Medical Fascism, or, the Doctrine of Vaccination


David Solway•02 Dec, 2021•6Min ReadEndstation: Gesundheit.

The Covid controversy, which shows no sign of ending anytime soon, has now condensed around the irruption of viral mutations, and the need for an indefinite number of injections or booster shots, asDr. Faucihas recently stipulated. Objections are routinely discredited or censored while mandates insensibly ramify.One may know people who collapsed shortly after taking the jab, or whose research suggests that the vaccines may be toxic or merely drive the emergence of workaround variants like the B.1.1.529 recently found in Botswana and South Africa (dubbedOmicron, akaNu).

But such attestations are of no account. “Vaccinology has become a cult religion,” writesDr. Christopher ShawinDispatches from the Vaccine Wars. People must vaccinate. People must submit to an increasingly despotic political system and its avowed program of legislating the health of the nation, otherwise known as…

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