Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

[Commentary on the article below. Given the fact that most people (roughly 99%) who have Covdid-19 recover from it and develop natural immunity, and that most deaths from it occur among those are already sick (with co-morbidities), this has led many millions to question whether it’s prudent to take an experimental drug (mRNA spiked protein) that can have a potentially toxic effect on the body.

It’s a personal medical choice, and yet we’re being forced to take it or become second-class citizens, losing jobs, the ability to travel, and personal freedoms. Healthy people are scapegoated and shunned and maligned, recalling other periods of history when the healthy were also called diseased as a pretext for genocide.

This coersion and scapegoatging – this medical segregation – is morally wrong and medically unjustifiable. Many people have had their lives ruined by the negative side-effects (adverse events) caused by the spiked proteins, so caution is not unreasonable. The precautionary principle is in order, especially with children, and yet this drug is being pushed on them too, which will undoubtedly lead to many deaths in children in the coming year.

Some scientists, such as Michael Palmer, claim the spiked proteitns are potentially fatal if one has enough shots of it (see For this reason I have chose not to take it, myself, and personally would much rather have Covid-19 than the mRNA jab – especially after the attempt by authoritarians to push the jab on me for force (which makes me suspicious of their real motives).

This is not and never was about public health (see my article on that:

They are merely using a manufactured public health scare over an unremarkable disase that they created in a lab (on purpose) and hyped up in the corrupt media, solely for power and profit — which is deeply wrong. It is evil, a crime against humanity, for which Fauci, Gates, and many others should be prosecuted.

I hope more people wake up to this before it’s too late and we lose all our rights and freedoms and our society is decimated by these ‘adverse events’ and deaths from ‘breakthrough cases’ (caused by ADE). I suspect these adverse events, which have ruined lives, are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. It’s time for this manufactured mass hysteria, this crime against humanity, to end. It has gone too far.]

Did You Know

These people are not just numbers, they are real people with lives that have been destroyed. Reading about them is one thing. Seeing them tell their heartbreaking stories is a whole other thing. This is just a extremely tiny portion of what is happening in our world today. There are hundreds of thousands, around the world, just like these brave people, who have come forward to tell their stories. Do share this with others. Thank you to No More Silence Site and their Rumble Videosso their voices can be heard and especially to those, who came forward. It is extremely hard for victims to tell their stories. You may have a hard time watching these testimonies, just imagine how hard it is for them. Put yourself in their place. Now they want all the children. Imagine if this happened to your child.

Charissa Olivia Klamn – Pfizer & Moderna…

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