Animal rights and Covid-19

For many years much of the my thoughts were dedicated to animal rights. In the last year and a half, my thoughts have been focused on opposing medical tyranny. In this article, I bring the two concerns together.

I made a graphic so wanted to share it (called “end medical tyranny”). The other ones were sent to me or I found them online.

The Indirect rights argument

The attached Kant quote is fitting: “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kant-animals.jpeg

It’s the idea that the hard-heartedness of our species to animals contributes to our hard-heartedness towards one another.

Along the same lines, Tolstoy said that as long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields. Some pro-animal theologians say the original sin is killing animals (this is reflected in the excellent film Noah (2014)).

Similarly, St. Franci of Assisi said “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

And Pythagoras said, “As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace.”

In other words, there is a pro-human ethical argument to be made for ending animal cruelty — called the “indirect rights” or “indirect duty” argument for animal rights.

One can also argue for animal rights directly. The two positions are complimentary.

I have attached a PDF with these and other thought-provoking animal-human quotes.

Animal liberation, human liberation: one struggle, one ...

Animal connections

There are numerous interesting connections between animals and Covid-19. Here is a partial list of them:

1) The bat coronavirus was used as the basis for the SARS-CoV-2, though clearly it was engineered through gain-of-function research to be worse than it normally would be. How many bats were used? I hate to think of this.

The disease was originally attributed to a Chinese “wet market” – which reminded me of Dr. Michael Gregor’s prediction in Bird Flu. that some disease of this kind would come from animal agriculture.

This is a good argument against ILOs (industrial livestock agriculture). But that rather obvious lesson was not discussed in the mainstream media, unfortunately. It was a lost opportunity.

2) Animal testing. SARS-CoV-2 was developed through animal testing, as have been the Covid ‘vaccines.’ All to generate profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

There’s something evil about this, at every level. How many millions of animals (mostly mice) are being tested on now for the next disease and batch of vaccines to inject us with?

Isn’t this an opportunity for us to look into a more holistic kind of life, such as healthy veganism – which is known to boost the immune

It is, but you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media, which only promotes fear, panic, and hatred (of the unvaccinated).

Stay-at-home orders were unhealthy, leading to stress, depression, and suicide. Masks are unhealthy (this is well-documented) and they don’t mitigate Covid-19 transmission.

Masks are just symbols of subjugation (which is why Hollywood celebs don’t wear them, to show their superior class status). Animals are muzzled to subjugate them. And they are forcibly injected.

This is our opportunity to get rid of all forms of the subjection of all sentient beings.

3) The so-called “Great Reset” that Bill Gates et al want to happen could be a chance to get away from the exploitation of animals to a healthy world, but is that happening?

There is some evidence that lockdowns, while they harmed us, lifted some stress from wildlife suffering a mass extinction of species. To what degree?

To the Land of Dreams: 6th mass extinction

And Bill Gates wants us to go to a plant-based diet, which I’d agree with (though his motive seems not to be about animal rights, but
emissions from animal agriculture and water stress).

Will carbon taxes on meat be forthcoming, reducing its consumption? If so, it will one of the few blessings of all this.

But I am fearful that this will also be used by China to expand worldwide — because China has no regard for animals or the environment.

China could impose mass industrialization on a scale not yet imagined — with disastrous results for animals both on factory farms and in the wild. This should be a serious concern for AR activists.

4) Rescue animals. A sad incident from Australia’s online and tragic lockdown is the murder of rescue dogs.

Many more died as a result of lockdowns closing their transport across borders for adoption. That was a very negative result of lockdowns. Lockdowns didn’t accomplish anything other than punish us. Countries that had them did not better than countries that didn’t, in terms of disease, and many epidemiologists spoke out against them as a result.

Lockdowns harmed pets in many cases. Job loss and human poverty are always bad for pets. Pets may have been harmed in domestic abuse.

At the same time, loving humans were at home more with dogs and cats friends, who benefited from that.

Big Pharma’s cruel use of animals led to this

There is no doubt in my mind that the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer, Moderna, et al) is behind the manufacture and spread of Covid-19.

We know this because they patented the coronavirus and its remedies years before the supposed Wuhan lab leak. It was obviously not an accident.

These are not nice people: they have been testing on millions of animals for years. Their drug regime is none too healthy for our
species either.

Their motive in doing this was profit. In a murder mystery, the detective looks for means, opportunity, and motive. Big Pharma had all

Long ago having sold its soul for-profit and engaging in millions of cruel animal experiments every year, and drugging humans with deadly drugs for decades (e.g. opioids, which kill about 50,000 Americans per year), this evil industry viewed humanity with extreme moral callousness, like cattle to be inoculated for profit.

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So with Dr. Fauci’s funding assistance (through the NIH), they manufactured the perfect disease with ‘gain-of-function research in several labs (in Wuhan province, in Winnipeg, and also a lab in NC).

I believe that Barry Sherman of Apotex was an exception, for which reason they had him murdered in 2017 in his home. It was a murder that was never solved, and the investigation swept under the table — which itself is suspicious.

SARs-Cov-2 is not deadly enough to kill us all (no profit in that), but it’s bad enough to scare people when accompanied by a massive propaganda campaign in the corrupt mainstream media to sell the vaccine agenda. They have countless corrupt politicians medical officials on board too.

Not only is all this bad for us medically; it’s also bad for humanity spiritually, compelling many to sell their souls for fear, profit.

And it has led many to capitulate out of fear and to divisions between families and friends. This is on purpose, to divide us and conquer. And it is succeeding. We are being treated like cattle and lab rats, both.

Animals learned to obey man out of fear long ago; under human tyranny, people are treated like cattle and their subjugation is often done using methods used on animals (eg. cattle cars).

Now we’re viewed as lab animals. People blindly obey medical authorities, even if given unethical orders, as we learned from the
infamous Milgram experiment.

This is the largest power-grab in human history, and it’s largely successful because the people doing it learned that human beings are prone to mass hysteria and irrational fear when it comes to disease.

For Big Pharma, this is all about profit. For the politicians helping them, it’s all about power.

China’s role and motive

China also had a hand in this; their angle is world domination by 2049 (their centennial) according to China experts.

Lockdowns are designed to weaken the world sufficiently so as to eventually require Chinese aid through their audacious BRI campaign.

The CCP has also had its hand in the U.S. and Canadian political systems, behind the scenes.

I am quite worried for animals who will suffer under CCP world domination. Animals do not have it good now, but they will have it even worse if that happens. What if Canada becomes a Chinese colony?

What would happen to all the wilderness and wildlife in Canada? It’s a terrible thing to consider. But that’s what’s unfolding. Why can’t people see it?

Scientism and medical tyranny

Meanwhile, Big Pharma made sure to silence and censor honest and courageous physicians and scientists who dared speak up against this blatant unethical abuse of medical science.

‘Scientism’ (which runs contrary to the principle of true science) was sold to the public through the disingenuous phrase “trust the science.” Kant advised us to listen to reason first, and authority figures second.

18th-century philosophers had a healthy skepticism of authority figures, borne of centuries of abuse by ecclesiastical authorities. We need to return to that ethic.

Big Pharma, with the help of social media (Big Tech) quashed all efforts to remedy the situation with low-cost effective drugs (e.g., HCQ, Ivermectin), betraying that this is not really about remedying a disease as much as forcing everyone on a regime of forced (and profitable for them) inoculations for life.

Meanwhile, in India, Ivermectin has proved to be effective for people there, exposing the pointlessness of the high-cost ‘vaccine’ regime in the West.

Add to that the point that mRNA technology is creating worse variants through ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement). Big Pharma financed ‘fact checkers’ will tell you otherwise, but they were wrong about the Wuhan lab. Their bias betrays them.

There’s a risk of serious adverse events from the Covid vaccines that increases proportionate to age: the youngest (12 and up) are at greater risk of adverse events than from harm from SARS-Cov-2.

And all of this for a disease that has a 98.5% recovery rate, on average (see and attached “mass hysteria” tables) — 94% to 99% (depending on age

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mass-hysteria-table-1.png

In other words, the risk of death is insufficient to warrant the mass hysteria the world has gone through, which was created by the panic the media inflamed on purpose.

Animal testing contributes to moral callousness

The use of animals in laboratories has occurred since the 17th century, largely for the sake of human medicine, but also out of scientific curiosity (by zoologists).

There were always ethical arguments and protests against the cruel use of animals in labs (including dissection of dogs with anesthesia) from that time to this, though they largely fell on deaf ears. Some reforms occurred, but it didn’t end.

Our many protests over time led to the medical industry learning how to lie to the public and falsely claim to “humanely’ treat animals in labs. I know that’s a lie because I investigated the conditions of animals at the University of Toronto for years and saw what was happening first-hand.

The moral callousness that we as a species have been indoctrinated into from childhood, to regard animals as lesser-than and expendable for our own uses, has now contributed to a situation in which we’re all lab rats now. It has come back to us in a terrible way.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rats-vaccine-test-1.jpg

The whole world had become a huge laboratory, in which an experimental drug (mRNA spiked protein) is contributing to new and more deadly and contagious variants.

Where will it end? Natural immunity is 13x stronger. We should have gone with that option. Kant’s analysis of our cruelty to animals is correct: it does harden the heart.

It will get worse unless we stop it

Technological optimists like Bill Gates believe they can fix any problem that arises. What horrendous diseases are they creating now — using animal testing as we speak — and plan to unleash on us next. We know they’re planning it because Warren Buffet warned us.

Nor has our use of animals in medicine has not been without problems for humans (e.g. Thalidomide was safe on animals but a disaster for humans).

But by far the worse effect of the use of animals in labs for us is to harden our hearts to their plight, and thus create the conditions in
which we are all looked up as expendable by the pharmaceutical industry.

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Animal suffering is universal

Needless to say, it has been a nightmare from hell for animals to be imprisoned, shacked, injected, dissected, electrocuted, burned, and otherwise tortured.

No one forced to take the jab by employers is facing the same degree of horror faced by animals in labs (all of whom are killed after being tortured) — and I don’t mean to trivialize the plight of animals — but there is a similarity in that human beings are being forced against their will, which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

That particular law was written in response to human beings used by Dr. Mengele for cruel lab experiments in Auschwitz, similar to the way that animals have been used in labs before and after. Similar experiments were also used by the Japanese military in Unit 731.

Those who have suffered fatal or near-fatal “adverse events” from the vaccine are like animals in labs suffering horrendous fates from injections they don’t want.

We are animals too, just as animals are people. A person who suffers heart inflammation due to the jab experiences animal suffering, not unlike a dog or mouse in a lab suffering the same.

Those poor creatures are, like us, individuals who feel pain and suffer as we do. We need to feel compassion for all the victims of what’s going on: the victims of a manufactured disease (SARS-Cov-2), the victims of the ‘vaccine’, and the animal victims in labs injected with both disease and ‘vaccine.’

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham wrote, “the question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor, can they talk?’ but, ‘can they suffer?”

In the 18th century, Samuel Johnson wrote against animal testing: “An infallible characteristic of meanness is cruelty. Men who have practiced tortures on animals without pity, relating them without shame, how can they still hold their heads among human beings?”

In the Star Trek Voyager episode “Scientific Method”, Janeway and crew are tested like animals in an experiment by aliens – until finally, Janeway stops it by force. The alien scientist tries to justify the testing on utilitarian grounds. That is not persuasive to someone who is the test subject.

In the Star Trek world, humanity has “evolved” beyond the use of animals for food and medicine — I hope that will turn out to be true.
But we’re’ not off to a good start in 2020-21.

Rights not collectivism

Many animal rights activists, unfortunately having fallen for the mistaken view that it’s necessary to go along with vaccines and masks.

Where is the vegan ethics that products tested on animals are wrong? Some people get it, as this article indicates.

Leftism believes in collectivism, not rights, so it’s not surprising that freedom of medical choice is being negated. Leftist ideology is generally not a good fit for animal rights.

What Is Collectivism? -

Rights philosophy came out of the 18th century Enlightenment and can be distinguished from Leftism, which was also borne in the 18th century with the French Revolution.

At the time, Kant sympathized with the French peasants but argued that revolution was not the way to go. The Terror at that time — and much later Stalin’s Purges following the Russian revolution — seem to have proved him right.

Animal rights activism should go back to its philosophical roots — which is rights philosophy — away from the malign influence of collectivism — which has corrupted the AR movement with Marxist race ideology and identity politics.

Animal and human liberation from medical tyranny are inter-connected

This can be accomplished on the basis of arguing for inalienable rights — such as what the Nonhuman Rights Project lawyers do – and what Tom Regan’s books (e.g., Empty Cages) represented.

I don’t see the value of connecting with people who have disdain for AR activists and look down on them as “racists.” What’s served by that?

A more solid foundation for the animal cause is the idea of individual rights, which underlies Western jurisprudence. We are fast losing that due to “emergency orders'” being used to undermine them, unfortunately.

The cause of losing is in large part 50 years of the education system in the West undermining individualism in favour of collectivism.

We also see the rise of moral and cultural relativism, which is used by China to excuse its human (and animal) rights violations.

The AR’s movement association with collectivism (through ‘intersectionality) has been a disaster that alienated many good people from the movement (including myself) and corrupted it.

A rights view is better. This Covid-19 madness is an opportunity to assert both human and animal rights as complimentary. The connection with lab rats is that opportunity.

As Health Officials, Media Ramp Up Vaccine Coercion, They ...

Scapegoating is wrong

The ‘vaccines’ are tested on animals using the LD50 tests, which cruelly kill them in the hundreds of millions. About 100 million — 85% mice and rats — were killed in labs every year roughly 10 or 15 years ago — and I suspect many more now under this new medical tyranny.

About 150,000 Americans have been killed by the ‘vaccines’ (according to one estimate that has not been thus far refuted).

The unvaccinated are being wrongly scapegoated for the failures of this experimental drug to provide immunity.

Humans are animals; forcing an animal to a medical procedure against his or her will is wrong; similarly, it’s wrong to do it our species.

I am here making an indirect human rights argument through animal rights (though the indirect duty argument is usually made the other way around).

Now people are being forced to take the jab or lose their jobs and ability to travel.

And worse restrictions are on the way, including lack of access to food and hospitals, and possibly house-arrest or re-education facilities, such as those in China used on the Uighurs.

Anythings’s possible when a minority group is scapegoated, as history shows. Don’t underestimate the depths of human depravity if motived by greed and power lust. We are headed for disaster.

Humans have long scapegoated animals (the word ‘scapegoat’ illustrates the point), and one another. Man’s inhumanity to man is connected to his disregard for other species.

This manufactured crisis should serve as our opportunity to awaken out of the nightmare created when the rights of sentient beings are allowed to be violated.

Human rights = animal rights

End medical tyranny for all sentient species

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