Who started this stealth war against humanity: the Good Club, Big Pharma, or the CCP?

Some of the key architects of the Covid-19 “pandemic” and restrictions

In yesterday’s article, I theorized that this ongoing war for world domination, waged under the pretext of a public health crisis, was started by Bill Gates’ Good Club in 2009 and that at some point the CCP was brought on board — and that Gates’ good intentions (though seemingly monomaniacal) will be undone by the CCP’s genocidal power lust in the end.

I would like to revise that theory today, by suggesting that it was the CCP who actually started this war (as part of the ongoing campaign of asymmetric warfare with the U.S.)

Perhaps Gates was made aware of it and tried to avert a full-scale slaughter by agreeing to cooperate with the CCP to help coordinate the Covid-19 ruse?

There is a handful of men who orchestrated this (pictured above). There were many others but these are some of what Iain Davies calls the “core co-conspirators.” But the question of who instigated and planned this should be of great interest to everyone. We need to know the truth.

The reason I now believe it was the CCP is: (1) the similarity with previous patterns of asymmetric war campaigns by the CCP; (2) the sheer audacity and scale of it — which I am not sure Big Pharma and the Good Club by themselves are capable of; and (3) the total disregard for human life characteristic of the CCP. They would think nothing of killing billions. Also, it’s consistent with their plan for world domination.

I now believe that Gates et al were brought in after it had been planned. It may be the case that Gates, Fauci, et al, served as a mitigating influence on the CCP, getting them to agree to a disease that was less catastrophic than what the PLA originally planned. That does not exonerate them (they are still guilty of crimes against humanity) but it would explain why SARS-CoV2 is not as deadly as it could have been. That is just a theory, however.

Another one is that it’s intended to slow us down long enough for Gates and other technologists to devise a technological solution to climate change- which is his main concern. Gates sees all this as a technical problem: slow down industrialization and mass consumption long enough to solve the climate problem. He is not that concerned with rights or freedoms. He is a social engineer who views us as parts of a puzzle.

Others have suggested the real purpose of all that’s happening now is to kill off some 50% or more of us. The mRNA spike protein may eventually do just that, according to some scientists. People are dying of the jab, but not in such large numbers (yet) to confirm that theory. It remains a possibility at this point — but one that’s sufficiently frightening to persuade me not to take it.

We know from the 2015 PLA paper that the PLA had war-gamed the use of the coronavirus for biowarfare against the US (see article below). Perhaps Gates spoke with them about mitigating the harm by arguing for a version of the virus that was not as deadly? That is one piece in the puzzle I can’t make fit: why make the disease so ineffectual?

I think Gates has some latent humanitarian streak in him and sincerely believes that technology can solve all our problems. At the same time, he is a utilitarian willing to trade some lives for others. He certainly does not see himself as an evil man and in fact quite the opposite; he is doing this because he sees himself as fundamentally good, despite the fact that this regime change is costing millions of lives. From a utilitarian point of view, they are being traded away for some greater good he envisages.

As for Big Pharma, they have profited greatly from this, and they are soulless and care nothing for humanity, but I am not convinced they started this. They have been instrumental in it, like the MSM, but more as war profiteers than as warmongers. They are the moral equivalent of the war profiteers who got rich off the Nazi war machine. So too are the MSM corporations (CNN, etc) and those in the now thoroughly corrupt healthcare industry who went along with this mass deception for the sake of their careers. They are the moral equivalent of the physicians who went along with Nazi and Soviet regimes, corrupting medicine in the process.

Big Pharma model is serious obstacle to wiping out Covid ...
The logos of war profiteers and murderers

It’s impossible to say who is truly responsible for this crime unless the co-conspirators are arrested and brought to trial and the real truth brought out under cross-examination. The world deserves the truth. That’s not likely to happen right now, but perhaps eventually it will.

There is an “arrest Dr. Fauci” campaign in the U.S. And even a T-shirt:

Amazon.com: Arrest Fauci - anti Fauci - patriotic Defund ...

[COVID Origin] Letter by PLA Textbook Author to an International Organization Chief

纽约香草山MOS01 Feb. 13, 2021

Author: RD16 Contributor/Research: Magnum44 Publish: Rica

First revealed by Lude Media on February 09, 2021, there is this textbook published by the CCP’s PLA (military) in 2015, “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-Made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon.” 

In Page 195 (the Appendix section), is a letter written by Xu Dezhong, main author of the book, to one certain international organization chief, dated 4/30/2013, which was 10 years after the SARS outbreak. The key points of the letter were, “SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, and by now SARS-CoV does not exist in nature and human population, except in laboratories”, and in order to make it disappear from human population, SARS-CoV has to be put through “reverse evolution.”

Excerpt from the Letter by Xu to An International Organization chief.

Below is the translation of the above excerpt from the letter:

Hard work finally pays off – there is now a lot of reliable research evidence in terms of epidemiology, studies in clinical characteristics, molecular virology and molecular evolution; and all of these are pointing to one direction: SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, and by now SARS-CoV does not exist in nature and humans anymore, except in laboratories. [SARS-Cov in layman’s term refers to SARS, which was spread in mainland China, Hong Kong and the world in 2002]

It is interesting to note that although the evidence from these studies all come from published authoritative journals, due to the reasons that the authors either failed at examining from a macroscopic perspective or just were limited to examining in one direction only, they somehow came to the conclusion of SARS being “not easy to explain” or “further in-depth studies needed.

In contrast, I have analyzed the results of all scholars from the opposite direction and a new perspective, and finally, I can draw at least the following conclusions in an academic capacity.

The conclusions are:

SARS-CoV no longer exists in the world, including nature and humans, except in laboratories.

SARS-CoV has undergone unnatural evolution, most likely due to the unnatural evolution of a particular bat’s SARS-like coronavirus, especially BESL-CoV Rp3, which has likely undergone many times (generations) of unnatural evolutionary steps.

SARS-CoV has entered small mammals and populations close to humans by unnatural means.

When SARS-CoV goes endemic in animals and human populations, due to its unnatural nature, it cannot adapt to the sudden introduction of the new host environment (In the case of natural evolution, it may take ten’s, decades or even longer. But from BL SL-CoV Rp3 to SARS-CoV, the evolution only took 4.5 years, which is almost like “instantly” when compared to the time needed for the natural evolution of the virus).

Therefore, in order to reduce its virulence and power of transmission so to make it finally leave the human population and disappear, SARS-CoV has to be put through “reverse evolution” to achieve that goal.

Short introduction of Xu Dezhong’s bio, which was retweeted by Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

In short, Xu is one of the PLA authoritative SARS researchers who reported to the CCP’s high-ranking officials:

Born in 1941 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Xu Dezhong joined the PLA in 1965 and the Chinese Communist Party in 1987. He received his undergraduate degree from Beijing Medical University and his postgraduate degree in epidemiology from the Fourth Military Medical University.  In 2003, he participated in the Chinese National and PLA SARS Prevention and Control program. 

In year 2003, he was responsible for reporting to the leadership of the Military Commission and the State Ministry of Health. In addition, he completed 24 “briefings” and 3 SARS reports which were provided to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council.He was featured on a few of high-profile interviews and programs on CCP’s state media CCTV and was awarded as an “Advanced Contributor” in the prevention and control of SARS.

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