High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality compared to the Non-vaccinated

[NB – What’s fascinating about this report it’s the exact opposite of what the media is telling us; they blaming everything on the unvaccinated – even in countries that have a high vaccination rate. It seems like a strategy for pushing the jab even more. The entire media has been co-opted into service for pushing the jab through propaganda. It’s quite incredible. What is motivating the MSM owners to do this? The simple answer must be money. A lot of it. From where? The billionaires in the Good Club, Big Pharma, and China is my guess. The degree of influence being weilded in this war against humanity is enormous. The diabological genius of it is that most people seem oblivious to what’s happening.]


Data on Mortality in the Most Vaccinated Countries. Increased Hospitalizations of the Vaccinated

ByGérard DelépineGlobal Research, October 30, 2021

First published on September 30, 2021

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the French government has claimed that early treatment was ineffective. It has imposed major restrictions on our freedoms, in particular on doctors’ prescriptions,[1]

It has also promised that vaccination would achieve collective immunity, the end of the crisis and a return to normal life.

But the failure for 18 months of this so-called “health strategy” based onfalse simulations, innumerable lies, promises never kept, as well as the propaganda and fear campaign has become unbearable.

In turn this has been followed bythe extortion of consentto be vaccinated, by outright blackmail, while curtailing our freedoms to move and socialize, our right to work and engage in leisure activities.

Are the current vaccines that they want to…

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