MSM Wants An America With No Independent Media

[NB – The MSM has been bought by a corporate oligarchy working closely with China, in order to eradicate free speech and impose authoritarian censorship.

The MSM (or ‘legacy media’) has increasingly become corrupt and spread partisan propaganda. This has become more apparent in recent years (especially after Trump won in 2016 and CNN was clearly no longer a neutral news source).

With the advent of their support for medical tyranny the role of the MSM as propagandists has become more clear than ever. They do not report they news; they help shape society – in this case through scare-mongering and now scapegoating the unvaccinated.

Without the MSM, the faux pandemic would never have happened, since the recovery rates for Covid-19 are not much worse than the common flu. Few people would have been able to distinguish between Covid-19 and the flu.

This is not only affecting the USA, but the entire Western world, including Canada. The West has enjoyed the benefits of free speech (a key Enlightenment principle), since the 18th century.

To win freedom of speech and freedom of the press has been an uphill struggle against despotism, for centuries – starting with religious censorship and then totalitarianism.

The fight for that principle continues today as it is severely threatened by the very forces that ought to be championing it: the mainstream media. They are now little more than propaganda machines for the corporate oligarchy, doing their part to impose a global technocracy.

The MSM and social media giants learned how to do this through the CCP. It is left to the indepdenent media to take up the fight – including blogs such as this one.]

The World We Live In

The continuous attempts by theMSMto label Independent and conservative media as “conspiracy” theorists, pounding that message every single day in their headlines. Their attitudes always implies that if the liberal establishment media hasn’t “confirmed” the news, it really isn’t news.

bySusan Duclos

mainstream media fake

Then they ignore the topic an Independent Media outlet is reporting on, until the time they all collude to attack the specific target, claiming that news is “fake.”

Months later, the MSM “discovers” the story and reports on it like they just performed actual journalism.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

In some cases, liberal hosts are so tone-deaf and full of hubris they say the quiet part out loud, like it is their “job” to “control” what the “people think.”

Flashback of Mika Brzezinski stating on live TV that the job of the MSM is to control exactly what the people think:

Mika Brzezinski is the daughter…

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