So it begins: Saskatchewan plans to arrest and detain unvaccinated at isolation camps

Saskatchewan sets up COVID snitch line, detainment centres and enforcement team: Rebel News

The province is implementing a user-friendly ‘snitch line’ reporting system online, for citizens who wish to report individuals or businesses breaking COVID-19 rules or mandates.

by Kelly Lamb, Rebel News, Oct. 25, 2021

[NB – see my report on the construction of these isolation camps across Canada. Note that it’s going on in other countries as well]

Until recently, Saskatchewan seemed to be one of the few Canadian provinces taking a measured approach to COVID-19 mitigation and policy enforcement. That, however, has taken a drastic turn.

Saskatchewan is currently creating a COVID Enforcement Team, made up mostly of retired police officers, to assist in the enforcement of health order violations, as well as the transport of citizens required to go to an isolation site.

Or in this case, the detainment facility being set up a the hospital in North Battleford.

The enforcement positions are being offered at the pay rate of $38/hour, which works out to approximately $79,000/year with a full-time schedule, though these positions are contract-based. Of note is that nationally, similar positions are being offered at salaries of between $70,000-$114,000/year.

Putting aside the national numbers, the provincial cost of this project will be enormous for taxpayers, and there is no full budget provided in the 77 page document available to the public that outlines the details of this project.

There is also no end date provided, nor a description of the metrics that will be used to determine when these measures will be necessary until — is it a certain number of cases? Hospitalization stats? Also, what if the government instead spent this money on directly funding extra measures, training, etc. in health care?

But wait — there’s more! The province also has a user-friendly ‘snitch line’ reporting system online, for citizens who wish to report individuals or businesses breaking COVID-19 rules or mandates, whether it be with regards to masking, the new proof-of-vaccination policy, or other public health orders. Great for hall monitor types everywhere!

So the question is — among many others — will this actually help citizens improve their health outcomes, as promised? Or is this just another way to divide us, place blame and punish citizens who do not comply?

Comments online:

“I was only following orders” will be the standard excuse.

Snitches deserve stitches.

I feel very sad for the kind of person who would turn in their family, friends, or neighbours.

That snitch line… I hope it stays dead silent.

Kind of like the people who ratted out Anne Frank and family hiding out in the attic.

Let’s flood the snitch line with comments about snitches.

Flood it with false reports instead.

There is a new version of Brown Shirts being established and coming to a community near you. [or Stazi, KGB, CCP and N. Korean police]

This is what east Germany and the old Soviet Union used to do.

The buildings for these camps have already been built throughout Canada.

Anyone who is a part of this and agrees w this is a traitor to their fellow man.

Sad part is the jabbed are likely acting out of neurological damage. Their personalities are changing. Many have become angry, disrespectful & aggressive. [I have not heard that one before but am skeptical]

Call that snitch line and flood it was nonsense.

Snitch on the snitches.

Time to get rid of politicians any way you can, the line has been crossed.

It was never about a “virus.”

The pattern is clear: each country or state or province is used as an incubator project to see how it is received by the citizens, if the citizens do nothing, they roll it out to other regions.

Saskatchewan people are the friendliest in the country …. And that is why this is ramping up there. They are so afraid to offend someone, they will allow the government to annihilate them. Being “nice” will cause their death.

I came from communism and have realized not enough ppl here will fight communism. I am making arrangements to leave. So are many of us who have been telling you what communism is for decades.

So how is this not communistic? Like so many witch hunts of the past, these never work. Why is this needed over the WuFlu? Come on people Can you say SUPPRESSION OF FREEDOMS

No self-respecting cop should take this job. And what about all those great countries that are going to just ‘live with CV” [e.g. UK, Denmark] — like people have done for generations.

How do you get out of this country? [the borders restrictions make that difficult now]

Time for Castro to go. Let’s go Castro [similar to Let’s go Brandon]

Was [the reporter] seriously asking whether “this might be heavy-handed, as a government approach”? When Communists start to publicly execute the unvaccinated, the sheeple will be politely asking whether “perhaps this goes half a step too far, maybe?”

Kelly Lamb [the reporter]: My opinion is 110% that this is heavy-handed. But my role as a journalist when sending inquiries to government departments is not to throw my opinions at them, rather to engage them to answer. Sadly, a lot of Canadians don’t feel this is heavy-handed. My approach, as someone who ran for politics in 2019, is polite diplomacy. If I ask ‘do you think this is heavy-handed’ it is because I want to know how they feel. I already know how I feel.

I really like our new reporter, and she is right about the snitch lines its like copy and paste Communism.

So here come the “COVID COPS” and “ DETENTION CENTERS.” I can find other titles for them. All these hassles, power plays, wasted expense by petty bureaucrats for an illness that was no more serious than the common flu. [NB – it’s engineered to be stronger but it’s not the Bubonic plague, so what we’re going through is mass hysteria]

Beware: it took 70 years for it to end on the Soviet Union. ☹️

It is our duty to fight Tyranny and to hold politicians accountable.

Do something NOW Canada or you won’t get the chance later when you’re in the camps and they are murdering people.

And this is how long it takes for everyone to hear it since the MSM tries to hide it. Thanks to Rebel News that we even know about it.


We are now at stage 6 in the 10 stages of genocide

In Canada and other nations we are now at stage 6

Whoever planed this “pandemic” has been following this chart to the letter. It was not created as an instruction manual but has been used that it, seems. Let’s go through the stages:

(1) Classification: two groups are vaccinated and unvaccinated. Check.

(2) Symbolization to identify the unvaxxed through vax passports. Check

(3) Discrimination through vax mandates and passports. Check.

(4) Dehumanization. This has occurred on social media (below). Check.

(5) Organization. The government has been using police to enforce it. Now it will create a special group of retired police to arrest those who don’t comply as the Rebel News report above confirms. Check.

(6) Propaganda. This has already been happening through the CBC and other media, turning the population against the unvaccinated minority through false reports of the danger they allegedly pose to the vaccinated. There is no evidence to prove it, but the propaganda has been successful in spreading fear, hate, and division. It was actually used on the campaign trail by Trudeau. Check.

(7) Preparation / removal of people. This is next. It hasn’t happened yet but will.

(8) and (9) I’d still be surprised if Canada actually murdered people. It might be enough that they detain and imprison people and scapegoat them and dehumanize them.

As for stage (10) Denial — they’ve been doing that all along. This is not as overt an operation as in the USSR, where the state had far more power. This has all been done through subterfuge, using public health as a cover.

See my previous report on this topic.


New Zealand’s COVID-19 Quarantine ‘Camps’ Are The End Of Personal Freedom

Pacific island nation has 25 coronavirus deaths out of population of nearly five million

by Charles Creitz / The World We Live In (blog)

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson condemned New Zealand‘s institution of coronavirus quarantine “camps” on “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday.

Covid 1984 Prison Camps In New Zealand

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, of the center-left New Zealand Labour Party, announced in a video that if people sent to the camp refuse to be tested, they will be required to remain another two weeks after their initial two-week stay.

Ardern called the warning a “pretty good incentive” to get tested for COVID-19.

“You either get your test done and make sure you are cleared, or we will keep you in a facility longer,” she said.

“So I think most people look at that and say, ‘I will take the test.’”

Politician Warns: Trudeau Govt Plans To Build COVID ‘Quarantine / Isolation’ Camps Across Canada and Canadian Government Erecting A Network Of Covid Detainment Camps

Hanson told host Laura Ingraham that such draconian measures that Ardern’s orders make no sense given how little the pandemic has affected the island nation.

“They have a nation of 5 million people,” Hanson explained.

“They’ve only lost, tragically, but they lost 25 people. That’s an astoundingly low number to throw away personal freedom.”

“Here in the United States, whether it is [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom or Michelle Obama or Joe Biden, they have all said that this is an opportunity not to let go to waste” he added.

New Zealand Quarantine Camps

Later in the segment, Ingraham cited a German media report that the European Parliament and the European Commission is using China-made thermal imaging cameras in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The report noted that the company that makes the cameras is also accused of supplying technology used by Beijing to patrol and surveil Muslim internment camps in Xinjiang province.

“Are these the type of scenarios we are going to be facing under a Biden administration?” she asked Hanson.

“Yeah, it’s frightening,” he responded.

“Here, the virus started in China, spread from China, and now China is offering the West the methodology and technology of fascism to supposedly cure what they started.”


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