Medical tyranny news and opinion digest for Jan 25, 2022: mass psychosis, criticism of MSM, the jab is leading to high case counts, and more

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(1) Under the spell of mass psychosis and Dear fellow journalists by Milosz Matuschek.
(2) What convinced you containment was a scam [readers’ reports, part 2] And reader comments.
(3) Giving up on Canada, by David Solway. And reader comments.
(4) Miscellaneous news items and videos.
(5) An urgent warning: The world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. by Alex Berenson.

(1) Under the spell of mass psychosis
by Milosz Matuschek, Jan. 22, 2022 [translated, edited]

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been witnesses to a lesson in mass psychology: how do you bring the entire world population in the Covidian camp?

How do you bring an entire population under mental control? A small thought experiment can help illustrate how. Imagine a table and tablecloth where the table is our reality and the tablecloth is the believed reality. We, the population of the earth, all stand together on this tablecloth – and of course on the table.

Now actors from governing structures [of society]: the large foundations, the circles of ‘experts’, governments, NGOs, large corporations and corporate media are pulling the corners and ends of this tablecloth higher and higher until it completely covers the viewing horizon of the tablecloth inhabitants. How easy it is to determine the limits of the world through the limits of perception!

[This is a variation of Plato’s allegory of the cave]

The media is a weapon of mass distraction
We lived in this artificial environment, a cocoon of media reality, even before the pandemic. This media cocoon is a form of rule unprecedented in history. It was only due to the pandemic that the bag was virtually “closed”.

In the pandemic, for example, what counts is what the World Health Organization says. The WHO determines reality [for us] according to their own terms (and their frequent shifting arbitrary modifications of those terms). The WHO dictates around the world what a pandemic is, what herd immunity is, what vaccination is, who has to be considered among the Covid dead, and what has to be considered true or false around the world.

Never has there been such world-changing power concentrated in the hands of so few actors. What can one say in response to this? Our global society has so far failed to find an appropriate response, because “reality” is being defined by the mass media. They have the power to draw attention to just one topic and amplify it.

Mass media are weapons of mass distraction, not only in war. Journalists become magicians of modernity: they can create things out of nothing or make them disappear. The whole world is stuck in this fabricated ‘reality bag.’ It tramples and shouts and yet does not come out. How are you supposed to recognize what’s going on outside the bag when you’re in it? This creates the impression of a single reality, a single problem, a single solution, supported by a supposed majority of a hypnotized mass.

How to hypnotize a mass The theme of “psychology of the masses” is not new, but it has never been listed in history as a global rogue piece, everywhere at the same time, in almost the same intensity – an almost unbelievable synchronization achievement. Over time, the theme of mass formation has been shaped by many interpretations: Gustave Le Bon, who was the first to popularize the topic, focuses on dumbing down the individual in the crowd.

As an individual, no matter how intelligent the individual may be, in the mass the thinking stops. With Freud, how could it be otherwise, the libidinous relationship with the leader is in the foreground. Erich Fromm sees a psychological “authoritarian conscience” at work, which silences and superimposes one’s own inner voice, the “humanistic conscience”.

In Elias Canetti’s book Crowds and Power talks about how man fears contact with the unknown and is only released from this feeling through mass identity. When others share the same fear it becomes more familiar to the individual. The unknown is reflected in the familiar faces of the many, becomes tangible, visible and thus less unknown [and less cause for fear]. The mass as a projection surface of a phenomenon serves to relieve the individual. This mass consciousness sedates and soothes the conscience.

Mattias Desmet, Professor of Psychology at the University of Ghent, thinks Canetti in particular psychoanalytically and socio-psychologically, without completely renouncing Le Bon’s idea of the controllability and manipulability of the masses. Desmet, who is also working on a book on the subject of “mass formation”, is probably the most visible researcher on this phenomenon worldwide at the moment. He gets to the heart of how mass formation is formed and why it is so incredibly perfidious and effective. So there is a level of prerequisites and a level of consequences that must be distinguished from each other. At the level of prerequisites, four elements are necessary for a mass formation. These form the breeding ground, so to speak. Isolation The feeling of insignificance A free-floating, diffuse anxiety level A build-up aggression.

With isolation, many may think of lockdowns and social distancing, but in fact, these phenomena are just the pandemic-related tip of the iceberg. Anonymous cities, single households, the bleeding of club structures and the disappearance of places of encounter – wasn’t that part of isolation even before Corona? What was described years ago under the term fragmentation or atomization of society – didn’t it also promote the feeling of insignificance? The constant spiral of fear in the media, whether cold war, forest dieback, ozone hole, Chernobyl, unemployment, terrorism, global warming up to Corona – has the media’s business model been casually said for years anything other than the generation of anxiety and the increase of diffuse fear levels?

The brutalization of everyday customs, the increased irritability, hadn’t it already been an issue before Corona? Overall, it takes little imagination to recognize a mass formation. The tablecloth described at the beginning, it folded up over entire societies even before the pandemic.

The perfidious effect of mass formation

Desmet’s theory of mass formation is particularly impressive only at the level of consequences. It is only here that different social and socio-psychological phenomena such as gears interlock. Only here does the almost inescapable effect of a stately orchestrated mechanism unfold, which the inexperienced individual can hardly escape . . .

Dear fellow journalists: Sorry, what exactly do you want more money for now?
[translated, edited]

Instead of taking even more money from the taxpayer through the Mediengesetz [the law in Germany to bail out the mainstream media — similar to Trudeau’s funding of CBC, CTV, etc – which corrupts the Canadian media], journalists should rather think about their collective failure in the pandemic.

[In other words, instead of continuing to be bailed out by the government and being deferential to the government’s agenda — which is in turn set by Big Pharma and big business, profiting from the ‘pandemic’ at the expense of the public — this is the time that the MSM should acknowledge it many abject failures to protect the public and try to make amends]

This is how the procession of the “good” press goes today: in the direction of the taxpayer. [I think he means it’s too dependent on the taxpayer]

Over the last two years, all the critical, multi-page reports and special reports were on the subject of Covid-19? Don’t you consider that odd?

Soon the Swiss taxpayer will be pouring out another almost 180 million francs [$196 million USD!] a year for this if the citizens don’t stop the media law with a “no” vote on February 13th [2022].

[This is a reference to the fact that on Feb. 13, in Switzerland, there’s a legislative vote on whether or not to extend funding for media. Printed press, radio and television stations will benefit. Polls indicate that approval for the additional funding is in decline.]

Too bad my dear fellow journalists: Why exactly do you want more money from the state now? One could sum up the last two years with Kurt Tucholsky’s statement: “First, they don’t think, and then they express it badly.”

Journalists are amateur sorcerers’ apprentices

Journalists are (for those who don’t know) sorcerers’ apprentices. They can conjure things up or make them disappear Unfortunately, mishaps happen to them all the time when they cast magic. Because what they want to magically disappear still shows up somewhere else like an evil curse and then makes them look a bit stupid.

And what they really want to conjure up, they have to believe in first. It’s easier to do this if you write it down in the newspaper yourself, just to be on the safe side.

The sorcerer’s apprentices look particularly cute when they get up to “classify” something. That’s when the messy dropout from a humanities-gender-culture course gets to decide which virology professor is an idiot and which is a demigod.

Let’s not kid ourselves: [MSM] journalism on the subject of Covid-19 is a total failure. Wanting money from the taxpayer for such a collective failure is even more disgraceful. The Mediengesetz is another nail in the coffin of free truth-finding.

That which requires state sponsorship was bad before and will only get worse with more public money thrown at. If the reader has more unanswered questions than the journalist is willing to provide, the demand side is not the problem; what’s being offer is lousy.

The tsunami of processing is rolling

You have to use a magnifying glass to look for critical reporting on Covid-19 in newspapers, magazines and o state television. It’s not that finding the inconsistencies is particularly difficult.

There are numerous pages of facts and figures to track down and listings of studies to sift through. Documentary films, such as Planet Lockdown, offer a wide range of unanswered questions, as does the film about vaccine damage from the private broadcaster ServusTV, which was recently deleted from YouTube
The numerous unanswered questions were noted some time ago by the employee of the German Südwestrundfunk, Ole Skambraks, in the Multipolar-Magazine ( “I can no longer”).

How soft as wax and subservient journalism has become towards those in government is shown most recently by Ringier CEO Marc Walder ‘s commitment to pro-government reporting and the sheepish apology of a Danish newspaper for its uncritical reporting.

However, the media law is only one building block in the overall picture of the horror. It is long overdue to talk about the fundamental questions: what exactly goes wrong in journalism when readers and, increasingly, employees are running away from it?

This discussion is also necessary because a tsunami is rolling in for the entire industry that cannot be classified in terms of subscriber scare or advertising dwindling. It’s a tsunami of loss of trust and the big, open question from ordinary people will be: what have you actually been doing for the last two years?

Let’s put it like it is: the core accusation against the journalist is that he is intellectually corrupt. And that was the case before governments reached into the tax coffers or a Bill Gates over 300 million pumped into media companies.

As early as 1875, the New York Times journalist John Swinton accused his guild of being “spiritual prostitutes”. [And in the 1930s, the NYT lied about Stalin’s genocide in the Ukraine, and still lying today]

There is just a lousy incentive system for good journalism. You have to be a little stupid in the right places and especially stupid in the crucial places. Then you have good prospects of a career in a media company.

As early as 1935, investigative journalist Upton Sinclair knew: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends precisely on his not understanding it.”

Who does the journalist work for?

The big mistake of today’s journalist is that he thinks he works for a media house or a publishing house. It’s like when a doctor thinks he’s working for the pharmaceutical industry or a lawyer thinks he’s working for the justice system.

No, the journalist works solely for the reader. Therefore, one thing above all belongs to the basic character equipment of the journalist: Courage. What can be called the fourth estate only emerges from the sum of courageous individuals.

The rest practice whitewashing and illusion painting. Joseph Pulitzer earned his reputation through investigative research locally, i.e. where the feeling begins. A prize is named after him today because some people used to be afraid of his sharp pen. Today, the most powerful are still afraid of Wikileaks.

Let’s imagine that from tomorrow there would be no more media companies, no publishers, no state television, no media patrons, no sponsored content, no advertising business.

. . . Let’s ask ourselves: What would the process of finding the truth be like if the media market were solely to express who deserves credit in recognition of journalistic achievements? How many journalists would survive if they only had to live from their honor, i.e. from what the reader gives them directly in recognition of their work?

(2) What convinced you containment was a scam
Reader reports: Part 2, by Eugyppius. See part 1 here.

Among the privileges of compiling these reports, is the opportunity to tell my own story:

I caught Corona very early, along with a lot of people I know. I was extremely sick with a very high fever for four days, but never hospitalised or anything like that. After the acute symptoms passed, it took me about three weeks to fully recover, at which point Germany had locked down.

I’ll admit that I found the panic propaganda convincing at first. I was never personally worried about infection – I assumed I was immune – though I did find the prospect of mass mortality and social chaos concerning. In retrospect, the propaganda worked above all by presenting the threat of Corona stripped of all context. What kind of social or political threat had past pandemics proven to be? (Answer: Not much of one.) How dangerous was SARS-2 really, compared to other viruses? (Answer: It no more dangerous than pandemic influenza, with which we’ve had abundant experience.) What precautions had been taken in the face of past pandemics? (Answer: Not many.) What kinds of countermeasures had been planned, and why? (Answer. Definitely not lockdowns.) These are all questions that went studiously ignored, but their import wasn’t obvious to me at the time.

Like many of you, I was very interested in the Diamond Princess as a natural laboratory, but by the time I had recovered enough to consume a lot of news, the narrative had shifted. Lockdowns were demanded not to save lives, but to reduce stress on the healthcare system, and above all to ensure the wide availability of ventilators.

There was no single event that convinced me I had been deceived, just a lot of little things. The first, was when disaster failed to materialise and infections began to recede towards the end of March. I found it hard to believe this could have anything to do with the German lockdown. It looked exactly like a seasonal decline, and the timing wasn’t right. By mid-April, it was clear that hospitals in Germany were never in danger of being overrun, and that ventilators were not any kind of answer to Corona. It sounds crazy to type it now, but the ventilator panic had formed a huge part of the argument for mass containment in those early days, and I was astounded to see a lot of lockdown hardliners continue to insist on widespread closures, now on the strength of totally different arguments. I also didn’t like the growing leftist flavour of containment activism, and the moral scolding of the press, which quickly adopted the tactic of blaming infections and deaths on individual rule-breakers rather than on the virus or our response.

The failure to dismantle containment over the summer; the obviously strategic choice of the press, beginning in August, to hyperventilate about cases rather than hospitalisations or deaths; and the remarkably low quality of public health messaging were all alienating. The final straw for me was the renewed panic over the entirely predictable rise of infections in Fall 2020. I’d always doubted that masks could do very much, but in the course of November it became clear that closures, too, had no detectable effect on the trajectory of infections. By December, I found it hard to see containment as anything other than a theatrical exercise, intended to drive the population into the arms of the vaccines.

This should have made me suspicious of vaccines from the very beginning, but here too I was slow. I though they would, at the worst, be ineffective if harmless, and provide an excuse for our countries to disengage from containment. I could not have been more wrong, but here I saw the light much sooner. As politicians and media outlets portrayed another seasonal decline in infections as a victory for the vaccines, I was on guard again. The increasingly toxic, bullying information campaign surrounding vaccination didn’t help, and the ever more frequent reports of adverse events soured me on them entirely.

Many academics in fields well outside public health and epidemiology wrote about the valuable perspective provided by their own quite separate fields of expertise.

Procopius, a pseudonymous Argentinian professor, reports that it was above all the relentless “threat inflation,” familiar to him from his work on international security, that clued him in that something was wrong:

For me, the wake up moment was early on, more or less around March, when my country decided to plunge itself into an early hard lockdown.

Since my area of study is international security, I follow international news outlets very closely, so I got on to the covid subject early on.

In late February or early March, at a meeting with other academics in my field, I was asked to give an overview of relevant situations unfolding around the globe. At the time I had already come to the conclusion, based on several early data points (South Korea’s reported IFR rate), that the threat was overblown. I risked an early forecast that this would be a an episode similar to the 2009-2010 swine flu scare, but shorter in duration, since we supposedly had learned our lesson from back then. After all, other scares like Ebola, Zika and Chikungunya had blown over much more quickly since then.

Needless to say, my forecast turned out to be spectacularly wrong, and this pushed me to dig ever deeper into the informational environment surrounding Covid, trying to understand why.

My greatest worry then was that the media circus around Covid would push people to stay home, which might cause an economic downturn in an already struggling economy, that our chronically inept government would find difficult to counteract. I never thought the government of our poverty-stricken country would so happily jump on that risky bandwagon of global policy, yet they did.

One red flag that caught my attention early on was threat inflation. Those with knowledge of security issues should recognize the problem immediately, because it is so pervasive in our field. National security bureaucracies have a vested interest in inflating the threats they are facing in order to justify their budgets, prestige, and their powers.

We can see this at work in the war on drugs, human trafficking, military force posture planning, even nuclear strategy. The worst offender is, by far, the global war on terror since 2001. All the mentioned threats are real, which is why they are plausible at face value, it just their likelihood and severity that are grossly exaggerated. 

And the hygiene theater around covid strongly resembles the security theater around terrorism, where most policy measures are meant to show action without actually being effective (or even counterproductive). 

My ignorance about the workings of the public health establishment led me to overlook the danger of these dynamics playing out the same way during this pandemic, with even worse effects on a global scale. And it makes one wonder what other industry-bureaucracy collusions are waiting for a golden opportunity to force their pet projects on the rest of society (yes climate change, I am looking at you!)

Needless to say, as a result of all this, I was already skeptical of the vaccination efforts from the beginning. It was obvious that there was no way to assess long term side effects because there would be no time, period. And there would be immense pressure to cut corners and weaken regulatory oversight. The half-baked PR stunts to discredit ivermectin and HCQ strongly suggested pharma lobby and regulatory capture.

On a final note, working in academia I have long been aware of how our scientific production system has to a large extent been corrupted by perverse incentives to become a paper mill.

I used to think this was mostly a social sciences problem, but after Ioannidis (2005) I increasingly learned how deep the problem went into the supposedly hard sciences as well. If the average citizen were more aware of this, they would probably be much more wary of worshipping at the altar of The Science!

My friend, the physicist Rudolph Rigger (he writes Riggery Pokery), realised that mortality curves for the United Kingdom tended to decelerate far too early for lockdowns to be the cause:

I’m a theoretical physicist with over 30 years research experience. My work has almost exclusively involved squiggles – figuring out math stuff to try and tease some new physis idea out of things. I wasn’t so good with data and stats because I didn’t need to be – the confounders tended to confound me every time. I’ve learned quite a lot over the last 20 months or so, but I’m still a bit slow with the data analysis. I say these things to give an honest contextual frame from which you can evaluate my comments. It is very clear, that other than naïve basics, I am neither an immunologist, or an epidemiologist.

I was working at a university away from my country of birth (the UK) when the dread Rona struck. I remember some of my colleagues trying to push the elevator buttons with their elbows and thinking this might be taking things a tad too far. To be fair, I didn’t know much about things back then, but I doubted very much whether infection from surfaces and objects would be significant – more of a theoretical possibility than any serious risk. The country I was working in followed the rest of the world and eventually imposed lockdown, but I followed the UK situation very closely.

I thought the idea of lockdown was a bit silly, even sillier was the notion that asymptomatic transmission could be a significant factor. Lockdown was just going to be a tool for delaying the inevitable (back then I thought it might “work”) and my naïve understanding of immunology and infection was that if you have sufficient viral load to pose a significant danger to others, you’re going to be experiencing symptoms. I wasn’t sure what lockdown of healthy people was going to achieve over and above “locking down” people with symptoms. I also knew from the Diamond Princess data and the data from Italy that, whilst serious, the situation did not really qualify as an “emergency” for the majority of the world’s population. So lockdown seemed to be a bit of a panic-induced over-reaction.

As things progressed I looked at the UK data a bit more closely. The mortality curve rose, reached a maximum, and then started to come back down again. Well knock me down with a feather, I thought, lockdown actually worked. I wanted to find out when lockdown actually started to “bite” so I started looking at the properties of the curve. In physics and maths you have to delve into the deeper properties of curves if you want to understand them properly – you have to look at things like first and second derivatives. The 2nd derivative is especially important in understanding dynamics because it’s a measure of “acceleration” – it tells you when the brakes are on, so to speak. In physics, accelerations tell you something about the forces that are operating. I worked out, from the data, a decent approximation for this “acceleration” for the UK covid mortality curve – and shifted by a couple of weeks to get an idea for the dynamics of the infection curve (death followed infection by at least a couple of weeks on average).

To my surprise, I found that the acceleration for the infection curve had gone negative (the brakes were on), BEFORE the lockdowns could have had any effect. This strongly indicated, but did not absolutely prove, that the viral dynamics were being driven by natural processes of a virus within a population and largely not affected by policy. From that point on I started to look much more closely at the data across the world, noting geographical/climate patterns, and also noting that there didn’t seem to be a good correlation between policy and outcome. When mandatory masking was introduced in the UK Summer when things had seasonally fizzled out I knew something was very wrong. As a vaper, and having to wear masks in the country I was in, I knew that masks were going to do bugger all, to use a technical term.

One and a half years on my position has only been strengthened by the worldwide data. Almost everything the media and “the powers that be” were telling us was, at best, a distortion of the truth and, at worst, an outright lie. The ramping up of censorship, and the application of various labels like “anti-science” or “science-denier”, only confirmed my feeling that everything was being driven by emotion, rather than data. We were being emotionally manipulated to think and behave in a certain way. What I’ve not been able to figure out is why. Very little about the response to this virus makes sense from the perspective of public health, or evidence-based policy. We’ve not been following science, we’ve been following beliefs.

An orthopedic surgeon from the midwestern US is one of various doctors who were struck from the very beginning by the futility of containment. Direct knowledge of a vaccine-induced death, meanwhile, convinced him that the vaccines were a bad idea very early;

Our hospital went into lockdown in late March 2020. I knew something wasn’t right immediately because there were no patients with COVID in the hospital. Our hospitals were empty, but I could not take care of my own patients as all elective surgery was cancelled. Very quickly the hospital realized that they were going to go bankrupt, so we came back to work in 6 weeks and worked pretty much a normal schedule since.  It was not a coherent strategy.

One of my initial responses to the lockdown was to share the story “The Mask of the Red Death” by Edgar Allen Poe with all the physicians in training that I surpervise.  The similarities were too obvious.  I told them “it’s a virus.  You can run and you can hide, but eventually we are all going to get it.”

When the vaccine was first announced, I found a review paper on mRNA vaccinces from 2018.  It described the 30 years that scientists had been working on mRNA vaccines.  I read about all the problems and thought it was a might odd coincidence that they worked out all the bugs just in time for COVID and an EUA.  I decided to wait and see how the role out went.  Then in March of 2021 a local 16 year girl who was a friend of my son died from a pulmonary embolis after vaccination.  And it was not reported in the media.  I vowed then and there NEVER to get the vaccine.  And I have manage to keep my job despite the mandates – it just takes resolution ( and perhaps being a big biller for the hospital). 

Various people with an insider perspective on the pandemic response wrote in. It’s good to know that the vaccination campaigns look as bad from the inside as they do from the outside:

I worked in one country’s vaccine national roll-out program….I started in their adverse event team…

I could list more as a member of the public but from within the vaccination program:

-When the pharmacovigilance advisors complained about the reporting of the AEFI [adverse events following immunisation] system and why it was not a true phv [pharmacovigilance] reporting system and completely inadequate.

-When they complained that their recommendations based on their research and calls with other countries were ignored (e.g. they had zoom calls with Israel and WHO over the booster roll-outs and Israel initially did it for solely political reasons….there was no data to support doing it).

-When the country sat on publicly announcing a vaccine death for 3 to 4 weeks, because we had entered another lockdown and they didn’t want to deter people from getting vaccinated.

-When they ran an active monitoring text survey on adverse effects to randomly selected people who had doses….but the then.director of the program said not to publish the data, as the reactions were so high.

-When I realised there were 55 people employed to do communications within the program….aka keep up the narrative from the government ….

Eileen Natuzzi a physician and epidemiologist who also writes on Substack, found the response bizarre from the very beginning:

I worked for the department of public health spanning the pre- and post-vaccine COVID period. I am a physician and a public health epidemiologist. Before the vaccine it was about collecting info from cases, no emphasis on education or allaying media stoked fears. The vast majority of cases were mild but terrified. We failed to separate ‘died with’ from ‘died from.’ There was no stratifying cases by severity of symptoms even though that data was there. The mantra was “just collect the data.” As a physician this made no sense to me. I went rogue recommending Vit D, C, zinc and early monoclonal Ab treatment for the high risk. It was not our policy to do so.

Then came the mass vaccine period, the shifting of human resources in order to jab the population. Any mention of adverse events was met with: “are you trying to sabotage the vaccination campaign?” There was no critical thinking, no unbiased looking at information, it was forge ahead with the mission at all costs. By February and March 2021 the over interpretation of vaccine benefits began: “look at how the cases dropped off once the vaccines were available.” Nope, look at how cases have also dropped off where vaccines were not available. It’s due largely to the virus’s behavior not the vaccines. Our public health bureaucrats have given far too much credit to the vaccines, magical one sided thinking, no objective data analysis. Just look the other way and keep jabbing. Once public health crossed the threshold into biased analysis I was out, tendered my resignation. The system was incapable or unwilling to see the slowly rising breakthrough cases, to understand them, they just buried them. It was quite disappointing and it reinforced to me that a public health overhaul is sorely needed. An overhaul must include a commitment to the individuals they serve, not control, to provide honest up to date data and information. Breakthrough infection data should be as upfront as case and death data, not buried on some obscure page of the local public health website. That is the type of transparency needed especially now as vaccines are failing to eliminate the virus. Public health must be put in a continuum with our illness system so patterns of concern become visible. There is no logic to having separate ineffective systems when one could compliment and perhaps even correct the other.

There is going to be a lot of data to dredge thru after this pandemic is over. Will the honest data be made available? Will it’s analysis be accurately interpreted or will some of the spin we are continuing to see taint it?

An anonymous reader with first hand experience of the SARS outbreak in 2003 found himself immune to the second round of hysteria in 2020:

I played a bit role in SARS Season 1 in Shanghai back in 2003.  I went through the pantomime of containment of that bygone age, complete with lockdowns, hose-downs, temperature taking and effective-action faking.  It was political theater of the highest order.  Before the virus even hit the local news media, we already knew it was extremely difficult to pass and required little more than attention to some basic flu season hygiene.  And then it was gone, thanks to the Wisdom and Leadership of Comrade Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party.

When Season 2 was released in late 2019 (I brought back COVID from China to the US in September of that year incidentally), it seemed to me a poor rehash of Season 1.  More transmissible, yes, but inversely proportionally in terms of virulence.  You could tell, however, they’d been rehearsing for S2 for a long time, almost dumbstruck their moment on stage had finally and truly arrived.  Before it even hit our shores, it was evident this was a highway to authoritarianism – it worked so well in China twice, how could it not be employed here, in Europe and Oceania?  From the start I asked: where are the exit ramps?  There were none.  Two weeks to flatten the curve.  Uh huh … have the troops home by Xmas (Korean War) … over in a matter of weeks (WW I).  History is replete with similar examples and their total failure to communicate an end to containment and what a post-lockdown world would look like only affirmed by suspicions; the St. Floyd riots were simply the mustard on the sh*t sandwich I knew we would be force-fed for as long as they thought they could get away with it, which places like Austria, Canada and Australia are demonstrating could be a very long time, indeed.

An Irish reader, who experienced the first year of the pandemic in China, before returning home to work as a contact tracer, offers many interesting observations:

I worked as a contact tracer here in Ireland for seven months (from February 2021 to September 2021). The contract tracing centre that I worked in was set up in late October or early November 2020. One of the things that I found out that shocked me was that before I joined, one of the contract tracers tested positive for Covid. This was hidden from the other contract tracers and no one working in the contact tracing centre was officially recorded as a close contact. One of the tracers found out eventually and sent a strongly worded email to everyone who worked there calling out the hypocrisy. Managers went round to everyone and told them to delete the email and nothing was done regarding isolation or testing of that worker’s close contacts.

This shocked me, because if the people telling the public to restrict their movements or self-isolate weren’t doing it themselves, then obviously the risk wasn’t that great.

Another thing that convinced me that it was a scam was that there was no advice as to what to do when people tested positive. We had a huge script along with a scenario manual to tell us what to say to close contacts depending on their individual circumstances. Some of the close contacts we called happened to already have tested positive. They would ask me for medical advice. Perhaps it was for the best for non-medically trained contact tracers not to give medical advice, but I find it odd that the only response we could give was “Contact your general practitioner if your symptoms worsen”. 


I lived in China from November 2019 to November 2020 and if I remember correctly, China closed its borders and stopped or rerouted nearly all flights in February 2020. They had, and still have, very strict entry requirements when it comes to testing and quarantining. I remember thinking to myself in the early days that since Ireland is a small, sparsely populated, island nation that it would be able to successfully isolate itself from covid, at least relatively speaking. Ireland didn’t do much regarding entry requirements until March, 2021 when they introduced a mandatory hotel quarantine, a whole year after the virus emerged. There were also lots of issues with the hotel quarantine. People challenged it legally, and many simply left the hotel after being checked in. Mandatory hotel quarantine was removed completely in September 2021. Perhaps this says more about the incompetence of the Irish government than anything.

I flew back to China via Hong Kong and London. On my flights to Hong Kong and to London the passengers were socially distanced. Every row at least was only occupied by one person. However, on my flight to Dublin from London every single seat was full! And there was no testing requirement to enter Ireland. While I didn’t care all that much as I had realised through browsing subreddits such as r/China_Flu and r/Wuhan_Flu that covid was only dangerous for people with comorbidities, I thought it was the height of hypocrisy as politicians in Ireland and the media fearmongered about the virus 24/7. The country that I came back to was and still isn’t the same one that I left. It felt like the population was traumatised.

An American reader who helped coordinate the state-level Corona response recounts multiple red flags:

I was appointed to the Governor’s Covid Task Force for one of the 50 United States on March 23, 2020, and within two weeks it was clear there were considerable differences between what we were experiencing on the ground in our State and the direction of the Covid narrative in the media. At first we were mostly confused:  why was one set of numbers—Covid cases—the singular focus of the narrative when there was so much context that was necessary to understand that number, even as a leading indicator? It seemed no one in the public narrative was asking any of the critical questions necessary to determine the real extent of the problem, they were simply churning the fear barrel as hard and fast as possible. 

A critical question in our minds: If cases were a leading indicator of hospitalizations and deaths, how accurate were predictions of the progression from cases to hospital to death? In our State, we realized by April 7, 2020 that the publicly available models of the progression were far too pessimistic.  We were also confused why no one was pointing out that the people who were dying were nearly all very old and/or very sick. Public Health Officials knew that age and co-morbidities were critical in determining the seriousness of this new disease but were being nearly ignored in the public narrative. Furthermore, why was no one pointing out that those who were not very old or sick were mostly obese. Those were not negligible factors, those were critical diagnostic variables that were being ignored. 

At the time, the Task Force had to make decisions in the middle of that massive public fear narrative. While some of us on the inside seriously questioned most of what the public believed to be the “truth” about Covid, the Task Force itself (as well as the Governor) had to deal with the significant public pressure to go along with what other States and Governors were doing. By Governor’s order, we shut down the State in mid-April for four weeks “to flatten the curve” because that’s what virtually every other State in the country had done.

During that shutdown, because of the significant differences we were already seeing between the reality on the ground and the national narrative, Task Force insiders began to seriously question nearly all of the conventional Covid wisdom with basic decision-making questions, like:

· Differential deaths—how many people would normally have died by this day in the year versus how many have died this year?  We needed to know whether the people being killed by Covid were mostly so old and/or so sick they would have died anyway.  While it sounds callous, Public Health is about exactly that type of question.

· How critical was obesity?  We have one of the five most obese populations in the United States, particularly among young people.  While it may be politically incorrect to mention, it was the single most responsible question we could ask. 

· How many people were hospitalized or died WITH Covid as opposed to OF Covid?  We quickly realized national Covid case/hospital/death counts included gunshot wounds, cancer victims and a host of other injuries that had nothing to do with the virus.  But federal reimbursement if there was a Covid diagnosis meant providers had a financial incentive to classify everyone who died WITH Covid as a Covid death, which made it difficult to determine this critical information. 

Unfortunately we were unable to get the answers to most of those questions because the noise from the fear narrative was so great that non-compliant questions were simply not allowed (or actively suppressed).  We did our best to actually fight the Covid fight on the ground, but our intelligence seemed to get worse because the fear narrative became both defensive and aggressive—they did not questions like these being asked, much less answered.

My personal journey was highly influenced by the national mask narrative.  I was in charge of purchasing PPE, so when I joined the fight in March I studied everything I could about masks—how they were made, what the certifications were, who tested masks, what various markings like N95 or KN95 meant, etc.  While doing everything I could to purchase and distribute as many masks as possible, that research began to make me doubt the effectiveness of most masks against Covid, especially for the general public.  By early June I knew that the “my mask protects you, your mask protects me” tag line was completely false—masks are designed, tested and certified to protect the wearer and no one else.  Since that line was being used by the same people telling us Covid was the “most dangerous disease of our lifetime” and the only way to combat it was with containment, I knew that they could not be trusted.  Ironically, by June I was engaged in buying tens of millions of masks, knowing that they were unnecessary for Covid given its aerosol nature and the lack of discipline exhibited by most mask wearers.

The final straw for me was when the people screaming loudest for containment (in addition to lying about masks, case/death counts and Covid risk among the young) proudly flouted all their own mandates by participating in crowded, mostly maskless “racial justice” marches across the country.  You only have to beat me over the head with hypocrisy for a little while before I finally wise up. 

A journalist, medical writer and former medical school administrator was put off, above all, by the mass vaccination campaign:

Here briefly are the issues that made me a skeptic of the United States government’s approach to the pandemic:

1.  The campaign to vaccinate all adults was a giant red flag for me.  It was clear from the beginning that this virus had an unusual J-shaped morbidity and mortality curve, not the more common U-shaped curve.  Therefore, the emphasis should have been on vaccinating the older age cohort as well as those who had other serious diseases, especially ailments that compromised the immune system.  

2.  Related to this was the decision to vaccinate healthy children.  I actually did a calculation about a year ago based on published CDC data and discovered that of the 73-million people in the U.S. in the 18 and under age cohort there had been less than 500 deaths, virtually all among children with other underlying serious diseases.  This death rate for children works out to about .00000685 percent.  Then I read studies — first from Iceland and then from other countries — that found that infected children were very unlikely to spread Covid19 to adults.  At this time, using the flawed VAERS data, I calculated the risk of a child dying from the vaccine.  It was, of course, very rare — but slightly less rare than a child dying from the disease itself.  I said to myself, surely they won’t want to vaccinate healthy children.  When the CDC approved vaccinations for healthy kids — even preschool age children — I said to myself, this whole system is corrupt.  There was apparently not one person in a position of authority within the CDC willing to stand up against this nonsense.   

3.  Now we have reports of young men having serious cases of myocarditis, and some even dying.  Nobody seems to care.  It doesn’t fit the narrative so the stories are ignored.  The CDC takes no action.  This heightened my skepticism of the whole government approach to the pandemic even more.  

4.  Dr. Fauci continues to spread lies and half-truths.  But, one example:  He initially said, truthfully, that a cloth mask offered some minimal protection for other people from an asymptomatic infection that the person wearing the mask might have.  Later he started to lie about the effectiveness of these types of masks in protecting the wearer.   

These are just a few of the things I could cite, but they are some of keys to how I began to become aware that there was a scam afoot. 

I believe that the CDC and public health officials in the United States have damaged their credibility so badly that it’ll take a generation for them to regain public trust.  This was totally unnecessary.  All they had to do was to level with the citizenry.  Tell them about the complexities of the pandemic.  For instance, they should have made clear the age differences in risk.  They should have emphasized the concept of relative risk.  They should have pointed out that though vaccines administered to at-risk groups does reduce those individuals’ risk, they may actually increase the the likelihood of significant mutations, and hence, might pose additional risk for the population as a whole.  These are complex matters and one has to weigh various risks against one another.  The CDC knows this, but for whatever reason, decided the public didn’t need to know everything — but just selective information that would support the narrative they had decided on.  In a word their behavior was and is shameful, not to mention paternalistic, in the worst connotation of that term.

A former US Marine Corps officer provides a military perspective. For him and many others, shrill warnings of impending disaster followed by nothing proved decisive:

I recently left the Marine Corps for the civilian world but back in early 2020, I was an officer in a combat arms unit stationed in California. Our unit was scheduled to deploy to the UAE for four weeks for a training exercise with the Emirate military beginning in March. In late February, a small group from our unit went to the UAE as an Advanced Team to prepare for the arrival of the rest of the unit. We heard about COVID on the news but didn’t think it was a serious threat at the time… if anything, we were more worried about the anthrax vaccines we had just received in order to be medically ready to deploy to Central Command.

The rest of us were scheduled to deploy around mid-March, but the Department of Defense canceled our deployment as we were sitting on a runway waiting to leave California. Fast forward a week and we find out from our higher command that they were scrambling to figure out a way to get our Advanced Team back from the UAE, but they probably wouldn’t come back for another three to six months. At this point we all knew COVID was something serious.

In late March, back at our base in California, the base Commanding General issued warnings that all units needed to prepare for a massive wave of COVID cases that would far exceed our base’s hospital capacity. The now infamous Imperial College of London COVID death projections were used as the foundation for our base’s own COVID preparations. We were further told that a M.A.S.H. style tent hospital was being constructed on the base to accommodate the inevitable mass-casualty event COVID was going to cause. Estimates stated that 50% of the base’s military and civilian population would be hospitalized by the initial wave and that most of those hospitalized would likely die. We were told that the civilian population surrounding the base may turn hostile once resources began running out over the coming months. The base began preparations for food and water rationing and units like mine were told to begin preparing our Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) protective equipment for real-world use.

Then, nothing happened. From late March to July our unit of roughly 1,000 Marines and sailors had zero COVID cases. Zero. Even when we did have our first case, that individual felt sick for a day or two and then was fine. By late summer I realized that our local base narrative had changed from “we are all going to die” in March/April to “we need to do our part to keep hospitals from filling up” in April/May to something more like “although most military service members are not threatened by the virus, we all need to do our part to not kill the elderly in our surrounding civilian communities.” At that point I finally understood what many of my Marines had already intuited… COVID was no more serious a threat to us than a flu season. I regretfully understand now that I was in the middle of the intelligence curve for the first six months of COVID.

A US government employee with experience of the Defense Department writes that it was the creepy, coordinated internal messaging that caused him to question containment:

What really struck me in late Feb/Early March 2020 was the tone and content of messaging in internal emails addressed to staff members. I can only describe it as fake and creepy with the same sanctimonious air that usually accompanies other “politically correct” bureaucratic priorities. This was in late February, before the public really was exposed to this hysteria and the states began their lockdowns. 

I knew immediately that something was pushing this, that the fear of COVID wasn’t natural or spontaneous, and an official playbook had been developed. This playbook would reward those who furthered this agenda and punished those who stood in its way. The messaging was uniform and used certain words like safe, care, protect, etc etc. Within a couple of weeks, this new doctrine had been accepted as gospel by the entire managerial establishment at my government workplace and any naysaying or doubting of the narrative was absolutely unthinkable. 

From the earliest days, this containment ideology was imbued with, not just a medical aspect, but a moral one. Failure to comply, and not only comply, but actively promote COVID ideology and work it into your plans and programs and inspire fear (i.e., “safety”) in others would be tantamount to betrayal of the greater social justice ideology our government exists to promote.

As I write this, I am wearing a mask 100% of the time indoors again, after being forced to take a vaccination against my will. There are murmurs of forced boosters despite all we know about non-sterilization and omicron’s immune escape capabilities. They won’t let go. It’s not about science anymore. They won’t let us be free. I pray something or someone puts an end to this madness.

Finally, while I’ve tried to highlight interesting or less usual perspectives in these posts, the most instructive thing for me has been reading the literally hundreds of notes from ordinary people. I regret that I can’t publish them all.

No few Christians, Jews and Muslims have written that their faith played a key role in keeping them out of the pandemic hysteria, and their perspective is very important, in view of a hysterical response that been driven above all by secular liberal societies:

We have known Jesus for 38 and 32 years respectively. In that time we have learnt to hear His voice, and have had long experience of God’s ways with us personally, and the world.

I had Chinese students in my English class at our local university, here in Germany, in January 2020, all of whom wore masks when they entered the lecture room, and although I knew that the Chinese have worn masks in China for years, I was surprised that here in the West, they also did so. It got me thinking. I’ve been a reader of Zero Hedge for some years and when I read an article about a virus which had escaped from Wuhan and that a scientist there had been involved in bat research in 2019, I was suspicious.

I spoke to my husband about it, and shortly afterwards, God spoke to my husband and told us that the panic over the virus coming from China was a lie and that we shouldn’t be influenced by it.

Knowing this has given us peace throughout the last two years, although we have had very little work, our savings have all gone, we are now living hand to mouth – and even collect bottles and cans with deposit on them in order to buy a little food.

We know God is allowing this to effect His plans – we walk by faith in Him every day that He will provide for us (Job 13:15), we are grateful for the opportunity to be able to be a witness to the truth – that perfect love casts out fear – (1 John 4:18) and that knowing God is security and eternal life (John 17:3).

In my prior post, I mentioned that frequent travellers seemed uniquely immune to Corona hysteria. Felix R. Savage reports on his perspective, moving from Tokyo to the American South in early 2020:

Lifelong expat, deeply religious, no television, frequent traveller, sci-fi writer … it’s a mystery I fell for the Covid = Black Plague hoax at all. I did, though, from January-March 2020. During that time I moved my family from Tokyo to the Deep South (the move had been years in the planning). So we saw the panic campaign implemented twice over, once in Japan and then a couple of months later in America. I remember being strongly put off by the spooky lockstep similarity of the messaging. I have been travelling back and forth between Japan and the US for years. Never before had I seen any event framed identically in both countries. This time, it’s like the Japanese and American media had both been given the same script. It was freaking creepy. (I still think this needs more explaining.) By March I had begun to notice that people were not, in fact, dropping like flies around us. […]

Painfully stupid hygiene regulations, from illogical mask rules to senseless plexiglass barriers, have done more than a thousand bloggers ever could to discredit the Corona circus:

I first realized this was a sham with the plexiglass barriers that went up all over… they hung from the ceiling in front of the cashier at the grocery store and I thought, “This virus is so smart and can see and can move itself around so well that it will stay on the proper side of plexi sheet?” 

That seemed ludicrous to me.  Grocery stores never closed, yet there are NO stories of Piggly Wiggly staff decimated by corona virus.  There are NO stories of Home Depot stores being “superspreading” locations of death. 

It’s been nuts from the start. 


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Comments from readers:

Thinking about this more – I’ve lost all trust in our governments, our doctors, our colleges, and “pubic health” generally. I’m sure I’m not alone. I had already decided that many aspects of our society were “a bit” of a scam, like a college-education (just a student-loan debt trap,) Wall Street “investing” (primarily just assholes gambling with other people’s money,) and Government regulations (just kick-back schemes and stealing from the treasury.) I had also lost faith in “nutrition” science since they keep recommending that you not eat “normal” foods like eggs, and keep trying to force you to eat some industrial soy-based sludge. But I still sort of felt that things were generally “ok” and that they always would be if you just avoided the “known” scams.

But not now. They went too far. They over-played their bullshit and they thought if they controlled the media outlets we wouldn’t be albe to compare notes. I now believe it’s ALL a scam. All of it. Globally. At this point I’m doubting ALL modern medical treatments, ALL vaccines, ALL governments….I’m doubting that Republicans and Democrats on on different teams. I’m sure now that all this bullshit saber-rattling about Russia!! Ukraine!! is just the start of another FAKE problem. I’m even wondering about history now — what really did happen in WW1? Vietnam? 9/11? Why does all this shit that happens never affect the “people in charge?” Coincidence? And I damn sure don’t believe “elections” are real anymore– what a huge bunch of theater that is. And I know I’m not alone. Everywhere people were scammed, every country, every profession, we ALL see the scam now. The kids forced to wear masks are NEVER going to believe anything they’re told, ever again. The repercussions of this con game are going to last a lot longer than the money will. The turned “political agnostics” like me into true believers that the very last thing we need is more government.

I couldn’t agree more. And what’s exciting to me is that people I know who never questioned anything are now questioning everything! I just hope these monsters keep pushing and pushing and showing their dirty hand. As long as those of us who are wise to their ways and stay peaceful and resolute I still believe we will stymie their plans for quite a while. Take one look at how that monster “Doctor” Bill Gates has aged over the last 2 years! You can see some sleepless nights in his face now. And GOOD. I pray to everything holy that these monsters toss and turn and have to take numerous drugs to even get one hour of sleep. I’m done with all of it. I will never trust anything from corporate media, government or “chain health care” again. EVER.

Is this true in your personal life though? I see it said on the Internet that people are questioning more, but literally ten minutes ago I was getting EXCORIATED by a longtime friend who acted like I was personally trying to kill people by being unvaccinated. I and people like me have caused all the variants! If she needs to go to the hospital for anything, there won’t be space because a 35-year-old unvaccinated Trumper will be taking up a bed that SHE needs! Natural immunity is way inferior to the vaccines! It was like a wall of anger that she’d been saving up to hit me with. I actually had brought it up, just to test the waters and see if my friend had begun to see things differently. Then she exploded.

There a short clip of Bari Weiss, who is far left, on Bill Maher the other night. You might show your friend. Weiss states she is done with Covid regulations after having heavily complied. It’s a way to perhaps help her, by showing her we have ALL been lied to. Puts you more “on her side “ than against her.

[on the angry woman who attacks the unvaxxed] She is sublimating a semiconscious realisation that she has been fooled, lied to and betrayed by a societal complex of institutions and relationships she has trusted instinctively and implicitly all her life. And she is starting to become aware of this. The cognitive dissonance of having to suppress even the impulse to look for other data and to actually verify anything rather than going on blind faith is exhausting, frustrating and turns to projected rage against any suitable trigger – in this case you. (Unfair, true, but perfectly human.) At the center sits a a feeling not unlike a barbed hook in your eyelid, that if and once she starts questioning and checking, she becomes fully responsible for her actions and unable to rationalise mistakes: she was simply trusting authority. Imagin a small child feeling betrayed by a parent.

That feeling is also rage-inducing. You acting – succesfully and without shame – against the call of the pack brings this out: if you dare, if you can but she can’t? It’s her own choice and thus her own fault. She will either come around on her own (and will quite possibly disavow all knowledge of her behaviour – our brains do have a remarkable ability for editing memory so that it always fits with our desired perception of self) or double down as hard as she can. What you can do, if you want to do anything, is have data available for her. Think of it as if she’s a fouryear-old throwing a tantrum out of sorrow because har first pet has just died and she is lashing out at anything since she can’t rage against death.

I was quite taken aback by the sheer force of her rant. I mean I’m still a little shaken. What you say makes a lot of psychological sense — it seems like she must be starting to question. BUT she (and others I know) don’t really like data. It annoys them. It makes them lash out. One thing I hear repeatedly when I mention specific data is a variation of “Did you hear that on Fox News?” “That sounds like something from Fox News.” Like I literally never watch Fox News, but part of their programming is that if you disagree with them, they are obligated to sling the words “Fox News” at you, as if it’s the coup de grace. She’s actually a childhood friend, so my tribe for life, but wow, as someone below said, she has gone a bit mad and for awhile there seemed to think I was one step above a serial killer.

I said to a woman walking past me the other day that if she kept wearing a mask she’d get hypoxia. I received a ‘fuck off’ about 5 metres after she’d passed by my advice and after she’d processed what I’d said. Same thing I guess.

Sounds like hypoxia has been going on for a while

you may have known her all your life but I think you can no longer trust her, if you ever could

Thank you. Being a teacher, I learned long ago that you cannot “make” someone learn anything, you can only offer knowledge. In the same vein you cannot help people against their will nor can you help if that help means you actually take their burden away.

You can be there for them, when they come to you. Harsh, but true.

I’ve found the same. Forcing your help on them, in my experience, merely fosters resentment in both parties. Though I have to admit I still sprinkle information here and there…

Now you know who NOT to survive a real disaster with. She’d push you aside to get on the lifeboat.

She called me back. She’s talking about all the blood on the hands of Sweden…she doesn’t care when I offer her up numbers. She says I’m nitpicking.

Remind her that your nits are unvaxxed otherwise you wouldn’t have any nits.

She’s gone mad. Hard for her to see that she could be wrong. Leave her out of your tribe.

This is not a friend. and she’s a Branch Covidian

So where’s the nitpicking in her view? It hardly seems as if you can nitpick numbers re: Swedish Covid management. Apart from not protecting the elderly at the start of the pandemic, they did very well on very few measures. That’s what the numbers say, if you compare them to most of the other Western countries. What IS there left to nitpick?

Try sending her the recent clip of Bari Weiss on Bill Maher. Puts you more “on her side”, that we have ALL been lied to.

Mass formation.
This is exactly the pap your friend has been fed by “mainstream” media and politics:

  • Everything that is going wrong is the fault of the unvaccinated.
  • If you are vaccinated, you are an upright citizen, a beacon of solidarity.
  • If you are unvaccinated, your selfishness kills grannies.
  • Because the unvaccinated granny-killers have put us in such a mess, it is the right and duty of good, vaccinated citizens to be angry at them and show their anger, to make them change their mind.

So, we’ve all been put in an enormously stressful situation, flight is barely possible, so it’s fight, and politics and the media have given you the right to fight the unvaccinated…and hey presto, that’s where all those aggressions collected over the last 24 months go…

It’s terrible, and I wonder how long it will take people to unlearn this.

I’m bewildered after 2 years of this madness, and like you find myself now distrusting every single institution. I’ve been around… I’ve seen overt corruption in many countries and thought the West had some problems but it was generally minor (although ramping up year-on-year with the pernicious ‘woke’ ridiculousness).

Oh how wrong I was in hindsight. Our corruption has just found ways of masking itself behind layers of NGOs, the elite-controlled “news” agencies, agenda-driven big-tech platforms, and political systems that successfully manage to lie outright to the public that “elect” them while ensuring that honest outsiders can never legitimate gain traction in political races.

I’m not sure I can go back to feeling that I am not under continual threat. Between the continual, obvious psy-op campaigns, the huge power of the globalist cartel, and our corrupt Western governments, I can’t see how the system can get un-fucked without a nightmare-inducing bloody revolution.

Perhaps the West was always fucked and without the internet and honest people on the ground SOMEHOW getting their message out, it was simply hidden from view.

I’m sorry about your lose of trust, I understand completely. I’m watching several in my own clan “slowly” coming around. I was fortunate to be a born skeptic. I’ve never had a big trust for my Gov. after growing up in the sixties. It left me with a critical eye for my Gov. and those “in charge”. So when all of this started I was curious and concerned and began digging into the data. What my wife mostly, and I found was very disturbing and enlightening. We were right to be a bit critical and cautious. I have been called a conspiracy nut for decades by my family, but they weren’t real talkative around us about any of this and that was fine, as we all have to (live or not) with our own decisions, and that’s as it should be.

We had already decided to take a wait and see approach to the Vacs, and kept up on the ongoing studies on the treatments and the Vacs. We already had some treatments on hand, and after reading more of the studies, we both felt we would do best to continue to refuse the jab. We are glad we did. We both have had the Rona and feel protected as well or better than the Vacs, with no worries about the unknowns or heart issues. Maybe these 2 years will have a positive outcome with many people beginning to question our Govs lust for power and control, at the cost of peoples rights and even their lives. Many of our founders warned us when they said “this Government was designed for a moral people”. I think they were correct.

I also am a born skeptic — (how can that be? what genes control skepticism?) As a child my parents would tease me about always asking “why?” instead of just following orders.

That’s funny, it caused much upset for me. I guess they got tired of all the questions, and the depth of the next question to their answers. It might be a bit of genetics and probably not a bad thing if kept under control. It would be real easy to get off on a subject and become obsessed with an issue. I try to guard against that and have seen it a few times in others. It’s not a place I would want to get stuck in.

I feel the same, Cetera. It’s not a good feeling. 😦

Might be a lot of truth in what you say. Looking back,the government has a propensity to tell us what we want to hear. Keeping us barbarians from storming the gates is, I’m sure, on the top of their minds.

I learned long ago that politicians will say whatever they think gets them votes. Their whole goal seems to be to get elected or re-elected, in order to gain more wealth/power. Not to serve us – which is supposed to be their goal. Now I just laugh when they say EVERY YEAR: “we are here to help the middle class”. Yeah, right. What a crock of shit.

It’s certainly an odd reframe to the situation: that these globalist asshats may not be trying to actively take over our governments, but instead they’ve ALWAYS had control of them… and only now with modern tech combined with free speech, their tried-and-true control mechanisms are cracking and failing.

Certainly my experience after interactions with some MPs.

Now that IS a disturbing thought…..

I don’t think things were ever any better honestly, if you look at history.

out of the cave and into the fire.

Agree with every word you write here. I think the cabal is grossly underestimating the backlash that will come from particularly the kids who experienced a genuinely horrible two years – when they come of age and find out they were lied to, things will get interesting. I have zero doubts that the delay to release more material on the JFK assassination is part and parcel to keeping the house of cards propped up just a bit longer. I don’t love conspiracy theories, I don’t. But to not question everything you have mentioned makes you a total fool given the breadth of what has been revealed over the past two years.

Thank you. I don’t know what the truth is, but I do not it’s not what they’re telling us. Liars gonna lie!

I hope the kids do eventually realize, that they are not cowed by the feeling that they are dirty people that must cover their faces.

Great comment! I heard someone say the other day: America has no Democrat or Republican representatives . They all represent the Globalists. How naive I have been!

exactly — everybody stays rich and nobody ever goes to jail!

Well put Veryver, through their iniquities we have become believers of truth, we can see clearly now the fog of censorship has gone. We have our media to kick their A.*** along.

I understand your disillusionment, but the truth, or somthing close to it, can still be discerned. The enemy wants you to doubt all and thus become cynical and discouraged. Don’t give them that victory.

Thank you. What do you think the truth is?
I would never have believed I could be where you are, but I am. Wow.

like Bob Dylan sang, “everything’s broken.”

Yeah, I mean back in 2016, I actually thought Bernie Sanders had a chance! lololololo. holy cow. I wonder what I’m wrong about today?

I agree with everything you wrote but to add one point. We need to empower and encourage the kids who have had their innocence and childhoods taken away from them. I’m mostly talking about the age group 11-14. These kids can think for themselves and they are old enough to hold some significant sway over their parents.

What I am getting at is to let them have righteous anger at all of the institutions. Teach them it was the Satan, the father of lies, who has had a hook in the multitudes and they followed the father of lies and his minions unquestioningly. They need to forgive their parents of course, but they need to not forget. They need to be mobilized to realize they, as a cohort, have the power to create change and take power away from many. Say we can get it to be “cool” to not buy Nike or whatever. Those who do are uncool and part of the families who fell for the lies. Help them to understand that Nike uses slaves for their apparel and shoes and the hypocrisy of the virtue signalers around covid, but yet they are fine with slaves?

They can see what they had to endure these last two years as a gift their parents didn’t seem to have and that is the gift of critical thinking skills.

They can be taught to question everything and never settle for something that makes no sense. Being made in the image of God, they have the power to discern, with His help especially, they just need to be shown how and given practice.

If you have this age group in your life, work with them!

(3) Giving up on Canada, by David Solway, Jan. 22, 2022

[This is a fairly gloomy piece but important. It’s extremely well-written, and gives us a picture of why Canada may well be doomed. We lack a strong sense of national identity, which in the age of multiculturalism, globalisation, Chinese imperialism and medical tyranny is a death sentence.

On the other hand, it’s been encouraging to see so much support for the truckers convey — to see that there are ordinary working class Canadians who still love their country and want to save it and stop this madness. Against them are conceited, vicious urban elites like Gerald Butts and Justin Trudeau who are traitors to their country and should stand trial for treason.]

There’s an old joke about the typical Canadian who is nudged off the sidewalk by a passerby and immediately apologizes, a humorously rueful sign of the national character. The other side of the debased coin is the sense of national superiority, in particular to our putatively boorish neighbor south of the border, a cultural factor that came politically to the fore during the stridently anti-American Liberal government of Jean Chrétien. Neither tendency does us much credit.

Of course, such attitudes presume that we still have a national character, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes we do not, having told the New York Times that Canada has no “core identity” and is the world’s “first post-national state.” Trudeau may be right. We have become, apparently, citizens of the world, which means we are stakeholders in nothing tangibly visceral, that we have no civic identity, that we are political ciphers.

As Victor Davis Hanson writes, the concept of the citizen is dying. This is certainly the case in Canada, thanks to a moribund education system—Education Zero seems to be the aim—and a massive influx of immigrants from mainly impoverished, Third-World, and autocratic countries who have little interest in the usages, customs, and history of the nation they have come to settle in. Indeed, the city I live in is 40% from elsewhere. There is no longer a continuity of tradition here, merely a superposition of alien narratives: the “superior” culture of the native peoples, the pastoral nostalgia of landscape, the persistence of immigrant loyalties, the ethereal fantasy of a socialist utopia as championed by Trudeau père in Federalism and the French-Canadians.

I have taught several “generations” of students and spoken with innumerable people in all walks of life, not a single one of whom knows anything about the British North America Act of 1867, which established the Canadian Confederation. No less alarming, they are entirely ignorant of the Charter of Rights and Freedomsof 1981 and the Constitution Act of 1982 that entrenched the Charter. 

Nor do most people recognize how power has devolved from provincial First Ministers and the Federal Parliament to the vast bureaucratic apparatus presided over by the current prime minister. They do not see how democracy has eroded almost beyond any possibility of restoration, how the country is rapidly slipping away from them—and, what is even more distressing, many do not seem to care.

The fact, as Brian Peckford has pointed out, that the Charter is regularly flouted by the prime minister and dismissed or re-interpreted by an unelected judiciary is of no account. Most people are either blind or uninformed, or merely indifferent to the fact that the rule of law has become nugatory. The COVID moment of medical apartheid and political repression is a glaring illustration of authoritarian malfeasance and should have exposed the sophism and treachery of the governing class. Peckford, who was formerly the premier of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and is the last surviving signatory to the repatriation of the Charter, believes that various sections of this foundational document make it abundantly clear that the government’s response to the pandemic is morally and legally culpable. Masking orders, lockdowns, quarantine, fines, gathering restrictions, curfews, mandates, vaxxports, and prohibiting the right to freely leave and re-enter Canada are in stark violation of Charter principles.

According to the Preamble, the Charter is “founded on principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law,” not on the sport of a politician or the megrim of a judge. On any honest assessment, the Charter does not permit such breaches and infringements as we have endured during the COVID interregnum. Yet the government gets away with it—with the approval of a significant majority, many of whom would deny the unvaccinated publicly funded health care and some of whom would favor “a short jail sentence” for these supposed miscreants. Conscience and data are in short supply with such zealots, just as they are with the government in power, for whom the Charter is a scrap of forgotten paper lying about somewhere in the archives.

Interestingly, Canadian political philosopher William Gairdner is not a Charter enthusiast, arguing that the Charter was unnecessary and its implementation a great mistake. We should have upheld the English tradition of parliamentary legislation and common-law precedent answerable to the people rather than rely on the whims of an unelected judiciary playing fast and loose with Constitutional provisions. England, he reminds us, has no written Charter or Constitution, thus maintaining “the supremacy of the people in their own Parliament.”

The fact is that the British Parliament imposed a series of draconian and despotic measures during the earlier days of the pandemic that were even more stringent than what we experienced in this country. It is only now, possibly for electoral reasons, that it has begun to relent. The existence of a Charter or the lack of one seems to have been irrelevant. Once again, as Hanson and Peckford contend, it remains with an enlightened and active citizenry to resist the depredations of arbitrary authority, but such a citizenship, with the exception of a minority of patriots, no longer seems to exist.

This resistant minority looks to figures like Brian Peckford and ousted Conservative Party leadership candidate Derek Sloan, who heads the newly formed Ontario Party and is a member of the First Freedoms Foundation. “I got into politics,” Sloan writes, “to defend individual freedom, strong families and communities, and responsible government. In my very first nomination speech back in 2018, I talked about a ‘war on our history, a war on common sense, and a war on freedom.’” It is a valiant fight nobly pursued against all odds and, as it is said, surrender is not an option. But the descent into totalitarian territory seems pretty well unstoppable, aided by a psychic milieu and a demographic evocatively described by Canadian poet Bruce Taylor in a poem called “Social Studies”:

The country I live in is a patch of thorns
below a culvert in a sunken plot
where burly geese with necks like flugelhorns
intimidate the pigeons and are shot
by a district sales manager named Russ.

Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, famously said that Canada has “too much geography and too little history”—certainly too little recognition that such a history is there to be treasured and learned from. 

If we still believed in this country, if we enjoyed even a rudimentary knowledge of its history or thought it important to respect and consult our muniments, and if we were concerned about our freedoms and privileges as citizens of a parliamentary democracy and beneficiaries of a venerable Charter, such arbitrary enactments by a demiurgic government and a capricious judiciary leading to the attrition of our liberty and traditions would not have had so unobstructed a path. 

Government and citizen, political delinquency, and civic apathy work hand in hand to effect our dereliction.

As in social and political affairs generally, the conclusion to this sordid drama is not inevitable but, realistically speaking, it is highly probable. Sometimes things that go too far cannot be reversed. It is painful to admit, but Canada has now become a distant memory of itself.

The comments below appeared on Peckford42 where this article was posted:

So true, and true of myself, I, who chose this country twice. I made the biggest mistake of my life by living in Canada the second time. Now I cannot leave…Roll on Alberta Separation. WIPA all the way.

Mmm. You got to be rich or aware of things to do or get away with that. The situation can be fixed if one can have one honest man with a brain deciding everything in law and government but as things are change and truth are not allowed without offending the devil and his children and breaking all the rules to fix the problem. You won’t get it at the ballot box or from the PC crowd.. Fixing Canada won’t be allowed by the powers that be or those dependant on the system. There is no nice violence free way of fixing the problem if you had a leader with the right ideas, ideals and the discipline to stick with the plan through thick and thin. Some irresponsible yahoos will make the kind of trouble that will require a crack down. Too many people are spoiled rotten and deceived. They would offend and trigger disciplinary action. With a population that likes lies and hates the truth I don’t know how their attitudes could be corrected. An appeal to truth , the greater good of the country may be? Not sure that would work. I’ll give you all a hint as to what has to be done.

*** We, as Canadians, are taking Action — we want our Strong and Free Canada! ***

“To our Fellow Canadians, the time for political over-reach is over. Our current government is implementing rules and mandates that are destroying the foundation of our businesses, industries and livelihoods. Canadians have been integral to the fabric of humanity in many ways that have shaped the planet.

We are a peaceful country that has helped protect nations across the globe from tyrannical governments who oppressed their people, and now it seems it is happening here. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people. Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive. It’s our duty as Canadians to put an end to this mandates. It is imperative that this happens because if we don’t our country will no longer be the country we have come to love. We are doing this for our future Generations and to regain our lives back.

We (Freedom Convoy 2022) need Donations to help with the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task.” The task is all participants point to Ottawa in making a very polite request to bring all mandates down.
This is a show of citizen engagement by the WILL of the People!

These are real individuals who care about Canada, their livelihoods, care of nurses tossed out of work, veterans who served and the children of this country.

The truckers are Standing UP for Canada! … as a whole … it started with the jab or job mandate … now the polite request is for the government to drop all mandates — much of what the UK has done and a few others so far.

There is a GoFundMe page — Taking Back Our Freedom Convoy 2022 — coordinator Tamara with full accounting team.

Hope this helps everyone reading this to understand — that the Truckers are doing the Freedom Convoy for ALL of US!

*(And yes, there are many in cars, rvs, vans — anything with wheels on are going to Ottawa!)

The Freedom Convoy 2022 is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m happy to have participated in it today on Vancouver Island!

There are numerous Facebook groups where hundreds of videos have been posted just from today alone. I truly believe if anything can save us now, short of divine intervention, it will be our hero truckers.

The public support is massive. Overwhelming! I was in tears as I drove about 100 miles with the convoy, my own truck decorated for the occasion, being cheered on by people standing on the side of the hiway, waving flags and holding signs protesting the mandates. All ages, all shapes and sizes, uniting to support our truckers in their drive for freedom.

Today has given thousands, maybe millions of people courage to stand up against this evil government. These guys (& gals) are in it for the long haul – literally! The gofundme is being sabotaged right now with rumours of being hijacked by the Trudeau government declaring the truckers a terrorist organization. 😠 Whether that’s in fact true or not, it may influence some donations. I would recommend that the Convoy affiliate itself with a Christian organization called GiveSendGo. This protest is happening from every city and town in Canada, and believe me, it is unifying the citizenry, like nothing I’ve seen since America after 9-11.

Butterfly, your post is crystal clear to me, and I hope it’s Crystal clear to those in power. They’re going to ask POLITELY. ONCE. After that, it’s going to get interesting. I recommend everybody gets some groceries and personal supplies very soon. See video.

Hi folks, this is Sandy with Canada Unity. So I am hearing that Trudeau might block the highway going into Ottawa and/or call out the military. I want to say to you don’t worry. If he blocks the highway in, we will stop the trucks there and they will have created the very Bear Hug they fear. THEY WILL DO OUR JOB FOR US! If they call out the military, they definitely aren’t ignoring us and they are admitting that we have the power. They will have to come to the table, therefore THEY WILL DO OUR JOB FOR US! So don’t worry, be happy, be committed and keep being the amazing Canadians you are! Roll On!

Regarding this message from Canadian Unity blog for the Freedom Convoy of Truckers today:
Canada Unity

*Hi folks, this is Sandy with Canada Unity. So I am hearing that Trudeau might block the highway going into Ottawa and/or call out the military. * I want to say to you don’t worry. *If he blocks the highway in, we will stop the trucks there and they will have created the very Bear Hug they fear.

THEY WILL DO OUR JOB FOR US! * If they call out the military, they definitely aren’t ignoring us and they are admitting that we have the power. They will have to come to the table, therefore THEY WILL DO OUR JOB FOR US! So don’t worry, be happy, be committed and keep being the amazing Canadians you are! Roll On!

Thank you for your Blog which brings many Canadians peace of mind. The above email was from the Canadian Unity blog which updates Canadians on the Freedom Convoy of trucks heading to Ottawa just now……….. wishing all the best and hope this upcoming situation doesn’t turn nasty for the Canadian Truckers. But knowing Trudeau, he will have the trucker’s heads or try with the military… Any thoughts or advice?

There is a powerful concept in human relations of just not going along with stupid scenarios. If it’s a school yard bully, then the classic response is to stand up to him or her. They thrive on fear of others, to dull their own fears.

If they organize a battle for you, it doesn’t mean you have to show up. Even though the freedoms we used to have are largely gone, they were tightly controlled freedoms that could easily be revoked. ‘They’ are still afraid of the people, which is why they want to poison them. What we can do is create our own parallel society on a small local level, our own schools and our own buying and delivery markets to start with. Many immigrants have already done this. When the bully is ignored, and his fists no longer find their target, he looks for other school yards to ‘dominate’.

It’s because we as Canadians were so long asleep at the cultural wheel, that a group of vapid zombie like morons and thieves have so easily over run us. The cast of clowns who are killing not only our society but most western ones are pathetic weasely cartoon characters. Culture is everything you do in your day, if you do not want to be a figment of an artificial reality program from Bern Switzerland, you have to take charge of all your life. A political solution here would only at best be a cherry on top of the cake, we have to build the cake first. Informally at a local level, without politics. Pam Popper in Ohio found that she was able to find people who generally agreed on 5 common points, such as bodily autonomy, or good schooling etc. Nobody could agree on political theories. When you have people agreeing on the outcomes they want, then we’re pretty good at making that happen. It’s the medium scale of things. One ‘atomized’ person can do very little, and conversely trying to make a whole region act as one is too big an ambition – it is never going to happen.

“We should have upheld the English tradition of parliamentary legislation and common-law precedent answerable to the people” I disagree. As someone who has lived and worked in both the USA and Canada, it will be the judiciary, perhaps the voters come November, that fix things south of the border for the Americans. Many reference their constitution.

I am reminded, and will share a story from the late 1970s, in Vancouver. My father, his brother, and a member of BC Legislature met at our house to discuss the challenges in BC and Canada. Liberal policies, the just ended recession, and the high interest rates. I was doing UBC homework but I could make out a lot, of which at the time I thought very boring. But then they switched to the future of Canada. My Dad said that he most likely will not collect CPP in 20 years when he retires. He did. My Uncle said the end of Canada seems very apparent. My Dad replied “not yet, but seems like we are approaching this point.” These 2 were first generation Canadians, although the first of their extended family came to Canada in 1819. The third was a 5th generation Canadian, and did not say much to this issue, bit did acknowledge things had changed. 3 years ago I told a candidate for the federal election this story. He then asked me “what do I think 45 years later?” I said “The end of Canada is now here”.

(4) Miscellaneous news and videos

New NGO: Taking Back Our Freedoms. Brian Peckford of Peckford42 is part of it. So is Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Paul Alexander, and Maxime Bernier. It’s a Canadian site in support of constitutional rights and freedoms, and against medical tyranny.

The home page reads: “Our appeal is to both the Coronavirus-19 (C-19) vaccinated and the unvaccinated, to stand together for Freedom and Choice, and to demand of our elected officials to take steps to bring a quick end to the so-called ‘C-19 health Emergencies’ along with their unlawful ‘Mandates’. We assert that The Supreme Law of Canada is The Constitution (Sect 52 of the Constitution Act 1982) and not Federal or Provincial edicts, laws or regulations. The Provincial Governments by their various draconian measures are violating the Charter (the Supreme Law of Canada) including:

  • Section 2, freedom of assembly, association, religion, conscience, & expression; and
  • Section 6, the right of mobility & to pursue a livelihood anywhere in Canada; and
  • Section 7, the right to life, liberty & the security of the person; and
  • Section 15, the right of equality before the law.

Such a multitude of violations of rights and freedoms can no longer be justified. It is now clear, many other jurisdictions, both in the USA, and around the world are “managing the C-19 crisis” in a manner that is both highly effective, and that does not require continued violations of the rights and freedoms of their citizens.

Embrace Freedom and Choice. End the Emergency.

  • Reject forced C-19 vaccinations of our children and youth.
  • Restore the sacrosanct Doctor-Patient Relationship by allowing Medical Doctors to prescribe to their patient, proven and safe medications for C-19 (like Ivermectin).
  • Embrace ‘Natural Immunity’ as providing broad & lasting immunity against C-19.
  • END the Public Health Emergency.

From CLG news:

University finds novel 1984 ‘offensive and upsetting’. The University of Northampton [UK] has issued a warning over potentially “offensive and upsetting” material contained Orwell’s1984. Ironically, the novel, which describes the dangers of totalitarian rule and censorship, is now red-flagged, as it addresses “challenging issues related to violence, gender, sexuality, class, race, abuses, sexual abuse, political ideas and offensive language.”

Jan. 23, 2022. ‘The Final Variant Is Tyranny’: Thousands of anti-vaccine mandate protesters flaunt mask rules to descend on D.C. A crowd of about 20,000 gathered in Washington DC to protest ongoing vaccine mandates. “Americans want democracy back” keynote speaker Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said.

Calif. Bill Would Allow Children 12 and Older to Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent or Knowledge. California Senate Bill 866, introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), would permit children 12 and older to be vaccinated, including against COVID-19, without a parent’s consent or knowledge.

US to close borders to unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican truckers on Saturday. Mandate moving ahead as planned despite pushback from industry. The U.S. will close its borders to unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Canadian and Mexican truck drivers on Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday. “These updated  travel  requirements  reflect the Biden-Harris  Administration’s commitment to  protecting public health while safely facilitating  the  cross-border trade and travel that is critical to  our economy,” Secretary  Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement. The border COVID-19 vaccine mandates are coming into force despite pushback from the truck industry. The impact will be felt most acutely for the U.S.-Canada freight market, where around 160,000 truckers regularly cross the border — 75% of whom are Canadian. Already capacity has tightened significantly, with huge price increases in the spot market. [Comment from CLG News: Since millions of (untested, unvaccinated) immigrants are allowed to enter the US illegally every year, it’s obvious that the DHS cares not a whit about public health. Not to mention the fact that Biden’s TSA allows illegal immigrants to use their arrest warrants as an acceptable form of ID. True story.]

German news:

Hendrik Wüst, minister-president of Nordrhein-Westfalen [Germany] wants mandatory jabs for everyone in the country from age 18 upward. The “vaccination gap is still too big” he said. “We no longer allow people to put their individual freedom above that of the general public … It is also a sign for those who have done everything right: the masks, the vaccination, the boosters. “Now it’s the turn of others who have so far refused.” [This is similar to Trudeau and Macron blaming the unvaccinated for the human tragedy that these politicians themselves are causing]

German pathology conference calls for halt on Covid vaccines, say autopsies show horrific organ damage, “lead to illness and death“. Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Professor of Pathology University of Hamburg, Professor Dr. Walter Lang. At the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen, Germany on Sept. 20, 2021, and again on Dec. 4th 2021 a team of top German pathologists and scientists presented findings from a first-ever independent set of autopsies of people who had died unexpectedly within 2 weeks of the COVID vaccine injections. One pathologist calculated that, for a certain broad age group, takers of the shots were 15 times more likely to die from the shots than from COVID. They said the shots “can trigger self-destructive processes that lead to debilitating illness and death.”

Videos posted on Undercurrents:

10 days to flatten the mandates

‘Ottawa may have forgotten but we are Canadians’: Artur Pawlowski speaks to the freedom truckers (Rebel News) Rev. Pawlowski makes an appearance in support of the truckers taking a stand against the vaccine mandate.

See more Twitter posts in support of the convoy here

More from CLG news:

Kenney says he’s working with U.S. governors on pressing Trudeau, Biden to lift trucker vaccine mandate –Experts have said this will take 16,000 Canadian truckers out of circulation | 24 Jan 2022 | As truckers protesting vaccine mandates at the border rolled into Calgary on Monday, Premier Jason Kenney signalled he was working with U.S. governors on a letter to pressure Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to kill the order.

[Personally I distrust Kenny after he caved by giving Alberta a vax mandate; but we’ll see. Also, the convoy is not just about those 16,000 truckers anymore; now it’s a symbol for everyone for why this medical tyranny needs to end]

Republicans consider shutting down government over vaccine mandates | 25 Jan 2022 | Several Republicans are considering shutting down the government if the next funding bill includes money for federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Washington, D.C., ‘Defeat the Mandates’ march calls for end to ‘draconian’ COVID-19 vaccine requirements –Between 30,000 and 35,000 people attended the protest | 23 Jan 2022 | The “Defeat the Mandates” march took to the streets and monuments of Washington, D.C., as protestors and speakers called for an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates nationwide. A number of major U.S. cities including D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boston have implemented citywide rules requiring residents to show proof of vaccination at certain establishments, such as restaurants and gyms. The peaceful protest started around noon at the Washington Monument and headed first to the Lincoln Memorial, where it remained while a series of speakers took to the steps to share their experiences of the past year and their reasons to call for an end to the vaccine mandates.

Elderly man’s escape attempt from care home Covid lockdown using bedsheets ends in tragedy –Staff speculated that it was loneliness and a longing for home that prompted his attempted escape, reminiscent of prisoners using sheets to flee jail. –The escape attempt may have been prompted by a recent ban on visits by friends and relatives. | 21 Jan 2022 | A lonely Italian pensioner tried to escape the care home in which he was living by using bedsheets and blankets to lower himself from his window but died in the attempt.

New York Judge Strikes Down Governor Hochul’s Mask Mandate | 24 Jan 2022 | A New York State Supreme Court judge on Monday ruled that Governor Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate for schools and other public locations is unconstitutional.

FBI Searches Center for COVID Control Headquarters Following Complaints – Officials | 24 Jan 2022 | The FBI confirmed its agents searched the Illinois-based Center for COVID Control headquarters in the midst of federal investigations into the multimillion-dollar testing business . . . The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said on Friday that it is investigating “numerous complaints” associated with laboratories and testing sites run by the Center for COVID Control.

[All of it is a scam because PCR testing is faulty. Recall the Babylon Bee satire, in which they compare the test to a coin toss. So it’s not just this one place; they’re raiding it in order to make their other testing sites look good]

A Covid-19 testing site run by Center for Covid Control in Worcester, Massachusetts on January 13, 2022.

Thousands of appointments canceled in Florida after FDA halts use of certain COVID-19 antibody drugs | 25 Jan 2022 | Florida has closed its monoclonal antibody sites after the FDA abruptly revoked the drug’s emergency-use authorization . . . [From CLG News: The FDA halted the use of monoclonal antibodies, claiming they’re “ineffective against the Omicron variant.” But the pharmaceutical companies themselves say vaccines aren’t effective against Omicron – they’re “working on new ones.” So why are the vaccines still being forced on us 24/7?]

Dr. Robert Malone Claims COVID Vaccines Can Permanently Damage Children’s Brains, Hearts, Immune Systems | 24 Jan 2022 | Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of modern mRNA vaccine technology, issued a stark warning to parents in America and across the world about vaccinating their children for COVID-19 during a powerful speech at the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington DC today.

Shareholders Press Google and YouTube to Disclose White House Requests to Scrub COVID-19 Videos –Big Tech under fire for removing content that questions Biden administration COVID policies| 8 Jan 2022 | Shareholders in Google and YouTube are pressing the tech giants to disclose any requests they have received from the Biden administration to scrub politically “problematic” information from the platforms . . .

Some good NGOs:

From Free to Fly:

   As most of you certainly know, a growing convoy of truckers and freedom-loving Canadians are heading to Ottawa, planning to converge on January 29th. Free to Fly supports this peaceful and much-needed demonstration of collective resolve. Mandates and lockdowns are violating the most fundamental of our constitutional rights, not to mention destroying lives, the economy and jeopardizing the same for future generations. This convoy has been greatly encouraging and helped galvanized much of the nation saying “Enough!”

This path will be easier and shorter for all of us if we take it by mutual efforts and in close rank. If there are thousands of us, they will not be able to do anything with us. If there are tens of thousands of us, then we would not even recognize our country.” (Aleksander Solzenitysn) Convoy information

From Vaccine Choice Canada: “Will The Health of Canada’s Children Improve with Covid-19 Shots Being Added to The Vaccination Regime?

From Coronavirus News:

Real Not Rare – The Victims: “Our purpose is to raise awareness of the many vaccine injuries that are happening, to create a community of public support, to give a voice to those who have been silenced, to have our elected officials acknowledge us, to encourage ways to advocate, and to change public perception. This is all in an effort to help the injured receive better healthcare and treatment.  Vaccine injured individuals did their part by getting this vaccine, and now they need your help.”

March in Italy for victims of mRNA injections

More from Coronavirus news:


(5) An urgent warning: the world’s most mRNA vaccinated countries now have shockingly high Covid infection rates. by Alex Berenson, Jan. 24, 2022

[The essence of the article is that highly vaccinated countries lead to high rates of Covid infection. Why? mRNA injections seem to lower immunity and make people more susceptible to disease. This is good for Big Pharma profits.

Another point: why is Berenson sounding the alarm over case counts? Isn’t Omicron relatively benign, as he argues in a previous article? But he is right that the injections need to stop. Unfortunately, our corrupt “leaders” keep pushing them on us.]

Hospitalizations and deaths are rising fast too. The mRNA experiment needs to stop. Immediately.

Something is rotten in Denmark. And Australia. And Israel. Where nearly 1 percent of the entire population just tested positive for Covid. Not in a month. Or a week. In one day. You read that right.

On Saturday, Israel had 84,000 new infections, the equivalent of almost 3 million in the United States. Infections in Israel have risen unthinkably fast since late December. They’re are up 100-fold in one month, driven by the collapse of booster protection and the arrival of the Omicron variant.

Israel is not alone. Denmark reported 42,000 cases yesterday, equal to almost 2.5 million in the United States. France, the second-largest country in Europe, reported the American equivalent of about 12 million new infections in the last week. Australia had a tremendous surge in cases earlier this month, though it seems to be subsiding for now.

Daily new infections in Israel:

These countries have very different population demographics and previous exposure to Covid. They even have very different weather; it is summer in Australia.

What do they share, then?

Incredibly high Covid vaccination rates, mostly with the mRNA vaccines. Israel is among the world’s most vaccinated countries. More than 90 percent of Israeli adults have been vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Almost 80 percent have received a booster dose, and several hundred thousand have gotten a fourth.

Yet Israel had more coronavirus infections in the last week than in all of 2020, before it began mass mRNA Covid vaccinations.

Omicron is much milder than Delta or the original coronavirus. So the data from South Africa – which was the first country where Omicron spread quickly – seemed to show.

But South Africa is quite lightly vaccinated. The more recent data from the highly vaccinated countries has not been as promising. Yes, Omicron is milder.

Even so, hospitalizations and deaths are spiking in countries like Israel and Denmark. In Israel, the number of severely ill patients has risen eightfold this month, and almost fourfold in the last two weeks – even though the true spike in infections has come only in the last few days, and hospitalizations typically lag infections. In Australia, deaths are up tenfold since in the last four weeks, although from a low base.

Daily new serious cases in Israel:

In part the rise has come because Omicron infections have reached such stunningly high levels that even a relatively low risk can lead to a significant number of deaths. And yes, many Omicron hospitalizations are incidental – they are people in the hospital for other reasons who just happen to test positive for Omicron.

But other factors may be at play too. Here are four facts:

1: Both the within-country and the between-country data show that people who are vaccinated but not boosted are at higher risk of Omicron infection than the unvaccinated.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

2: Thus vaccines will actually make hospitalization or death from Omicron MORE likely unless they somehow protect against serious outcomes from Covid infections more than they increase the odds of infection. That’s simple math.

At this point we have no way of knowing how those two factors interact. In other words, we do not know if Omicron is more dangerous to the unvaccinated than the vaccinated (putting aside any vaccine side effects).

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

3: It is unclear whether the vaccines interfere with the development of long-term post-infection immunity in people who are infected with Omicron.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

4: It is clear that a third vaccine dose temporarily reduces the risk of serious illness or death from Omicron.

But it is unclear how long that protection will last, and whether when it ends people who have received a third dose will be less or more vulnerable than those who are unvaccinated or have received two doses.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Put these four facts together and it is clear that to encourage booster shots for anyone – including the elderly – at this point is reckless, bordering on criminal.

I have not used language like this before. I did not discourage older people from the primary vaccination series. But the facts have changed and they continue to change, and not to face this reality is incredibly dangerous.

mRNA Covid vaccinations and boosters need to stop worldwide while we figure out what is happening. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Today.


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