Success stories from Rebel News ‘Fight the Fines’ illustrate why it’s important to resist medical tyranny and never give up

There are countless stories of tragedy and hardship caused by the medical tyranny of the last two years, but also some uplifting stories of people overcoming the odds.

The sooner people realize this is a war against humanity the better. Many people understand it and are putting up a fight, and many are winning.

The Rebel News campaign, Fight the Fines, has had many legal wins. I am sharing only three.

These successes prove that resistance is always important and worthwhile, even if one loses the battle because it serves as an example to others.

This will be part of a running series of good news stories, meant to inspire courage and hope. They haven’t won yet.

(i) Edmonton’s Church in the Vine beats a massive COVID fine
(ii) Hockey player successfully fights huge quarantine ticket
(iii) Court Win! B.C. mask-exempt woman who went on hunger strike doesn’t have to pay her fine

Edmonton’s Church in the Vine beats a massive COVID fine

by Sheila Gunn Reid, Rebel News, Dec. 13, 2021

Pastors Rodney and Tracy Fortin, Church of the Vine, Edmonston Alberta Canada

Pastors Rodney and Tracy Fortin have spent the pandemic playing defence against health authorities who wanted to barge in and inspect for COVID compliance.

When Rodney preached his sermons, Tracy would post up at the front door to keep the inspectors from disrupting people as they pray each Sunday.

Interrupting a church service is a violation of the Canadian Criminal Code, but the rule of that law wasn’t one the province was willing to follow when checking for COVID compliance at churches where pastors refused to become an enforcement arm of the health ministry.

For protecting their flock, the Fortins were smacked with 12 counts of obstruction.

And the government started sending another agency to pester CITV — Occupational Health and Safety suddenly wanted to access the church to inspect it as a worksite, like a construction site or a welding shop!

Video interview with the pastors and their lawyer

Tracy was having none of that either, and blocked that inspection too.

And for that, CITV was issued a $5,000 administration penalty. So their lawyer, James Kitchen, flew into action and appealed the penalty.

And the government just withdrew the fine!

Even weirder, the government sent CITV a letter saying they were satisfied with the inspection OHS was able to do, and that’s why they were setting aside the penalty.

Except, they were never allowed in. Not by Tracy, not by anyone. No inspection took place.

Either the government is confused, or, more likely, they didn’t want to defend the sneaky lengths to which they were willing to go to invade the church in front of a judge. Probably a smart move.

While the withdrawal of the ticket is welcome news, Rodney and Tracy still have 12 charges of obstruction hanging over their heads for the same offence; not allowing the sanctity of their church and the worship taking place therein to be interrupted and harmed by the government.

The Fortins need all the help they can get while they continue to focus on ministering to a growing congregation, ballooning with people who feel dejected and abandoned by their own churches when those faith communities quickly capitulated to arbitrary COVID regulations.

Church in the Vine is being helped by their great lawyer at no cost to them through your generous donations to

They are one of 2,200 other Canadian churches, families, businesses and otherwise law-abiding people who found themselves on the wrong side of the COVID police state for just trying to live their lives as normally as possible.

To donate to protect and defend the civil liberties of all Canadians, visit All donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund.


FIGHT THE FINES WIN! Hockey player successfully fights huge quarantine ticket

by Kelly Lamb, Rebel News, Dec. 8, 2021

See video here

Score one for the liberty team! It might seem that the little guys are losing, but there is plenty of hope left. So keep your stick on the ice, Canadians — now is not the time to quit or stand idle.

Hockey is a truly beloved pastime of Canadians and non-Canadians alike. Some might even go so far as to call it ‘an essential service’ in my neck of the woods!

Unfortunately for hockey-lovers everywhere, the COVID-19 pandemic (or rather, the Canadian government’s response to it) did a number on the 2021/2022 hockey season. However, in other countries — such as in parts of the United States — hockey kept on going strong. It is not surprising, then, that some of Canada’s most talented young hockey players went south to keep up with their dream.

This is the case with one athletic young man, Elias Lieffers. In the winter of 2020, Elias went down to the U.S. to pursue his hockey career. Upon his return to Canada in the spring of 2021, however, he was met with quite the shocker: A massive $3500 fine. But why?

In this update video, Elias joins me to tell his story on how simply being unable afford an exorbitantly priced quarantine hotel, and thus not booking it prior to his arrival, landed him this hefty fine as well as a stay in a quarantine hotel for people who had tested positive for COVID (even though he tested negative!)

And thankfully, that’s not the end of this story. Through our Fight The Fines campaign, Elias was assigned a lawyer to fight this ticket. His lawyer, Stephen Whitehead, also joins me today to pass on some great news about this case!

Score one for the liberty team! It might seem that the little guys are losing, but there is plenty of hope left. So keep your stick on the ice, Canadians — now is not the time to quit or stand idle.


Court Win! B.C. mask-exempt woman who went on hunger strike doesn’t have to pay her fine

by Drea Humphrey, Nov. 11, 2021

Video of interview

Thanks to all of the liberty defenders who continue to donate to our civil liberties initiative called Fight the Fines, a Parksville, British Columbia woman named Mihaela (Ela) Tanase, does not have to pay the tyrannical COVID-19 fine.

In December 2020, a local Pharmasave denied Tanase the right to pick up her own medication due to her inability to wear a face covering. Instead of returning home in defeat, Tanase went on a six-day hunger strike and was also fined $230 for failure to wear a face-covering inside of an indoor public space.

Two hundred and thirty dollars is on the lower side of some of the COVID-19 related cases our Fight The Fines charity (in partnership with The Democracy Fund) has taken on. So, do you think Tanase chose to pay her fine?

Nope, she chose to fight it instead, and that’s where Rebel News came in.

Through our Fight The Fines project, we hired Stephen Whitehead, a tenaciously awesome lawyer from Grey Wowk Spencer LLP to take on the legal battle, and he even flew out to attend court in person, for Tanase.

Watch the video above to hear both Tanase and Whitehead discuss how the fine ended up being stayed.


Victory In New Brunswick !!!

 by Brian Peckford
, Peckford42,

The Agricultural Market In Fredericton, New Brunswick was to accept only the vaccinated tomorrow when it opened.

This power was given to the market operators, The City, by the Government of New Brunswick. 

However, a group that I chair, Taking Back Our Freedoms were mobilizing in that city to oppose such an undemocratic action. 

And I have just received news that the City has backed down and all people will be welcome to shop at the Market. 

Taking Back Our Freedoms and followers will now assemble at City Hall tomorrow to celebrate the Victory. 

One victory at a time. And we will be Taking Back Our Freedoms. 


Below is a story, not about a legal win, but a moral victory over medical tyranny. I found it in a CBC report on a small act of resistance to the mask mandates. I applaud the courage of this shop owner.

An example of a store in Alberta putting up a sign that CBC (the government’s propaganda machine)
tried to shame them for. This photo was printed by the CBC.

Edmonton small business owner Susan Baker was issued a public health order.

Inspectors noticed there were no COVID-19 signs posted at her shop, Boutique on First, a home decor and fashion store. In response, Baker put up a sign that reads, “No mask, we won’t ask.”

“Some people are exempt and it’s not my business as to why,” Baker told CBC News. “So I don’t ask if they come in. I don’t ask them for any information.” 

Boutique on First owner Susan Baker posted this sign after an inspection by Alberta Health. (Jamie McCannel/CBC)

Baker, who works in the store without a mask, said she was granted an exemption by the city. 

“The owner refused to discuss COVID-19 mitigation measures in place at the business,” the public health order said, including cleaning and disinfecting and screening staff and customers.

Baker told CBC News she doesn’t think the public health orders are legal. 

“We are doing this under common law and they have produced no law,” Baker said. “I’ve done nothing wrong.” 

She has been given 24 to 48 hours to comply with the public health orders.

“I think they’re bullying and they’re trying to make people close their businesses,” Baker said. “They’re just pushing, pushing, pushing. There is no law. And I’m very upset with the way it’s been handled.” 

Baker’s partner told CBC News he thinks customers enjoy being in the store without masks. 

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