Churches that impose vaccine passports are committing a sin

I made a graphic (below) in response to churches that block Christians from entering through the use of self-imposed vaccine passports.

They’re doing this based on the unjust scapegoating of the unvaccinated being promoted in the mainstream media. Their decision is not based on science or medicine: the unvaccinated do not represent any greater risk to others than the vaccinated. In fact, the vaccinated pose at least as much of a risk as those who are unvaccinated. This issue is being terribly mispresented in the media. It’s saddening that churches are accepting it uncritically.

Moreover, it’s morally wrong to block anyone from church. Jesus would never have done that. In this graphic, I argue, based on Matthew 25, that to reject anyone from church is tantamount to rejecting Jesus Himself. It’s discriminatory.

There are additional articles below, on this blog, which address this topic in more detail:

Medical tyranny as a test of Christian faith: a sermon. Excerpt: Early Christians did not shy away from lepers. Physical disease is not wrong, to be shunned. And the unvaccinated are not even diseased; we are only treated as though we were. Our role in the church is to open the door to all people with an open heart: “All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” (John 6:37).

From both a Christian and ethical perspective, it’s wrong to segregate, to dehumanize and scapegoat others – which these mandates and vaccines are doing. The true role of the church is to accept everyone into the body of Christ, no matter their race, age, nationality, vaccination status, or any other arbitrary distinction. If God’s heart is open to all, what right does the church have to close its doors?

A Christian argument against Covid restrictions [thoughts of Martyn Iles]
Excerpt: Covid restrictions violate freedom of religion – i.e., vax passports for churches, which violates the unity of the body of Christ by barring some from entry. He refers to the phrase “dare to be a Daniel” in reference to the prophet who prayed in defiance of the state . . . we ought not to let “the crisis” dictate everything. This is true. To do so is akin to idolatry. Some things are sacred and inviolable, such as conscience. Thus vax mandates and passports can be said to be idolatrous.

Additional articles from this blog that address vaccine passports and mandates imposed on churches:

The Roman Catholic Church should stand up against the scapegoating of the unvaccinated, consistent with its own teachings on social justice.

And The Roman Catholic Church is wrong to impose vaccine mandates on employees: one Christian’s opinion.

Church bans unvaccinated parishioners, in violation of Christ’s invitation to join Him (Mt 11:28): an open letter to a church from a parishioner now barred after the church self-imposed a vaccine passport.

Vaccine Passports Promote Hate. Excerpt: When it comes to discrimination against the unvaccinated the anti-hate movement is asleep at the wheel. Our watchdogs are gazing at lawn signs while segregationist policies and hate speech abound. It’s time the anti-hate movement performed an internal audit to investigate how it’s contributing to rather than diminishing hate in the world.

Covid ‘vaccine’ mandates & passports are a prelude to a social credit system

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