Freedom rally in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jan. 23, 2022

Organized by Freedom Nova Scotia. Description: World Wide Freedom Rally Sunday Jan. 23rd, 2022 2-4PM @ Peace and Friendship Park Halifax, NS.

Thank you to the wonderful organizers of this rally who put in so much time and effort. You are true heroes. And thank you to all the brave people who attended this rally in defense of a free nation under God.

You can see photos from a past Nova Scotia freedom rally and a nurse’s protest in Halifax from this site.

All photos and comments by Think for Yourself. Please share these photos!

Truckers convoy for freedom: ” Do you want your jobs and your lawful freedoms back? Do you want the vax passport and the fines to be dropped? Do you want to be on the right side of history and of the law? Yes? With enough signatures, this Memorandum of Agreement can do all that and then some!!”

Rebel News coverage of the truckers. And the GoFundMe page to support the truckers. [Trudeau wants to shut it down] Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (similar to a petition). Hit the button that says “Click here To Sign The MOU in English”

Above: God keep our land, glorious and free! (from the National Anthem) If only our elected leaders lived up to that vision. Instead they have betrayed us. It’s time to take Canada back and make it a free nation once again.

Above: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which our medical officers and political leaders have flagrantly violated over the last two years for no good reason (the restrictions made no difference to SARS-CoV2, which went where it wanted to). As Alex Berenson puts it: viruses gonna virus. Lockdowns and injections made no difference.

Now the UK has accepted the reality that nation states need to “learn to live with it” and stop punishing the people unnecessarily. Even the corrupt ‘legacy media’ (MSM) – which betrayed humanity for two years – is coming around to this position, belatedly, after pushing fear and mass hysteria on the planet.

See A Personal Declaration Of Opposition To The Abuse of Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms By The State by Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland.

The spectre of medical tyranny that has threatened Canada for almost two years, through lockdowns, mandates and restrictions. This declaration should be reprinted in every major newspaper, instead of the drivel and lies they routinely print (which has essentially degenerated into propaganda for pharmaceutical corporations).

Canada is still worth fighting for and defending, even if a majority of people are still unaware of the threat posed by the corruption of our politicians and media and healthcare system now taking place.

True North: The UK has dropped all restrictions. Will Canada follow suit?

Natural immunity is 13 times more effective than mRNA injections. If the government actually cared about our health and if this was actually about public health, they would happily embrace natural immunity. But since this is really about selling drugs for profit and seizing absolute power for a few elites, they reject natural immunity and effective alternative treatments.

“Stop discrimination. No forced vax”

Comment on the sign above: government sold us out [this is true: both the federal and provincial governments of Canada have abandoned the interests of citizens in favour of the Big Pharma, Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the globalist agenda of the WEF.

See “Trudeau government announces mandatory mRNA injections for all citizens, coming soon (through a ‘tax’), even as the WHO backtracks on boosters and hospitalization statistics (used to justify medical segregation) are exposed as misleading”

Also see “12 reasons why the Covid scare is not really about public health.

There are “seven applicants, on behalf of the British population, have filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC), accusing 16 individuals of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression.”

Freedom. We reject tyranny. We will not comply

So true! Compliance with the state is getting us nowhere fast. When the state becomes tyrannical it is the sacred duty of citizens to disobey it.

If we all stopped obeying these horrid restrictions en masse there’s nothing they could do about it except use brute force and that would turn popular opinion against them. Mass non-compliance (civil disobedience) the only way we’ll win our freedom back.

Giving up one freedom, then another, then another is a downward path to tyranny. Compliance to the state now means endless despotism for decades to come, condemning many future generations to subjugation. This must not be allowed to happen.

Above: Also true! This gentleman speaks the truth: “Vaccine pass is totalitarian control. Agenda 2030. Build back better.” The Agenda 2030 is a United Nations program for a one-world government. It makes lofty claims for a better world but if the medical tyranny we’re enduring now is any indication, it will just be totalitarianism masquerading as ‘sustainability’ and poverty alleviation.

Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer, has flagrantly violated the Hippocratic oath, to “do no harm.” He has harmed the citizens of NS cruelly and needlessly by becoming a medical fascist, not unlike Dr. Fauci. See these articles on medical fascism and on comparisons of what’s happening now to historical instance of medical fascism.

Medical fascism can be be defined as “a totalitarian system where the medical establishment, large corporations, and government combine to exert control over the population’s medical procedures . . . Examples include forced medical treatments [e.g., vax mandates], censoring or falsely altering the dissemination of medical information, and the elimination of medical choice . . . the right of patients to make informed medical choices regarding treatment [is violated by medical fascists].” Source.

The four basic moral principles in question are autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence. For example, forcing people to take a drug against their will violates the principle of autonomy of the will which forms the ethical foundation for individual rights upon which constitutional governments have historically rested.

Drs. Tam, Strang et al may argue they are not forcing anyone, but compulsion through mandates is a form of force; their obfuscations and wiggle words, to avoid the charge of being human rights violators, are disingenuous.

Fortunately, some physicians have the courage to speak out against abuse of the most vulnerable, e.g. “Top Doctors at Summit Today: “Healthy Children Shall Not Be Subject to Forced Vaccination.” They are referring to the mRNA injections, which children do not need and which is known to cause them harm, as this gentleman’s sign indicates (below):

“Mandates hurt children” See my article on why mRNA injections for children is both medically and ethically wrong.

“No kids vax”

Some children are harmed by non-Covid vaccines. While most at the freedom rallies are not against traditional vaccines, only the experimental mRNA jabs being forced on us — there are always a few people who show up who have had personal negative experiences with vaccines for children, such as autism. The vaccine acts as an “environmental trigger.” This is a real phenomenon, as this paper argues.

Above: “No means no” is a slogan against unwanted sexual advances, here used as a reference to the violation of bodily autonomy imposed by state and employer mRNA injection mandates, which violate the Nuremberg Code and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We as free citizens have a right to refuse such medical procedures. Governments and employers that try to violate that right with mandates are crossing over a line they shouldn’t.

To say that a right is inalienable means it cannot taken away for any reason because it is proscribed by divine and/or natural law. Kant said that autonomy of the will is inherent to the human condition via pure practical reason a priori — which means that it is universal to all rational beings, on the basis of which no one has the right to transgress on the rights of another.

This universal principle provides the basis for the concept of inalienable human rights and egalitarianism, and by extension, democracy. In plain terms it means we ought not to harm one another — including the violation of individual rights by the state for a supposed common good.

Striking the balance our common and individual interests is the proper jurisdiction of governments and courts but in the last two years the state has gone too far over the line against in the individual. What’s worse, it was for nothing: no real medical benefit was achieved by it.

Here is another sign from last summer with a similar message:

“Mandates are not healthcare
See my article on why this is not really abut healthcare. It’s about power and profit.

“Stop the hate. Spread the love” This lady below is saying much the same. Trudeau, stop spreading hatred against the unvaccinated (i.e. those who choose medical freedom of choice in a free country):

“Apartheid nation –> vaccinated vs. unvaccinated”
“Push back against Covid tyranny”

Above: “Vaccines are made with aborted fetal cells.” Sadly this is true and provides a foundation for religious objections to the mRNA shots.

Here is an example of an exemption letter on that topic. It says “all three of the current COVID vaccines in the US [and in Canada] have made use of aborted fetal cell (lines) on some stage of the research and development (Pfizer, Moderna) or production and manufacturing (Johnson and Johnson) [While none of them contain any fetal cells in the shot, fetal cells are still used in some parts of the process . . .

“The use of aborted fetal cells IS a violation of conscience, and a violation of clear Biblical commands.” See: “Vatican OKs Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines, Even If Research Involved Fetal Tissue”  and “Are the vaccines made with fetal cells?”

“Nova Scotia Pass” is the name of the vax passport in NS

“These mandates are not working”
“Truth is freedom”

“God gave me a spine, so I stand tall”

“Keep Canada Free”
“Terminate the mandate. Our bodies, our choices.
“Freedom over fear”

Comment in support of the above photo:

It is my considered opinion that Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer, Robert Strang, has acted like a petty tyrant by arbitrarily imposing unconstitutional restrictions that lack sufficient scientific justification and which also violate all ethical norms for a liberal democracy.

He is an unelected official who has become a human rights violator by restricting freedom of religion, speech, and assembly and for violation freedom of medical choice, resulting in enormous and unjustifiable hardship and pain on Nova Scotia’s citizens.

Featured Image
Canadian official admits ban on in-person gatherings is to prevent spread of ‘false information’

Anyone who supports his actions is grossly ill-informed. For example, we now know that the actions of governments have no effect on the transmission of Covid-19 which was unaffected by masks or social distancing.

A huge epidemiological comparison of 145 nations showed an increase in infections after the mRNA injections had been introduced. These injections (which are not actually vaccines; they are an experimental dangerous drug) made a negative difference in terms of infection — the very opposite of what the corrupt mainstream media is telling us.

The Omicron variant is unaffected by mRNA injections; these injections were initially successful in mitigating symptoms of the original strain of SARS-CoV2, in early 2021, but we now know they only serve to weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to infection, accelerating the rapid spread of Omicron.

And the mRNA shots have numerous serious negative side-effects. Yet Strang still insists that people to take them. As of Jan. 24, 2022, mask and vax mandates/passports are still in force. NS is now considering imposing a ‘tax’ like Quebec did, despite all the evidence that these injections do more harm than good. That would be insane.

The UK recently dropped Covid restrictions, in recognition that humanity needs to learn to live with Covid (as opposed to a brutal zero-Covid policy) and to develop natural immunity and manage the disease. Trying to eradicate it is not working; it is only destroying the world and serving to transfer massive amounts of wealth and power to political elites.

Sadly most Canadians still seem unware of what’s happening, as though they’re unable or unwilling to entertain any thoughts not sanctioned by authority figures in the media or government.

We should not continue on the insane trajectory ordained by apparatchiks like Drs. Tam or Strang, who have done so much to harm Canada and punish Canadians unnecessarily. His decision-making seems politically motivated to destroy Nova Scotia.

Strang issued an injunction to ban protest in Halifax last summer in direct violation of Canadian Charter rights: “He admitted he put the Order in place to shut down planned protests against his mask orders and lockdowns” (i.e., not for health reasons), leading to legal action by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to lift the injunction. Some activists showed up anyway and were arrested.

Click to play video:

Strang he has flip-flopped and lied to the public numerous times. For example, he said he would not impose vax passports, but then did so later. Canada’s health officers have turned out to be tyrants who ruined people’s lives for no reason. Covid-19 came and went in waves that these restrictions and injections had no effect on. And the harm of the disease itself was exaggerated in the mainstream media, who were incredibly irresponsible and violated their journalistic ethics.

Medical tyranny in Canada, imposed by Trudeau and in NS by two successive premiers and by Dr. Strang have caused incredible suffering and hardship and provide no medical benefit. Governments were certain to take credit when the Covid ‘waves’ receded, but we now know their restrictions had nothing to do with government actions. This is just how respiratory diseases act. In fact, we now know that lockdowns harmed citizens far more than they helped them.

Above: A nurse wrote these signs. “I find it strange [that] Covid misses 2 vaccines and a booster but a mask will stop it . . .

  • 98.5% survival rate, age 0-70+ (

    [The estimates, published 2020:
    – 0 to 19 years: 99.997%
    – 20 – 49 years: 99.98%
    – 50 – 69 years: 99.5%
    – 70 + years: 94.6%]
  • 100 years of research = no vaccine for cancer
  • no vaccine for the common cold, no vaccine for HIV
    [despite 40 years research on HIV an 300 years research on the cold]
  • Zero studies on long-term adverse reactions!
  • Canada has had 269 Covid vaccine deaths
  • USA has had 21,745 Covid vaccine death
    [150,000 according to this estimate]

    [Note that “European regulators found that a Pfizer vaccine for cows caused a 1-in-6000 risk of the bleeding disease and this was considered “unacceptable” but the risk of Covid-vaccine induced myocarditis – which can be fatal – in young men is now estimated at somewhere between 1 in 2000 and 1 in 3000.” Which led to the conclusion that “the rules are stricter for cows.”]

Nova Scotia Health, May 2021: “It’s important to note a person’s vaccine record is their own personal confidential health information and an employer is not privy to that to that.”

September 2021: “Nova Scotia Health will be requiring team members to describe their vaccine status” (Nov. 2022) Covid vaccine mandate . . .

“Silence is compliance”
“Freedom is essential”

“Integrated healthcare. Make it happen today.
# We Deserve Choice of Treatment # Provide us options

[see this definition of integrated healthcare]

Above: “We are living in a societal residential school. # No Vaccine Mandates #Nature Health Is Real” This is an interesting and unique analogy, which allude to the practice of forced medical procedures on children, including (allegedly) sterilizations. Any medical procedures that is forced on unwilling subjects is morally wrong.

“The world is that bad. It’s just your government that sucks”

Above: “The Great Reset will harm you” [This is true!]
See my article on the Great Reset – on why it’s not so great.

“Stop dividing us. Mandate peace, choice, love, respect, understanding, kindness, our rights & freedoms”
“I don’t care if your vaxxed. I want peace!!!”

Above: A reference to Tim Houston, the premier of Nova Scotia – who is a conservative voted in by many to get rid of medical tyranny — but what he did instead is impose more of it. In the U.S. they would call him a RINO. He is a fake conservative, like Doug Ford.

“Our Canadian freedoms are not conditional!”
“We the people, we are born free and sovereign beings”

Above: The symbol of the family divided refers to the fact that medical tyranny is driving families apart. See this essay on divided families (# 2 of this link).

One of the organizers of the event.
“We will not tolerate government tyranny”

Above: “Isolate the virus, not people.” This is a reference to the lockdown (which had zero medical value and which led to lockdown deaths and needless suffering for all of Canada).

It’s also a reference to the argument that the SARS-CoV2 ‘virus’ has actually never been isolated, which is an interesting topic. See “The Final Refutal Of Virology By Dr. Stefan Lanka” in which is an unorthodox medical position, though not for that reason worth rejecting (since science is ideally a process of growing knowledge that necessarily operates on the principle of falsifiability).

The argument is that the entire foundation of virology rests on a wrong diagnosis of disease based on a failure to properly isolate the alleged disease. They test they do use toxins and this is why the cells die, not due to a virus. An epidemiological observation of illness does not prove that it’s caused by a virus. The real cause of disease may be a nutritional deficiency (eg.
scurvy) or some other external agent. It’s a provocative theory because it challenge the entire field of virology.

I am not endorsing this argument because I don’t know enough about it (yet), but it is worth considering. Incredible as it may seem, what if all that’s happening is an opportunistic political response based on a serious error of allopathic medicine?

Medicine has made many mistakes in the past. How do we not know that in 100 or 200 years they will look back on our medicine as primitive, harmful, and grossly ill-informed? As Dr. McCoy notes in Star Trek IV, for future physicians our medicine now is still in the “dark ages” and our treatments are like “the Spanish Inquisition.”

I stand for human rights, freedom, choice, unity. I call to end all mandates. I love Convoy 2022

Save Canada

This lady also was present last summer at a freedom rally:

Above: “We are all essential” [This is a response to the discriminatory segregation of workers into “essential” and “non-essential” categories during the lockdowns.

Above: Coercion, not consent. the site for Vaccine Choice Canada; here is a poster from it below, which is applicable to the push by Big Pharma and the state to push Covid injections for children, even though they clearly don’t need it and it puts them at grave risk of injury.

“[Tim] Houston [the NS Premier] is insane

“We need freedom, not feardom, eh!”
“Your compliance is prolonging this nightmare”
“These mandates are not working”

“Keep Canada free”
“Does Big Pharma own our governments?” [sadly yes]
“Where there is risk, there must be choice!”
“No dictatorship! Free will planet”

“Remove mandates now”

Above: see my defense of this comparison. Below is another good one (from cartoonist Ben Garrison):

“No jabs for jobs. No Covid-19 vaccine passports”
“Stand up for your rights and freedoms before they are gone forever”
“You comply because you want it to end. But because of your compliance it will never end”
“Freedom from tyranny. (peace) We are not anti-vax; we are pro-choice”
“Open your real eyes, to realize the real lies” [about why mandates are wrong]
“Justin Trudeau stole my job! My body – my choice! Abolish vaccine mandates – vax passports and mask requirements!
Give Canadians their freedoms back! Stop segregating and discriminating against us!
Dogs against mRNA shots. Now Big Pharma wants to inject your pets too! Anything for a buck. It’s insanity.
The sign to the right (Strangled) shows Nova Scotia hanging from a noose.
It’s a reference to chief medical officer Robert Strang.
His policies are killing people and ruining lives

“Death shot. Danger poison.” There’s actually a strong argument for this position: if you get enough mRNA spiked proteins in your body from the injections, you can die. The more boosters the more risk. See this video with Michael Palmer MD, a specialist in microbiology, on the risk.

Many other notable scientists have said the same, including Nobel prize recipient Luc Montagnier and former Pfizer chief scientist Michael Yeadon, who refer to the risk of ADE — which we now see has resulted in variants (mutation).

And Pfizer’s data seems to indicate a high risk of serious adverse events. Additionally, VAERS reports indicate an unacceptably high death rate among those who recently took the jab.

Also see this eye-opening report by Dr. Thomas Siler. There are thousands of physicians and scientists who courageously spoke out out (such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Simone Gold) against these shots but they have been censored and silenced and scapegoated.

“I stand for: human rights, freedom, choice, unity. I call to end all mandates. I love Convoy2022.”
“I stand with the truckers. Enough is enough. Let us get back to normal. End all mandates.”

“Mandate: dangerous, unethical, unnecessary. mRNA is an experimental gene treatment. No long-term studies. No long-term effectiveness. No sterilization. The vaccinated can car and spread the disease. No herd immunity [through ‘vaccines’] is possible.”

“All I want is a choice”
“I stand for freedom”

“These mandates are not working”

Above: “Your compliance is prolonging this nightmare” This is an important argument. It won’t end with 100% vaccinates, as the governments tell us. Many nations have 80 to 100% vax rates and still have high Covid case counts, which proves the mRNA injections do nothing to prevent infection or transmission. Scapegoating the unvaccinated is both scientifically and ethically wrong.

Above: Trudeau is the “hatemonger” and “fearmonger” being referred to here because of his hate-speech against the unvaccinated.

One of the speakers at the rally

Above: This is a thought-provoking poster. There is a war against humanity being waged by globalist elites, using propaganda, deception and the abuse of medical authority. Sadly many people seem unaware of what’s going on. They’ve been deceived by the MSM propaganda.

“We will not tolerate government tyranny”

See this list of articles on the criminal plan by Big Pharma and the state to inject children with mRNA shots which they don’t need and which are harmful to them.

Above: “Stop [medical] segregation” [also described as “medical Jim Crow” – a reference to discrimination using ‘vaccine passports’]

“God gave me a spine so I stand tall”

Above: “6029679-21. Vaccines under criminal investigation
Below: documents pertaining to this sign:

On the car: “Dr. Paul Alexander [good commentary on medical tyranny]
“UK Boris Johnson on the run. Crimes against humanity. Trudeau next. Vax scam.”

Above: “Hey Pfizer: we are not your lab rat$” This is in refence to the experimental nature of the mRNA injections the violation of the Nuremberg Code by those imposing them on us.


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