How to beat an increasingly totalitarian society

The video says there is no real escape through retreat to comforts (regressive escape), and not by re-locating (physical escape) – especially in the current situation, where there are few places to escape to since this is a global problem. Most are escaping regressively to Nexflix, video games, drugs, and alcohol – but that is no escape in the long run.

The real remedy is through small acts of independent thought and creativity: creating an alternative world to serve as pockets of resistance, through both great and small acts of meaningful resistance, through celebrations and expressions of the liberating element within the human spirit.

A man in a jail cell can be free even if his body is trapped. He can find freedom in the Lifeworld (Lebenswelt) within, just as James Stockdale did in a POW camp in Vietnam, for example. He said, “Do the right thing even if it means dying like a dog when no one’s there to see you do it.” His dedication to truth was his freedom. Jesus said, “what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” (Mark 8:36)

The character played by Willie Nelson in Coming out of the Ice (1982) is in a Soviet gulag but tells the protagonist that no matter what happens to him, he is spiritually free. The totalitarians fear this freedom of the soul above all else and seek to crush it through propaganda, re-eduction (ideology), and punishment.

The desire for freedom can take many forms. For some, it is found through serious faith communities — which is why the would-be totalitarians like to control and censor faith. But it can also be found through art or satire (e.g. Babylon Bee comes to mind), or through fellowship with free-thinking people (e.g., freedom rallies), or in small acts of defiance (e.g., don’t wear a mask), etc. There is no limit to its expressions. They want to crush us with physical and social restrictions, and through censorship, but nothing can destroy the human spirit if it wants to live.

There are hundreds of things we can do, to resist and create independent worlds, apart from the stale, lifeless, conformity that’s increasingly being imposed on us. Lockdowns and vax passports and mandates and mask mandates are all forms of spiritual death. They are the end to freedom and life — and deliberately so. The would-be totalitarians are trying to kill us spiritually, to break us.

The eugenists among them wish to literally rob us of life as well — and have already succeeded in murdering tens of thousands with the jab and maiming millions more – and killing millions more through the virus they engineered in a lab in Wuhan province.

What I’ve done in the last few months, to help create a free society, is to start this blog. Before that, I was on Twitter till they kicked me off. I was dissenting from the dominant narrative however I could. Others have written letters. You can join a freedom rally; they are popping up all over the world. I’ve been to three thus far. The more the better! Create art that extols freedom or somehow condemns tyranny. Paint a banner. Put White Rose stickers up.

I don’t wear masks though where I live requires it; very often, people say nothing, which is remarkable. It’s worth trying it to see what they’ll say — and simply to breathe. Claim to be medically exempt – which is not a lie, since masks restrict our oxygen and are psychologically damaging. They’re medically ineffective symbols of submission.

There are thousands of comments on youtube against medical tyranny that are encouraging. Each comment is a form of resistance, an act of freedom. Seeing them is encouraging.

This is the time to do such things. If we don’t, we’ll regret it later when real freedoms we took for granted will be a distant memory. The reason they’re forcing children to wear the mask and take the jab is to condition them to a life of subservience and perpetual illness and irrational fear. We need to keep the freedoms alive that we grew up with, for their sake.

The reality is that if this is not sufficiently resisted right now, it will get much worse. There are Stalins and Pol Pots waiting to emerge, to commit genocide against the unvaccinated and conservatives or anyone in general. Stalin didn’t discriminate; all were fair game for execution or gulags. No one is safe once they start. Tyranny doesn’t go away with compliance. Compliance only feeds it, making it worse.

This was a good video. It’s hopeful because it affirms what can be done. It indicates that our actions to resist this count for something. Societies like Germany, China, and Russia, during the 20th century, caved into totalitarianism because there was not enough resistance.

The greatest irony is those Leftists who call themselves “the resistance” and think of themselves as rebels while at the same time endorsing censorship, totalitarianism, and corporate oligarchy. What are they resisting exactly? They’re like the kids who wear a Che Guevara t-shirt. They’re in for a shock when they find out what they’ve really been supporting. The Utopia they want will never arrive. By pushing the jab, for instance, the ‘progressive’ idealists at Care2 have done, they’re helping form a dystopian hell for themselves and others.

Mocking would-be totalitarians is a crucial act at this time. They need to be made fun of and criticized and told off: not to be cruel to them personally, but to indicate that this is not acceptable. It’s wrong. One can also express beauty, hope, faith, and creativity — none of which the totalitarian mindset approves of.

Ultimately, what’s happening now to us is the eradication of life itself. It is a manifestation of what Freud termed Thanatos: the death instinct. In Christian terms, it is the work of the devil and ca. In rationalist terms, it is ‘heteronomy of the will’ – meaning allowing your will to be subjugated by another, breeding tyranny. In ethical terms, it is a capitulation to moral evil.

This video above refers to Nietzsche’s term Rausch: “a rare and unique state, categorized by as one of the more powerful of experiences possible for human beings. When aesthetic phenomena stimulate such a state, the individual is vaulted into a higher mode of being.”

I’m not sure that Nietzche represents the paragon of freedom that I aspire to – though his works can be interpreted in more than one way – so I won’t discount his value for the videographer. Das Übermensch can simply mean freedom from closed thinking; it need not necessarily represent genetic superiority or superior power (which is thought by some to be a later corruption of the concept). The point is that we can and should resist medical tyranny, however possible, while there’s still an opportunity to do so. It will be much harder later on if this is allowed to continue. Recent protests in Quebec and Ontario won the nurses freedom from vax mandates. It’s a step in the right direction.

Rausch sounds to me like what Rudolph Otto termed “the numinous” state, to the state to which religion aspires. I have felt something like it through Christianity, which has been a standard vehicle for the transcendent experience for two millennia for tens of millions of people. This is why the new totalitarians fear it and try to suppress and control that and other faiths – just as the old totalitarians in Rome did in the first three centuries, and just as Communists do in China and North Korea today. True Christianity represents a threat to them. As St. Paul tells us, it is transferring one’s status from being a slave to sin to being a slave to Christ. The totalitarians wish us to be a slave to their will. They want to be gods. They stand for fear; freedom, at its best, stands for love.

Anti-Christian Campaign In China Ramping Up To Antichrist ...

One does not have to be a Christian to participate in and advocate for human freedom. It’s possible for the transcendent creative element in the soul to be expressed in other ways too. I mention faith just as one way in which the human spirit can find liberation. Human creativity is potentially limitless in form. Creating pockets of freedom within an increasingly imprisoned society is the key to undoing it. Defying and subverting all the Covid restrictions are key in this effort. Complying with those restrictions is a path to the grave. ““O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Cor. 15:55)

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