Videos and articles for freedom, against medical tyranny

  1. Great music video
  2. The moment of decision (by Milosz Matuschek)
  3. How the mainstream media serves the state’s purpose (by ThinkforYourself)
  4. Fulfilling the adversarial role against medical tyranny (by ThinkforYourself)
  5. The Omicron scare should wear off because it’s not a lethal variant
    (by ThinkforYourself)
  6. Alarming New Study Finds That Everyone Who Gets COVID Will Die At Some Point (by Babylon Bee)
  7. 2022 Will Mirror 2021 Unless We Openly Disobey Unscientific Tyranny (by Luis T)
  8. Totalitarianism (video)
  9. Risks of Myocarditis Outweigh the Risks of the Virus (by Undercurrents)

  1. Great music video:


I can’t help but look around and feel like things are getting out of hand
We’ve been told to trust “the science”, but the science just doesn’t make sense
They say it isn’t mandatory, but they also say “your jab, or your job”
But if it doesn’t stop the spread, it makes it feel like this is just a facade
What about the health care workers? What about the frontline nurses?
How quickly we forget that they were working 18 hours a day
What about informed consent? What about due diligence?
It seems like the country that I used to call home is surely slipping away
I can’t help but look around and feel like things are slowly starting to change
‘cuz even if you’re triple vaccinated, know that segregation isn’t the way
Freedom is a choice, and it’s available to all if we chose
But first things first, you gotta turn off the news
What about the health care workers? What about the frontline nurses?
How quickly we forget that they were working 18 hours a day
What about informed consent? What about due diligence?
It seems like the country that I used to call home is surely slipping away
If you’re late to the party, there’s plenty room at the table
This side don’t discriminate
I’m calling on every single man, woman, child if they’re able
It’s time to take the streets and liberate
But please don’t be a part of the problem, staying willfully ignorant
‘cuz there’s just way too much at stake
Yo, it’s OK to change your mind, you can admit you were wrong
‘cuz where there’s perfect Love, there ain’t no shame
Heavenly Father, show me what I don’t understand yet
I got my marching orders, I don’t fully know the plans yet
Hold on to my Bible before bed, no it ain’t banned yet
Did you know the makers of the vaccine make the Xanax?
I would never lean on corporations for morality
‘cuz they put their profits over people for their salaries
I know trying to make you bend the knee for your normality
I know you’re feeling all alone, but in reality
There’s way more of us than them.

The artist comments:

“Just two weeks to flatten the curve” has now turned into 2 years. Medical professionals, religious objectors, conscious objectors, and those who simply can’t take the jab because of health reasons are being fired, humiliated, and shamed out of society every day. How far we’ve fallen as a once free and democratic society. I wrote “All of us” a few weeks ago, after having a conversation with a long-time friend who has recently switched positions on their pandemic politics. I know that this is becoming a growing sentiment among those who are feeling like they are being punished for doing what they thought was “the right thing to do.” Thank you all for your steadfast support, and your bravery over the past couple of years. We’re all in it together, and there’s more of us than them.

My comment:

The oppressive Big Pharma narrative is finally falling apart under the weight of endless lies. Surely by now, everyone can see that the so-called ‘vaccine’ doesn’t provide immunity or prevent transmission? Omicron has the same symptoms as the common cold; it’s not lethal but they’re still trying to create mass hysteria over it, to boost sales of mRNA spiked protein injections. Tens of thousands lost their jobs because they didn’t want to be forced to take an experimental drug that ended up killing about 150,000 Americans. This video is a good artistic expression of the need for human decency and freedom of medical choice. The good thing is that the tide seems to be turning against medical tyranny at long last. There’s reason to hope that a free society can still be preserved.


2. The moment of decision

by Milosz Matuschek, Jan. 3, 2021 [translated edited]

Is the Corona narrative now collapsing? Go for a walk and you’ll realize that you are not alone with this desire. The “Monday walk” vigil, a symbol of the decentralized [feedom] movement is not only on Mondays. [“Der Montagsspaziergang” seems to be a convention in Germany]

Der Montagsspaziergang

Actually, the New Year begins the way the old one ended, with a mixture of despair and hope. The absurdities surrounding corona continue to pile up. The building of lies grows to stratospheric heights.

And yet something is different: at the same time, [this situation] drives more and more citizens to walk on the street [in quiet protest]. Fearlessness and determination unite more and more people. If the Corona narrative is about to collapse, it will be under the weight of the many brave people on the streets.

The carousel of absurdities continues to turn

It just feels like a decisive moment, like a tipping point. A moment when the absurdities that are constantly blossoming are mixed with zombie-like certainties rising from the graves, shocking for many. The truth cannot be hidden forever under a pile of propaganda lies, even if the majority of the media has reversed its function [i.e., undermined its true purpose]

Secret video: CEO Marc Walder forced all Ringer media editorial offices worldwide on course for the government [I think this means he is pushing the MSM in Germany to adhere to the state’s propaganda?]

Readers have long wondered where the media’s extreme proximity to the state and its corona policy comes from. Now a secret video shows: Ringier CEO Marc Walder has ordered the editors to adhere to the government. [Ringer seems to be a German media company]

The German Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, has erred as reliably as ever. He is currently “very much worried” about the unvaccinated because of the Omicron variant. At the same time, the Robert Koch Institute reports that the overwhelmingly larger number of Omicron cases affects those vaccinated. Is Lauterbach deliberately lying or does he not know the figures produced under his authority? Both would be a reason for resignation.

The pro-government expert Christian Drosten [a pro-vaxxer], who was never embarrassed by panic narratives (he already played the same lyre in the swine flu in 2009), also constantly contradicts himself. Months ago, he recommended rounding off immunization through contact with the virus, but now considers this to be a far-fetched proposal. He now compares this to the idea of training his digestive system by eating steaks. [you can see another article on this topic by this author here]

As a crown of absurdity, the only thing missing here is the proposal of an MEP to map the billionaire Biontech founders onto Euro notes in the near future. There is no better way to express the corporatist concentration of power that we are currently experiencing. [A reference to this: politician “calls for banknotes with Biontech founders. The European Central Bank is thinking about new banknotes. A proposal comes from the EU Parliament: The vaccine researchers Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin should be shown on the banknotes.”]

The combination of vaccines that work little or not at all with fiat money can no longer be satirically exaggerated. Dwindling effectiveness and dwindling purchasing power combined in an object in which the citizen should simply believe. Is there a more appropriate symbolism for the active nihilism of our time? It is as if two drowning people are hugging each other in the hope that the other will be the lifebuoy.

When do we talk about vaccine deaths?

While the veneration of saints by vaccine manufacturers is producing absurd blossoms, more and more experts are speaking out with frightening certainty about the risks and fatal consequences of vaccines. The pathologist Arne Burkhardt has proven the vaccines as the cause of death in several cases and explained this . in a conversation with Sucharit Bhakdi.

Mortality in 2021 was higher than in 2020. 2020 was the year of Corona, 2021 was the year of mass inoculation with experimental gene therapy drugs, so-called “vaccines”. The reports about “suddenly and unexpectedly” deceased people are just as unmistakable as they were expected.

A large American life insurance company [OneAmerica] is currently reporting a 40% (!) increase in mortality among 18 to 64 year-olds, an absolute novelty. And most of these deaths are not classified as Covid-19 deaths. How many more people have to die before this narrative dies?

The race of interpretations around Corona is approaching its climax. But the censorship no longer follows. Twitter banned the inventor of mRNA technology, Robert Malone, from its platform. A short time later, he gave Joe Rogan this extended interview, which millions have seen and which can already be considered historic. The tide is slowly but surely turning.

Go for a walk!

It has taken a long time for a symbol of resistance to establish itself, far too long. From the art side, there was hardly anything to hear and see (with the exceptions herehere and here:

* Corona uprising by celebrities and scientists
* New music protest
* Protest Notes

But the best symbol of resistance is the already courageous people who show their faces and walk peacefully and resolutely wherever they are. Walkers are difficult to censor. From the initiative of the individual, the overall picture of the many emerges.

Go for a walk and you will wonder who they meet all. A democracy on its feet is an alert democracy. Let us make this moment the starting point of a long overdue renaissance of our community and take our fate back into our own hands.


3. How the mainstream media serves the state’s purpose

The mainstream media headline reads “Woman fined $2,422 under Health Protection Act: Halifax Regional Police say she refused to show proof of her vaccination status.”

She was at a skating rink. Instead of letting her go, the police fined her an outrageous amount, and then the media reported it. The whole point of such a large fine is to promote it in the media, to scare people into compliance, and to punish the unvaccinated, to send a clear message that they’re not welcome in society any longer.

This is both discriminatory (thus unethical) and medically unjustifiable since there is no scientific evidence that the unvaccinated are spreaders of disease than the vaccinated.

Now, if she had a deadly disease and was in a public place and spread it to others, I could see it — but she is not diseased and even if she infected, Covid-19 in its current form is not deadly.

The author of this piece, Meghan Groff, fails to get to the bottom of the story and interviews all parties. She does not provide dissenting views. It’s not balanced reporting. In this piece, she is doing little more than serving the state by reporting a fine that will make people afraid. And fear and submission are what they want.

Her unstated role is to promote the so-called ‘vaccine’, which profits Big Pharma and centralizes power into the hands of the state, in clear violation of our constitutional rights.

Groff is also responsible for censoring hundreds of comments on CityNews Halifax, an online news media site that gets money from the Trudeau government and is biased in favour of the government’s position.

In Nova Scotia, the health commissar Robert Strang, and premier Tim Huston, and the local media have been working in lockstep for two years to subjugate the province’s million or so citizens.


4. Fulfilling the adversarial role against medical tyranny

In both the legal and parliamentary systems, it’s understood that in order for a good resolution to complex problems, an adversarial system is needed, in which two or more sides argue against each other.

In doing so, the nuances of the issue are worked out and a fair judgment or settlement is reached. It’s imperfect but it works. The alternatives – anarchy or dictatorships – are untenable.

With the imposition of medical tyranny on the world for the last two years — pushed on us relentlessly by a cabal of pharmaceutical corporations, governments, health officials, the media, and other authority figures — most of us are at a disadvantage.

There are more of us than them, but they’ve learned how to manipulate us to turn us against each other. Because the system is so imbalanced right now, there’s a need for someone to fill the role of loyal opposition.

Some scientists have thus broken ranks and deflated to fiction being pushed on us. They’ve been scapegoated for doing so. And there is a growing army of dissidents, including myself, who speak out.

Not that we want to spend our time on this, but it’s been forced on us by necessity: someone needs to say something. What’s happening now is intolerable. We’re at risk of replacing a good society with a very bad one.

Sometimes the tone of the adversarial role can become a bit frantic, pulling no punches. I do that myself sometimes, but I shouldn’t. To be taken seriously, the tone has to be measured and accessible.


5. The Omicron scare should wear off because it’s not a lethal variant

It’s apparently like the common cold. Perhaps it might be better for us all to catch it and get natural immunity than avoid it?

What I fear more than any disease is the government’s dictatorial over-reach, which has all but destroyed our constitutional rights and freedoms — putting us on the slippery slope to tyranny.

The so-called ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work that well, but now we have discriminatory medical segregation through the passport/mandates system. That must end. It mustn’t be allowed to become ‘the new normal’ – anywhere.

The state is worse than useless now. It has imposed ineffective solutions that do more harm than good. People who say tyranny could never happen here haven’t studied history. It can happen anywhere that people let down their guard.


6. Alarming New Study Finds That Everyone Who Gets COVID Will Die At Some Point [Babylon Bee satire]


7. 2022 Will Mirror 2021 Unless We Openly Disobey Unscientific Tyranny

by Luis T, The World We Live In, Dec. 2021

To those who have been paying attention since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, the authoritarianism currently unfolding in front of us was easily predictable: 2022 will mirror 2021 unless we openly disobey unscientific tyranny.

In fact, in March of 2020, [we] predicted mandatory injections, the police state, and travel restrictions. This doesn’t make us special or psychic, it is easy to deduce once you realize the nature of the state and their tendency to use the only tool in their toolbox to tackle problems faced by society. That sole tool is force.

While the intentions of the state may have been noble at first in order to prevent transmission of the virus, thanks to their tendency to use force without question, their noble intentions quickly became a conduit for tyrants to usurp your freedoms.

“Give us your freedom, and we will make the pandemic go away,” was the mantra of team lock-down and, despite completely eroding what little freedom Americans had left, we are seeing yet another large spike in cases and hospitalizations.

One need only look at Australia and the sheer Nazi-esque approach they took to covid to see that no amount of police state can stop a virus. Over the last year, Australia has beaten, kidnapped, arrested, and harassed anyone who didn’t toe the line and submit to their authority.

A few months ago, they even began kidnapping completely healthy people and locking them up in internment camps for merely being exposed to someone who may have been positive with covid. [In Australia]

The country has fallen. Everyone was locked down and everyone was vaccinated, yet covid did what covid does. Despite becoming one of the most tyrannical countries on the planet in regards to the pandemic, Australia is seeing its largest spike of cases since the covid hysteria began.

Check it out. All the tyranny in Australia has worked to flatten the curve! Just on the wrong axis.

On top of the loss of economic and physical freedom, governments across the planet also took to attacking your medical freedom. Politicians once again grabbed their only tool in the toolbox and began forcing people to take the jab — informed consent be damned.

People were forced out of their jobs, thousands of frontline medical workers laid off — creating a staffing shortage — because they didn’t take a jab for a disease which they may have already been immune to.

Vaccines, Americans were told, would be our way out of this mess. Early on, politicians and media blowhards alike took to their soapboxes and falsely claimed that getting the jab would keep you safe from covid. The fact-checkers are unable to run cover for these folks now, as they did it so often that they are on video.

In the video below, from earlier this year, media blowhard and known liar, Rachel Maddox claims — with no scientific data to back her up — that the vaccine will keep you safe from getting covid.

“Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person… A vaccinated person gets infected with the virus… the virus does not infect them…the virus then cannot… use a vaccinated person as a host to get more people.”

From Bill Gates to Fauci to the president himself, these people took to their pulpits to spread a false narrative that getting vaccinated would stop covid in its tracks. Spoiler alert: it did not.

Also, remember the mantra repeated by corporate media and the US government ad nauseum, about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” which the White House COVID-19 Response Team introduced in mid-July, and which the president was still regurgitating inaccurately as late as December 14?

That was also proven to be false as well, even The Atlantic admitted it.

Now, as the tyrannical Branch Covidians watch their predictions and fear-mongering fall flat, they are forced into a corner and are attempting to suppress their comments like the ones made in the videos above. But the cat is out of the bag and people have had enough.

No amount of definitions can be changed, boosters mandated, or lock-downs enforced that can keep the establishment’s ship from sinking.

The booster shot was never about reducing symptoms.

The booster shot was about trying to maintain the lie that the vaccine could prevent people from contracting and spreading COVID.

That lie was the basis for all vaccine mandates, and it completely disintegrated this month.

Sure, there are still fearful people locked away in their homes, paralyzed with fear because their leaders tell them to be scared. But they are now the minority. In many parts of the world, despite constant fear-mongering about “cases surging,” people are getting back to normal.

Despite tyrannical mandates, people are disobeying. And despite the best efforts of corporate media and their puppet masters in the establishment, the narrative around covid is collapsing. We welcome this collapse with open arms.

It is high time we take “normal” back. This virus is here, you will come into contact with it, and you need to make your own personal choices on how to deal with it. The government has not and never will be able to protect you from getting sick. Thankfully, many people are starting to get it.

As more people resist, the state will lose its grip and freedom will once again take center stage. They even admit it. As the CDC director announced loosening the restrictions on quarantine from 10 days to 5, Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that their new policy is dependent on “what we thought people would be able to tolerate.”

How much more are you going to tolerate?

Something in the air has shifted, and I am getting more people in my personal life reaching out than ever. They are asking questions, they are expressing appreciation for the data that I share, & they are concerned about how we move forward.

8. Totalitarianism

The following video is a crash course in totalitarianism through 13 minutes illustrated essay. It’s not bad. While this essay does not mention medical tyranny, what it does say is applicable to what we’re facing now.

It’s entirely applicable to the situation we find ourselves in. We’re supposed to give up all our rights to the state and inject ourselves with an experimental drug that kills people because of a disease that’s now no more dangerous than the common cold.

The injection doesn’t even protect against the disease it claims to remedy but we’re all expected to go along with this lie or face punishment. The majority of people about 80 percent in Canada) have decided to comply.

We’re told we have to do this in order to be part of society. In the video, they mention the “weeds” who are pulled out by the state – the unbelievers, the skeptics. Today that’s unvaccinated. And it mentions the remedy: create a counter-culture outside the reach of the state.


9. Risks of Myocarditis Outweigh the Risks of the Virus

The mRNA vaccines aren’t very safe; they cause a wealth of severe side effects, particularly in the lowest-risk age cohorts.

These side effects outweigh the risks of SARS-2 infection for everyone under 40; for those in good health facing the vastly milder Omicron, there is really no reason to be vaccinated.

The second dose of Moderna is particularly dangerous for young men. In exchange for these injuries, our novel pharmaceutical products reduce the severity of symptoms and the risk of severe outcomes from Corona infection.

In particular, they move deaths out of the Corona column, but they do not have substantial effects on all-cause mortality. What is more, vaccines cannot reduce transmission.

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