Health Care devastated by staff shortages due to vaccine mandates

This is one of 10 reasons I’ve identified for why the “pandemic” and “vaccines” are not really about public health at all. Here are the reasons, listed. I am working on an article with full references on this, but here is the list for the time being:

(1) Quarantining the health through lockdowns resulted in poor health effects, including lockdown deaths through lack of access to medical care. There were also suicides and drug overdoses above normal rates during the 2020 lockdown. The long-term effects of lockdowns were detrimental to public health, through increased poverty and harming the supply chain, and depression.

(2) Blocking and censoring safe low-cost alternatives to the Covid ‘vaccine’ (HCQ, Ivermectin) that are proven to work for hundreds of millions in India. This cost lives where they were banned. If this was really about public health, officials would have looked at every possible remedy, including different medicines, better diet, and exercise, and more sunlight (instead of stay-at-home orders).

(3) Unprecedented use of media and propaganda, and violation of medical ethics (against freedom of medical choice and medical privacy). Censoring the views of dissident physicians and scientists who were acting from conscience and following the Hippocratic oath to do no harm put them in a conflicted position. Inflating death counts and lying about the risks of Covid-19 and participating in a lie out of concern for one’s career is not honourable or right. You don’t need a propaganda campaign and tactics that violate medical freedom of choice and privacy if it’s a legitimate medical remedy.

(4) Pushing experimental ‘vaccines’ on people that have a poor safety record (known adverse effects) and denying medical and natural immunity exemptions, causing thousands of deaths and millions of “adverse events” and then lying about it, brazenly. The jab doesn’t protect against the variants, so why continue to push it? If valid medical reasons cannot be identified, this logically points to a political explanation. And why continue to emphasize social distance when we know that asymptomatic transmission is very rare (by the CDC’s own admission)?

(5) Creating a false narrative to scapegoat the unvaccinated based on biased pseudo-science and media propaganda; imposing discriminatory, unconstitutional, unnecessary, and deliberately punitive vax passports and mandates that do nothing to advance public health. We now know from a recent scientific study that the viral load and transmission rate of vaxxed and unvaxxed people who have Covid-19 is similar. Meaning that there is no more risk of catching it from the unvaccinated than the vaccinated. It’s true that the unvaxxed who have co-morbidities are at higher risk of death than vaxxed, but that is the only benefit of the jab. However, it’s a benefit that could just as easily be conferred through Ivermectin (which has fewer known side effects).

(6) Giving the jab to children who don’t need it, which puts their health at risk. This is a big red flag. And before that, forcing children to wear masks and mandatory social distancing, though they don’t need it, causes psychological trauma. This appears to be more about social conditioning them to blindly accept authority than protecting their health. In fact, it’s detrimental to their physical and psychological health to do this to them.

(7) Crippling the health care system through mass firings of nurses, EMH workers, doctors, and other such workers who refuse the jab. If it were a real pandemic, they would not fire tens of thousands of health care workers. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Healthy healthcare workers are needed. Firing them is a punitive measure, which seems to be more about punishing those who don’t obey than any other reason. It’s the imposition of authoritarianism, posing a public health decision (but has nothing to do with public health, and is in fact detrimental to it).

(8) Flip-flopping on masks. In early 2020 Fauci and Tam admitted that masks don’t work, then later flip-flopped when they figured out that it could be used as an instrument for social control. Fauci’s politically motivated flip-flops are now well-documented.

(9) Hypocrisy of the ruling class and woke activists, revealing that they don’t take it seriously. If it were a serious pandemic, like the Bubonic plague, they would not have had their BLM rallies in 2020 and maskless soirees. It was always about social control, as evidenced by the fact that there was one rule for the elites and another for everyone else. Churches and small businesses were shut down but box-stores and casinos and abortion clinics and BLM rallies and Democrat fundraisers are fine. Wearing masks is now a symbol of lower class while not having to wear it is a symbol of higher class. Masks don’t confer any public health benefit, but they are effective symbols, used to create an inegalitarian society.

(10) Denying and lying about the benefits of natural immunity, which we now know from studies has 13x the effect of the jab in terms of conferring immunity. Basically, the Covid ‘vaccines’ are a failure, from a health point of view: they have bad side-effects (including death); they do not provide immunity, and there are low-cost alternatives that are better than them. So their real purpose seems to be something other than public health.


British Columbia has decided to postpone surgeries and tests after placing 4,000 healthcare workerson unpaid leavedue to their decision not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to Health Minister Adrian Dix, northern and rural communities will be the most impacted by the delays since they do not have access to a large pool of casual staff to replace the workers.

“Let’s say something such as renal (kidney) care, where you have a limited number of employees and one or two of them are not able to work in that circumstance, it’s really challenging,” said Dix.

“I think it’s fair to say that in some areas, for example diagnostic imaging, our labs in different parts of the province, there’ll be some impact. We’ll either have to initially reduce hours in order to address that or provide other staff in the weeks to come.”

Health Care devastated by staff shortages…

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