Thoughts on Omicron hysteria; good article: “We Cannot Stop the Spread of COVID, but We Can End the Pandemic.” And fragments

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Thoughts on Omicron hysteria

Why is it that a real crisis, such as 50,000 deaths per year in the U.S. due to opioids is not considered a crisis, but a variant of Covid-19 which seems no more harmful than the common cold (and shares its symptoms) is being used as a pretext for more mass hysteria? The Omicron over-response is unwarranted.

A headline says “Fentanyl Overdoses Become Leading Cause of Death in 18- to 45-Year-Olds.” That should be a major cause of concern and action by public health officials. The CCP has been importing fentanyl into the U.S. for years, with FDA approval. It’s part of a CCP campaign of asymmetrical warfare. Drug overdoses are now a type of “lockdown death.” Biden is silent about fentanyl, but vocal about Omicron.

The Biden Whitehouse seems unconcerned by the epidemic of drug overdoses. Instead, Biden announced that a “winter of death” is coming: “Omicron Forces Wave of Closures Nationwide as White House Warns ‘Winter of Death’ Coming.” Here is a satire of the ominous message: “White House had mailed out Christmas cards with the heartwarming message, “You will get sick and die this winter.”

But keep in mind that (i) Omicron is the dominant strain of SARs-CO2 (73 percent of all new cases) and (ii) Omicron is a relatively harmless strain of respiratory disease, similar to the common cold. And (iii) it is immune to the so-called ‘vaccine.’ Mandating the jab in response to it is stupid.

Perhaps the best thing is for everyone to catch Omicron and develop natural immunity? If it’s not fatal, I personally think I’d prefer to have immunity than not.

Incidentally, “omicron” is Greek for “small o.” Omega means big O. Perhaps the Omicron strain was so named because it is not a deadly variant. The research that discovered it is perplexed by the hysterical response of the international community.


We Cannot Stop the Spread of COVID, but We Can End the Pandemic

by Jayanta Bhattacharya, Epoch Times, Dec. 23, 2021

The arrival of the omicron variant has led some politicians and public health grandees to call for a return to business closures and ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdowns.

The variant has been found worldwide, including in the US and the UK. The variant has already surpassed delta – dominant before omicron – in the UK.

Early reports from South Africa confirm that the variant is more transmissible but produces a milder disease, with a lower chance of hospitalization and death upon infection.

My message is this: we can’t stop the spread of COVID, but we can end the pandemic.

In October 2020, I wrote the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) along with Prof. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University and Prof. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard University.

The centerpiece of the declaration is a call for increased focused protection of the vulnerable older population, who are more than a thousand times more likely to die from COVID infection than the young.

We can protect the vulnerable without harming the rest of the population.

As I stated above, we do not have any technology that can stop viral spread.

While excellent vaccines protect the vaccinated versus hospitalization or death if infected, they provide only temporary and marginal protection versus infection and disease transmission after the second dose.

The same is likely true for booster shots, which use the same technology as the initial doses.

What about lockdowns?

It is now abundantly clear that they have failed to contain the virus while wreaking enormous collateral damage worldwide.

The simplistic allure of lockdowns is that we can break the chain of viral transmission by staying apart.

Only the laptop class — those who can just as easily work from home as in the office — can abide by a lockdown in actual practice, and even they have trouble.

Essential workers who keep society going cannot afford the luxury, so the disease will keep spreading.

Will the same policies that failed against a more virulent strain succeed in containing a more transmissible strain?

The answer is self-evidently no.

The harms of lockdown on children and the non-elderly are catastrophic, including worse physical and mental health and irretrievably lost life opportunities.

Lockdowns imposed in rich countries mean starvation, poverty, and death for the residents of poor countries.

There is, however, a good alternative to lockdown.

The Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) calls for a return to normal life for low-risk children and non-elderly adults.

The principles at the heart of the GBD are as important today as they were a year ago.

In fact, they are more important now because we now have technological tools that make focused protection of the vulnerable much more straightforward than it was a year ago.

First and most importantly, the vaccine.

Because unvaccinated older people face such a high risk for a poor outcome on infection, and because the vaccine is so effective at blunting severe disease and death, vaccinating older people is the top priority if life-saving is to be the top priority.

However, the vast majority of unvaccinated older people live in poor countries.

At current rates, the worldwide vaccination campaign will not be complete until the end of 2022, too late to save countless vulnerable people.

Prioritizing those who have never previously had COVID will help preserve doses for those who would most benefit since – like the vaccine — COVID recovery provides excellent protection against future severe disease.

Booster shots for older people also make sense.

But to preserve doses, they should be reserved for those who have not previously had COVID and were vaccinated more than 6 to 8 months ago.

According to a careful study conducted by Swedish scientists, vaccine efficacy versus severe disease also starts to wane around that point, so boosting before then does not provide a substantial benefit.

Second, we should make available effective early treatment options.

During Florida’s summer wave, Gov. Ron DeSantis promoted the use of monoclonal antibodies – an FDA-approved treatment – by patients early in the course of the disease, an action that saved many lives.

Safe and inexpensive supplements like Vitamin D have been shown effective. Promising new treatments from Pfizer and a new antibody treatment for the immunocompromised by Astra Zeneca promise to become more widely available. Until that happens, they should be preserved for use by the most vulnerable when sick.

Third, the widespread availability of inexpensive, privately conducted, rapid antigen tests in the UK has empowered everyone to make wise choices that reduce the risk of infecting vulnerable people. So far, the FDA says that these tests work to detect omicron.

Even if you have no COVID-like symptoms, these tests accurately read whether you harbor the virus and pose a risk of spreading it to close contacts. With this test in hand, anyone can check if it is safe to visit grandma before heading over to her care home. It is a perfect tool for focused protection of the vulnerable.

US COVID policy should focus on making these tests cheaper and more widely available, as they are in the UK.

Finally, since the virus very often spreads via aerosolization events, upgrades to ventilation systems in public spaces will reduce the risk of older people participating in everyday social life outside the home.

It is no accident that COVID disease spread is so rare on airplanes since they are all outfitted with excellent air filtration systems. Upgrading other public facilities, such as other public transportation systems, would reduce the risk of infection for the vulnerable.

There are some hopeful signs that the political and ideological winds are shifting, while other developments signal a return to failed strategies.

Colorado’s Democrat Governor Jared Polis recently declared that the widespread availability of vaccines spells ‘the end of the medical emergency,’ and he is resisting calls to impose new statewide mask mandates.

Yet on the coasts, in California and New York, elected officials are renewing mask requirements for all – regardless of health or vaccination status.

The end of the pandemic is primarily a social and political decision.

Since we have no technology to eradicate the virus, we must learn to live with it. The fear-based lockdown policies of the past two years are no template for a healthy society.

The good news is that with the new and effective technologies available and the focused protection ideas outlined in the GBD, we can end the pandemic if only we can muster the courage and political will to do so.

In Sweden and many US states that have eschewed lockdowns, the pandemic is effectively over, even as the virus continues to circulate.

As normal society resumes, the vast majority will find that living with the virus is not so hard after all.


Graphic by Think for Yourself

China’s Dream, the World’s Nightmare: How the Chinese Communist Party is Colonizing and Enslaving the Planet

This is a 76-page report by the Captive Nations Coalition on the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) as an instrument of the CCP’s imperialism.

This video from just a few months ago, about medical tyranny in Australia. In Canada, we have experienced some of these things, and since this was made (in Sept.) the fascism of vax mandates and passports has descended on the world.

A German politician, Wolfgang Kubicki, lies about death figures. Politicians are lying all over the world about this, but they haven’t been exposed as this one has.

Archbishop Viganò warns US bishops about COVID jab: The Great Reset wants billions of chronically ill people

The silence of so many cardinals and bishops, along with the inconceivable promotion of the vaccination campaign by the Holy See, represents a form of unprecedented complicity that cannot continue any longer.

See my previous articles on the complicity of the Roman Catholic church (and other denominations) with medical tyranny and the moral duty to oppose it, below. Archbishop Vigano is a rare and valuable exception.

The Roman Catholic Church should stand up against the scapegoating of the unvaccinated, consistent with its own teachings on social justice.

The Roman Catholic Church is wrong to impose vaccine mandates on employees: one Christian’s opinion

Churches that impose vaccine passports are committing a sin

Medical tyranny as a test of Christian faith: a sermon


Millions of Americans are in denial regarding medical tyranny because they’ve been indoctrinated to hate Trump and wrongly believe he’s against the mRNA ‘vaccine.’ See full article here: Trump, Covid, and Despotism

Millions of Americans blindly accept medical tyranny because they hate Trump


What Fauci got wrong about science

“Attacks on me are, quite frankly, attacks on science,” said Anthony Fauci to widespread ridicule or approval, depending upon which side you are on. If you doubt his judgment personally, you must not believe in “the science.” Fauci went on to claim that all of the “things he’s talked about” were “fundamentally based on science.” [see rest of the article here]

Also on Fauci: Fauci tried to silence and discredit dissident scientists who opposed lockdowns as dangerous

And: Shades Of Scientism: Fauci Likens Science To God, Himself As Priest

As a dyed-in-the-wool Technocrat, Fauci has a warped perception of reality. Much of what he considers science is, in fact, pseudo-science. In other words, fake. Yes, of course, we readily attack fake science, as we should. But we also attack liars and manipulators who abuse their position of influence and trust to abuse their subjects.


Science fiction show against mandatory cures for disease

A tidbit from the science fiction tv show Futureman (which predated the ‘pandemic’ by a few years):

“We were just a group of people who said no to the cure. The more the government insisted, the more we resisted. Hence the name, the Resistance. They started hunting us down. They drove us underground. The only way to survive was to defend ourselves.”

From S02E6 of Futureman: “your whole pod person perfect society population control thing? Well, that shit is just scary. I’m fighting for their future, not yours.”

[NB – The term “pod person” comes from old alien movies where alien pods appear on Earth, dispose of the humans, and reproduce the bodies to pretend to be humans.]

An Alien Pod Person in a Room Full of Leftists - Taki's ...
Pod person, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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