[Good news] Quebec Drops COVID Vaccine Mandate for Existing Health-Care Workers

Healthcare workers in Quebec protest vaccine mandates
see https://www.rebelnews.com/thousands_protest_quebec_health_care_worker_vaccine_mandate

And Ontario premier also says COVID-19 vaccines won’t be mandatory for health care workers in his province

[NB – it’s a good sign that two provinces are backing down on mandates for this sector; they realize they can’t do without these workers, who stood their ground and won. It should also raise the question in the minds of the public: if health-care workers don’t want the jab, concerns over its safety may be legitimate.]

by Isaac Teo, Epoch Times, Nov. 3, 2021

Quebec says existing health-care workers won’t have to get a COVID-19 vaccine to keep their jobs, marking a reversal in the province’s position.

Meanwhile, Ontario Premier Doug Ford says it will be up to individual health workers in his province whether they want to get vaccinated or not.

In a press conference in Quebec City on Nov. 3, Health Minister Christian Dubé said the suspension of unvaccinated workers as of Nov. 15 will have a “devastating effect” on the province’s health system. He said the province will face service reductions or reorganizations if the government proceeds with its planned deadline for mandatory vaccination.

“To deprive ourselves of 8,000 people [in health staff ranks] will have devastating consequences for our network,” Dubé said.

Instead of the original plan, vaccination will no longer be mandatory for current employees, he said, but they have to be tested for COVID-19 at least three times a week. As for new hires, they will be required to be vaccinated.

The government originally set an Oct. 15 deadline for health care workers to be vaccinated but extended it by a month amid urgent staffing shortages.

Dubé says 97 percent of health-care workers are vaccinated against COVID-19, but there are still about 14,000 who have not received a single dose, including 5,000 who have direct contact with patients.

Also on Nov. 3, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said in light of the challenges other provinces have had in implementing vaccine mandates for health-care workers, he won’t be forcing hospital workers to get COVID-19 vaccines.

“British Columbia has had to cancel surgeries and diagnostic tests because of the sudden termination of more than 3,000 health care workers after implementing a vaccine mandate,” Ford said in a Nov. 3 statement.

“Quebec has now abandoned theirs altogether because of the significant risk an abrupt loss of thousands of health care workers poses to delivering critical services.”

Ford said with the high vaccination rates in hospitals and “robust infection prevention and control” measures, the hospitals “remain safe for patients and staff members who care for them.”

“I am not prepared to jeopardize the delivery of care to millions of Ontarians,” Ford said.

”Having looked at the evidence, our government has decided to maintain its flexible approach by leaving human resourcing decisions up to individual hospitals.”


Some readers’ comments on Epoch Times

I am so pleased that the thousands of health workers across Canada and in the U.S. have stood up to our fascist governments. Those miserable B____ds have backed off, afraid that the health disaster that would flow from the governments’ dictatorial edicts would not be good for them at the ballot box. I’m sure these fascists and their supporters would like nothing better than lining up the health workers and other refuseniks and shooting them just as the Gestapo and the SS would.

Testing 3 times a week’s is all BS! #Donotcomply
[NB – also, the PCR tests are faulty]

Thank you Frank for posting Action4Canada this information and strategies will help many people! I watched the zoom message and it blew me away!!! Canada has hope in numbers.

Wonder if ’Dr.’ Bonnie Henry will curb her taste for tyranny in BC. Likewise her sneering and threatening attitude toward health professionals – doctors and nurses alike, not to mention the smart people who have decided against getting jabbed. She’s “run out of patience” with them! She’s already been outed for her ignorance on various health policy matters, yet mulishly pushes ahead oblivious to reality. Maybe it’s the effect of Canada having a WHO stooge as Chief Health Officer. Or of having a dyed-in-the-wool communist still playing at being a Prime Minister after stealing yet another election with 0bama’s help?

Not sure young Trudeau had to steal an election, given the way we set up ridings.

Ford is using executive order 195 to authorize employers to terminate people. This is a contravention of the Human Rights Code of Canada. People need to issue notices of liability to employers found here:

I am getting a sore neck from watching all this flip-flopping back and forth. What’s their story going to be tomorrow? The sad reality is that any shred of credibility left in these (mis)leaders has been eliminated by their own indecisive “decisions”.

At best vaccination protects the individual who is vaccinated, nothing else. There is absolutely no reason for mandating vaccination.

Sad that Premiere Kenney stated today that Alberta WON’T turn back like ON and QC have decided to do. Alberta used to be the free Province – no longer.

This means nothing. The regions and individual hospital systems are still mandating these inoculations. The one and only reason for the politicians to do this is so they can claim they were not responsible for the mandates. They are inveterate liars.

It just goes to show, “we the people” ultimately hold the power. However, when “we the people” give up our rights, society topples.


They’re drugs like any other. Wonder why the ‘war on drugs’ disappeared? The opioid crisis and massive payout to US states? If media/govt called them drugs they’d have to deal with informed consent which apparently they make a point of saying is needed in US now when using ‘risky’ drugs like HQL to treat the virus. But not the new vac drugs. Interesting.

It “reporters, even the ET “reporters,” don’t check out their facts – like the differences between the definitions of “vaccines” vs. “injections” – then they don’t deserve to be called “reporters” or “correspondents” – they are mere “SCRIBBLERS”!

Christine Elliott’s daily covid tally had 37% fully vaccinated infection rate yesterday. Absolutely no ground to mandate experimental vaccines! Early treatment is available by American Frontline Doctors. Get rid of the fear factors everyone!

3 x a week!!!! Rammed up your nose into the brain barrier. The swabs are just as deadly as the poisonous shots. It just takes a little longer. Nanos people..oh my!!! Please wake up!!! We’re running out of time…don’t let this take over happen..what’s next…?

It’s illegal in Canada to force a DNA test. Govt tried to have the law changed in 2019.

Maybe now people will understand all they have to do is stand up for themselves. Victory !!

Nothing makes sense. As of now, unvaccinated front-line workers can go into a facility where there’s an outbreak declared. They have been working under these conditions through the supposed peak of this fake pandemic. Now, when 97% of workers are vaccinated in Alberta, as of November 30, you are no longer allowed to go into work if are not vaccinated. This is beyond criminal. How did we end up with so many imbeciles amongst our compatriots falling for this scam?

Ha! Simple, the hierarchy of IQ; the idiots obey and the morons vote for the imbeciles.

Only carrying out edicts from few unelected in world. Prob incl owners behind Vanguard Group (own Pfz/Merk.) Look it up.

Now why didn’t they do that in the US?

[Quebec leader] played tough guys but was already short of 5000 workers and 22,000 were not going for his vaccine. He was losing the fight notwithstanding a judgment coming from Judge Michel Yergeau that would be devastating for Quebec’s health system, the political class and a CAQ going into elections. Now let’s talk about compulsory Overtime. We are not over yet.

It’s NOT a vaccine. It’s a GMO injection. Seriously. DO THE RESEARCH! Have you EVER seen ANY government SO DESPERATE to get a needle in EVERY ARM? Got to make the even dullest among us suspicious! Why have all this fuss over a virus that has a 99.997% survival rate, if you’re under 80? NOT A TYPO!! 99.997% survival!!! [for ages 0 to 19; CDC figures]

When the frontline heroes don’t want it, you know it’s poison. I’m a proud anti-vaxxer. FU government tyrants.

This testing must STOP! even Fauci says to CNN, he would get tested because he has no “symptoms“!😉

Keep up the fight, we will win!

Are the Governments buying time? They twist and turn like a snake. When the timing is right, they can turn on a time.

Congratulations to all those health workers and thank you for standing up!

Nice to see some common sense finally! At least Ontario and Quebec care more about the patients than their egos and mandates. Not here in British Columbia though… our leaders are busy saying it’s the fault of the unvaccinated workers that is causing the canceled surgeries and closed hospital departments. Blame those nurses! they say. Even went so far as to say they shouldn’t be in the health care professional if they won’t get vaccinated! Nice eh? Glad for you Ontario and Quebec your leaders at least have some sense as compared to the dolts running things here in BC

Nobody and I mean NOBODY can lie like a politician. And it usually doesn’t even require “thinking” on their part!

Don’t ever give Govmnt. credit for common sense! They did it out of fear of an uncontrollable backlash. Note that some police organizations were pushing back as well. If they can’t count on the police or the military then they have no control. Be vigilant as they will reorganize and still try moving their agenda!

Your BC politicos rank somewhere between idiots and imbeciles (closer to imbeciles) – see definition I gave above.

Had to read it twice to believe it! Great great news!

Spineless dolts! No mea culpa, or even a slight apology to the thousands of people that they caused to experience existential angst for the past 2 months. Nor thanking them for their previous sacrifices or future service. This reversal of their policy was done just to bail out their own sorry butts. Stand firm against these straw politicians everyone. No morals amongst them.

You make a very good point. And I’d add – the so-called ‘Charter of Rights …’ says that there shall not be ‘classes’ of Canadians. Well, here you are. Classes of Canadians. The injected and the non-injected. ((I won’t use the term ‘vaccine’ because it is not a vaccine)

I truly appreciate people like you who follow definitions strictly and well. You know what a vaccine is better than Mr. Fauxi (faux: “false, phony, or fraudulent”).

Way to Hold the Line, everyone!! Good work. Next up – if unvaccinated need to be tested, and we know that everyone can spread COVID whether vaccinated or not – then surely either everyone must be tested or no one.

To hell with the tests. Are we seeing common sense or fear of lawsuits here?

Neither…we’re just seeing the same “stupid” as we have endured for 2 years…politicians being led around by the nose for The Great Reset cabal of criminals. Some politicians are now resisting the Fauci-Gate CDC, WEF, and WHO BS as potential charges of Crimes Against Humanity creep up the chain of command. It’s clear now the ONLY way out of this is to get the cold/flu – lay low for 5- 10 days and go back to work.

After I got COVID and recovered, I got my testing certificate that shows my high level of COVID antibodies (so I am certified as not needing their jab).

It’s probably because they have nobody to take care of people because they got rid of everybody

They are still keeping the mandates for new hires. 🥴

Amazing: these leaders have actually figured out that medically-savvy people may not want or need the shot! Many have natural immunity; they have already worked through the whole pandemic. Maybe our leaders will grow some brains someday here. Next, these idiots may even realize that there are simple, cheap, and effective cures for covid-19, but I won’t be holding my breath.


Healthcare workers uniting is what turned the tide …


Thousands protest Quebec health-care worker vaccine mandate

Alexa Lavoie was in Montreal, Quebec this past weekend where protesters gathered to rally against the province’s plan to force health-care workers to take COVID vaccines.

by Alexandra Lavoie, Rebel News, Oct. 14, 2021

Update: since the filming of this video, Quebec has delayed the vaccine mandate for health-care workers from October 15 to November 15.

“March for the uniformed” was the theme of the protest in Montreal this past Saturday, where a few thousand people were present.

The march began at city hall, bypassing the courthouse and ending in a park in Montreal.

We could see firefighters, nurses, lab technicians, police officers, teachers, and many more united for the same cause.

I asked people: what was their concern about the banning of unvaccinated from transportation?

And what was going to happen next on October 15, with health-care workers and other federally regulated staff facing dismissal for being unvaccinated?

It was very interesting as a topic of discussion.

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