More convoy/freedom videos & photos

Trudeau doesn’t like the sound of freedom. He needs to resign now. And all vax mandates and restrictions need to end immediately. The shameless, corrupt MSM (e.g., CBC, CTV) need to be defunded. What a disgrace these evil, corrupt traitors have been.

Everyone who supported medical tyranny should be absolutely ashamed. Many should resign or like the Danish media apologize for what they’ve done. Some should face trials for treason and crimes against humanity. Medical fascism is a crime. Everyone who imposed this on others committed a crime against humanity. There are no excuses.

Having said, that, I am so glad to see the support for freedom in this country and around the world. It’s truly inspiring. It’s moving to see so many people come together for freedom. I am hoping and praying that this movement will help to take back this country from the tyrants who have been trying to destroy it for so long.

Levant is a Canadian hero:

Now the medical fascists in Canada outlawed flag-waving from overpasses in response to this:

Neil Young sings “Rockin’ in the free world” yet he support fascist censorship. Ironic.

Bernier has been a strong advocate for a free Canada from the start. He should be PM, not the traitor in office now.

I think this image is a reference to God parting the Red Sea to let Moses and the Jews out of bondage, in the Book of Exodus.

This is a good video below, from Rebel News. Just listening to it now.

Good interview! We are facing totalitarian technocracy

The start of this video shows a clip from a Black Mirror episode in which a CCP-style social credit system is in pace in our not so distant future. If globalists have their way, we’ll all be under authoritarian state control this way. It’s already started with the vax passports.

Good to see this, as the native communities have also suffered the mandates (needlessly as it turns out, since the so-called ‘vaccines’ don’t work and do more harm than good).

The disgusting Communist WaPo accuses truckers of what it is guilty of: fascism. Good that TC called them out on it:

Good commentary: they will disrupt until either Trudeau resigns or the vax mandates — all of them for everyone — are dropped. Let’s go Brandeau!

btw, if you want to embed a Rumble video in WordPress, it’s not hard to do. Just hit the EMBED button lower right on the video, then cut and past the middle line.

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