Trucker convoy departure from Enfield, Nova Scotia, 7 a.m. Jan. 27, 2022 and over NS overpasses

“Strong. Thank you (truckers) Freedom”
One of many overpasses in NS packed with supporters

Report by Think for Yourself

This was a truly historic event. I have never seen such spirit and patriotism in this country before! Roughly 250 people showed up in the bitter cold at 7 am in a parking lot at Enfield. The Canadian flag was everywhere and people sang “Oh Canada!”

It really inspired patriotism of a kind I’ve never seen among Canadians, who for the most part tend to be quiet and perhaps too polite. I think those days are ended. We are experiencing tyranny, which Canada has never known before, and it’s waking a lot of people up.

It was mostly working-class Canadians, beaten down by two years of cruel and pointless lockdowns and mandates by a tyrannical government and a corrupt, lying dishonest media.

They were there to fight for their God-given rights as a free and sovereign people. It was truly beautiful to see. The support was incredible. They cried “Freedom!” and cheered the convoy on.

A message to the truckers: “You are our heroes!
A message from a mother! Listen up Ottawa
“Thank you truckers!”
“Truckers rule, mandates drool!

Many signs of thanks from ordinary Canadian for the truckers, who are now a symbol of freedom in a country beaten down by cruel and heartless federal and provincial government tyrants.

Btw, if you think this was about protecting public health, think again: 12 reasons why it is not. It was always about power and profit for a few unscrupulous people at the expense of the rest of us. Most Canadians, fed a steady diet of MSM lies, are still unaware of what’s really happening, but this protest will wake some up, we hope.

See the latest international data showing that mRNA injections make people more vulnerable to Omicron (not less) — due to the fact that the injections reduce immunity. In other words, it’s insane to keep forcing an experimental drug on people what doesn’t work, and in fact is now shown to kill and injure them and cause serious negative side-effects, including death (far in excess of what’s being reported).

Even Pfizer and the WHO, knowing the jig is up, admit that continued injections are too dangerous and have curtained the 4th booster – which begs the obvious question: why are any of the shots necessary for an alleged respiratory disease that they don’t have any effect on and for which natural immunity offers a superior antidote?

Apparently, we’re not supposed to use our brains and ask such questions. As this one article notes, to even commit wrongthink is now like religious heresy to the ‘vaccine’ cult. Orwell wrote, in 1984: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” But the media want us to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 and if we don’t, we should be punished severely.

One sign at the rally said, “where there is risk, there must be choice.” But the coercion we’re put under is no choice. Worst of all, it make no sense medically. There’s a lack of real scientific evidence to justify it. Ordinary people with common sense know this is all a ruse. It’s only people who blindly listen to the mainstream media who are deluded.

This is not science the government is following; it’s scientism, which is actually anti-scientific and irrational. Its true purpose is to impose authoritarian rule over all of us. If you don’t get that by now, two years down the road, you’re not paying attention.

Now Quebec, in addition to fining people for not getting this death-jab, passed a law saying those who prefer freedom of medical choice cannot grocery shop anymore – except if accompanied by a “health warden” — which is clearly meant to humiliate end demean people and has nothing to do with protecting public health, since so-called ‘vaccines’ — which are not true vaccines — don’t prevent infection or transmission.

The data shows that Covid-19 went where it wanted to, with no regard for government restrictions. When it waned, governments wrongly took credit and when it waxed they wrongly blamed the unvaccinated.

This is medical tyranny. It’s meant divide people and cause them hate and fear and scapegoat one another. This manufactured division gives unlimited power to the state. It’s fundamentally anti-Christian and anti-freedom. It’s medical fascism.

Canada needs to follow the UK, Ireland and Denmark’s lead and end this madness now before it’s too late. We’re headed down a very dark road at present. But as we saw today, many Canadians know and care and are taking a stand for the fundamental freedoms they grew up with and which make Canada a good place to live.

“True North Strong and Free!” “Thank you!”
“Thank you! Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21″
“Thank you. End the mandates”
Canada no mandates
And a nice description of Mr. Trudeau:
“Communist arrogant narcissistic arsehole who doesn’t amount to anything good!” lol
Be Free eh! love Truckers
A good turnout. At least 200 in the bitter cold
“Thank you truckers!”
“True north strong and free”
Singing Oh Canada
“Thank you truckers. Freedom 2022”
“Freedom convoy 2022”
Canadian patriotism! “We stand on guard for thee”
“Born free”
And in the background: “the mandates discriminate against disable people”
A young patriot draped in the Canadian flag
“Go Truckers!” What a great education for young Canadians to be part of this historic moment!

After the convoy left, we drove for a long way and there on the overpasses for miles and miles there, supporters massed on the bridges with flags and signs waving support to the convoy.

Patriotic Canadians lined up on the overpasses in great numbers all along the highways to cheer the convoy on
All along the sides of the highway as well!
Go Truckers God!
Roll on 18 Wheels. Thank you
Thank U!
End Segregation

It was the most important day for Nova Scotia in its recent history: today Jan 27, 2022 was the day that Nova Scotians stood up for freedom and against government tyranny. It was truly wonderful to see such spirit! To be honest it also made me angry at all the naysayers and those in the mainstream media who’ve betrayed the people and supported medical tyranny.

Look at how childish Trudeau’s response was. He belittled the protestors and called them “racists” “far-right” “a fringe minority” etc, then went into hiding in a fit of pique. As Brad Salzburg says Trudeau has an “unwillingness to face the public at a time of crisis” and this is “cowardly.”

I can picture him having a temper tantrum because people he thought he controlled didn’t do as he wanted them to. He really is nothing but a spoiled child, upset that some Canadians dare to think of him as a tyrant and would-be dictator (which of course is what he is). Trudeau is a lot like the petulant tyrant Nero who is alleged to have burned Rome then blamed it on the Christians. Trudeau is destroying Canada and blaming it on the truckers and unvaccinated (i.e. those who choose freedom of medical choice).

Thoughts on activism. For some people organizing this, it’s their first time doing activism of this sort. It’s both thrilling and tiring. Some will feel burned out after awhile and hope it will all end soon. As someone with a lot of activist experience, I am certain of one thing: it will not end soon, so pace yourself and hang in there for the long haul (to use a trucker metaphor).

I notice some people add some humour to this, which is good. Someone on a sign referred to “Mr. Dressup Ottawa” – a reference to Trudeau’s bizarre tendency to don costumes. Mocking tyrants is not a bad idea; it helps erode their power. President Xi banned Winnie the Pooh imagery from China for this reason.

Life will never go back to normal. But don’t be discouraged by it. This is a great opportunity for Canadians to value and fight for freedom. We’ve always taken it for granted. Now we have to fight for it. And this fight has just begun.

We are up against a powerful and entrenched foe, who wants to make Canada into a Communist nation full of slaves and sycophants. But we are a free people. Many of us have wisely learned not to trust the mainstream media – who sold their souls for profit. This is an invaluable lesson the rest of the country needs to learn if Canada is to avoid becoming a dictatorship controlled by Beijing and globalists.

I was happy to see children there who are learning what freedom is. This is was an incredible experience for them — really for everyone involved. It was the day that the people of Canada said “enough!” to a tyrant and stood up for freedom. I was starting to feel a deep despair for Canada and Jan. 27th turned it around for me. I have hope in this country again because of the people I saw standing up for it.

A big thank you to my friend Ed for driving us there and back! You’re a good man.

A patriotic family at the overpass:
“Freedom is essential”
“Let kids be kids: no masks!”
“Coercions is not choice”
A good message: “We want more choice! No more mandates! No vaxx pass! Freedom convoy 2022. No masks!
Thank you truckers” Another sign I saw: “where there is risk, there must be choice”
Freedom convoy 2022
Young patriots standing on guard for Canada!
The sign says “Go get your freedom back!!!”
“Convoy 2022. Thank you!!! God bless you all

Various independent media reports on the convoy:

Two of the best in Canada: True North and Rebel News

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Convoy to Ottawa 2022

Freedom Convoy, Day Two: From Medicine Hat to Regina

DAILY | Trudeau isolates as convoy closes in on Ottawa
[Trudeau’s entire political career is a disgrace; he is a traitor to Canada! He should be put on trial for treason, for betraying his country and selling it out to China]

Politicians and the mainstream media can no longer ignore the trucker freedom convoy

Watch as Pierre Poilievre calls out the legacy media for demonizing the Freedom Convoy

In -30 Degree Weather The Canadian Truckers Convey Is Overwhelmed With People Wanting Freedom

Aboriginal support for freedom
United non-compliance
Truckers: we stand with you. No more mandates!
Mandate freedom!
Truth freedom courage
Not anti-vax. Pro-freedom.
End the mandates [for everyone!]
En route to Ottawa!
Freedom convoy
Truckers: we love you!
“our response to the pandemic has caused more death & misery than the pandemic itself.
We take back the power when we all say NO! #noncomplianc” Very true!

More photos just came in. Thanks Ed and Paul!

This is the Nova Scotia flag
“Convoy for freedom. Putting unity in community”
Keep on truckin!

And these two photos below are from Ontario, on the 401 between Belleville and Toronto. As you can see, these patriotic people braved bad weather conditions to show support:

One brave soul appears to be up in a telephone pole repair hoist with a flag!


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