Cadets who chose to leave West Point rather than take ‘vaccine’ were coerced, abused and discriminated against

Willow Brown (L), Hannah MacDonald (C), and Nickaylah Sampson (R)

by Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, Oct. 31, 2021

[NB – What I like about this story is that it’s the words of the people themselves. Most of the articles we see about groups of workers who refused the mandates merely report that they took a stand and not why.

The MSM ‘chattering class’ wonder aloud why they’re doing it and provide conjecture of all kinds: it’s due to fear, selfishness, ‘misinformation’ etc. All very condescending theories.

Why not simply ask the people themselves? Because one is not allowed to speak the truth or allow others to speak it these days. So when those who take a stand speak in their own voice, I much prefer that. I am also attaching several hundred comments attached to this article, as well.]

False Promise

In spring of 2021, we were told that our decision to volunteer to get the “optional” COVID-19 vaccine would not negatively affect our time as a cadet at West Point. That turned out to be a false promise.

Before being ordered to sign a document saying we were disobeying orders (orders we considered unlawful) in the summer and fall of 2021, we were:

Forced to share a bathroom and living quarters with the males because we were in the ostracized unvaccinated platoon during summer training.

Forced to attend a “re-education brief” led only by vaccinated personnel (who denied unvaccinated personnel the opportunity to sit on the panel).

Subjected to COVID testing twice a week at 6 am, regardless of not having COVID symptoms. The vaccinated can also contract and pass COVID but were not tested.

Not allowed to leave campus with our friends because our radius was restricted compared to the vaccinated.

Denied a pass for being unvaccinated.

(Nickaylah) Kicked off the women’s rowing team, because it was too high of a risk to participate in physical activities outside, but sitting in class right next to other cadets and eating at mandatory lunches side-by-side was not a problem.

Scoffed at by teachers for making such an unscientific and selfish choice.

Visibly cast as the “other” when the vaccinated were allowed to go without masks but the unvaccinated were forced to publicly identify our medical status by wearing masks.

Ostracized and mocked, endured rude comments, pointing, and laughing for being in the “dirty” platoon (a platoon of only unvaccinated/masked cadets) during training. Officers told trainees to stay away from us.

Had our HIPAA rights violated when my vaccination status was released to the entire freshman class (in which an officer stated that “HIPAA isn’t the be all, end all”).

Subjected to this treatment knowing that some cadets had an adverse reaction, including heart problems, to the vaccine.

Coerced and punished by a medical officer and others to make life miserable so we would violate our conscience and get vaccinated.

No Lawyers for Mandate Paperwork, Sept. 27, 2021

When the USMA vaccine mandate order paperwork came down on Sept. 27, 2021, the unvaccinated cadets were escorted to an auditorium where:

We were not allowed to leave the room without signing a document, acknowledging that we were disobeying direct orders. (Orders that we consider to be unlawful).

We had a choice to either be vaccinated, separate, or apply for a religious/medical exemption.

We were denied any legal counsel at this meeting. There were no JAGs or legal advisors available for us to talk to before being forced into signing this document.

When Hannah raised the point that the FDA-approved vaccine (Pfizer’s Comirnaty) with the proper lot numbers had yet to be distributed in the United States, that the only available vaccines were EUA, and vaccination must be voluntary, she was told that small legal distinction didn’t matter. This issue is important because it makes the mandate order unlawful.

Since then, all medical exemptions pleading the case of natural immunity and antibodies have already been denied by West Point, contrary to science, and the religious exemptions are still being processed.

“I hope my story can help others stand up in the face of such authoritarianism, even when it means giving up a career I had dreamed of and worked for.” – Willow Brown

Hannah MacDonald: “Although I filed a religious exemption, I ultimately decided to separate from West Point. Even if my exemption went through, I could no longer see myself staying in an institution that claims to fight for freedom while using their people as puppets to convince the public to give up their freedoms for a political show. Through all of this, I have learned that this is about choosing the harder right over the easier wrong and refusing to settle for a half-truth when the whole truth can be won.” – Hannah MacDonald

“Everything I worked so hard to attain ever since high school was gone. The hours I put into studying, building my physical and mental endurance would no longer be towards my goal. Now, after leaving everything I knew, I have to start over. The increasing stress of finding a new school, funding and a career path have hit me like a truck. A choice no longer becomes a choice when someone is backed into a corner. I feel cheated out of my education, my goals and my aspirations. I thank God that I am still young and had nothing to pay back to the Army. I only pray that no one else has to go through what I went through, and that others do not have to endure the unethical, immoral implications and effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.” – Nickaylah Sampson

While this has been an incredibly ugly situation that has been handled terribly, we tell our story not to stain the name of West Point, but to raise awareness for the persecution our military is under because of our higher leadership.

We do not blame West Point and respect the sacrifices our soldiers have made to protect and defend this country but blame the Biden Administration for ignoring the pleas of thousands of soldiers, Dr. Fauci for shamelessly lying time and again to the public, General Lloyd Austin for his lack of leadership and integrity and the leaders who have the power to make change and stay silent.

We are but one voice, but will use the voice God has given us to fight for justice. Our military has sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and in order to uphold this promise, we had to leave the organization that was keeping us from doing so.

Final Comments: “As this tyranny continued through the spring of 2021, I began to self-reflect. Did I want to give up the next 10 years of my life to an organization that so openly wanted to demolish my personal will? Could I in good faith serve people who blindly believed in identity politics and fake science? I was so uncomfortable with my situation and the politics unnecessarily injected that I decided to leave West Point.” Willow Brown, left spring 2021

“Even if my vaccine exemption request had been accepted, I left West Point because the Army is no longer an organization that I believe I can serve in. Unfortunately, serving my country and serving in the Army don’t seem to be so similar anymore.” Hannah MacDonald, left Oct. 2021

“I wanted to dedicate my life to protecting the freedoms of American citizens and defending the U.S. Constitution as an officer, but I was having my freedom to choose and my bodily autonomy taken away. The Army I thought I knew had completely betrayed my rights and their doctrine of “the citizen-soldier.’” Nickaylah Sampson, left Oct. 2021

Japan ends vaccine-induced pandemic by legalizing IVERMECTIN, while pharma-controlled media pretends masks and vaccines were the savior.



That takes a lot of courage. Three young women any parent would be proud to call their own.

I served in the Marines for 21 years (1967-1989) with 3 years in combat. The motto the Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful). I guess it’s now Semper Experimental Drugs.

When the enemies of the state control your military you are in deep trouble.

They will get the last laugh when the “Dark Winter” is upon us very soon. 1.5 Billion worldwide are expected to die.

All warfare is based on deception. Therefore, when capable, feign incapacity; when active, inactivity. When near, make it appear that you are far away; when far away, that you are to lure him; feign disorder and strike him. When he concentrates, prepare against him; where he is strong, avoid him. Anger his general and confuse him. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.

If science really were the guide, no mandatory vaccinations would ever happen. It isn’t science that drives the authoritarians, it is the desire to control us, as if we’re their subjects.

So proud of these young people standing up for freedom at such a personal cost. Thank you!

“Through all of this, I have learned that this is about choosing the harder right over the easier wrong and refusing to settle for a half-truth when the whole truth can be won.” – Hannah MacDonald

A choice no longer becomes a choice when someone is backed into a corner.

“I wanted to dedicate my life to protecting the freedoms of American citizens and defending the U.S. Constitution as an officer, but I was having my freedom to choose and my bodily autonomy taken away.

Brave, Strong, Independent, Free Thinking Woman!

Welcome to the USSA! the Ununited Soviet States of America! Are you happy Biden voter idiots?

Freedom-loving Americans love these cadets.

They’re better off getting out now. How long before we get into the next 20 year no-win war?

I’m about to lose my job over the mandates. I won’t get the jabs because I am at zero risk having recovered. I fear that based on animal tests, most of the jabbed are going to be dead with in two years from the next new virus.

An unprincipled military is not something to be proud of being part of, and nowhere in the Constitution does it refer to surrendering basic rights. Unless the UCMJ has been re-written since I was in.

We are officially a Banana Republic

At least these young folks will survive the coming war.

I no longer trust my country. My eyes have been opened by this, “plandemic,” and I hate what I see. A country, I thought, fought for my rights to be free, no longer exists, or maybe, it never did exist…

This is being used as a ploy to purge the liberty-minded from the military ranks.

Just as dear Shadow Leader Xi ordered…the fake Biden admin is right on track…if you look closely in the videos you can see there is a hand up old Joe’s arse.

Folks, the situation at West Point is treasonous and heartbreaking but it drives home how important it is to have a Republican leader who has experience manipulating the system rather than being a self-centered fool who gets manipulated by the system.

We must nominate Ron DeSantis. Trump is an incompetent who proved to be totally ineffective against the Deep State at every turn. Ron DeSantis has the courage and the intelligence to actually fight this stuff rather than throw his own warriors under the bus like Trump was so quick to do with General Michael Flynn.

Ron DeSantis will not let his son-in-law do all of his thinking for him. Ron DeSantis is his own man who can make his own decisions.

You’d expect this, once they put a cross dressing Idi Amin impersonator and useless pervert in the Pentagon. [a reference to General Milley]

Everyone gets a promotion to 4 star admiral. That`s equality.

The irony is the leaders refused the jab. The ones that took it are weak minded sheep.

Why fight for freedom when there is no freedom. The Marxist democrats can call the woke crowd to protect us in the next war. I will make a fortune selling tickets to that clown show.

As usual, the woke babies will start the war, and then the conservatives will fight and die to save them. Sounds like a suckers game to me. Let the wokies defend themselves when it comes time.

The military of today is a woke disaster the young brave cadets that quit will do far better pursuing an alternate career.

It’s an ideological purge masquerading as a vax mandate.
[NB – very accurate statement in my opinion]

[These cades] stand with individual freedoms vs the goosestepping lockstep lemmings.

Kudos to these young adults, they are the ones actually showing leadership traits. Our military is under attack and losing the battle.

It’s only West Point, anyway. Just a gateway into the Ghetto US Army. Look at the Army “leadership” today. When was the last time they won a war? You can’t even get into the Corps from West Point.

Kudos to these wise young people…they will still be alive when all who have taken the clot shots will be dying off…

I blame our military leaders and Congress as a former military man. They have a duty to stand up against this. Resign en masse if necessary. Our military is run by a bunch of cowards.. Not to be respected or trusted

In a few years, when Trump is reelected, these obviously superior, independent, and critical-thinking candidates should be invited back and given their commissions: because they are going to be evidently honest and truthful leaders and not “Milley-Vanilli Yes-Men.”.

I retired from nursing before scamdemic. I have friends who were forced to take the jab in order to keep their jobs. First responders in the same boat. Neighbors who were afraid and took it. The world will be a very dark and grim place if anything happens to them.

These young people have the intelligence, courage, and fortitude to succeed in life whatever they choose. They are so far ahead of their peers. They will be successful where ever they end up! They have what so many today don’t…critical thinking skills.

The Marine Corps is looking for a few good officers, especially women. But they’re also mandating the jab. If people can just stall until we win the war…. yes, there is a war happening and we will win it.

I think this mandate is the military way of eliminating smart, freedom loving, intelligent people from their ranks…they want people who will take orders even if it is an order to commit suicide by clot shots…

Speaking as a veteran what the hell has happened to our military? I would never serve such an authoritative organization that subjugates the Constitution and soldier’s conscious to an illegal order.

A military of yes men robots. They, as will the police, fire on American citizens when given the order. No doubt about it.


China is both laughing at the US and preparing to destroy the US. Biden is an impotent buffoon, and his supporters are promoting Coved fear and panic in an attempt to control the citizenry. Time for 1776, the sequel

Spot on. I have a feeling we’re in the “History-Repeats-Itself Neville Chamberlain Period” of the US, and the US will soon be begging Winston Churchill a.k.a. Donald Trump to come back and save the nation.

I suppose a lawsuit would get shot down quickly.
When you sign up you pretty well surrender your constitutional rights and freedoms. It’s the law of the pentagon and UCMJ.

Bravo to these courageous young women. The truth will be revealed and they can stand tall that they stood for TRUTH.

While it is discouraging to see years of effort unappreciated by those you were trying to impress, you ladies are welcome in my ranks anytime.

Good riddance! These people would think twice before shooting a fellow American if ordered to do so. Clearly such individuals are not wanted.

Of course they were. The is a CCP plot to use the kill shots to disablize and then destroy our country, our society, and inally, our military with their kill shots. And for all you sheeple out there, the out government and our entire Healthcare system are deeply involved the the surrender of everything we know and love to the Yellow Tide. Wake TF up before it is too late.

We’ve seen what the penalty is for disobeying an unlawful order, but I want to know what the penalty is for issuing an unlawful order that arguably violated Nuremberg Code in the first place?

Good for them, I’m proud of these young women. They’re bodies, they’re choice. One door closes, but a better one will open for you, just you wait and see.

So much for unit cohesion in the US Military.

NO! You blame West Point as well! Why all women? No man has the cajones to stand up to the BS?

Typical Communist purge of the military… before the Military is used to purge us.

It is coming… so prepare.

If you have to take the clot shot ….You should ask only for the FDA approved shot….You can`t get that shot because big Pharma can be sued for any side effects.

WRONG: West Point and our military ARE to blame for their treatment of our soldiers.

GREAT statement from Hannah McDonald. She really thought through what was happening and why she had to leave, and she made all the right choices. Whether in the military or not, she is a future leader for this country.

In 15 years they are gonna be stocking shelves at the Piggly Wiggly, cursing themselves for making the biggest mistake of their lives. When they could been a Wall Street banker, Corporate lawyer, Capital Hill Lobbyist, a Lt. Colonel… anything, with that amazing education they just flushed away over ignorance and lies.

In 15 years, most of those who took the shot will be dead or have many medical issues and won’t be working at all. All dependent on the government for handouts.

Says the loser with no job lol

Hey Fred, Are you stupid? Answer : Yes You do not know what you are talking about. All these military school cadets are highly intelligent, great grades, and highly connected to very important people. These girls will have no problems furthering their education and their careers. You should do your homework before you post nonsense.

‘Real Soldiers’.


Don’t worry, us deplorables will take em in, and we will love them and support them completely.

These cadets are American heroes. West Point should be shut down until the adults are running our government again.

Smart move on their parts. Saw a video given to me about a monk/athropologlist from the Vatican stating that many of the people who took the vax within 2 years will be dead. Very bad times coming. We will see. I have respect for the military but not for the so-called leaders. F West Point.

Has become Eastpoint now.

Our military is in very poor shape. when Trump is president again there needs to be a massive purge of the leftist scum in the officer ranks

The entire country needs to be purged of the leftist lying scum.

The entire executive needs to be purged.

Looks like these snowflakes weren’t cut out for West Point. Good riddance. MAGA!!
and you served when? where?

By supporting freedom and the Constitution?

You’re a moron. Lol – no, “you’re” a moron. 😉

Obama is the head N that is coordinating all this

The Ultimate Goal: No law protection.

Their Ultimate Solution: United Nations Military Forces

Looking forward to hand to hand combat with a UN ingrate

They may want that, but that is absurdity on it’s face.

The countries with the largest armies (in order, not including the US) are: China, India, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, Iran

Aside from the issue of convincing them that they should just suddenly forget about their own regional security issues and just trust that other people on this list won’t take advantage of massive swath of troops being sent away to another country, they then have to consider they are going to get them here with… what?

BOOM! .. exactly! .. that is why they are desperate to strip you of your right to “keep and bear arms”. They cannot defeat us until they can do that.

Their agenda is Kill off as much of the U.S. Military helping China to over run America, to take it without lost of life to them.

These Soldiers Leaving the Ranks will be utilized in the Militia. Unlike most Americans They have conviction and Fear of a Virus is not part of their Character.

The American Military has lost nothing for these will still Defend Her at all Cost.

Remarkable young Patriots, there is hope for the future.

Can you imagine throwing away free college, free healthcare, officer pay, and other benefit just because you were too afraid to get a vaccine?!

Our military is better off without these cowards in command.

The last divide… the Vaxed and The Unvaxed.

Yes because race war and economic war between classes Died

It’s still there, this is more effective.

A lot of vaxed are having second thoughts. Boosters? Half the vaxed will say no way. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Funny how Japan and India have smacked down covahoax with Ivermectin, yet Fraudci still lies. Way to go x-West Pointers, you really are soldier material and the Army is the loser in this round – from a fellow Army soldier.

Japan is similar with lockdowns but instead of beating they make it economically impossible to work if you don’t wear mask and don’t vax.
– Japanese are sheep and should not be emulated
– Your Just spewing delusional BS. You have zero proof of that

RFK Jr Warns the World of a Return to Nazi Tyranny

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns the world that we are in Nazi territory. He is begging the world to resist the tyranny implemented in the name of COVID. As he said, they will know everything we do every moment of the day. They will have access to our kids. He is also calling for a walkout on November 3rd (two video clips).

After the Nazi’s horrific experiments, we agreed to never again let the government force medical experiments.

This is not democracy, it’s a “pharmaceutical-driven agenda” of greed that will throw us into a “dystopian nightmare,” he says

Pentagon is telling special forces who don’t take the death vax jab they will be held financially liable for all the previous training costs. Just wait until she gets a clawback bill forcing her to pay for time in training.

Hmmm, screwing over highly trained and deadly special forces ppl is it very smart

Deliberate decimation of the military, leaving only a weak force of woke slobs.
yes, excellent !

Yep, we’re back to Viet Nam recruitment Era, bottom of the barrel if your daddy ain’t rich.

If they are so stupid to be anti vaxxers we don’t need them in our wonderful armed forces.
[REPLY] Dude, you live in your moms basement, you can’t shine a candle to these patriots. Grow up loser

West Point isn’t elite any longer. They shot their reputation in the foot.
National socialists gonna nazi.

Sorry you don’t understand perfect English, Sergey.

Welcome to the resistance, soldiers.

Hello Nuremberg Code trials.

Who’s the America who will hold America accountable?

“choosing the harder right over the easier wrong and refusing to settle for a half truth when the whole truth can be won.” Well said.

Even as a retired military person, I couldn’t, and haven’t recommended today’s military to anyone….all the services are too woke and concerned about a multitude of social / societal matters, rather than concentrating on killing the enemy and blowing stuff up. So sad.

Same here. I would never recommend the military to anyone now. -325th AIR, 82nd Airborne

It’s all about free stuff not duty and service to country.

SUE THE MILITARY!!! These people are HEROS!

Can you imagine going on a blind date, and finding out he’s a disease carrying republican who REFUSES to get vaccinated against a global virus that has killed MILLIONS of people?!

Why are idiots in government exempt Troll?

Got news for you fool there are thousands of Democrats that refuse to take an experimental jab. Besides the vaccinated are the ones walking around diseased. You actually let them inject you with Covid-19 spike proteins.

So the better choice is to take the experimental vaccine, get the disease, then die? Or, get the vaccine, then get blood clots? Or, get he vaccine and get Bells Palsy?

I think I’ll rely on natural immunity.

Welcome to the Demented New World Order where the psychopaths run the Carnival and the Sheepleclowns perform as Zombies

How to know you are talking with a brain dead republican: They say vaccines are “gene therapy”, lol!

How you can spot a brain-washed leftist (see post above). Anti-vaccine when Trump is in office, pro-vaccine when a leftist, brain-dead, diaper-clad, moron is inserted. Lol!

That vaccine sure worked well for Colin Powell!

Others have also died from Covid tho they got a vaccine, I read about someone else every day.

Get your shot!! Deplorables!!
[REPLY] You’d better get your own affairs in order, dude. You have about 12 to 18 months left.

Tell that to Colin Powell. Oh wait…. you can’t. The vaccinated guy died from COVID.

Thank you for having the will, strength, courage and conviction to stand up for your rights and the rights of millions more. You are patriots and hero’s. The Army’s loss is America’s Gain. Keep Fighting!

The terrifying thing about this is that the vast majority are being groomed to put American citizens into camps , and apparently with much glee.

God Bless these kids for doing the right thing.. they saved themselves from a most uncertain medical future full of illness or worse.. prayers for all going thru this tyranny

I would NEVER follow an order from a young punk who disobeys commands!

That’s right, you take your orders from the Lord of the Flies.

Covid is a mild virus with a 99.9 percent survival rate among healthy people, and that is without any treatment. There “are” treatments for covid. We don’t want people like you in the military, because you don’t recognize a legal command from an illegal one.

^^^^^ Follows orders though from an 80 year-old gubment lifer who funds aborted fetal scalps being put on rats, live beagles faces being consumed by sand flies, and lies to Congress about gain of function virus research in China.

Be Patient heroes President Trump will make this wrong a Right! Thank you for holding the line!

“HIPAA isn’t the be all, end all”

Well then, let’s hear who in Congress got Ivermectin!

Probably all of them, they all probably have tons of it in their bathroom cabinet.

I have some Ivermectin myself, and my wife is on Hydroxychloroquine for her arthritis. We’re all set if need be. No need for a “vax” here.

My mom has been taking Hydroxychloroquin for decades as well. Only until Trump mentioned it could help it became the devil

Courageous kids refusing to follow what they considered to be an illegal order and in the process giving up what they worked so hard for. The army once again demonstrating that they are WOKE, blindly not following the science when it comes to the shots. After a long period of harassment and abuse of the the cadets, at least the army did the right thing by allowing the cadets out without further punishment.

If they did the right thing, then they should of punished those harassing them.

Ends justify the means we don’t need free thinkers in our military.

I’ll take alive to boot licker any day. They usually end up turncoat.

We don’t need these punks who won’t take orders in our military.

Exactly. I only respect obedient boot lickers

The brave and intelligent West Pointers are these three. Not the rest.

The rest of the class knows they have a cushy 7 figure career in DC if they just lick a few more boots

As a former female soldier of the US Army for 10 years, and now a registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health, it appalls me what is happening by insisting on this mRNA vaccine. Young people with good health and more than 40 years of life ahead of them have the responsibility to take a stand for themselves just as these women have done.

There is an old saying, “evil flourishes where a good [person] stands and does nothing.” I will never look askance at anyone who makes a choice to leave the military because of this. Hope these individuals have much success in the future.

They should. They obviously have positive moral ideals and more so than the education that they received, the discipline to achieve.

Did you cry like this when you got the anthrax vaccine while in the army?

Three people the military and this country desperately needs. Their leaving is our loss.

I disagree. This shake out is necessary. We will never win this battle if we don’t stand up, see the numbers, and know who is with us.

We can agree to disagree. This is no different from a company putting someone on administrative leave because they won’t take the clot shot. If they won’t fire or discharge you, which the military is trying to do, then you leave and you leave loudly as you are doing so.

We are a poorer nation because of the loss of these three cadets. Fire Austin and Milley.

HERE WE GO: New Jersey Hospital Mandates Covid Booster Shots For Certain Employees

And it will be booster after booster after booster until they are all dead. Mark my words…

When the “woke” ones turn their guns on us, we’ll know what time it is. What these 3 young people did took courage above and beyond. God will reward them.

Nam Vet, 68, 69; Honest Metro Street Cop Who Never Kneeled Before Any Communist Street Mob or “Woke” Police Management Team, retired-

The “woke” ones don’t have guns, we do! It will be over before lunch time, but then the real fun will begin as the feds bring in foreign “help” for their cause. Get ready as the “civil” war will just be the opening warmup act.

I was referring to the “woke” ones still in the military. Hopefully those who leave it will become part of the 2nd Continental Army movement.

Hot Civil War here is exactly what the CCP has been planning and fomenting for years. We have to be smarter.

You mean the type of freedom-loving people with honor and integrity??!!

I’m honestly tired of all these white boys in my military. Looking kind of KKK rally lately.

UPDATE: 71 out of 75 Districts in Uttar Pradesh, India – Its Most Populated State – Reported No Covid-19 Cases in 24 Hours After Implementing Ivermectin Protocol

Also they have extremely high vaccination rates…

According to “Our World in Data” (which I would classify as being a vax-pusher), only 23% of India is “Fully Vaccinated.”

And that is an over estimation, by far. Country wide it is less than 5%.
Remember, India has over 1.3 billion population. Bangalore alone has less than 23% “vaccination”

What are the numbers of persons at the service academies who have died or been hospitalized with the virus? Do they justify the divisive behavior that is likely to be outside the boundaries set by existing prohibitions on hazing? Convince me leftist traitor-trolls.

A recent study in Israel found that vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to be infected – and 7 times as likely to be hospitalized – as unvaccinated people with natural immunity.

True heroes.

The British government is warning that people who receive the vaccines appear to have a less complete immune response to Sars-Cov-2 after infection.

What wonderful young women. They are the future of America.

Defund these marxisist leftists institutions , sue them , pull out oneself and your kids, open new patriotic institutions =freedom

Everyone is to deeply dependent on these leftist for everything today. From phones, to cars to schools to doctors to medicine to careers jobs everything. A lefty is at the top of every institution. It’s over

Even more concerning, scientists now have found evidence the vaccines may produce worrisome longer-term changes in the immune system.

Three American heros. Make America Free Again, Make America Real Again.

New Study: Fully Vaccinated People Just as Likely to Spread Delta Variant Within Households as Unvaccinated

The vaccine is safe and effective like the 2020 elections were free and fair.

We need a separate military anyway. We need a separate economy. We need a civil war. It could save millions of lives.

A well Regulated Militia,

Militia = any able bodied person

Supplying, for themselves, tools and arms as deemed appropriate for military use.

Nothing American about a company that uses extortion tactics to push a dangerous medical experiment on its employees.

The military is being groomed to be used against American citizens. This purge is the first step. Those who play along are nothing more than Stalin’s useful idiots. This is not about the vax, it’s about freedom. It’s time for all freedom loving Americans to stand up, speak out, resists and defy the tyrants in our country. We must stand together and prevail, or we will forever be their victims.

Thankfully there are many more retired military patriots and than active duty loyalists. I’m with you…The time is now to resist en masse…”Live Free or Die”

But first we must repossess the Hardware.

Biden’s globalist handlers see Americans as the enemy. #Resist
German city stops tracking covid vaccine deaths in order to suppress the truth about how many people are being KILLED by vaccines

“the only available vaccines were EUA, and vaccination must be voluntary, she was told that small legal distinction didn’t matter.This issue is important because it makes the mandate order unlawful.”

All mandates are unlawful, unconstitutional. I wish that was more widely stated. Doesn’t matter if the jab is eua, authorized, etc., we do not govern here by mandate, edict, etc. Biden said at a presser not too long ago that our Bill of Rights was not absolute. Made my blood run cold. Wake up, they’re trying to strip us of everything!

Harvard medicine professor warns that children should not get vaccinated against COVID-19

It’s banned for under 18’s in the UK and other countries due to heart inflammation/myocarditis.

Nobody should .. you will realize as they stack the dead like cords of wood this winter. Just wait.

I see no solution without armed conflict … it’s going to happen, just a question of when.

I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Finally people are waking up. Now we need to organize and follow through, but who do you trust and how do we do it? That’s the rub.

“who do you trust and how do we do it?”

I have often thought of exactly what you are saying. I have my own little circle of trust, but it is going to require more than just a bunch of small, disparate circles to do this. There is hope, I can think of probably at least 100 people in my circle I could trust. Everyone at my range is trustworthy for sure as most are retired military and LEO’s who are definitely on our side.

Lol, these idiots ALREADY had to get numerous vaccines.

They just wanted an easy way out, as they can’t hack it in the military.

Polio vaccine was made, tested, and distributed to kids within ONE YEAR, you more on.

Requiring the vaccine in people who already have natural immunity has no scientific basis. A Cleveland Clinic study found that vaccinating people with natural immunity did not add to their level of protection.

Requiring the vaccine in intelligent people who already know the horrible risks has no scientific basis. It’s irrelevant if they’re immune or have religious objections.

The notion that the government has to vaccinate every American, up to every newborn to control the pandemic is based on the false assumption that the risk of dying from COVID is equally distributed in the population. But the young and healthy are rarely affected by the virus.

94% of all covid deaths have an average age of 78 (average male lifespan in US is 72 and female 78) and victims have (obesity/diabetes/metabolic syndromes) as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd co-morbidity. Everyone else has a greater chance of dying in their car on the way to work.

Stolen elections have consequences, this would never have been allowed under President Trump.

Destroying people’s lives over a unproven vaccine is Un-American.

The military is the last institution the progressives need to tear down before we become ruled by them.

Our military academies proudly teach CRT, so the white ones hate themselves and America when they get out. These are the ones that will come to kill us when ordered to.

People should never let other humans, especially sociopaths like those in the DNC and many CEO’s of the tech companies, to convince them that any of their Social Justice crusades are about anything more than gaining power over them. There is no utopia, and if the Leftist Lunatics gain power, it will be a dark, dystopian nightmare that we are already witnessing ever since the 3rd antichrist Bathouse Barry got into office.

They had better get a whole lot more of them because there are 100x’s more of us than there are of them! .. BRING IT!

If just 3% of those armed Americans exercised their Second Amendment right, then all of this would be over. Communism is an idea that has killed more humans than any virus or disease. It’s time to apply a lead vaccine to the idea of communism.

There was a lot more COVID back in the spring and the Army didn’t think mandates were necessary back then. This is all to please the Democrats.

There is no place in the military for people who refuse to follow lawful orders.

You think it is lawful for the CIC to play doctor and order people to undergo medical treatment? It is not. Sorry not sorry but he won’t win this one.

The military is full of liberals who want free college and free benefits

I can not believe West Point has turned against America.

They teach the cadets CRT, cheerfully. [critical race theory]

The American government has turned vs America
I stopped standing for this flag

If you are …
Waiting for Elections
Expecting White Hats to save us…
You’re in for a shock…

This is a disgrace, its indoctrination. If you don’t conform, the Commies will destroy you. We HAVE to take our country back!!!

Secession is the only way.
Screw succession the blob will not stop to absorb only half.

Dispose of the ENEMY.

Why should Patriots continue standing for this flag?
It’s not the American flag that is the problem.
I guess that’s your flag?

Benedict Arnold tried to surrender West Point to the British. Looks like Bill Gates got it.

Trump better run on purges of Military brass, DOJ and FBI and CDC FDA.

I wonder why DJT voted that way. [ie why did Trump endorse the jab? I wonder too, but at least he was against the passports/mandates]

And even if he does, he couldn’t beat the Deep State last time

Why are we focusing on One Man to save us?

Infuriating. The Brass is going to get their DD quickly. [discharge papers]

The so called “vaccine” is just one of the tools being used to purge our once great military and every other segment of our society. This experimental drug is now proven to be harmful, deadly and completely ineffective and yet, here we are.

Black people in general are against this vaccine more then the white Karen’s. The media just won’t report it

It is unifying. I work for largest company of its kind world Wide. Only 17% of company have said they were vaccinated.

Purge 90% of top brass TODAY in all military. Lt. COL and above. 50% Majors and Capt and LT

The Biden administration is handing out red pills on the daily.
[a reference to the Matrix meme]


The goal of the pandemic response should be to reduce death, illnesses and disability. Instead the government’s pandemic response has morphed into tyranny.

As planned from the beginning when Fauci created the Bioweapon and CCP released it..

It seems to me they have retained their honor in this situation, in spite of what was done to them. How many thousands of men caved to the kill shot???

Close West Point. I never thought I would say it. BUT CLOSE IT.

I hope they sue for discrimination.

Especially since the The Jab isn’t a “vaccine.”A vaccine actually prevents transmission and catching a virus. Polio vaccine conferred lifelong immunity and eradicated Polio in the West.

Taiwan has more deaths from Vaccine than Covid

This is heartbreaking.


They are incredibly articulate and inspiring. It really brings home in an extremely personal way how injustice on a massive scale can happen in an otherwise rational country. I completely understand now on a visceral level how the Holocaust (and other historical genocides) happened. We are currently in the early phase of World War IV—these young people realize the time is nigh to choose sides.

I predicted this was all coming in the summer of 2008 right when I heard his [Obama’s] name and saw him. This is what he ultimately wanted and is 12 years in the making. He corrupted every major cabinet of government (and he had help), and that’s why everyone is now witnessing the fruits of that bad seed. He’s a Communist, Muslim-supporting, America-hating zealot and was sent from the depths of h3ll.

When I found out before that 2008 election that Barry Soetoro sat in the “church” of “Reverend” Wright for 20 years listening to him spew his anti-American hate, and that Barry’s political career was launched in the parlor of unconvicted 60’s terrorist turned “professor” Bill Ayers, I knew we were in serious trouble.[this is a reference to Barrack Omama being influenced by an anti-American preacher]

At this point in the game I find it impossible to support the US Military leadership in any way shape matter or form…I have friends who are being forced to make these decisions right now…some who have dedicated more than a decade of their lives to protecting America from her enemies…what the DemoKKKrat Party has done to our US Military by inserting political correctness policies into it’s leadership is perhaps the most obvious example of their true intentions which is to turn America into a 3rd world country & hopefully the silver lining in this is that people are starting to see these intentions for the evil they represent & reject them in the name of freedom & liberty for ALL!!!

Difficult to imagine what mental state a parent would have to be in to unnecessarily treat their healthy child with this chemical. Emergency use? Define the emergency for a healthy child. The morbidity rate is zero. The severe illness rate is near zero.

HERE WE GO: New Jersey Hospital Mandates Covid Booster Shots For Certain Employees

UPDATE: 71 out of 75 Districts in Uttar Pradesh, India – Its Most Populated State – Reported No Covid-19 Cases in 24 Hours After Implementing Ivermectin Protocol

A recent study in Israel found that vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to be infected – and 7 times as likely to be hospitalized – as unvaccinated people with natural immunity.

The British government is warning that people who receive the vaccines appear to have a less complete immune response to Sars-Cov-2 after infection.

Scientists now have found evidence the vaccines may produce worrisome longer-term changes in the immune system.

Friend was informed where she gets her expensive heart medicine (mail order/3 months supply) will refuse to fill her prescription because she is not vaccinated. Yes she can go elsewhere, but not only is she being charged 15% more for their healthcare policy if she’s not vaccinated, her medication she pays $80 for she will be paying $200 for other pharmacies.

This is discrimination. They cover every drug attic, alcoholic, morbidly obese person with their life unhealthy, with no restrictions as long as they’re vaccinated. My friend who is very healthy minus a heart condition which she has no control over, unlike the addicts, she’s discriminated against.

New Study: Fully Vaccinated People Just as Likely to Spread Delta Variant Within Households as Unvaccinated. See:

There are no longer any American” institutions or ideals.

I will never take the vaccine whether it works or not, from 0% to 100% effective and or safe. The abusers deserve any karma coming their way.

Natural immunity is superior.

If you valued your health, you’d do your own research and then make decisions, not rely on what CNN tells you.

Only a moron would think this was ever about health at this point. It has always been about control and taking out the best of the best America has to offer in all fields so the trash can be pushed into their place they worked so hard to earn.

This garbage is so unbelievable that (1) it ever started and (2) that our military academies and staff are filled with Nazi scum who would embrace being nazis screwing the very people they called heroes just a few months ago. Every one of these bastards should be fired.

It’s called “hazing”, and it dates back to the Greeks and possibly the Egyptians.

– Hazing is illegal and a violation of the UCMJ.
– I guess you were not in the US Military. There are a lot of “things” that happen that don’t get reported. You learn to “take it” – or you perish.

This goes beyond hazing. This is abusive at the institutional level.

You can talk about the side-effects of this vaccine all want. Number one thing is it doesn’t work. The vaccine works to lower your long-term immunity. Cancer rates will skyrocket. This truly pisses me off.

It’s just one way they are purging non-Democrats.
Not just Democrats, but want to keep lemmings.

They force people to take a vaccine that doesn’t work. They ban medicine that does work [i.e., Ivermectin]

The people imposing the mandates are the enemy of the people.

What part of discrimination and segregation don’t Leftists get?

Can’t wait to start pissing on some of these Demorat fraudulent leaders graves!!!

They are literally bio-terrorists.

West Point is proving to be a skidmark on your underwear. When they openly promote Communists it’s time for a new exclusive military institution.

Are they suing? Xidens “military” is a joke a despicable, incompetent joke.

USMA 85 “For Excellence We Strive 85.” This is a DISGRACE.

When will people wake up and see that we are at war?

It’s the Globalists, Communists, and CCP vs. everyone else, including moderates of the Democrats and Independents. It’s the Bolshevik death cult vs. the rest of humanity.

You can sure tell when a party in power has never studied history, they repeat it.

A century ago, the so-called “progressive” fascists became so hated in America that the word “progressive” fell into desuetude. It wasn’t until people had forgotten how evil the “progressives” were that criminals like Hillary could get away with using it again.

Benedict Arnold is risen from the dead. Has captured West Point.

[in reply to a critic who says the girls are white supremacists]
WOW Libtroll do you even read these articles b/c Nikaylah Sampson is OBVIOUSLY not white…& BTW these young ladies are (if you actually read their statements) learning a lot about their government & how it operates.

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