If you’re not vaccinated, “I hope you get Covid and die”: parody music video

This is a clever parody of an unfortunately real tendency to scapegoat those who exercise freedom of medical choice. It’s based on a real tweet:

From this guy:

And he’s not alone. There are tens of thousands, perhaps millions, who think as he does — who have been conditioned to hate the unvaccinated, unjustly. Scapegoating is a real phenomenon throughout human history. This is the latest manifestation of it. It’s being purposely advanced by Big Pharma and the media and celebrities, leading to vaccine passports segregation and discrimination — and who knows what next.


  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Cuck of the day? Which day, you ask?
    Why, the day ending in da…
    Well – – all of them


    1. Ungekrzte says:

      lol. That is actually the description that guy gave of himself. And he re-posted the video mocking his moral callousness. Twitter seems to be a place where people with big egos can proclaim from rooftops. I was on it for a year until Twitter admins suspended me — and tens of thousands of other conservative-minded people as well, in a huge digital Purge. And President Trump as well. But the Taliban still has an account. And all these blue-checkmark ‘Twitterati who like to drum up hatred and division for Leftist causes. They still have accounts – which tells you everything.


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