People will be given barcodes in the new ‘vaccine’ passport system developed in China and now being exported globally

Chinese state media proudly shows off preschoolers with QR codes waiting for COVID tests

The use of barcodes to identify people is already in use in China (see article below).

Biden administration developing vaccine passport system

by Ian Miles Cheong, Rebel News, March 29, 2021

[NB – This is an extension of the vax passport idea on Smartphones and seems to be an intermediary step towards implanted ID chips and a social credit system in which all citizens must participate. It’s a step towards totalitarianism, based on the model developed and adopted by the CCP (see my article on that here). Assigning barcodes or ID chips to people is purposely dehumanizing and a sign of impending despotic technocracy in which human freedom and human rights are all but eradicated.

It is often compared to Star of David and later tattooed numbers assigned to Jews during the Holocaust, as well as the Mark of the Beast: “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.” (Rev. 13:16-17) See my article on that here.]

The Biden administration is developing a vaccine passport system that “could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass.” The system will serve as proof for Americans intending to use businesses that require proof of vaccination.

“The administration’s initiative has been driven largely by arms of the Department of Health and Human Services, including an office devoted to health information technology, said five officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the effort,” the Washington Post reported. “The White House this month took on a bigger role coordinating government agencies involved in the work, led by coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients, with a goal of announcing updates in coming days.”

According to the Washington Post report, the system will be available through smartphone apps and “could display a scannable code similar to an airline boarding pass.” The developers of the app informed the publication that vaccine passport holders would have the option of printing out a pass. Despite efforts to promote the program, the vaccine passport system is expected to face “significant hurdles” surrounding data privacy and concerns over the possibility of counterfeits.

“One of the most significant hurdles facing federal officials: the sheer number of passport initiatives underway, with the Biden administration this month identifying at least 17,” the Washington Post reported. “Those initiatives — such as a World Health Organization-led global effort and a digital pass devised by IBM that is being tested in New York state — are rapidly moving forward, even as the White House deliberates about how best to track the shots and avoid the perception of a government mandate to be vaccinated.”

A Biden official informed the Post that the developers are devising ways to tailor their apps to “adjust for the spread of variants” and facilitate “how booster shots would be tracked.”

Efforts to promote a vaccine passport are being spearheaded by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has called for the development of a global tracking system using QR codes to monitor individuals exposed to the coronavirus, reports the Daily Wire.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York is the first state to jump on board with the vaccine passport bandwagon with the creation of “Excelsior Pass,” a smartphone app that lets people print out a pass or store it on their phones.

“Each Pass will have a secure QR code, which participating businesses and venues can scan using a companion app to verify proof of COVID-19 negative test results or proof of vaccination,” a press release stated. “An individual’s data is kept secure and confidential at all times.”

Online comments from readers:

What is the world coming to?

Tattooed on the forearm? [an allusion to the Holocaust]

No, just a yellow star to be worn at all times. Soon ‘our betters’ will explain why our new society doesn’t include our ‘divine leaders’ and how owning nothing will make us happy.

Xi Jinping is seeking WORLD CONTROL. Wake up people or else you will be their slaves forever,

Many people I talk to think the vaccine passport is a good idea. However, once people have this passport, it will then evolve into a social credit system, such as the one now in use in China. We will then be controlled and rated by our thoughts and all actions.

This is tyranny, pure and simple. Do we want to live in a totalitarian state? I don’t! This stupid virus is way less harmful than first predicted by supposed health experts. More than 99% of people recover from it. Governments just want to wrest freedoms away from us in the name of this phony emergency.

Complete ruse.

Vaccination ID but no voter ID?! Sure, sounds reasonable. Now about that swamp land you have for sale, please, tell me more? [a reference to the fact that Democrats do not want voter ID at the election polls, since illegal alien votes will help them win]

Agenda 2030. Look it up.

See “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black. The processes are in place for another Holocaust.


Related story:

Chinese state media proudly shows off preschoolers with QR codes waiting for COVID tests

Dr. Jordan Peterson weighed in on the “totalitarian state” shown in the video.

by Ian Miles Cheong, Rebel News, Nov. 08, 2021

The Chinese state media has released a video showing a line of preschoolers with QR codes hung around their necks waiting to be tested for the coronavirus, describing them as “cute and brave.” 

In a tweet written by Global Times editor Hu Xijin, the propagandist remarked, “self-discipline and hardworking are keys to why China can defeat rounds of COVID-19 outbreak.” 

“Even kids from kindergarten, with QR code hung around their necks, queued in an orderly manner for nucleic acid test,” he wrote.  

The dystopian video was not well received on social media, with many pointing out that it was the sort of future in store for children living in the west with the normalization of vaccine passports and other forms of identification that were given legs with the onset of the pandemic.  

“Maybe we could thoughtlessly copy a totalitarian state again,” wrote Dr. Jordan Peterson.

“This is the proud vision of the future the #CCP imagines for us all, wrote Epoch Times editor Jan Jekielek. “Remember, this isn’t the hidden part, this is the part the official state propaganda organs hubristically distribute far and wide.” 

“More like psychological child abuse,” wrote Harminder Singh. 

The Global Times is one of China’s state media publications and often says the quiet part out loud with views so extreme that they reflect what party officials are actually thinking but do not broadcast to a global audience.  

Quartz reports:

That’s not exactly a mistake, the paper’s longtime editor says. The Global Times often reflects what party officials are actually thinking, but can’t come out and say, editor-in-chief Hu Xijin explained during a long interview with Quartz in his drab Beijing office in the People’s Daily compound. As a former army officer and current party member, Hu said, he often hangs out with officials from the foreign ministry and the security department, and they share the same sentiments and values that his paper publishes. “They can’t speak willfully, but I can,” he said. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently pushing for a global tracking system to monitor people for potential exposure to the coronavirus.  

“China mandated the widespread use of QR-based health certificates earlier this year. The system, which uses an electronic barcode to store a person’s travel and health history, has been credited with helping to curb the spread of the virus,” CNN reported. “The code issues users with a color code based on their potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. The colors are like traffic lights — green is safest, then amber and finally red.” 

The New York Times investigated the tracking system and found that it does more than simply decide in real-time if someone poses a contagion risk.  

According to the Times, the software shares information with the police and sets a new form of automated social control that the paper warns could persist long after the epidemic is over.  

“The Times’s analysis found that as soon as a user grants the software access to personal data, a piece of the program labeled ‘reportInfoAndLocationToPolice’ sends the person’s location, city name and an identifying code number to a server,” the report added. “The software does not make clear to users its connection to the police. But according to China’s state-run Xinhua news agency and an official police social media account, law enforcement authorities were a crucial partner in the system’s development.” 

As Rebel News previously reported the Biden administration is developing a vaccine passport system in line with Xi Jinping’s proposal.


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