More mass hysteria: they’re pushing the 4th jab, for Omicron. Symptoms are the same as the common cold

I’m glad to see people (such as the fellow in the video below) starting to expose the absurdity of getting experimental mRNA injections for something that’s no more harmful than the common cold.

Corrupt health officials and MSM say the benefits of the jab outweigh the risks, but they’re clearly lying. As he notes, this is being done just to profit Big Pharma. It’s certainly not to protect our health.

And for some reason, our elected officials and media continue to do the bidding of the pharma corporations. They’re so corrupt. They’re willing to kill people and rob them of their basic rights just for money.

Too many shots will call “immune system fatigue.” Or worse, it could kill you. mRNA shots are not safe and those who say they are have been lying to us.

Omicron is both mild and contagious, but how exactly is this a bad thing? If everyone gets it, we’ll all have natural immunity against Covid-19. And natural immunity is better than anything the jab can provide.

Interestingly, more people have natural immunity than we’re being led to believe. There is no crisis. There is no reason for continued mass hysteria.

If they really cared about public health they’d stop this madness. But it never was about protecting the public, was it?

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