The MSM propagandists for Big Pharma are attacking Berenson non-stop. He must be hitting close to home.

Independent reporter Alex Berenson shared data from four countries with high vax rates in which there is also a high incidence of Omicron infections (below), illustrating the total failure of the so-called ‘vaccine’. This apparently is considered a very serious attack by Big Pharma and the globalists (they can’t handle the truth) so they’re attacking the messenger in an effort to hide the truth.

Below is an exchange between Berenson and a WaPo (Washington Post) “journalist” (propagandist). She essentially reveals that she’s doing a hit-piece on him using the CDC, Politifact, and an Orwellian entity called “The Center for Countering Digital Hate” as her sources. She wants his comment at the last minute “no comment” to appear balance. Could a “journalist” be any more craven? The CDC lies and obfuscates regularly so they hardly constituted a reputable journalistic source. It’s almost as though the “journalist” is afraid to use her own capacity for rational thought to analyze the data.

Politifact is paid by Facebook to lie, via an entity called Poynter, which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Interestingly, Poynter itself is involved in training WaPo reporters. Soros and Gates are two of the founding members of the Good Club, which in 2009 devised a plan to address over-population. This is a piece on the bias of Politifact re: the efficacy of mRNA injections. The good thing is that he questions her claim to be a journalist. Since the injections are killing people en masse, the Soros/Gates media investment seems to be working.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, which has enjoyed obscene profits in the billions from the pandemic. Prior to 2020, WaPo was known for a strong pro-Democrat bias and especially for spreading a hysterical Trump Derangement Syndrome propaganda. They actually called mass-murderer and rapist Isis terrorist Al-Baghdadi an “austere religious scholar.” Now it’s an an unabashed propaganda paper for Big Pharma and medical tyranny, drumming up mass hysteria and calling for censorship and mandates. It’s not a credible paper to say the least. It has about as much credibility as Pravda or China’s Peoples Daily or Der Stürmer. It’s really that despicable, as the following article serves to illustrate.

“The Center for Countering Digital Hate” is a creepy pro-censorship group funded by dark money from powerful hidden interests — probably the globalists and Big Pharma – and perhaps the CCP. It provides governments with information used to censor opponents. See article on it below. Apparently “no one knows who funds them. No one knows who is driving their research. But their findings are being used [by social media sites and governments] in censorship efforts under the guise of controlling misinformation.” And that’s the standard of “journalism” at WaPo it seems.

So what has them so riled up? It was Berenson’s appearance on Tucker Carlson, exposing the fact that Israel and numerous other nations with high vaccination rates have spiralling cases of Omicron, and those who are vaccinated are more prone to the catch it than those who are not. He presented data and concluded that public health officials ought to shut down the mRNA injection campaign. I have covered that in item six of this digest.

It’s obvious that the mRNA injections are making people even more sick, not less. Which of course is the point of it: to lower immune levels and make everyone on the planet dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for life. This serves the interests of the globalists and CCP, who want control over our lives and Big Pharma, which wants the profit.

And this is being done at the expense of our lives and well-being — and millions of deluded people are buying into it. But if you read the comments below Berenson’s piece, they’re quite supportive. I have appended the readers’ comments at the bottom of this post.

The Billionairiat - Ben Garrison Cartoon - Brave New World ...

Looks like the Washington Post is not satisfied with today’s hit piece
Expect another tomorrow by Alex Berenson, Jan 27, 2022

I didn’t think the [Washington] Post could get much worse, but emailing me at 9:43 pm to ask for comment for a story that is clearly already written is another low.

Note that the reporter makes no reference to the accuracy of any of the data I present (the politifact link is to an article that is months old) because doing so might contradict her thesis.

And these [Twitter] bluechecks wonder why no one respects or trusts their work.

By the way: “Hi Alex” is the cherry on top, sloppy and meretricious at once – are we friends? Because this doesn’t sound like a very friendly story.

Vaccine failure in two charts and two graphs from four countries

by Alex Berenson

I could make the long case about original antigenic sin, falling antibodies, the issues around cellular immunity, myocarditis, and all the rest.

But I’m just going to offer these four images because they speak more clearly than anything I could say.

Scotland, Britain, Israel, and Denmark are four of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries. They all have 90 percent adult Covid vaccination rates and 60 percent adult boosters. Yet the vast majority of deaths are occurring in vaccinated people; serious cases are soaring; and infections are almost literally off the charts.

This is Covid vaccine failure at the most profound and basic level.

SCOTLAND: Covid death rates (RATES, not raw numbers) by vaccination status for the last four weeks. Death rates in vaccinated but unboosted people have been higher than rates in the unvaccinated each week.

Also, 87 percent of total deaths occurred in vaccinated people in the most recent week:


(Note: I have corrected the link. Also, the data in the British chart below is United Kingdom-wide and thus includes Scotland – some British readers asked me to make that clear.)


Covid deaths by vaccination status in the most recent four weeks (2,845 out of the 3,860 people for whom vaccine status could be determined were vaccinated – 74 percent):



Serious cases since Covid began (note cases peaked last January with the start of mass vaccinations and are expected to surpass that figure in the next few days):


Total infections since Covid began (this one speaks for itself):

Remember, these failures cannot be blamed on vaccine skepticism, or Tucker Carlson, or me. These countries are as close to fully vaccinated as it is possible to be.

If you think this is what you were promised a year ago – or six months ago, or even a month ago – I don’t know what to tell you. But the answer cannot be to do MORE of what has not worked.


Who is the CCDH? The Dark Money Group Behind the COVID Misinformation Report

posted by The Drilldown Staff   |   July 20, 2021

When a report goes viral in the news cycle, it only makes sense to question where it came from – especially if that report has influence all the way up to the Oval Office, affecting public health policy, while also having dangerous implications for free speech.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate, most likely seen in your news feed as CCDH, released a bombshell report earlier this week. It was picked up everywhere and had the following revelation: The majority of COVID misinformation came from just 12 people.

“CCDH, a UK/US non-profit and non-governmental organization, found in March that these 12 online personalities they dubbed the ‘disinformation dozen’ have a combined following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms, with Facebook having the largest impact.

CCDH analyzed 812,000 Facebook posts and tweets and found 65% came from the disinformation dozen. Vivek Murthy, US surgeon general, and Joe Biden focused on misinformation around vaccines…as a driving force of the virus spreading,” The Guardian Reports.

But could this be a wily gambit by outside interests to justify the Biden administration’s censorship partner-up with Big Tech?

According to The Federalist, “The Center for Countering Digital Hate is an obscure international group reportedly based out of the United Kingdom and Washington, D.C., that works as an adviser to multiple governments and elite-run institutions about digital technology and regulation.

According to its website, the left-wing Center for Countering Digital Hate prides itself on researching, exposing, and then shutting down users and news sites it deems unacceptable in the digital sphere.”

Users and news sites it deems unacceptable?  That seems potentially dangerous, considering we know very little about the CCDH.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) expressed his concerns on Twitter with the following post: “Who is funding this overseas dark money group – Big Tech? Billionaire activists? Foreign governments? We have no idea. Americans deserve to know what foreign interests are attempting to influence American democracy.”

And he isn’t the only Senator who is worried about the implications of the report.

According to Fox News, “Sen. Marsha Blackburn wrote a letter to President Biden slamming his administration’s collaboration with Facebook to rid the platform of vaccine“misinformation” and suggesting the work could violate the First Amendment.

“These revelations are deeply concerning,” the Tennessee Republican wrote in a letter Friday obtained by Fox News. “The blatant actions by your administration to work with Big Tech companies to censor Americans’ free speech are shocking – and arguably a violation of the First Amendment.”

So, the CCDH is an authority on speech and information. No one knows who funds them. No one knows who is driving their research. But their findings are being used in censorship efforts under the guise of controlling misinformation?

Critics of the Biden administration are likely to keep digging until their questions are answered.

Supportive comments from readers of Berenson’s article above

She lost me for “based on research at the centre for countering digital hate” she meant to say the ministry of truth.

This is the playbook. Activist organization agitates allies in the MSM to push their agenda. MSM hears “jump” and answers “How high?” Congresscritters use the coverage to justify a legislative assault on any media platform that isn’t officially approved.

Substack is now in their crosshairs, just like Spotify. It’s been fun knowing y’all.

She meant to say “spreading digital hate”.

The increasing # of hit pieces mean only one thing. You’re killing it!

Washington Post Elizabeth and the CDC are all Top Science fiction writers and Fairytales. People come to Berenson for the truth and the good the bad and the ugly.

In the big policy picture, it matters not whether or not the mRNA “vaccines” work. What matters is that we stop forcing individuals to be injected with an experimental drug. This is especially true in light of the fact that none of these drugs prevent the spread of the virus.

Many people will subscribe due to these hate pieces… I mean hit pieces. Let them come!

As a longtime journalist myself… the only way to deal with these dishonest people posing as journalists is to sue, sue, sue. They understand nothing else and have no regard for truth.

My favorite part was, “I am writing a story based on research for the non-profit Center for Countering Digital Hate…” 😂😂😂 These people are SO lost.

“Center for Countering Digital Hate” A guy in his mom’s basement.
Gee… I wonder who gets to decide what is considered “hate”?

The ultimate last lie to fall is that the Convid “vaccines” prevent serious illness and death. Every other lie during this scam has been exposed. This lie shall fall too, because the truth always comes out eventually. Thank you Alex, I hope you view the hit pieces from these frauds as a badge of honor.

They keep saying that only unvaccinated are dying from COVID now. Bah-ha-ha!

Lies, lies and damn lies! [Mark Twain]

It’s a slow painful withdrawal to the truth. Weren’t proven to stop transmission in the trials. Weren’t proven to stop infection in the trials. Weren’t proven to stop death in the trials. And now what a surprise The real world data is showing it does none of this. And as you say the last Domino to fall will be does not reduce hospitalization or death. That’s what they’re clinging to. That and they are safe. 😂

Anyhoo, got a couple questions for ya. The totally not sinister non-profit called the Center Fighting Against Terrible Online Nazis Filled With Hate And Stuff says you’re a rotten anti-science pig and probably a nazi trying to kill everyone with your awful and scary misinformation. Any comment?? Got a deadline in 5 minutes so respond extra fast!

Everybody hates these people

So she’s using politifact and the CDC to factcheck? That’s laughable. She should look at the studies and/or analyze data or consult with actual experts, not political hacks. Sheesh.

That would be hard, though. Why not just Google something and call it good? It’s not like the CDC has ever been wrong.

“Look up the studies, analyze the data”. That would call on some real skills; some honesty, integrity of a real journalist. The last time WAPO had some real journalists was during Watergate. WAPO–the best propaganda the government can buy.

Three more people I know who are vaccinated and boosted , now have Covid.

They’re going after Jessica Rose with a similar sounding email as well. All seems well orchestrated. Must have received orders from their pharma overlords

It’s remarkable that the terms disinformation and misinformation are used mainly by propagandists (and their apologists/disciples). If I hear/read one of those words, I assume (in the absence of contradicting evidence) that whatever I’m hearing/reading is a lie.

I am so sick of the term misinformation. Anything that falls under that term is actually the truth as far as I can tell. Absolute upside down world.

Sad to see Jeff Bezos, one of those business geniuses who comes along once every 100 years, destroy his reputation by getting fully behind whatever plan is underway these last two years. History will remember him for joining the Fourth Reich rather than the transformation of business that he should be credited with, even though it has upended the old ways of doing things.

Have these people actually read your articles? The numbers don’t lie.

On the behalf of humanity, thanks for telling that journalist to do “their” fucking job like journalists used to do.

What a scum bag she is. Keep up your great work Alex.

I smell a Pharma Rat.

A Rotten Pharma Rat impersonating a journalist.

I wonder who gives money to CCDH to do the dirty work for Big Pharma? Oh, could it be Big Pharma?

I thought journalism was about questioning authority not parroting it. Jeez. Keep up your great work

I pray no teenagers in her life keel over from a heart attack after getting vaccinated. Mark Crispin Miller is keeping a growing list of sudden deaths on his substack. Every single teen death from the vax is blood on the hands of big pharma and their stenographers in the MSM.

hahaha “Imran Ahmed is the founding CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate. He is a recognized authority on the social and psychological dynamics of social media, as well as what goes wrong in those spaces, such as trolling, identity-based hate, misinformation, conspiracy theories, modern extremism and fake news.”

Ok this is crazy and hilarious. Today at my favorite breakfast spot I was minding my own business with my three 17 year old apprentices. And a lady with an ID card asks me if I would mind giving my opinion on Little Lord Fauci. Then she informs me that she and her photographer in tow work for Berenson’s old employer, you know, that rag called the New York Times. She’s a D.C. correspondent traveling to different cities asking people what they think of Fauci. The next question is “how far right do you lean politically?”

Then, “are you vaccinated? Why not” Then, “did you vote for Trump?” Then I tell her about Berenson having worked for the old rag previously and she said, “who? Never heard of him.” Then she says, “I’ve worked for the Times for 25 years.” Was she feigning ignorance of Alex’s existence. I find it hard to believe that since her sole existence is correcting and keeping track of “misinformation”, then reporting it back to the STASI. Am I in trouble now? Will I be put into one of their camps like Winston? Who do I turn to? Help!

Is she 12? What adult writes like that?

Thesis? She spent 30 secs pasting links into her phone while dressing to go out for drinks.

Yep. The herd of “independent” minds.

They are covering up spectacular vaccine failure, Thomas Renz’s testimony Monday is a bombshell that may be harder to sit on.

I don’t understand, Alex, why doesn’t she just read and assess the data you’ve given on Substack? Oh, wait. I do understand. She doesn’t really want facts, she wants to harass and trap you into a snap response that she can pick apart and misrepresent. I think WE know you better than to think that!

She doesn’t want any response. She wants to put ‘he had no comment’

She thinks she would win either way. I’m not really sure it would matter much.

Stop vaccine hate! Vaccines are people too (?).

Your response is like a chocolate on my pillow. They’re reverting to tactics vs data, bc they don’t have any. You have books full, so you’re a target. You wear it well. Team Berenson.

“Elizabeth, thanks so much for your thoughtful questions where I can see you have conducted your own extensive research leveraging the very trustworthy CDC company line. I can’t dignify your email with a response because I’m not sure you are capable of critical thinking. Perhaps your readers would like to continue reading the real “misinformation”, Cheerio, Alex”

No critical thinking skills whatsoever. Her parents are frantically trying to figure out how to get a refund for all the money they wasted on her education.

So who’s Lizza? She pretty much made a fool out of herself!! Fun to watch though. Keep em coming Alex! Love it!

Her quotes didn’t even contradict yours, in the exact context she presented. You said “vaccines don’t stop” and the CDC says “are effective at preventing”. Those statements could both be true at the same time: some preventive effect but not sterilizing. As far as I can see she has no gotcha on you whatsoever and this article is going to be a lot of table pounding.

It will probably add 10% to your subscriber base via Streisand effect.

If you still read the WaPo for news on covid two years in, there is no coming out of that bubble.

The Propaganda gonna Propaganda.

Corrupt people.

Alex, How do they explain more cases in Israel in 1 day this year than in all of 2020 when there were no vaccines? It would have been even worse without the vaccines? Not credible since there has never been a respiratory epidemic that has lasted more than 2 years. I’ve checked every epidemic since 1870. Before that, issues like clean water, sanitation, ample food, nutrition, and shelter would’ve been predominant.

The idea that vaccines wiped out communicable diseases in the 20th century is one of those huge myths. Vaccines were a player. Not even the major one. But they are far more profitable, and sexy then things like public sanitation, safe drinking water, addressing malnutrition, antibiotics. All you have to do is look at the decline of these diseases before the vaccines were even developed. I think someone saw a major opportunity in taking all the credit with vaccines. And so now most of the US population thinks that vaccines were the major lifesavers of the 20th century.

Right. And it took 180 years to eradicate smallpox, a DNA virus that was not nearly as prone to mutation as an RNA virus.

Ha. Yeah we are not getting rid of covid. No chance. I can’t believe that this was even a real idea someone had. Let’s see… Hundreds of millions of people infected globally…. And we’ll get rid of that with this non-sterilizing vaccine that doesn’t stop transmission? Sometimes I get the feeling I’m being treated like a 4-year-old.

Covid is here to stay just like a billion other viruses that we’ve been living with forever. I believe Muller’s ratchet is the principal where viruses tend to become more transmissible and less deadly. Looks like that’s where we’re headed. Cross fingers.

Hi Alex. I’m one of Bezo’s brown coats at the democracy destruction press. Can you comment on why you’re spreading truth in defiance of the CDC?

Virus gonna virus. Media cowards gonna coward.

Why do these wannabe “reporters” all sound like teenage girls? The ones you’d never leave your kids alone with???????? I don’t even see a very specific allegations – I see a few words of an allegation from an entirely different publication and a really crummy Google search………

You GO Alex! And I love your choice of “meretricious.”

I like getting a glimpse into this world, Alex. Please share more of these “inquiries” as you get them. It’s nice to see behind the scenes.

“Digital hate”. Pretty incredible. Can things get any more dystopian? Anyhow, I have been noticing a counterattack against several of the scientifically based vaccine investigators such as yourself. Might get interesting. Counter with facts ( as is your style) and you will do great. In the end they are shoring up the hypnotized … who are wavering.

What is absurd about the MSM articles and fact checkers is that they use government statements as proof of truth and falsity. That is preposterous. How often does the government (like the CDC) lie? All of the time. How often are they wrong? All of the time. How often do they contradict themselves? Regularly. The U.S. government has as much credibility as Baghdad Bob and the same goes for the mainstream media in part since they uncritically accept government statements as facts unless Trump is the one saying it. They are all a joke. You would get better facts from Tokyo Rose.

Had an interesting conversation with a cardiologist (not one I work with) tonight. Dinner conversation covered a wide variety of topics that had to do with healthcare. During conversation I declared I had lost my trust in the CDC. He informed me that the CDC was one of the greatest accomplishments of the US (he is not a native born citizen). He also had so much Fauci respect he could not understand why people called him a “nazi.” Of course Trump was the most dangerous person in the world. Trump may be a lot of things but… Anyway, I was summarily dismissed when it was discovered I was a republican. It seems there is no where anyone of us can go without being forced in a corner. I’ll let this encounter annoy me for a few days, probably. Don’t know how Alex does it.

Thanks for pulling back the curtain on these journalistic malfeasances, Alex. It’s eye-opening.

She could easily go the other direction, and read the data for herself and use her own brain and email the cdc and ask them to comment on the fallacy of their position and whether they may be spreading misinformation about the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines. But it’s the WP. This is what you get.

I agree with you Alex; this is a new low for the Post and is definitely not journalism. Sounds to me like she has been asleep for the last two year.

hit pieces are the highest form of compliment, honestly. they scared.

Wow, I am embarrassed for that person.

She’s citing old CDC press releases\ background info and a worthless opinion website as the basis for her “story”. How do these old articles address Alex’s current story? Don’t colleges teach basic research skills any more?

You are definitely over the target now. Keep pounding out the truth.

The Commie Dems are trying to shutdown Substack or force Substack to cancel writers like Twitter did to you. You have to realize these people are evil and see you as the enemy. Same with the Federal Government which is probably 90 % Commie Dem. The CDC probably around 98% Commie Dem. The WP is probably 99% Commie Dem or Worse. Unfortunately they control all the Levers so you might have to find away around it like Alex Jones. I am sure you hate him but he didn’t give in.

She’s just a puppet, someone else is controlling her strings, airheads are easy to control

Stay strong. We respect you. And we are counting on you. You are a truthteller…that is all that matters.

More flak so you’re definitely spooking them right over the target.

Lizza-How is it possible that you put full faith in what the CDC is quoting? There are SO many vocal, prominent physicians who have clearly defined the CDC’s “misinformation”. It is sad that you have forgotten that part of your job is to ALWAYS question what the government tells us! Your bias SCREAMS from your letter, so your piece is worthless. Try to do better.

Interesting how the CDC never shows evidence. They are politicians, believe!

You’re making them more and more nervous every day. Keep it up Alex!

Losers gonna loser…

This would all be much more acceptable if they renamed it the EditorialPaper instead of news paper. SlantedOpinionPaper perhaps?

I haven’t read a paper or watched a news program in years. I don’t need a slanted group with slanted, pre-determined opinions telling me how to RightThink. Substack is as close as I get to media. Don’t even read the weather reports because that’s wrong at least half the time also😏

They must really fear your ‘blog’ with all this attention to discredit your writings.

I honestly thought this was an intern’s story. “Lizza” is a real reporter? Wow. And to ask you why you don’t agree with the CDC’s version of the truth. LOL now THAT’s funny. WaPo is really keeping the quality high. Annd this is a good reminder that not just friendly folk are lurking here.

Weird how she throws a “nice to meet you” at the end of a sentence. They are really attacking you, so you must be doing something right.

Dear Ms Dwoshkin, you appear to have all your allegations in hand so that a biased and unproven story can run tomorrow. Your editor would be proud of your timely and procrastinated effort to “seek a response” to pad out your short story written without much context. I neglect to see how my response to an opinion piece should matter.

My goodness that reporter who emailed you is stupid she has no understanding of the issues how tragic

The new Ministry of Truth = Center for Countering Digital Hate. It’s a non-profit so you know it’s legit. Lizza said so. 🤣 Would love to find out who funds this purveyor of “truth”.

Hack calling herself a journalist. Isn’t it an oxymoron to be spreading misinformation in the name of “reporting on misinformation”? Sorry, Alex.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a skanky organization funded by dark money — I can just imagine whose. Read this for a fairly recent review by DrillDown.

The more hit pieces you get, the more you know, you’re over the target.

“Journalism”. Yeah, right. Sleazy, sneaky propaganda.

Alex, keep up the good work! There are so many of us behind you!

I can’t remember the last thing I read in the Washington Post and I live the DC area. It’s Commie Dem or Worse propaganda. I would just ignore the request. You aren’t going to win over any of their Jab Cult readers. As someone else mention take legal route if

What a bunch of cultists following fascists.

LOL, the Washington Post. Legacy media coasting off an unearned reputation, no one cares anymore.

The Bezos Post. Supporting the destruction of bricks and mortar through covid policies and in the name of social justice.

Do these people actually think the quoted words “vaccines don’t stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths” and “COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing infection, serious illness, and death.” are necessarily contradictory. I can guarantee you that you won’t find anybody at the CDC that will go on the record saying that “vaccines stop Covid hospitalizations or deaths”. Most wouldn’t even currently say that vaccines are “effective at preventing infections” without a caveat about boosters. This such a stupid game that is being played. M

Commie going to Commie.

Isn’t the center for countering digital hate just a censorship organization? Shut down anyone who challenges the global narrative of safe effective and warranted mass vaccination.

The condescension of that age group is infuriating. Not only are they arrogant, they’re arrogant without knowledge of how to actually engage in communication.

I remember someone defining hubris as overconfidence based on ignorance. Seems like a lot of MSM is afflicted.

Idiocy abounds and it appears that there is no limits on idiots these days. Its truly sad.

Alex- seriously you have them right where you want them. They are giving you a megaphone to beat them about the head and ears. May I propose you raise their bid with, say, data like this

They’re missing part of their motto – “Democracy Dies In Darkness – And We Supply The Darkness”… Now, I wonder which Soviet-era publication they’re trying to emulate – Izvestija, in which there is no truth, or Komosomolskaya Pravda, in which there is no news…

Other people speaking out are also becoming victims of hit pieces. Concerted effort – they are feeling the squeeze

For those who piss and moan about VAERS, don’t forget Yellow Card and VIGIBASE. Here is good very recent summary

Washington Post Elizabeth sorry to tell you that you are not living in objective reality. We are having 2,000 deaths a day here in America 🇺🇸 Look at some of the Most Highly Vaccinated Places Countries like Israel. What do you think is going on at the Hospitals in Israel orgies? The Past 6 weeks here in America 🇺🇸 the Hospitals are busy with cases. Whom ever you are getting your information from must be a computer generated advice or a Pipe dreamer. Like I told you all before none of you 35,000 and the Elite media Guest and Pundits never seen or have the skills to diagnose a Covid patient never mind treat one and get the insurance company to approve you for the care of a Covid patient. If you Elite media haven’t figured it out by now you never will.

Over 3,000 ChiCom virus deaths in the US yesterday, 3,143 to be exact. Which means with the November Congressional races looming, they have to put an end to all of this “counting.” Did you hear any of the DNC Media even mention these four-digit daily deaths under Traitor Joe?

Journalist fact checks amount to “the Politburo says your criticism of the Party is wrong”.

So pathetic.

Who the actual F is the Centre for Countering Digital Hate?

As a former journalist, this is so annoying.

Obviously she is a tool, but I see nothing wrong with her questions. Would you have preferred (or even answered) a phone call? I know journalists don’t use phones any longer, way too passe to get real answers. I love the name of that organization CCDH. Reminds me of the SPLC, an organization that never told a truth ever and is quoted endlessly. Like I said, she is a tool, but methinks doth protest too much.

It’s 9:43 pm. The entire thing is designed to get a “Berenson did not comment.”

Yeah, I get that, too.

True. Or, maybe a snap answer that could be twisted into a worse trap. As someone else said on this stack: tactics over facts (or something to that effect).

I can imagine that it’s not as bad as being bushwhacked by a colleague you should be trusting and supporting. I bet that would be much worse.

Politihack, you mean. The CDC is the gold standard? Journalistic curiosity, skepticism, defender of the pubic and the first amendment – RIP.

How can this clown say the vaccines stop transmission and serious illness can he not see with his own eyes. These people wonder why they have no trust

Look at the bright side–in China, the offending party is never forewarned–just swept away into the ubiquitous labor through re-education camps which dot the countryside. Tomorrow you will be hit with the Post’s Night Soil Bucket–goggles, soap and towel will set all aright.

Interesting another substack writer received a similar inquiry

WAPO Editors show their TDS - Enemy of The State, 25 ...
Left: a reference to the Nicholas Sandmann libel by WaPo, which cost them a lot of money.


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