Church bans unvaccinated parishioners, in violation of Christ’s invitation to join Him (Mt 11:28)

Below is an open letter to a church he attended for years (but is now barred from) from a parishioner regarding shutting out parishioners based on self-imposed vaccine passport.

To be clear, there is a vaccine passport system in place in Nova Scotia (Canada) but it does not apply to places of worship, as per the province’s vaccine passport restrictions:

Nonetheless, this one church has decide to impose the discriminatory passport system of it own volition, effectively locking out at least one long time parishioner. This parishioner sent this information to me.

A Baptist church in Nova Scotia, is imposing segregation and denying the opportunity for communal worship to a Christian, which is morally wrong.

Christian commentator John-Henry Weston cites Matthew 11:28: “Come to me, all you that labor, and are burdened, and I will refresh you” then adds “Note that He didn’t say, “Only come if you’ve been vaccinated.”

“Our Lord went even to the lepers. And yet, healthy people who don’t want the abortion-tainted so-called “vaccine” are being banned from churches, by the government and saddest of all by church leaders themselves.” [Full article below]

It cannot be medically justified to block a healthy parishioner from church simply for not undergoing a medical procedure he chooses not to have. This is a violation of his human rights and his right as a Christian to participate in the church he’s belonged to for years.

Letter from a parishioner who is no longer allowed to attend church due to the church’s adoption of a discriminatory vaccine passport system:

To the leaders of _______ Church: Over the last approximately two years I have witnesses the actions of the government and seen them enact laws that are against my values and what I perceive to be the values taught in the Bible of which I have been a long-time student.

For example, the federal government has expanded euthanasia in Canada by passing Bill C-7, they passed Bill C-6 the anti-conversion therapy bill, they passed what is tantamount to an internet censorship Bill C-10, and they have attempted to pass bill C-36 the hate speech bill which, among other things will allow an accuser to anonymously accuse someone of a hate crime.

I am seeing the freedoms of Canadians being removed little by little. And it’s personal: If Bill C-6 becomes law, it will make me illegal because I pray for people. And my praying can include praying for people who want to get free of sexual sinfulness. This is not acceptable in the Canada I know!

And then the COVID crisis came along. At the beginning of 2020, I felt that the reaction to the situation was overblown. I watched as governments at every level instituted measures that essentially destroyed the economic and social fabric of Canada with no transparent presentation to us, the people, their bosses, of their cost/benefit analysis supporting their actions nor any mention whatsoever of any carefully considered recovery plan.

As a businessman this was antithetical to me. I thought to myself at the time: “If any division manager of any respectable company had come to his CEO with a plan to shut down his division with no management oversight plan including a recovery plan, the manager would fire him on the spot. It would simply be unconscionable to do such a thing.” I guess that was my first “red flag.”

Then the next eighteen months unfolded and I watched with jaw-dropping astonishment as the government doubled down on a one-track narrative in the face of rising evidence that their solutions were at the minimum ineffective, at the median incompetent and at the maximum insidious.

I watched [Nova Scotia government officials] Stephen McNeil, Iain Rankin, Dr. Strang and now [Premier] Tim Houston doing the following:

  • Drive us headlong into a one-track response based on lockdowns and vaccines.
  • Ignore the alternative solutions available that could have saved lives early on.
  • Initiate and continue the one-track shut down based response without having a recovery plan in place from the beginning.
  • Hide from the people of Nova Scotia the existence of alternative solutions (this is deception and it is inexcusable!) Red flag!
  • Not call out the media for the way they have also hidden facts from the people.
  • Use the law to stop people from speaking out. (I refer to the injunction which Strang/Rankin got our justice system to produce in secret and without debate. An injunction that made it illegal to protest the government’s actions. That is not acceptable!) RED FLAG!
  • Threaten to divide us and further curtail our freedoms through vaccine mandates/passports. (This is probably the most irresponsible thing any government can do. Have people forgotten the history lessons of the last century? This can only go to a bad place.) RED FLAG!

    My conclusion after over a year of these egregious actions and non-actions has to be that these men are either incompetent, lazy and therefore ignorant, are being coerced by higher level masters, or are willfully cooperating, for ideological or monetary reasons, with global powers who do not have the best interests of Nova Scotia and Canada at heart.

    And then I hear of a wife returning to Canada after a work assignment in the US and being physically “escorted” into an unmarked police car and taken to a “quarantine hotel” against her will and the will of her husband who was waiting for her at their home a two and half hour drive away. The police would not entertain a conversation with the husband on the phone and would not tell him where they were taking his wife! Did you hear that? They won’t tell a husband where they are taking his wife! WHAT!! I THOUGHT THIS WAS CANADA. AT LEAST IT WAS THE LAST TIME I CHECKED! BIG RED FLAG!

    The saga continued and continues as we saw for the first time EVER in Canada the jailing of pastors and the confiscation of private church property (complete with the installation of latrines on the front steps of the church) for trying to keep their “non-essential” (in the government’s eyes) services going. Not acceptable Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • I am not OK with any of this foolishness to use a mild word.
  • I’m not OK with forcing our kids to sit in school wearing facemasks or coverings or
  • breathing barriers that do nothing but give them a hard time at school.
  • I’m not OK with elderly people being locked in long-term care facilities unable to see their families in their last days.
  • I’m not OK with treating other people as if they have the plague.
  • I’m not OK with our government pitting Canadians against each other.
  • I’m not OK with people losing their entire investment in their businesses, and their
  • lives being destroyed because our government is irresponsible.
  • I’m not OK with children not seeing their grandparents.
  • I’m not OK with people getting vaccines forced on them that they didn’t want in the first place and then having debilitating reactions to them.
  • I’m not OK with coercion in Canada. It does not belong here.

    And to speak to your below email, I am not Ok with unnecessary vaccine mandates and church registration. Registering to go to church … in Canada? Are you kidding me?! That sounds like the Three-self government-controlled church in Communist China. No Thank you!

    I ask you to rethink your position on the government’s COVID response. The government and many in Canada tell us that it’s simply all about health. But I submit to you that the evidence indicates that it’s about much, much more than health.
    For some comprehensive overviews of the evidence, please read the attached open letters from a group of B.C. doctors and scientists regarding the government’s approach to COVID.

    Also watch the wide-ranging talk by Dr. Peter McCullough … and consider carefully the evidence given by this highly credentialed, experienced and articulate professional. Note that the video has to be on Rumble because YouTube would censor it. That should tell you something. Red Flag.

    Submitted respectfully and with great concern, ____________


This letter above is in response to this letter from his church:

To: The Congregation of ___________
From: Worship Connection Team
Re: Important Update of Covid Guidelines for In-person church services and Proof of Vaccination

For In-Person Church Services: As we currently have our church services in a hotel, we are required to follow their Covid guidelines and protocols. This includes requiring Proof of Full Vaccination before entering a church service. (See attached explanation of Proof of Full Vaccination and Valid ID) Please bring your Vaccination record that shows your name, the vaccines received, and the dates they were received, plus a valid ID. Unfortunately, if you do not have this information with you, you will not be able to attend the church service.

Employees, Leaders, and Volunteers: We will require proof of vaccination for all activities that require face to face contact with each other, church members, and the general public when you are doing work for the Church.

As we follow the Government of Nova Scotia and the Department of Health guidelines for Covid-19 practices, we will continue to make the protection of our most vulnerable – seniors and children under 12yrs old – a priority.

For these reasons, we will practice the following:
– Masks: For all indoor activities/functions, we will continue to wear masks. A mask must cover your nose and mouth.
– Registering: At this time, we will continue to ask that you register for church. Please register for church by Friday morning before the Sunday Service by emailing _____
– Distancing: Phase 5 states that distancing is no longer required, however, we do encourage you to continue to keep your distance from each other; refrain from hugging and shaking hands. (especially while there is community spread of Covid)
– Health Assessments: You could still have symptoms even if you are fully vaccinated. For this reason, we will continue to use a quick health assessment before you enter the church service.
– Wash Hands Regularly: As usual, please wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.
Singing: Singing is permitted with your mask on.

To Recap for this Sunday morning service:
– Please plan to arrive a bit early.
– Proof of vaccination will be required before the health check in.
– Wear a mask.

[they then provide a document from the government that goes into more detail about the ‘vaccination’]

Some additional arguments, in response to the above

by ThinkforYourself

This church is violating this Christian’s freedom of religion by denying him entrance because he won’t go along with violating his freedom of medical choice. The church board violates his basic rights on the basis of his refusal to violate another basic right. This is coercive and wrong.

Vaccine passports are controversial because they’re divisive: they segregate – not unlike racial segregation. Maybe they’re meant to condition us to a Chinese-style social credit system in which the state rewards those who obey it and punishes those who do not — to impose division and social control. It’s certainly not about advancing public health.

Vaccine passports are unnecessary because there’s very little chance of evidence of asymptomatic transmission of Covid-19 by unvaccinated people (i.e., those who choose medical freedom and bodily autonomy), as this and other medical studies prove.

Nor does the Covid jab confer immunity. Vaccinated people infected by Delta variant appeared carry as much virus as those in unvaccinated cases, according to one medical study: the viral load of the vaxxed and unvaxxed (among those with the disease) is about the same. This means there is no more chance of spreading it if you’ve got the jab than if you don’t. And if that’s true, then why discriminate against the unvaccinated?

But most importantly, the chance of spreading this disease and dying from it are minimal. The recovery rate is high: on average over 98%.

And if the vaccine works to protect those who have it, why ban people from church who don’t have it, if they’re willing to take the risk?

In fact, highly vaccinated countries like Israel and Singapore have experienced outbreaks of the disease, indicating the possibility that variants are a result of the ‘vaccine’ itself, through ADE.

To scapegoat the unvaccinated is not just morally wrong; it’s also medically unjustifiable, based on the above evidence. It makes no sense. When HIV arose in the 1980s, many people shunned those who had it, out of fear. It’s much the same now.

Excluding a Christian from worship is a violation of religious liberty.

The Church doing this does not provide for mention medical or religious exemption (e.g., objection to the use of fetal cell lines in production of the drug, or that it can be interpreted to violate several Biblical rulings, and is thus a matter of conscience).

Scapegoating healthy people as though they’re diseased is a moral evil, one that has led to atrocities in the past.

What’s especially hurtful is that it’s not being done by a totalitarian government but by the man’s own church. The judgement of the church leaders who allowed this to happen should be questioned.

In China now, the state is actually changing the Bible in some places, to make it fit Communist ideology. Vaccine passports are a more subtle way of getting us to do the same here: to conform to a more state-controlled church.

The early Christians had to go underground to escape persecution from Rome. Today, Christians in 50 nations face persecution from Communist and Islamic states, forbidding them to worship, burning down their churches, arresting them, etc.

This segregation is more insidious in a way, because it is the church itself doing this. This church itself has taken on the role of the totalitarian government. They may not see it that way. They may think they’re just being “safe” and because the government is doing it, it’s okay.

See some of my previous posts on religion and medical tyranny:

The Roman Catholic Church should stand up against the scapegoating of the unvaccinated, consistent with its own teachings on social justice

The Roman Catholic Church is wrong to impose vaccine mandates on employees: one Christian’s opinion

Two lawsuits against medical tyranny and for freedom of religion in Canada, from Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom and Liberty Coalition

Emperor Nero unjustly blamed the early Christians for burning Rome. A similar scapegoating, orchestrated by modern despots, is now happening to the unvaccinated


Only a false Christ would ban healthy unvaccinated people from churches

by John-Henry Westen, Oct 1, 2021, LifesiteNews

“Come to me, all you that labor, and are burdened, and I will refresh you,” said the Lord as recorded in Matthew 11:28. Note that He didn’t say, “Only come if you’ve been vaccinated.” Our Lord went even to the lepers. And yet, healthy people who don’t want the abortion-tainted so-called “vaccine” are being banned from churches, by the government and saddest of all by church leaders themselves.

There are definite lines being drawn in the proverbial sand, and in general — with notable exceptions. Lines of orthodoxy versus liberal and modernist approaches to the faith. I share with you my thoughts on this in the latest episode of The John-Henry Westen Show.

Last week, news spread across the world about a tiny Canadian Catholic diocese in Eastern Canada. Archbishop Valery Vienneau of Moncton, New Brunswick, decreed that anyone over 12 who attends a religious gathering in a church in his archdiocese “must be doubly vaccinated” against COVID-19.   

In a letter to Catholics of the Moncton Archdiocese, Vienneau wrote that “beginning Wednesday September 22nd, at any gathering inside our churches, rectories or community centres under our supervision, those present must be doubly vaccinated.”

The archbishop stipulated that such gatherings include “religious celebrations (Sunday and weekly masses, prayer meetings, baptisms, weddings and funerals, Confirmation, First Reconciliation, First Communion), parish and pastoral meetings, catechesis meetings, management meetings, conferences, workshops, fraternal and social meetings, bingos, card games, etc.”

Vienneau qualified that children under 12 are not required to take the jab to participate because they “cannot currently be vaccinated” against the virus. 

Of course, Catholics normally have the obligation to attend Mass in person every Sunday and, in Canada, at Christmas and on New Year’s Day, unless they are ill, caring for a sick child, or are physically impeded from traveling to Mass.

Not fulfilling that obligation is considered a serious sin, and participating at Mass is considered central to the spiritual life of the faithful Catholic. Even Catholics who have incurred excommunication and thus cannot receive the sacraments are encouraged to take part in Sunday worship. That means all the pro-abortion politicians and others living in serious sin. 

The bishop attempted to excuse his banning of “unvaccinated” Catholics from Mass by recounting a meeting that New Brunswick’s Minister of Health Dorothy Shephard had with religious leaders in the province. However, there is no provincial mandate for proof of vaccination at religious gatherings. 

Vienneau did say that parents who come to their child’s “First Reconciliation” (that is, first confession) would be barred unless they take the shot, leaving many to wonder if the faithful would be denied the sacrament of penance unless they took the abortion-tainted jab.


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