’m a “voice in the wilderness” on that issue and this one is also, ignored by most. It doesn’t matter: what matters is being true to one’s conscience and trying to speak the truth as God gives it to you.

Animals go to Heaven

This is what’s meant by the Parable of the Talents (Mt 25), in my view: we all have an obligation to use our abilities for good while we’re here. Life is a test of faith.

Some atheists are critical of traditional other-worldly Christian eschatology insofar as its emphasis on the life to come might foster neglect of this world and our moral duty to it. But I find it does the opposite in my case: I feel it gives me the freedom to decry it, and it also gives me the hope that it is temporary and some greater thing awaits us, eventually.

Hope is something no one can do without. I certainly hope for a better reality and still believe in striving to attain it (which is the progressive ideal) but through taking a stand for individual liberties and freedoms, for a good society based on Judeo-Christian and Enlightenment principles and not collectivism, not the imposition of state and corporate authoritarianism – which makes it worse.

I also retain the knowledge that my efforts may not bear fruit in the end but there is virtue in trying nonetheless. I hope it will not come to being fined or arrested for speaking out — though it may. Many have been already, worldwide. I would not be the first.

Far braver souls than I have stood up for truth in Communist and Islamic tyrannies. There are Christian martyrs in roughly fifty countries.

Every day we inch closer to that kind of world, to third-world status in which the state imprisons, tortures, and kills political dissidents and church members who dare speak out.

“I have overcome the world”

It’s tragic to see Canada, a once-great nation become that way under the would-be tyrant Trudeau. There is still some hope that more people will see it and break free, though this recent election dampened that hope, as did the turn of Jason Kenny and Doug Ford to medical tyranny.

They caved in through threats and bribes, showing anyone who is paying attention who’s really in power in this world: the CCP — and from a Christian perspective, Satan. Though also from a Christian perspective, Christ has “overcome the world” (John 16:33). He has already triumphed through the Resurrection.

The Catholic Church — and any church for that matter — that goes along with these vaccine mandates and passports, may be in compliance with the state, but they’re in the wrong morally. The Church should strive to do good in the world, not evil: “For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people” (1 Peter 2:15).

No matter whether they comply with evil or not, and whether not the powers and principalities (Eph. 6:12) reign for a time, the God of Truth and Love has already won. There is solace and hope in that.


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