Austria threatening to imprison the unvaccinated by 2022; Canadian province allows grocers to ban unvaccinated, and other stories

All stories are from CLG News, Dec. 2021.

Austria threatens to imprison the unvaccinated

Unjabbed Austrians who refuse to comply with the government’s draconian mandates could face prison sentences and crippling fines for non-compliance.

After initially placing unjabbed citizens under lockdown, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that the jab would become compulsory from February 1 2022 onward.

[NB – I am unclear whether this applies only to government and health workers or to all citizens. Another article says, Health workers are only the first victims of coercion. The draft law threatens nursing staff and doctors with jail if they do not get vaccinated. The draft in the National Council could already be resolved by Friday announcing a general Corona vaccination obligation or the risk of imprisonment.” Fortunately, Austrian jails are not that bad compared to many countries in the world.

I believe it will eventually extend to all citizens in all countries if the globalists have their way — including Germany, Australia, and Canada, I predict. This is a very alarming development. As far as I’m aware this is the first case of talk about mandatory jabs or face prison. This is real fascism.]

Questions as to what would happen to those who refused to comply with the mandate have now been answered in the form of a draft that was leaked to the media.

“Under the bill, anyone who refused to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment would receive an official summons from local authorities. If an individual failed to show up, they would then be summoned one more time within the next four weeks,” RT reports.

Summit dot news reports: No one will be “forcibly brought” to a vaccination center to get jabbed against their will, although rest assured, they will be “forcibly” placed behind bars if they continue to refuse.

If it passes, the legislation will stay in place for three years, with the government deciding if having recovered from COVID is a reasonable exemption.

[NB – If I were an Austrian, I would move to a free country — if it’s even possible to exit the country.

The same story appears elsewhere: “Greece Set to Fine Unvaccinated While Austria Plans to Imprison Them.”

“Beginning Jan 16, 2022, anyone in Greece over the age of 60 must be vaccinated, or they will have to pay a €100 per/month fine.”]

Canadian province allows grocers to ban unvaccinated food shoppers | 6 Dec 2021

Grocery stores in Canada’s New Brunswick province are now allowed to lay down the law with shoppers who aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19: No jab, no food.

The provision — which was contained in a “winter action plan” announced by New Brunswick Health Minister Dorothy Shephard on Friday — gives grocery stores, malls and salons the option of either enforcing physical-distancing rules or requiring proof of vaccination to enter their establishments.

Other new restrictions include limiting household gatherings to 20 people, capping outdoor gatherings at 50 people and requiring unvaccinated people to avoid indoor gatherings — in other words, a lonely and potentially hungry Christmas for the unjabbed.

Citizens must register to travel, and all unvaccinated people entering the province must be quarantined and take a test to prove they’re not infected after 10 days in isolation.

[NB – I suspect other Canadian provinces will follow. It’s frightening to consider that they would go this far.

Hopefully, some stores will not enforce such a draconian rule. There is also online ordering and car delivery, gardening, the help of friends.

But for many, it will mean facing starvation or taking the mRNA shot under duress. And if they start to imprison people as well, that’s getting extreme. But after all that’s happened, it’s not unexpected.

I personally won’t take it, even if they threaten to starve or imprison me. The extremes they’re going to cast suspicion on what they’re doing.

It’s obviously not about public health; it’s either to impose fascism or mass murder billions of people, or both. Either way, going along with it is not an option, as a matter of conscience.]


Germans, Australians dragged to government ‘quarantine centers’ for COVID-19 –Quarantine centers in Germany have included prisons, and Australian authorities have resorted to isolated camps under 24-hour surveillance. | 3 Dec 2021 |

More than a dozen people have been forcibly placed in government isolation facilities in Germany while hundreds of people have been held in similar Australian centers as Western countries continue to ramp up the use of forced quarantine centers in the name of stopping COVID-19.

A recent survey by German newspaper Welt am Sonntag found that at least 15 people have been taken to quarantine facilities in Germany’s 10 largest cities since the beginning of the year.

The 15 individuals, who allegedly violated at-home isolation requirements for COVID-19, include 11 in Munich, two in Stuttgart, and one each in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, Welt am Sonntag reported.

The full number of cases is likely higher, as authorities Berlin and Leipzig did not provide figures to the paper. Some of the quarantine facilities were located within prisons, according to Welt.

“Most of the federal states have closed areas in hospitals or prisons for quarantine breakers,” the outlet noted.


EU Leader Calls for Throwing Out Nuremberg Code in Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters –Comments come on the heels of Austria and Germany locking down the unvaccinated | 3 Dec 2021 |

On Wednesday, Ursula von der Leyen — the president of the European Union (EU) Commission — told the press that she would like to see the long-standing Nuremberg Code ignored completely in favor of allowing countries to force vaccinate anyone who is refusing to take the experimental jab.

Her alarming comments come just days after Germany followed Austria’s lead, mandating an authoritarian lockdown on only the unvaccinated.

In addition to being in full support of the segregated lockdown, von der Leyen said it was “understandable and appropriate” for EU countries to discuss mandatory COVID vaccinations because of the new Omicron variant, which has already been detected in 12 countries in the EU.

From The BBC: “European Union countries should consider mandatory vaccination to combat Covid and the Omicron variant, the head of its Commission has said.”


New York City Announces First-In-the-Nation Vaccine Mandate for Private Companies | 6 Dec 2021 |

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced what he called a first-in-the-nation vaccine mandate for private companies Monday.

[NB – de Blasio is a committed Communist who if given the power would commit mass murder and put people in gulags. He is credited with destroying a once-great city, New York.]

He’s giving businesses just three weeks to make sure their workers are vaccinated. De Blasio said the city will release specific rules on Dec. 15, before the mandate takes effect Dec. 27.

He said it will apply to in-person employees, but would not provide any details about enforcement. He also said there will not be a weekly testing option.

Over 23,500 airmen and guardians say no to COVID vaccines as final deadline passes | 3 Dec 2021 |

Nearly 95% of airmen and guardians — about 473,000 people — are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Department of the Air Force announced Friday.

About 23,500 troops remained unvaccinated as of 8 a.m. Friday, more than half of whom belong to the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard. That accounts for around one in every 20 people in the department.

Nearly twice as many Guard and Reserve airmen are unvaccinated than in the active-duty component, 14,500 to 8,800.


Connecticut Reports First Confirmed Case of Omicron Variant in Fully Vaccinated Hartford County Man | 4 Dec 2021 |

Connecticut has reported its first case of the Omicron variant. State officials said Saturday that a man in his 60s from Hartford County developed mild symptoms on Nov. 27. He took an at-home COVID test and tested positive on Nov. 29, then took a molecular test on Dec. 1, which also came back positive.

[NB – Omicron is not fatal, but of course the various wannabe Communist governments are using it spread panic and justify authoritarianism.]

The man is fully vaccinated. Officials say a family member of the man was in New York City between Nov. 17-22 to attend the Anime NYC convention at the Javits Center.

That family member developed mild symptoms on Nov. 21, and on Nov. 23, they took an at-home COVID test, which came back positive. They are also fully vaccinated.

First confirmed U.S. case of Omicron variant brought to California by fully vaccinated traveler | 1 Dec 202 1 |

Fox News has confirmed that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the first case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in the U.S.

“The California and San Francisco Departments of Public Health have confirmed that a recent case of COVID-19 among an individual in California was caused by the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529),” the CDC wrote in a Wednesday statement.

The agency explained that the individual was a traveler who returned from South Africa on Nov. 22, 2021.

“The individual, who was fully vaccinated and had mild symptoms that are improving, is self-quarantining and has been since testing positive.

All close contacts have been contacted and have tested negative,” the CDC noted.


Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests After Taking COVID Vaccine This Year – Many Died | 6 Dec 2021 |

A list of athletes around the world who went under cardiac arrest shortly after taking the COVID exam was created and published.

We’ve reported previously on incidents where athletes were competing and then literally dropping out of competition due to cardiac arrest.

A report at shows a list of athletes who took the COVID vaccine and later went under cardiac arrest. The report shows that a majority of the athletes listed later died.


Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin | 1 Dec 2021 |

An elderly COVID-19 patient [Sun Ng, 71] has recovered after a court order allowed him to be treated with ivermectin, despite objections from the hospital in which he was staying, according to the family’s attorney.

After an Illinois hospital insisted on administering expensive remdesivir to the patient and the treatment failed, his life was saved after a court-ordered that an outside medical doctor be allowed to use the inexpensive ivermectin to treat him, over the hospital’s strenuous objections.

The judge issued a preliminary injunction that day directing the hospital to “immediately allow… temporary emergency privileges” to Ng’s physician, Dr. Alan Bain, “solely to administer Ivermectin to this patient.”

The ivermectin appears to have worked, and Sun Ng has recovered from COVID-19. He was discharged by the hospital on Nov. 27.


Forbes Admits mRNA Vaccines Alter DNA, Then Changes Headline | 2 Dec 2021 |

In an article published by Forbes on Monday, the mainstream media admitted that COVID vaccines change your DNA but only indirectly and that is a good thing.

Forbes published an article from Steven Salzberg titled, “Yes, The Vaccine Changes Your DNA. A Tiny Bit. That’s A Good Thing.”

Forbes later retitled the article to “Covid Vaccines Don’t Alter Your DNA – They Help Choose Cells To Strengthen Your Immune Response.”

After being criticized by the “vaccine cult,” the author changed the headline to emphasize that the vaccines “don’t alter your DNA” without changing any of the article’s content.


‘Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules’: 80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Federal Vaccination Database | 1 Dec 2021 |

Eighty House Republicans voted with Democrats on Tuesday to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, which if passed by the Senate and signed into law would fund a federal vaccination database.

According to the bill, also called H. R. 550, the government would provide 400 million in taxpayer dollars to fund “immunization system data modernization and expansion,” a system otherwise defined as “a confidential, population-based, computerized database that records immunization doses administered by any health care provider to persons within the geographic area covered by that database.”

Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), who was one of the 130 Republicans to vote “no,” told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that the legislation would enable the federal government to “track” unvaccinated Americans who “will be targeted and forced to comply with Biden’s crazy ‘global vaccination’ vision.”

Freedom Caucus wants McConnell to force shutdown over vaccine mandates | 1 Dec 2021 |

The conservative House Freedom Caucus called on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday to block any stopgap government funding bill that does not bar spending federal dollars on enforcing vaccine mandates.

The letter was sent as House Democrats attempt to craft a continuing resolution to keep the federal government fully functional through mid-January.

Current funding expires at the end of Friday. In a letter to McConnell (R-Useless Eater-Ky.), Freedom Caucus members blasted what they described as Joe Biden’s “very damaging, unAmerican, and in the worst cases, unlawful vaccine mandates.”

The Freedom Caucus called on Senate Republicans to use “all procedural tools at your disposal to deny timely passage of the CR [continuing resolution] unless it prohibits funding — in all respects — for the vaccine mandates and enforcement thereof.”


All of the above stories came from GLC News.
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