Mass-Formation by Dr. Mattias Desmet Professor of Psychology University of Ghent

Mass hysteria during witch hunts
1892 illustration of mass psychosis leading to the torture and murder of thousands of people for alleged witchraft during the Middle Ages.

[My commentary on the article below: This explanation for why so many people are being misled into medical tyranny so easily (mass psychosis) is the subject of a short speech by Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, and an outspoken critic of its use.

Many of these people, I would add, who were already the subject of mass psychosis through Leftism, which as a form of collective thinking has paved the way for their submission to medical tyranny. This is not to say that all Leftists have succumbed (many have not) but I would argue there is a correlation.

I would also add that this these things were understood, though using different language and ideas, by the scholarly fields known as the social psychology of religion and religous violence, years ago. After 9/11 a number of books came out trying to explain religious violence, which also gave us some insight into the rise of 20th century totalitarianism. The psychology of any kind of collective thinking (Islamism, Communism, Nazism) can be explained in this way.

The ethical implications should be obvious. If people let go of their individual moral decision-making abilities (their free will) and defer to the will of the collective, it can promise a greater good, but it can also lead to great harm. It can lead to examples of evil caused by a moral panic of thousands or millions of people responding to fear and deferring their judgement to centralized authorities who abuse that authority for power.

I believe that right now, the collective mind being formed by the collusion of mainstream media, health authorities and government propaganda, is contributing a great evil: to more depression, suicide, job losses, physical harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs, economic depression, and gross violations of our constitutional rights and freedoms. In short, medical tyranny.

It is killing us and many of us are oblivious to that fact. And it’s only going to get worse as long as we don’t free ourselves from it, so a social psychological analysis is helpful for seeing this as it is, and trying to bring back some modicum of reason to an insane situation caused by mass hysteria.]


I came across this information about Mass-Formation and how we are being socially engineered en-masse into totalitarianism worldwide. It’s from a psychology professor at the University of Ghent in Belgium. Anyway I took notes of what Professor Mattias Desmet who also has a master’s degree in statistics observed about the way we are being induced into this sort of Mass-Hypnosis with regards to Covid-19 Plandemic. It really explains a lot about how things got to where we are now. A lot of this is paraphrased from what Dr Mattias spoke of so please go to him as the source.

Gustave le Bon’s book is available on guttenberg but I will also post it here.

Mass-Formation by Dr. Mattias Desmet Professor of Psychology University of Ghent – Master’s degree in Statistics

Gustave Le Bon – Crowds

Le Bon theorized that the new entity, the “psychological crowd”, which emerges from incorporating…

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