Four original articles: you know the media is lying when they use these words; families divided; Anne Frank; the question of divine justice

1. You know the media is lying when they use these words

As a rule of thumb, when the mainstream media or so-called ‘fact-checkers’, or even Wikipedia, uses the following words, it’s a fair guess that they’re lying to you:

  • baseless
  • conspiracy
  • misinformation
  • unsupported claims
  • falsely claiming

    Why are journalists, who are supposed to report the truth, gaslighting us in this way? Sadly, they’re paid to lie. Bill Gates, for example, bought them off with $113 million dollars. The CCP has also bought the MSM.

    And in Canada the CBC is the equivalent of Pravda in the USSR or Der Stürmer in the Third Reich or Chinese state media: it’s the state’s propaganda mouthpiece.

    Examples of the use of these telltale words:


Idaho Doctor Makes Baseless Claims About Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

[This is from, which is paid to push the mRNA injections, and is linked financially to one of the ‘vaccine’ makers, Johson & Johnson.

In fact, these injections are quite dangerous as the many VAERS reports attest; to say otherwise is the real lie.]

Baseless, conspiracy:

“After Donald Trump lost the White House, ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and three other current and former U.S. Army officers challenged the vote’s legitimacy and pushed baseless conspiracy claims.” [bold added]

[This is from the Reuter’s ‘fact-checker — another paid propaganda site with ties to Big Pharma.

The Arizona audit proved the claims were not “baseless.” It’s highly likely that Democrats cheated at some swing-state polls during the 2020 U.S. election, to push their candidates over the top.

But instead of exploring that controversy honestly, the media tries to gaslight us into believing one position with buzzwords like “baseless.” They’re clearly biased.]

Conspiracy theories:

Debunking your favourite COVID-19 conspiracy theories.
1. COVID-19 was engineered in a Chinese lab and was released into the general population. Let’s start with what is, according to the study, the most popular theory: that the virus was released from a Chinese laboratory . . . this rumour [is] false.”

[Note that this article was written in July, 2002. Since that time, the truth of this so-called “conspiracy theory” has been proven and now can be posted on social media without being censored. Most of the “fact-checkers” rescinded this false claim. It’s a good example of how biased the ‘fact-checkers’ are.]

Misinformation, unsupported claims, falsely claiming:

Malone received criticism for propagating COVID-19 misinformation, including making unsupported claims about the alleged toxicity of spike proteins generated by some COVID-19 vaccines . . . Malone has also been criticized for falsely claiming that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine in August 2021.”

[The above is from a Wikipedia article about scientist Robert Malone. It’s typical of many takedowns of dissident scientists and physicians. None of what the site claims is true. Malone’s arguments are not unsupported or false.]

2. Divided families

There are now millions of stories of families divided and hearts broken by the medical tyranny imposed on us over the last two years. The people doing this – the globalists and health czars and media liars – are moral monsters. What they’re doing is evil.

The media has dozens of stories on this topic. A few examples are provided below. Ironically, some of the stories appear in the legacy media that’s responsible for causing this division (e.g., the CBC, Guardian, GlobalNews, etc).

The problem last year (2020) was the lockdown, isolating, and separating family members. It’s much the same in 2021, with discrimination against the unvaccinated and division of families by vaccination status.

The tragedy is that it’s being voluntarily self-imposed by family members against one another. People are turning against each other.

For example, Christmas 2021 was ruined for millions of people due to an irrational prejudice promoted by the MSM. They lied to us by saying several things that are untrue.

(i) The untrue claim that Covid-19 is a deadly pandemic requiring emergency measures. The new strain is not lethal. It’s the same as the common cold. The original strain killed people who had underlying conditions in about 1 to 2% of the cases. Compared to other diseases and causes of premature death, it wasn’t unusual or particularly deadly. The lockdowns were deadly, however, and killed many people, and were ineffective at stopping the spread of Covid-19.

(ii) The untrue claim that the so-called Covid ‘vaccine’ works to remedy it (it does not). By now everyone should be familiar with the fact that the so-called ‘vaccine’ does prevent transmission or provide immunity. It’s a failure, yet is still being pushed on us by unconstitutional and discriminatory means.

(iii) The untrue claim that the unvaccinated transmit Covid-19 more than the vaccinated. There is no proof that one group transmits the virus any more than the other. And in any case, why does it matter? The virus has mutated into an essentially harmless strain, Omicron – which now accounts for the majority of cases.

All three claims are false, but millions of people have been persuaded they’re true. On the basis of these three false beliefs, people are fearful of being near unvaccinated people and have shunned their own family members.

Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers have been ruined, on the advice of the health czars such as Dr. Fauci (in the U.S.) and Dr. Tam.

I personally know three families divided by these false beliefs. The majority in the family lecture those the holdouts and shun them for not conforming. Just as tragic and wrong, many churches have imposed medical segregation – which is a sin, as I have discussed in this article.

The people imposing medical tyranny have ruined entire economies and violated human rights and made millions of people lose their jobs, and even lives: they are responsible for engineering and spreading SARS-CoV2, for lockdowns deaths, and for vaccine deaths. On top of that, they’ve also divided families and broken hearts.

They should all be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity. Instead, the unvaccinated — in other words, the only people who’ve not succumbed to mass hysteria — are framed as the bad guys and persecuted.

A family divided: When parents, kids disagree on COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccine wars: how the decision not to get the shot is tearing loved ones apart

Shock Polls: COVID Vaccines, Mandates Are Tearing American Families Apart

How disagreements over vaccination and COVID-19 have ripped apart these Alberta families

How politics is tearing families apart

3. Thoughts inspired by Anne Frank’s story

The tragic story of Anne Frank and her family can be compared with the current medical tyranny in three ways:

(i) The creation of a two-tiered society in which people are dehumanized and segregated. Just as the Jews of the 1930s in Western Europe were segregated, the unvaccinated are now being segregated. Anne Frank was a German-Dutch Jew.

(ii) Self-imprisonment and lockdowns. The Frank family hid in an attic for two years to escape persecution. Vaccine passports are a slippery slope to the total exclusion of the vaccinated from society, as is happening now in Austria. Many stay at home to avoid being fined. The similarity is in the way both groups are being shunned and isolated and persecuted.

In 2020, we were all expected to imprison ourselves at home; now those who don’t take the experimental drug (which doesn’t work) are excluded For example, the Ahnenpass (certificate documenting Aryan lineage) can be compared to the current vax passports.

(iii) The way in which a crisis brings out both the best and worst in human beings. The people who hid the Frank family were heroic; the people who turned them in and murdered perpetrated a great evil. Her story is a reminder of the importance of acting with decency and civility to one another. Anne was kind to others and believed in humanity. Her murderers did not.

The unvaccinated are clearly not being mass-murdered in death camps – at least not yet. But the foundations of a similar atrocity are being laid right now: when an entire population is dehumanized and scapegoated, it creates the conditions for genocide.

This has been demonstrated many times in history. It is therefore the moral duty of good people at this time to stand up against this tyranny before it grows worse.

And I believe it will get worse. No one in Europe in the 1930s thought it would get as bad as it did. They were in denial. The same degree of denial is evident today.

4. Is there such a thing as divine judgment?

There is no justice on this Earth? Very often it doesn’t seem like it. There was no justice for the victims of Stalin or Pol Pot or Idi Amin. Their lives were ruined needlessly by evil men who lived long lives.

So is there some kind of divine justice? Or is this what Freud (an atheist thinker) called ‘wishful thinking?

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, divine justice takes the form of Heaven and Hell. In the Eastern tradition, it is envisaged in terms of karma. Some forms of Buddhism have a version of heaven and hell in them.

Or does God somehow turn evil into good? For example, many have speculated that the evil of the Holocaust led to the good of Israel. I am not entirely persuaded by this argument. It can seem like a way of excusing evil.

Will the evil of medical tyranny lead to a greater good, such as the revival of the church or a renaissance of the idea of freedom?

Or perhaps it’s just the case that men have free will to do good and evil and God does not participate in worldly events?

I am not providing answers here; just asking questions.


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