Is a conventional war between China and the U.S. going to happen? Or will it continue to be asymmetric? Or will it be hybrid?

And is China simply establishing a military presence in Canada as part of its imperial expansion or for a more belligerent reason?

The television show Sixty Minutes has a new report out titled “War with China: Are we closer than we think?” (below). It’s a provocative question, but it needs to be asked and answered.

New television documentary explores the possibility of China’s immanent invasion of the USA.

A few years ago I realized there was some sort of immanent conflagration with Communist China and the West brewing, but no one seemed to believe me at the time. My own family did not believe me. They dismissed the idea that China is staging an invasion of the West by degrees through asymmetrical warfare, as just paranoid ranting — even though China experts say it’s happening.

Asymmetric warfare is by definition non-conventional, involving insurgency, propaganda and cyber warfare. Hybrid warfare is a combination of conventional and non-conventional methods. It may be that China is moving toward hybrid war. The CCP openly take an aggressive stance against the U.S.

The CPP are engaged in endless media and social media propaganda campaigns and have corrupted the highest offices in the land, compelling both President Biden and PM Trudeau to dismiss the genocide of the Uighurs though cultural relativism.

Their lies and propaganda over Covid-19 and clever tactic of getting the West to enact unnecessary and destructive lockdowns, have had the desired effect of crippling and demoralizing the West.

All this is well-documented. I could prove it with references, but to those who do not have “ears to hear” it’s dismissed.

Leftism is an ideology that has the ability to put ideological blinders on otherwise intelligent and educated people, to blind them to the truth of what’s unfolding right in front of them.

They are like the adults in the parable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Leftist progressives who ignore the signs of the times are like the men watching the shadows on the wall in Plato’s allegory of the cave, and mistaking it for reality.

My brief satisfaction in being proven right is drowned by my sadness at what is actually taking place. I do not want to live under Communism and medical tyranny, personally, and nor do I want Canada and the USA to fall to it. Yet that is what’s happening.

The carefully cultivated growth of identity politics and grievance studies over decades, and now the state-imposed lockdowns and vaccine push are all deliberate acts of war on a free population, meant to soften us up and demoralize us, to weaken us prior to the invasion. All the signs are there, as predicted by China experts.

Now the world is slowly starting to wake up to the threat posed by China. Though will they do so in time? And do ‘progressive’ Leftists even care? They have been working so hard to undermine their own countries for years, and implement socialism, perhaps they will welcome Communist rule?

• China’s population is aging, so they have to launch a bid for world domination while they have ability to; it’s now or never.

• They have to prove to their own people that Communism is superior to democracy. The CCP openly wants world domination to be complete by 2049, the 100 anniversary of their revolution. That gives them 28 years: a lot of time to erode democracy, corrupt Westerners, kill those who won’t be corrupted, and spread their power and influence to every end of the Earth. With the help of lockdowns they are well on their way.

In Wuhan province, the CCP orchestrated scare tactics for the benefit of the Western media.
Prof. Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College of London recommended that the UK adopt the lockdown model used in Wuhan province.

• The PLA has talked about defeating the U.S. for years over two decades. The full text of Unrestricted War (1999) is here. This text, by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, two PLA colonels, is about defeating the U.S. using non-conventional military means, such as propaganda. What they’ve written about has gone into effect in the interim.

• China falsely blames Covid-19 on the USA and has been stepping up the Anti-American propaganda recently in its official state media. In March and April of 2020, tens of thousands of CCP propagandists went to social media to claim Trump was at fault and China was blameless. I myself got ridiculous Tweets from one of them and I challenged his false views.

• In 2015 the PLA published a paper on using coronavirus to defeat the U.S, called “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons“:

• They have an openly aggressive stance towards the West, and compete with one another over who can be the most belligerent.

• China is engaging in asymmetrical warfare for years, through opioids, intellectual property theft, propaganda, and most recently Covid-19.

91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. From China’s perspective, this is payback for the 12 million Chinese who were addicted to opium in the 19th century during America’s imperial forays there.
Janet Woodcock of the FDA, approved both Chinse-imported opioids – which kill about 50,000 per year — and Covid-19 vaccines in the U.S., which have killed about 150,000 in the U.S. thus far.

• China has tens of thousands of spies in the U.S. and Canada, posing as foreign students. Many of those spies steal information from universities.

• They launch their opening salvo with engineered SARS-Cov-2 in 2019.

• They have corrupted our media, social media, and government. They corrupted General Milly, the top U.S. military commander, who admitted he would go behind the President’s back to warn China of U.S. aggression.

• Australian, American and British governments just formed a coalition. Canada is not included, because Trudeau is on China’s side (treason).

• They’ve been buying up real estate and mines and resources in the West for years. They own a good part of Canada already and consider it theirs.

• They dominate more than 20 countries through the Belt & Road Initiative, all part of the bid for world domination through imperial expansion.

Perhaps Trudeau’s real objective in bankrupting Canada is to sign up for BRI financing, so that China buy out Canada?

• China has its eye on oil in the Arctic, and also Canada’s natural resources.

• China is spying on us through its 5G cell phone towers, Tik Tok, and other Internet and cellphone means. Canada is the only G7 countries to accept G5 technology, despite security and privacy concerns regarding it.

China’s second Cultural Revolution is now underway. It seeks to eradicate all traces of what’s seen as Western corruption (e.g., video games, “sissy men” on television, and corporations that won’t fall in line with the CCP)?

The Guardian reports: “Under new regulations from the Chinese government, minors are limited to just a few hours of gaming a week, with tech platforms ordered to enforce it. The intervention is just one of a recent rush of directives from Beijing aimed at reshaping society. The slew of regulatory overhauls has been swift and dizzying.

“In recent months, Chinese authorities have come for e-commerce, social media, the $100bn private education industry, artists, celebrities and reality television, affecting individuals from Alibaba boss Jack Ma to actor Vicki Zhao.” Perhaps it is intended as a prelude to worldwide domination?

Regarding Vicki Zhao, this article describes her as being blacklisted by the CCP, but can’t understand why? What did she do wrong, they ask? It was the same question millions of people in the USSR used to ask when they saw innocent people taken away by the KGB and then either shot or sent to the gulag.

“They must have done something wrong” was the simple conclusion – but in fact we know they did nothing to warrant death, torture or prison. Stalin’s purges targeted people randomly; the objective was to induce terror and compliance with the state, and it worked.

The CCP just launched a masculinization campaign in China, and they forbid identity politics. They’ve cracked down on what they consider frivolous. This crackdown seem designed to prepare the populace for what’s to come.

• China covets the vast natural resources of Canada. They have taken over Africa, essentially, and now have their sights set on the West.

Years of asymmetric war through deception have softened us up, much like the principle of a behind the lines sabotage working in concert with a rolling artillery barrage, prior to the actual tanks and troops coming in, as shown in the film A Bridge Too Far (1959).

Scenes from a Bridge Too Far

An artillery barrage preceding a ground invasion of troops is also shown the film Gettysburg (1993).

Scenes from Gettysburg (1993)

So what would a Chinese (People’s Liberation Army) invasion look like? Would it be direct and obvious, like the film Red Dawn (1984) where they parachute out of the sky into small town America and take everyone by gunpoint? Doubtful. Everything about their asymmetrical warfare approach thus far has been sneaky and deceptive. But they could employ hybrid warfare, such as getting Antifa/BLM to attack cities — which they did in 2020. But on a larger scale. Antifa/BLM are the “useful idiots of the revolution.” They’ll later be sacrificed, but don’t know it.

Above: Red Dawn (1984) invasion scene:
Below: Red Dawn (2012) invasion scene:

In the 1984 version of the film, Soviet Russian and Cuban troops invaded. In the 2012 version of the film the original script called for Chinese troops and this was filmed, but then changed to North Korean troops after objections by China. Unfortunately, the film makers conceded to the demand.

There a clever meme based from scenes in Red Dawn (’84) when the mayor of the local town witnesses the execution of the locals at the hands of the Soviet commander. He hangs his head at the sight, but goes along with it.

The mayor, who is obviously a traitor to the USA and the townsfolk through his complicity with the CCP, is a lot like Trudeau, Biden and the entire class of people (media, judges, professors, scientists, et al) who’ve knowingly betrayed the West by working with the CCP to undermine individual rights and freedoms and impose an authoritarian system in its place. A system of incentives and disincentives (at its most base level, bribes and threats) was used to gain their compliance.

PLA troops have trained in Canada, and Canada (through Trudeau) appears to be an ally of the CCP. Chinese troops are stationed in British Columbia and are helping to enforce a government ‘pandemic response’ there, under the aegis of the Foreign Protection Investment Act (FIPA) passed by the Trudeau government. This allows Chinese soldiers to protect Chinese investments in Canada, on Canadian soil. There is a discussion of this at this link.

A report from 2020 states: “In late 2019, Canada and China signed a treaty that allows the People’s Liberation Army of China to station Chinese troops in Canada, beginning in 2020. It has long been rumored that China has been massing troops in southern Mexico … [then] a video emerged of Chinese troops marching along a road in Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, British Columbia.”

Photo of PLA troops training in British Columbia.
They are apparently stationed in Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Map of Chinese investments in Canada. Most are in the Alberta oil sands. Most are related to mining. The Trudeau government gave Chinese mining companies land rights in exchange for payments to the Trudeau Foundation.
Map of Chinese investments, worldwide, from 2015:

In the future, tyranny will get worse at the hand of the state. But there still will be hope in the hearts of those who yearn for freedom and democracy. The evil empire they’re creating cannot last. It will eventually fall. As Gandhi said:

And Jesus said:


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