Acclaimed Canadian scientist launches petition to stop COVID vaccinations of children and pregnant women

by Drea Humphrey, Rebel News, Jan 6, 2021

The Petition is at this link. Please sign it.

Do the benefits of COVID-19 shots outweigh their risks to healthy children and pregnant women? While many have been misled by inaccurate reports about the FDA’s vaccine approval process, one of B.C’s top scientists has raised serious concerns that should not be ignored.

Dr. Steven Pelech, a tenured UBC professor of Immunology and Neurology, founder of Kinexus Bioinformatics, and Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee for the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA) has initiated a petition in the House of Commons.

The petition calls upon the Canadian government to “suspend the use of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women, children, youth, and adults of child-bearing age until the ongoing short- and long-term safety trials are fully completed and published in peer-reviewed journals.”

I sat down to interview Dr. Pelech to bring the public a more in-depth perspective on whether COVID-19 vaccines are truly safe. Click here to watch that interview. This petition has already reached over 25,000 signatures despite being almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media.

Click here to add your voice to the growing chorus of people opposing the indiscriminate rollout of these injections. Time is running out to voice your opposition to the mass injection of the COVID vaccine into otherwise normal, healthy children and pregnant women.

At Rebel News, we are doing everything we can to fight back against vaccine mandates. Besides giving a platform to those speaking out against these insane restrictions, we have also launched several strategic lawsuits at to reclaim our medical freedom. If you would like to support our legal fight, please click here to donate. Every contribution qualifies for a charitable tax receipt that you can use at tax time. 


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