A Christian argument against Covid restrictions

This Australian Christian speaker, Martyn Iles, makes an argument against “crisis totalitarianism” based on three lines in the sand:

(1) violations of conscience (i.e., forcing people to take the jab against their will);

(2) violations of egalitarianism (i.e., designating unvaccinated as second-class citizens);

(3) violations of freedom of religion – i.e., vax passports for churches, which violates the unity of the body of Christ by barring some from entry. He refers to the phrase “dare to be a Daniel” in reference to the prophet who prayed in defiance of the state.

These are all good points.

He says that we ought not to let “the crisis” dictate everything. This is true. To do so is akin to idolatry. I find this a persuasive argument. Some things are sacred and inviolable, such as conscience. Thus vax mandates and passports can be said to be idolatrous.

His argument does not take issue with ‘vaccines’ themselves but the restrictions that are being imposed in their name. It’s worth listening to.

He’s not aware of the adverse effects or faulty PCR tests, but what matters is the moral force of his argument.

I also disagree with his argument against rights, though I understand why make it: strictly speaking the idea of rights is an Enlightenment idea. I equate it with having a conscience; he does not.

He says it’s not a sin to take the jab in and of itself; I’d agree with that. But it is a sin to force others to take it against their will.

He argues against fear and division. Personally, I do not fear Covid-19 itself, but I do fear a tyrannical state and the ignorance and violence of the mob mentality that falls for these scapegoating tactics against the unvaccinated. However, it’s not as bad in Canada as in China (not yet anyway), so for that, I’m thankful.

I can see that he’s trying to raise important issues without being anti-vaccine. To be pro-freedom and pro-conscience is not necessarily anti-vaccine. To be against mRNA shots is not (strictly speaking) anti-vaccine either, since it’s not a real vaccine.

Thanks to my friend Ed for sending me this thought-provoking video.

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