Jan 29, 2022. Convoy in Ottawa. Trudeau must resign. End medical tyranny now!

I was shocked to see this headline in the National Post, which is one of those MSM outlets that has lied to us (they all have; only True North and Rebel Media and Epoch Times have told the truth):

Majority of Canadians say Trudeau should resign following election, believe country more divided than ever: poll. That’s from a few days ago.

So Trudeau could very well be forced to step down. I believe that even if he does step down, those who control him will still hold the reigns of power, so what’s really needed at this time is a total rejection of Communism from Canada in all its forms:

  • No more vax mandates or restrictions. None! That is #1
  • No more cultural Marxism in the education system
  • Rescind all of Trudeau’s grotesque authoritarian censorship laws
  • Restore the economy and make sure everyone gets their jobs back who lost them to mandates
  • No more state funding for the MSM (defund the CBC!)
  • No more CCP involvement in Canada (expel them!)
  • Put the medical fascists who did all this on trial for treason
    and crimes against humanity – including Trudeau and his minions

Who should be PM? Someone like Derek Sloan or Maxime Bernier. In other words, someone who actually loves the country and will defend it and not try to destroy it and sell it out to China or try to impose the totalitarian WEF agenda as Trudeau has done.

And all those mealy-mouth bureaucrats and “journalists” who’ve heled impose tyranny on their fellow Canadians for two years: why don’t you all take a one-way trip to North Korea if you love Communism that much! If you don’t love Canada, leave it!

That means you Trudeau!
Convoy on the streets of Ottawa

True North: Recap of Day 6 of Truckers for Freedom Convoy across Canada: Jan 28

On Day 6 of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy, truckers touched down in the nation’s capital, the Eastern fleet rolled through Quebec City and the legacy media’s hysteria reached new heights. 

By early mid-afternoon on Friday, truckers and supporters began to gather near Parliament. This was the scene in Ottawa.

The truckers arriving early parked their rigs on Wellington Street outside the Parliament Buildings for the night. They have said they will not move them until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lifts his vaccine mandates.

You can see more videos at True North’s excellent report, here

When will Canada drop all COVID-19 restrictions?

Countries around the world are learning to live with COVID-19. They’re dropping vaccine passports, mask mandates and other public health measures. This is not the case in Canada. Instead, public health officials are tweaking restrictions . . .


Rebel News Convoy Reports

Following the federal government’s announcement of a cross-border vaccine mandate, a coalition of Canadian truckers are en route from B.C. to Ottawa to protest COVID restrictions in the nation’s capital.

WATCH: Mocha Bezirgan talks Freedom Convoy on Newsmax

Bird's Eye View Of The Convoy; Toronto Scrubs Vaccine Story From Archive

Bird’s Eye View Of The Convoy; Toronto Scrubs Vaccine Story

A dozen Rebels are going to Ottawa for the trucker convoy — including me!

A dozen Rebels are going to Ottawa for the trucker convoy

Crowd gathers in solidarity in Ottawa ahead of the arrival of the trucker freedom convoy

Crowd gathers in solidarity in Ottawa ahead of the arrival of the trucker freedom convoy

UPDATED: Trudeau Liberals partially close TWO bridges to Ottawa due to “planned protest” this weekend

UPDATED: Trudeau Liberals partially close TWO bridges to Ottawa due to “planned protest” this weekend

Convoy truckers, supporters show up early to tomorrow's Parliament Hill demonstration

Convoy truckers, supporters show up early to tomorrow’s Parliament Hill demonstration

High energy, large crowds await Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

High energy, large crowds await Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

Hamilton pit stop pours their support for Freedom Convoy

Hamilton pit stop pours their support for Freedom Convoy

'Thousands of people on almost every overpass': Freedom Convoy rolls across Canada

‘Thousands of people on almost every overpass’: Freedom Convoy rolls across Canada

Bird’s Eye View Of The Convoy; Toronto Scrubs Vaccine Story From Archive (Jan. 28)

Rebel News has nearly a dozen reporters in Ottawa this Saturday to cover the Convoy to Ottawa for Freedom, in which thousands of truckers and their trucks are planning to converge on the nation’s capital to protest the vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers and the restrictions imposed on Canadians over the last 23 months of two weeks to flatten the curve.

As the convoy left Calgary, Rebel News reporters hitched a ride in a helicopter to catch the view of the enormous convoy from the air. Rebel reporter Adam Soos joins me tonight to tell us about his bird’s eye view of what could be the largest protest this country has ever seen.

Then what happens when public health bureaucrats and lockdown politicians lose control of their COVID scare narrative in a very public way? Delete, delete, wash rinse repeat!

That’s what happened when the Toronto Board of Health was confronted by a father who says his otherwise healthy son died of a vaccine injury in a public, live-streamed meeting in front of thousands of people, including Rebel’s own Tamara Ugolini.

The video was pulled down, edited and reposted with the father’s remarks sent down the Orwellian memory hole. Tamara joins us tonight to discuss the scrubbing of the public record in Toronto and how she plans to find out exactly what happened to the video the public health overlords don’t want us to see.


More from True North

What Trudeau and the legacy media have wrong about the convoy

Marie Oakes – January 29, 2022″In normal times, this would be considered a beautiful show of Canadian solidarity, but according to prime minister Justin Trudeau, the convoy represents nothing but a ‘small fringe minority’ holding ‘unacceptable views.'”

Nova Scotia bans gatherings along highway in support of trucker freedom

Harley Sims – January 28, 2022Nova Scotia has made it illegal to gather alongside the interprovincial highway in support of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy.

[How cowardly and stupid and regressive. Premier Tim Houston is a traitor to Canada!]

The elites couldn’t be more wrong about the freedom convoy

Andrew Lawton – January 28, 2022Andrew Lawton talks about the convoy’s momentum, and why the mainstream media and political elites have turned to vilifying it. Also, former NHL player Theo Fleury joins the show.

The legacy media desperately wants the trucker convoy to be Canada’s Jan. 6th

Candice Malcolm and Harrison Faulkner – January 28, 2022On this week’s edition of Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice and True North Producer Harrison Faulkner discuss the legacy media’s attempts to discredit the Truckers for Freedom convoy by accusing the truckers of being “extremists” and “far-right.”

Truckers convoy day 5

Truckers convoy day 5

Will agent provocateurs try to mess it up?

Rebel News report Jan. 28. The truckers started arriving in Ottawa last night, actually. Remember, the convoy is actually many convoys converging together from around the country. And they’re not one long line. They’re broken up. There might be 20 or 30 miles of trucks; and then a big space; and then another 20 or 30 miles. Trucks decide to stop in towns; others go straight through. Some trucks join and some leave. It’s organic; which means it’s a bit chaotic. Another way of saying that is: it’s completely authentic.

You know, Trudeau denounced the convoy as racist and sexist and fringe just before hiding for five days. He made a point of saying how fringe it was. I just can’t get over the fact that the government now says there are some opinions there are unacceptable. I’d like to get a list of those — because I think, whether I agreed with them or not, I’d publish them, just to prove that the government doesn’t get to decide which opinions are acceptable; individual Canadians do . . .

And with so many people, and such an amorphous, organic group — really, almost leaderless [the better word is decentralized] . . . this isn’t a group of professional protests like the left has, who are used to obeying orders; these are people who have never protested before, in the main . . .

Anyways, you put 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, whatever number, into Ottawa, and you have Justin Trudeau hiding from them, and the police being egged on to make arrests, what’s going to happen? Well probably nothing. But that’s if it all goes properly. But as you know, the deep state likes its hoaxes, just as much as CBC and CTV do; and it serves Trudeau’s interests to have “proof” that all these protesters were evil criminal terrorists. So I’m worried about a fake event; a trap; a provocation. [ie DS deep state agent provocateurs]

And as you know, Ottawa is awash in actual dirty tricksters — Antifa thugs, who really do get violent; who really are professional activists and violent types. People who riot for hire; people who were the violent backbone to the Black Lives Matter riots, for example. The professional G20 rioters. I’m worried about them coming to pick a fight. And that being turned into a spark that the deep state will use to justify their fever dream of an unlawful insurrection that proves we need to crack down on what remaining freedom we even have.

[Remember the agent provocateurs in Montebello Quebec in 2007 (incriminating photo below)? Or police inside the Black Bloc in Toronto G20? Or Jan. 6. FBI agents in the U.S.? Yes it happens all the time and is good to be on the lookout for. It’s a devious tactic against peaceful protest movements. But hopefully Ottawa police won’t do that. Antifa could try but they’re probably cowering in their mother’s basements when faced with 1 million supporters of freedom]

Evidence Of NWO Agents Provocateurs Mounts

Along the same lines:

The legacy media desperately wants the trucker convoy to be Canada’s January 6th:

Candace Malcom is a true Canadian hero

Amazing news: the freedom convoy movement is spreading worldwide!

Australian truck drivers join the convoy for freedom
Truckies set to swarm to Canberra to protest mandates and restrictions

Australian truck drivers join the convoy for freedom

Rebel News report: Australian truck drivers are planning a ‘Convoy to Canberra’ to protest Australia’s vaccine mandates and harsh restrictions forced upon communities across the country throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Truckies plan to meet in cities in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia before making their way to the nation’s capital.

The convoy is planned to arrive at Parliament House at 10am on Monday. The development follows on from the trucker convoy happening in Canada where a huge convoy is making its way to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cross-border vaccine mandate.

While the mainstream media has done its best to ignore the enormous number of protesters making their way to the capital, the truckers have won support from personalities like Elon Musk who has spoken out in support of their cause. Thousands of users on the Telegram messaging app are organising state-specific groups to coordinate the routes to Canberra.

Users on the platform also shared images and videos of groups of truckies gathering and preparing their cabins for the long haul.

While truckies are the main focus of the action, a diverse range of users from all walks of life in the Telegram groups cited a range of motivations for participating, such as losing their jobs to strict mandates to small business owners who were forced to shut up shop.

Some in the groups are planning to drive cars and motorcycles to be a part of the push to put pressure on the nation’s politicians to ease its restrictions and segregation enforced through mandates.

More Rumble videos:

Jan. 23 – Start your engines, the Freedom Convoy has begun!

Jan. 23 – Start your engines, the Freedom Convoy has begun!

Celeb support for convoy (by True North)

International celebrities continued to lend support to Canadian truckers, the latest being UK actor and comedian Russel Brand.  Brand posted a lengthy video to YouTube endorsing the trucker convoy and asking why the legacy media was refusing to cover the story. The video had over 800,000 views at the time this article was published. 

The legacy media continued their ongoing campaign to demonize the convoy, continuing to warn about potential violence on Saturday and that “extremist groups” were planning to hijack the event.  The headline of the top story on CBC read, “Ottawa ready to deal with violence, extremists as protest convoy arrives, says public safety minister.”

[The CBC is truly despicable: no better than Pravda or Chinese state media at this point]

True North will be on the ground tomorrow outside Parliament to bring you wire-to-wire coverage of events.  The GoFundMe in support of the truckers at the time this article was published had reached $7,600,670.

[I hope the $ is released soon; imagine trying to do this convoy, how expensive it must be? That $ was given by patriotic people and it should be given to the truckers by GoFundMe]

All True North stories as of Jan. 29 10:30 am:

More videos. I just found them online after wading through scores of misleading dishonest videos from the corrupt soulless mainstream legacy media in Canada:

Great coverage below, from the U.S. 100% more honest than the corrupt lying CBC & MSM in Canada. This is a good report:

This video below interview a woman who took the mRNA shots but still wants freedom of choice for everyone. It’s from Quebec:

Oh Canada (national anthem). Yes! This convoy has got to be the most patriotic and inspiring moment in recent Canadian history.

A brave and heroic police officer expresses support for convoy and talking heads debate it. I say to her thank you Officer for standing up for truth and justice!

As the pressure mounts, we see the heroes and the cowards for who they are. She is a hero. The legacy media and corrupt politicians are spineless bureaucrats are cowards.

Not all police were the good guys though. RCMP blocked entrance to a gas station to protestors near Montreal. That’s wrong! Shame

Video from someone in the convoy:

This report is from the corrupt MSM (CityTV) but it’s not bad. The truckers are so well-spoken, so worth listening to here:


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