Are the globalists creating more diseases and vaccines for them?

This time the disease is a variant on small pox (see video below). Let’s hope this is not really the case — but after Covid-19 (which was purposely created in a lab to make people sick) anything is possible.

As Ezra Levant points out, smallpox was eradicated decades ago, but now scientists are re-creating it in a lab and creating a vaccine for it — just as they did with Covid-19. What could go wrong?

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Billionaire Warren Buffett Predicts New Pandemic Worse Than COVID-19

[printed in The Epoch Times, July 5 2021]

The American billionaire Warren Buffett . . . is sure that in the future a new pandemic will come that could be worse than that of COVID-19, because despite the lessons that this experience has left us, people would not be prepared to face it either.

Bill Gates warns that a next pandemic could be 10 times worse

Bill Gates warned that an upcoming pandemic could be 10 times worse and that humanity is not prepared for it.

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