In a judgement worthy of one of Stalin’s troikas or the courts of the Third Reich, an Alberta judge orders Rev. Pawlowski to denounce himself

Ezra Levant, of Rebel News, reports from court regarding the continuing case of Rev. Arthur Pawlowski, who was arrested last year for refusing to shut down his church, against government lockdown orders.

As a former eastern European (Polish), Pawlowski familiar with Communism, and can see it when it’s front of him (unlike most Canadians, who are naïve, but will learn the hard way, eventually).

He famously ordered police out of his church during Easter season in 2020, but was later dramatically arrested on the road (in a now iconic image symbolizing state repression of freedom of religion in Canada).

Left: Nazi judge from the film Sophie Scholl. Right: Justice Adam Germain, whose attitude resembles that of Nazi or Communist judges. I can well imagine him ordering people to Trudeau’s re-education camp (gulags for political dissidents), if given the power. Maybe that’s next?

The latest is that he was taken to court (again) and fined again, but in a strange new twist was also told by the judge (who happens to be a failed Liberal politician) to publicly renounce himself:

“In a bizarre, 40-minute rant, Justice Adam Germain ordered that for the next 18 months, whenever Pastor Artur talks about lockdowns, the pandemic or vaccines — in tweets, in speeches, in media interviews — he must immediately repudiate himself, and give the “official” government view condemning himself. He must argue against himself. He must condemn himself. Or go back to jail.

[Here is the Rebel News report on it]

“It’s compelled speech, like a Maoist “struggle session” in Communist China. You have to say what the government tells you to say. This is unheard of in Canadian law. Even convicted murderers cannot be ordered to apologize for their crimes — and anyways, such a forced apology would be meaningless. But a convicted pastor must now violate his own conscience and repeat an angry judge’s talking points, or face prison. That’s the whole point of it: this judge wants Pastor Artur to submit, to acknowledge the government as his master. And if he can’t convince Pastor Artur of that voluntarily, he’ll force him to say it. It’s like forcing him to kneel. Which the police have already done.”

Publicly humiliation during the Cultural Revolution, by the Red Guard. The fines and orders from Canadian judges under the Covid regime are reminiscent of this. They are attempts to humiliate and punish, to act as a deterrent to others.

It reminds me of the rant by the Nazi judge in the great film Sophie Scholl, about the teenage German girl who dared to hand out fliers against the Third Reich during WWII (a true story). She and her brother and a friend were all sentenced to death by a screaming “judge” who denounces and mocks her violently and whose “justice” is to assert the power of the state. In other words, might makes right, the essence of fascism.

The courts of the Third Reich were not really there to administer justice as we know it. They were there to bolster the state, to reinforce Nazi seizure of power, to give it legitimacy. They “violated their professional standards and basic morality.” It’s the same with Communist courts, whenever they’ve been implemented.

I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that Canada now has Nazi judges. We have censorship laws, isolation camps, no freedom of speech or religion or assembly, border checkpoints, dehumanization and scapegoating of citizens who dare to challenge the state by choosing medial freedom. We have gone from a free society to pseudo-totalitarian society in about 1.5 years. I hope to be proven wrong, but fear I am right.

Here is the entire movie, well worth watching:

Another comparison can be made with Orwell’s 1984, in which wasn’t sufficient for the state to punish the dissident. He also had to agree with his own guilt and renounce himself: “You must love Big Brother. It is not enough to obey him: you must love him.”

It should be added that Germain was also the judge who ordered a man to jail and fined him $20,000 for opening his café, against the province’s orders: Central Alberta café owner sentenced for breaching public health orders. Here is the full story:

“The owner of a central Alberta café convicted of breaching public health orders this spring has been sentenced to three days in jail satisfied by time already served, and sanctioned with a fine of $20,000. Christopher Scott, owner and operator of the Whistle Stop Café near Mirror, AB, northeast of Red Deer, was also placed on probation for 18 months, with conditions to stay in Alberta until his fines are paid, keep the peace, be of good behaviour, obey all AHS public health orders relating to COVID-19, and provide 120 hours of community service of not less than 10 hours per month.

“He must also place the scientific community’s claims regarding COVID-19 on the record whenever he is publicly opposing AHS public health orders, including on social media forums. Scott was also ordered to pay costs of $10,922.75 to Alberta Health Services (AHS) by Justice Adam Germain on Wednesday. Germain said further jail time for Scott would only serve to martyr him in the eyes of his followers, and suggested there were more effective ways for him to make reparations for his breach of public health orders on May 8 of this year.”

LIVE UPDATES: Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe is back in court

The rest of the article by Rebel News on Pastor Artur and Justice Germain:

The judge also hit Pastor Artur with $42,000 in fines and another $10,000 for his brother, Dawid. What a disgrace this judge is. Especially to Alberta, whose official motto is “strong and free.” And that’s not all. In his 40-minute rant, the judge repeatedly criticized Pastor Artur for talking about civil liberties to the media. He specifically mentioned Pastor Artur’s appearance on Fox News. But what does that have to do with allegedly breaking a Canadian law? Nothing. But it has everything to do with politics. So to stop more media appearances, the judge has ordered Pastor Artur to self-denounce after every public statement. The judge also raged at Pastor Artur for going on a speaking tour, warning other churches around North America about the threat to civil liberties. So to stop that, the judge also banned Pastor Artur from leaving the province of Alberta for 18 months. There is no legal precedent for this; it’s completely unconnected to Pastor Artur’s alleged lockdown crimes. It’s simply a power-mad judge’s revenge on Pastor Artur — a blatant attempt to stop him from speaking freely.

This truly is the most absurd, un-Canadian and clearly illegal court ruling in recent memory. In fact, to find anything like it, one has to look back nearly 90 years to William Aberhart, the former Alberta premier. Aberhart passed a series of laws called the “Alberta Press Act”, which forced newspapers to print the government’s rebuttal to their own editorials. That laughably illegal law was struck down in 1938 by the Supreme Court, and the Edmonton Journal, the newspaper that led the charge against it won a special Pulitzer Prize for its efforts. Justice Germain has brought back that illegal law, but applied it to just one citizen. Alas, today, the mainstream media are cheering for the censors. It will probably not surprise you that Justice Adam Germain is a failed Liberal politician who was appointed to the courts by Jean Chrétien after he lost his election.

Obviously Pastor Artur intends to appeal — and obviously we’ve got to help him. I just got off the phone with Pastor Artur’s top-gun lawyer, Sarah Miller. We’re relieved that Pastor Artur was kept out of jail: Jason Kenney’s prosecutors had demanded a 21-day prison term. But Justice Germain is smart enough to know that actually throwing a pastor in prison again would have made international headlines again — and clearly that’s been on the judge’s mind. But what he’s done here — issuing a political self-denunciation order — is just as bad. Sarah and the rest of Pastor Artur’s team are already working on the appeal. I promise to send you a copy of their appeal the moment she files it in court.

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