Talkshow host/comedian Jimmy Dore’s principled stand against Covid authoritarianism, Fauci’s lies and MSM corruption

If you were to listen just to talk show host Jimmy Dore — who miraculously has not been banned from Youtube (yet) — you would get a good idea of what’s happening with medical tyranny in the USA. He covers most of it quite well, and honestly.

All the topics he covers I have written about as well. He says he’s not against the mRNA ‘vaccine’ (he took it himself and got ill from it) but he is critical of the lies and corruption taking place and is dedicated to exposing it. And he seems to be an advocate of natural immunity.

There are some recurring themes in his coverage: (1) Fauci is a liar (Dore sometimes does interviews with a faux Fauci, to mock him); (2) state authoritarianism is bad and should be resisted; (3) the FDA is corrupt; (4) the MSM (e.g., CNN, MSNBC) are corrupt — they take money from Pfizer for example; (5) we should not be afraid of Omicron, despite the media hysteria over it; (6) giving the jab to children is wrong; etc.

I wouldn’t call him a conservative, and he’s certainly not an ‘anti-vaxxer’ – someone against all vaccines. But he is critical of the widespread hypocrisy and lies and the worrisome shift from a more or less free society to medical tyranny taking place.

He’s a voice of reason, in other words, and because he does it with a slightly comedic talk-show twist, he gets away with it — while countless others (including me) have been censored on social media. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been — though if he were, he could just put his videos on Rumble, as so many do now.

I have selected some of his videos that deal with medical tyranny from this list of videos and post them below. He also comments on many other American political issues from a largely working-class perspective.

The first video below expresses his philosophy of “challenging the system” – meaning political lies and corruption. In that respect, he compares himself to Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (with Jimmy Stewart). I actually wrote an article a few weeks back comparing Mr. Smith’s story to the need to fight medical tyranny.

In that film, the MSM is corrupt and does the bidding of men with deep pockets to cover up the truth — much like our own time. It’s up to schoolboys to tell the truth, through their own independent paper. Today it’s blogs like mine or shows like Jimmy Dore or publications like the Epoch Times, or Rebel News or Truth North (in Canada) that tell the truth. CNN, MSNBC, NYTimes, and in CBC and CTV, etc — are all lost causes, hopelessly corrupt and dishonest.

Warning: sometimes Dore can be vulgar, i.e., using a swear word.

Challenge The System

Supreme Court Justice Spreads COVID Misinformation About Basic Facts

CNN Gives Award to Pfizer CEO
[NB – This one is very revealing, and illustrates why CNN is so corrupt. It also takes money from the CCP]

Rachel Maddow’s Non-Stop COVID Lies

CNN Caught Lying About Omicron Deaths

FDA Corruption Way Worse Than You Think

Fauci CAUGHT Conspiring Against Critics, Emails Reveal

Gavin Newsom Backtracks on Child Vax Mandate

Fauci Calls Himself High Priest of Science

Fauci Uses “Science” As Defense for His Lies

Greece Announces FINES For Unvaccinated Over Age 60

Mexico’s Health Minister Against Vaccinating Children For Covid-19

Eric Clapton Attacked For Speaking Out About Vaxx

Boosters Could Cause “Immune System Fatigue”– Say NY Times & Scientists

Fauci’s Wuhan Research Worse than Thought – New Documents Reveal

Fauci Responds To RFK Jr.’s Book

Is Omicron the End of the Pandemic?

US Closing Hospitals At Record Pace During Pandemic

Austria’s Drastic Authoritarianism In Response To Covid

Everyone Will Eventually Get Covid Experts Say

Fauci Confronted Over Lying To Congress

Critics Of Covid Policy Are Not Anti-Vaxx

NY Times Wildly Inflates COVID Numbers For Children

SHAMELESS: CNBC Shilling Pfizer Propaganda As News!

Fauci Has No Answer–Why Vaxx People With Natural Immunity?

Creeping COVID Fascism, Warns UK Host

Media Scare Mongers Over Omicron Variant

Corporate News Smears Supreme Court As “Anti-Vaxx”

Unmasked Elites Served By Masked Servant Class w/Glenn Greenwald

Unvaxxed National Guard Replacing Unvaxxed Medical Workers!?!

Twitter SILENCES Dr. Robert Malone Ahead Of Joe Rogan Appearance

Dutch Protesters Have HAD IT With Lockdowns

Howard Stern Cowers from the Unvaccinated

Keith Olbermann’s Unhinged Authoritarian Rant

Fauci Contradicts Himself Non-Stop Over Covid Advice

Twisted Hate Of Unvaxxed By Establishment Press

Unvaxxed Patient DENIED Kidney Transplant

OUTBREAK: 80% Vaccinated Singapore Has More Infections Than Ever

COVID Surges Among VACCINATED In Israel

Vaccine Mandate FLIP-FLOP! Biden, Fauci, Pelosi Opposed Mandates

ACLU Contradicts Itself On Vaccine Mandates

Fauci Accused Of Lying To Congress About Virus Research

Implanted COVID Microchip Is Here

500 Million Pushed Into Poverty By COVID Policies

Dumbest Pro-Vax Argument EVER!

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