The CCP to increase propaganda to the West 500x, to condition the West to accept Communist rule

Xi Jinping’s new speech

It may be understood as part of the larger plan for CCP world domination. The whole point of Covid-19, the masks, the lockdowns, the vax mandates and passports, the propaganda and censorship — all of it — is to condition us to accept Communist rule.

I suppose one could argue this is better than open warfare — but is it really? It’s a one-sided asymmetrical war, operated through deceit and subterfuge, threats, and bribes. Open warfare would be bloodier, but more honest.

The propaganda will try to sell the world on China but it tells some glaring lies, namely that Covid-19 came from the U.S., and that there is no genocide occurring in East Turkestan. The CCP is employing so-called “white monkeys” (white actors) to spread this propaganda, posing as tourists.

This video makes fun of the CCP claim that there’s no genocide:

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