Canadian heroes and zeros: who’s responsible for this mess and who stood out as heroic in a time of great adversity?

Photo from trucker protest in NS: the truckers are heroes — and so are all those who support them.
Trudeau is a big zero and so are all those government and media folks who do his bidding,
not to mention those he answers to in Beijing.

In Canada the enormous edifice of lies we’ve lived under for two years (2020-21) is starting to crumble, under public pressure, thanks to the truckers and those who support them. Thank God! It’s about time! It’s a miracle. The truckers are true Canadian heroes. The mainstream media and most of the politicians, however, continue to lie to us.

Now the truck idea has spread to other nations. But in the meantime, in response, the governments have started to ban protests and support for them under the so-called ‘Emergency Orders’ – which clearly violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

At the same time, I suspect that behind closed doors in Ottawa — and also provincially — there are probably discussions in the seats of power as to how to ease out of this madness without incurring personal or political liability, i.e., losing their jobs after the enormous harm they’ve done to all of us.

They are caught between trying to please whoever controls them politically and the bitter opinion they know we have of them. How will they lie and finagle, to convince us it was necessary to strip us of our rights and inject with a drug that had no medical benefit? The same way they’ve been lying all along. With great audacity and seemingly little shame.

Trudeau and his minions now seem intent on doubling down on the tyranny — as just happened in Nova Scotia. I believe that someone is directing Trudeau and the health commissioner and Premiers and MSM here to suppress us, even as other nations back off and drop mandates.

It should be clear to everyone now that this never was about public health. If anyone still believes it’s about our health, they’re not mentally competent.

China owns Canada

What’s the end goal? Canada is a major strategic and resource-rich prize that China wants and everyone knows Trudeau is a sycophant to Beijing. He is handing over Canada’s mining rights to China now, even though it does represent a threat to Canada’s national security. The government of course denies this.

Trudeau, meanwhile, is a globalist, a disciple for the 2030 Agenda WEF vision — a recipe for a technocratic dystopian nightmare in which groupthink and collectivism are the norm. It softens us up for assimilation by China. “Resistance is futile” as the Borg say.

China’s Moves In Canada’s North—What Is Our Government Doing About It?” But every time a Chinese mine opens in Canada, Chinese troops are flown into the mine to ostensibly guard it. In fact they’re setting up military bases on in Canada. And gulags to put some of us in.

China Owns Canada: This video discusses recent legislation in Canada that allows Chinese troops on Canadian soil. The agreement allows China to protect their vast assets acquired over many decades. We discuss how the asset stripping from Canada.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-89.jpg

If they continue to impose hardships, and double-down, as they seem to be doing, they’re asking for a full-scale revolution. Maybe they want that and are prepared to imprison and murder Canadians?

What will the dishonest MSM say then? Judging by what’s happening, the CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, etc will be in lockstep with outright brutal fascism when it comes.

Will Canada have its own Tiananmen square before long? Perhaps some are still so drunk on power they think they can get away with this? After all, the Biden regime is now alleging that parents and protestors are “domestic terrorists.”

In fact, as True North has reported, the MSM seems to be wanting a violent confrontation and there’s suspicion that agent provocateurs will start it for this purpose. The MSM wants it to be another Jan. 6th Right now it’s mass non-violent protest of the kind preferred by Gandhi and MLK.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-463.png
Graphic by Think for Yourself. Please share!

Isolation camp in Manitoba, Canada

Voluntary? Not in Australia. Perhaps not either in Canada sooner than we think.


I was hoping Trudeau would resign and all the provinces would give up their draconian mandates. Then we’d have to have a discussion of who is responsible for what happened — and what continues to happen. I pray that happens! If it does, it will be through the help of the truckers and supporters.

What irks me about all this is that even if it all ends soon, those responsible — i.e., the mainstream media, politicians, public health officials, and those in the seats of power who’ve perpetrated this enormous lie and harmed all of us in the process — likely won’t face any repercussions for imposing completely unnecessary harms and discriminatory edicts on their constituents.

Most of them won’t even bother to apologize. That’s wrong. I don’t think they should face the justice of the mob during the Terror of the French Revolution (though some do and the situation is comparable) — but at the very least they should lose their jobs.

And a few should be put on trial for destroying people’ lives, since they knew better: they were informed this was wrong from a scientific standpoint, numerous times. There already has been a mock trial for the 16 people most responsible (the Dirty 16) in the UK: the Nuremberg Trials 2.0.

Above: “6029679-21. Vaccines under criminal investigation.”
Below: someone put together this graphic, which mimics a famous Nuremberg Trial photo.

Nuremberg Trials 2.0
Trudeau should be among them; I notice that Boris Johnson is.
The Nuremberg Trials: three different types of crimes
Nazis on trial
Top row: internationally known medical tyrants
Bottom role: some key player in the CCP, all mass murderers
Fauci, Gates, and Francis Collins all played a part in medical tyranny from 2020-21
The Good Club met in 2009 to discuss world depopulation

One of the problems is that the people who typically like to do mock trials, i.e., Leftists, have absented themselves from this fight. For that they too are morally culpable, as this excellent article argues (The Silence of the Professors): people who said they wanted to stand up against social injustice are silent the face of the single largest infringement on human rights in human history.

This is a fight for all of humanity. It transcended the old right-left divisions. Where are the old liberals who believed in freedom of speech such as Noam Chomsky? They’ve been silenced by the new authoritarian Left.

And it won’t just end with a war on humanity: the environment will suffer too, in the end, when the CCP achieves world domination (the CCP is not exactly a friend to animals or the environment), even if greenwashing elites image themselves to be).

Leftist used to oppose Big Pharma. Now their silence makes the tyranny of Big Pharma and other evil corporations possible — over everyone. The Great Reset is a Utopian fiction. It’s sad that so many well-meaning ‘progressives’ failed to see that. They failed to stand up for social justice. But that’s another discussion.

China is using this opportunity for world domination. And they’re not green.

Over the last two years, as in any crisis, heroes emerged, as did villains, i.e., people who belong on a wall of shame. Here’s a compilation of some of “heroes and zeroes” below.

We might debate the degree of their moral and legal culpability, much as it was (and still is) debated whether the German officials and the ordinary people of Germany who carried out Hitler’s vision for the world were responsible or not. It’s the same debate that’s going to unfold now around the world and has already started in Denmark and UK.

There’s an interesting novel from 1965, The Painted Bird, by Jerzy Kosinski, that illustrates how the ordinary Polish people were culpable for the Holocaust when they turned their eyes away from Auschwitz and even helped the Nazis round up the Jews to murder them. There’s still a lot of anti-Semitism in the world, including from Leftists.

Who is responsible?

The point is that there are different levels of responsibility, from the lowest functionary to those running country and corporations. Ecclesiastes 5:8 tells us “If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still.”

None of this is new (except for the technology). The patterns repeat themselves. Ecc. 1:9: “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

So none of this should surprise us. What was surprising to many around the world last week was when Canadians — a normally passive and overly polite lot — went into protest mode. For most, it’s their first taste of protest. But there is only so far you can push people before even the most passive stand up to tyranny. The vax mandates imposed by Trudeau was a bridge too far.

Kosinski asks of Germany: “The Germans puzzled me. What a waste. Was such a destitute, cruel world worth ruling?” We could very well ask that of the Canada that Trudeau wants to create. Would a Canada built on the eradication of Canadian still be a good society?

When you’ve scapegoated and punished one-fifth of the population as diseased and evil (the unvaccinated) is that still a good country? Trudeau and those who helped him do this have done something that’s not just wrong; it’s evil and is comparable to how Jews were maligned, as this letter points out:

“Here we are in 2022 and our leaders are scapegoating the non-vaccinated, blaming them for the continuation of the pandemic. Like other evil leaders, they divide rather than unite. They promote fear rather than courage and strength. Pit one group against another . . .

“If we had remembered, as we promised NEVER FORGET, we would never have allowed our elected officials, leaders, doctors, to take away our God given rights and freedoms. We would never have allowed these people to separate us into essential and nonessential, when all life is sacred, separate us from our elderly loved ones, desperately in need of care.”

As in Germany during the 1930s and 40s, a good many people were convinced that because something was put into law, it was just — an attitude called legal positivism. In fact, there can be bad laws and obeying them because they’re laws doesn’t always excuse a person — especially when the law calls on you to harm another.

Everyone’s responsible for his or her actions inasmuch as we all have free will and the ability to say ‘no’ to a bad order. Sometimes the price of not saying is the loss of one’s life (in a despotic regime) or less severe, the loss of one’s job (in Canada). But sometimes, there is no price — and yet people still participated in systemic and unnecessary harm towards others — because they could. Thus the rise of the so-called “Karens”

On the other hand, they were all part of a system, so at what point were they low-level functionaries and not responsible? It can be argued either way.

There’s also the question of to what degree people knew this was wrong. I believe a good many more than will now let on. For example, everyone with any intelligence knew it was a human rights violation to force other to choose between an involutory medical procedure or their job, or to exclude people from society on that basis. That’s why the so-called ‘fact checkers’ and elitist pundits in the media were at pains to convince us otherwise (in their usual condescending gaslighting manner).

For example, this excuse uses the appeal to authority: “Are vaccine mandates human rights violations? Probably not, experts say, because everyone has a fundamental right to be protected from the spread of the disease.” (Incidentally, this quote is from Weforum, the disgraced non-profit tied to Trudeau’s corruption).

The excuse noted above also assumes something about medicine that’s untrue: we now know beyond a doubt, that the masks were useless.

The funny/tragic part is that medical officials also knew all this from the start: Fauci and Tam, for example, said mask were unnecessary, early in 2020, but sometime later (mid-February, 2020) they changed their tune — after the globalists decided to turn this into an opportunity for the so-called Great Reset.

They knew it was wrong

It turns out they also knew early on that the mRNA drugs were risky and that they would not work as promised, as this article proves.

It’s also quite possible that the mixed messaging was not the result of bungling but was deliberate, in order to destabilize society — as Yuri Bezmenov noted was a Communist tactic to undermine the West, and which Orwell, in 1984, illustrates through the use of ever-shifting news accounts from the Ministry of Truth: “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

Officials in Canada passed the responsibility down to lower levels, to make them morally and legally culpable For example, the ruling class passed it onto Trudeau, who passed it to the provinces and the provinces passed it onto individual churches and stores in many cases, and they passed it onto employees — so that in the end everyone — and thus no one — was responsible.

One thing is for certain: the people who helped orchestrate medical tyranny were not in danger of losing their lives. They simply wanted to save or in many cases advance their careers, which is inexcusable as a reason to harm others — which they clearly did.

This is why I think it’s okay to name as responsible the top officials in each province for their role in perpetrating a great evil. They remind me of the Sonderkommando (or kapos) who helped the oppressors inflict harm on their own people out of self-interest.

I really doubt that any of them really believed the bunk that this was about protecting public health. The signs to the contrary were evident to all. And if that were not enough, they received letters such as this one that gave the proof that they were wrong — but they went ahead anyway, often with great zeal and self-righteousness.

The health commissioners are guilty of medical malpractice. The physicians who issued the emergency orders were not right to do so. The politicians and bureaucrats are morally culpable, even if they manage to evade legal culpability — because they wrote the laws.

The heroes

Now let me talk about the heroes in Canada. Keep in mind that these are just the high-profile people. There are tens of thousands of lesser known heroes who have devoted their time and energy and sacrificed themselves in one way or another for the cause of freedom — including all the truckers and supporters in Ottawa right now.

Everyone who has stood in the cold for freedom is a hero. They’re true heroes! You might have different or additional picks for who stood out as heroic; if so, please comment.

Also heroic are all those Canadians who refused to take the jab and would rather lose their job than be forced to do something so injurious and unprincipled. There are tens of thousands of them. The whole exercise was never about public health; it was always about power, or more precisely the abuse of power, and for a few (box stores, Amazons, Big Pharma) obscene profits.

Top row, left to right: Candace Malcolm of True North (and the whole TN team!); Tamara Lich of the trucker’s convoy; MP Derek Sloane; former Premier Brian Peckford; trucker BJ Dichter, Paul Alexander MD.

Middle row, left to right: Ezra Levant of Rebel News (and the whole Rebel team!); MPP Roman Baber; journalist Spencer Fernando; MP Candace Bergen; Maxime Bernier.

Third row down: Janice Fiamengo; actress Evangeline Lilly who spoke out against mandates (which is a risk for actors because they become targets of cancel culture); ethics professor Julie Ponesse (fired for not undergoing an involuntary medical procedure); Byram Bridle MD; François Amalega (a Quebec freedom fighter who has been arrested numerous times for violating the restrictions).

Bottom row: Pastor Artur Pawlowski, MP Pierre Poilievre, Pastor James Coates, reporter David Menzies of Rebel News (arrested for doing this job); Chris Sky, the first person arrested in Canada for defying quarantine; and MP Randy Hillier.

Also, all the organizers of all the rallies and anyone who during all this stood up against medical tyranny in word or deed. I’m not sure who they are or I’d show them here. Those people are certainly heroic! And all the truckers and protestors in Ottawa and along the highways as well!

Now some of these people were just doing their jobs (e.g. the politicians) but what’s admirable in hindsight is that they didn’t cave into the overwhelming pressure that their colleagues did. They had integrity and principles and stuck by them.

Same with a few physicians and scientists. Not many but enough to make the case that mRNA shots don’t rest on good science and should not be be imposed, especially given the risk of adverse events and relative lack of risk from Covid.

Most journalists caved into groupthink as well, but a few did not: those at True North, Rebel News, and independent Spencer Fernando. Also Brad Salzberg and a few others. Sadly most media today are corrupt and untrustworthy.

Prof. Julie Ponesse took an ethical stand against forced medical procedures, which you would think would be a no-brainer, but apparently most professors caved into groupthink or fear as well. Prof. Janice Fiamengo was another exception: she spoke out, to her credit.

Very few celebrities dare to speak out, but recently one was Evangeline Lilly, to her credit. Were there others I don’t know about? Who are they? I don’t know.

Now for the zeroes. There are simply too many to list here, so this is just a representative sample.

Top row, left to right: Premier John Horgan, Premier Francois Legault, Premier Tim Houston — in fact, let’s be clear here: ALL of Canada’s Premiers caved into pressure, even Jason Kenny who said he wouldn’t. They got to him too somehow — through threats and bribes. He was given an offer he cold not refuse by the medical mafia.

Then there is NS health official Robert Strang, who admitted to quelling an anti-mandate protest because he didn’t like what the activists were saying. Then the top health official Therese Tam, who told Canadians they’re racist and issued a series of contradictory and authoritarian edicts in complete violation of Charter rights; Health minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor; Health Minister Jane Philpott; Health Minister Patty Hajdu. 

Bottom row: President Xi and Bill Gates. Yes they are not Canadians but right now they essentially run Canada and direct Trudeau, who is Xi’s sycophant. Premier Doug Ford, who although being a conservative, became one of the worst tyrants in Canada. Trudeau himself.

How Canada's public health officials have become overnight ...

All the provincial health officials for the different provinces. These are public figures who issued completely unnecessary and harmful edicts, in violation of their Hippocratic oaths.

Again, they were sent this letter, clearly illustrating why there were in the wrong both scientifically and thus morally, and ignored it anyway. Like the petty official in the Third Reich they believe it will last a thousand years and it’s safer to side with power over truth and justice.

Now their house of cards is crumbling under the weight of the truth that’s become evident to anyone with a working brain: that the last two years was a cruel deception orchestrated for power and profit at our expense and had nothing to do with protecting public health.

In fact, what they did helped destroy public health through lockdown death, depression, poverty, suicide, and lack of access of medical care, and not least through reduced immune levels and deaths due to the injection of cytotoxins into bodies, which they know would have negative side-effects and kill some people.

This is clearly why a campaign of censorship took place: to hide a truth that in time became everyone to everyone.

We now know by now that lockdowns greatly harmed people while doing nothing to stop disease transmission. This is because the disease went where it wanted to. Restrictions made no difference. The lockdowns were pointless. They caused job losses, poverty, and great suffering and hardship COMPLETELY UNECESSARILY.

Lockdowns and restrictions and mandates were all completely wrong, from star to finish — as is the continued exclusion of the unvaccinated from participation in society in Austria and Quebec.

And mask mandates — which still go on in Canada — were also pointless since masks don’t work and do far more harm than good, especially for children.

The mRNA shots also did harm than good. The mandates were excessive and grotesque authoritarian display of power that had nothing do with real medicine or public health. These physicians abused their authorities for the sake of power and money (they were quite well compensated).

They are medical tyrants no better than the doctors who imposed horrors in totalitarian regimes. Though the horror are less obvious than in that historical example, it’s a fact that many suffered needlessly because of maleficence of these physicians.

Their crimes were — and are — sanctioned by the state and media at this time. In time it will be universally recognized what a horror show they unleashed on the republic. A lot of people suffered and died because of their shameful and irresponsible actions. The arrogance they demonstrated was breathtaking as they destroyed people’s lives and abuse the trust given to them as physicians.

Top: Canada’s premiers, all of whom caved into pressure to become medical tyrants. All of them — even Jason Kenny who originally said he wouldn’t do it.

Bottom: the network of mainstream/legacy media in Canada. CBC in particular gets over $1 billion dollars from the taxpayers and inundates them with propaganda and lies. The CBC needs to be defunded. All the MSM in Canada get money from the government, making them no better than Pravda in the USSR or Chinese state media.

Bottom panel: The MSM in Canada helped impose tyranny on Canada over the last two years and should all be ashamed for what they’ve done. The so-called “journalists” who work at them absolutely failed in their duty to tell the truth. The owners and editors of these papers stay hidden in the dark like cave trolls in Lord of the Rings; their job is to lie to us.

Will they ever be held accountable?

After WWII, some key Nazis were put on trial, but General MacArthur, in the Pacific theatre of war, gave a general pardon to all the Japanese military leaders, some of whom had perpetrated great acts of cruelty and who without a doubt were guilty of war crimes.

But they were all pardoned by McArthur for the sake of restoring relations between the U.S. and Japan, for economic and political reasons. Yet that was unfair to the many victims of those atrocities (e.g., the Bataan death march, the victims of war crimes at Unit 731, the rape of Nanking).

The idea of justice exists for a reason. Not that it always is fairly executed in this world. In fact, rarely does justice really occur in this world.

The justice system is flawed and the guilty often seem to get away with, as the author of Ecclesiastes laments: “Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the sun: ‘I saw the tears of the oppressed— and they have no comforter; power was on the side of their oppressors— and they have no comforter'”(Ecclesiastes 4:1).

We can console ourselves that there may be justice in the life to come, as noted in New Testament, but that often is not much consolation in this life when bad governments and corporations gat away with doing evil.

For now, I would like to see some justice occur — meaning a trial for those responsible for doing this to us and a discussion of the degree of culpability, such as has happened in Germany ever since WWII.

But first, in Canada, all mandates have to be dropped and the country restored. All jobs that were lost should be reinstated. All those who did harm should step down. Sincere apologies should be issued by all those responsible. Trudeau must reign.

There should be some kind of reckoning, as is starting to happen on a limited sale in the UK now. Yet even now the tyrants, both provincially and federally and in the media are banning convoys and going to overpasses: Nova Scotia Tyrants pass “law” banning Truck Convoys and their Supporters!

Postscript: Robert Strang is a tyrant

It is my considered opinion that Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer, Robert Strang, has acted like a petty tyrant by arbitrarily imposing unconstitutional restrictions that lack sufficient scientific justification and which also violate all ethical norms for a liberal democracy.

He is an unelected official who has become a human rights violator by restricting freedom of religion, speech, and assembly and for violation freedom of medical choice, resulting in enormous and unjustifiable hardship and pain on Nova Scotia’s citizens.

Featured Image
Canadian official admits ban on in-person gatherings is to prevent spread of ‘false information’

Anyone who supports his actions is grossly ill-informed. For example, we now know that the actions of governments have no effect on the transmission of Covid-19 which was unaffected by masks or social distancing.

A huge epidemiological comparison of 145 nations showed an increase in infections after the mRNA injections had been introduced. These injections (which are not actually vaccines; they are an experimental dangerous drug) made a negative difference in terms of infection — the very opposite of what the corrupt mainstream media is telling us.

The Omicron variant is unaffected by mRNA injections; these injections were initially successful in mitigating symptoms of the original strain of SARS-CoV2, in early 2021, but we now know they only serve to weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to infection, accelerating the rapid spread of Omicron.

And the mRNA shots have numerous serious negative side-effects. Yet Strang still insists that people to take them. As of Jan. 24, 2022, mask and vax mandates/passports are still in force. NS is now considering imposing a ‘tax’ like Quebec did, despite all the evidence that these injections do more harm than good. That would be insane.

The UK recently dropped Covid restrictions, in recognition that humanity needs to learn to live with Covid (as opposed to a brutal zero-Covid policy) and to develop natural immunity and manage the disease. Trying to eradicate it is not working; it is only destroying the world and serving to transfer massive amounts of wealth and power to political elites.

Sadly most Canadians still seem unware of what’s happening, as though they’re unable or unwilling to entertain any thoughts not sanctioned by authority figures in the media or government.

We should not continue on the insane trajectory ordained by apparatchiks like Drs. Tam or Strang, who have done so much to harm Canada and punish Canadians unnecessarily. His decision-making seems politically motivated to destroy Nova Scotia.

Strang issued an injunction to ban protest in Halifax last summer in direct violation of Canadian Charter rights: “He admitted he put the Order in place to shut down planned protests against his mask orders and lockdowns” (i.e., not for health reasons), leading to legal action by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to lift the injunction.

Some activists showed up anyway and were arrested. Good for them!

Police illegally round nonviolent activists exercising their Charter rights. The injunction was later lifted but not before violating the fundamental rights of Canadians on the whim of medical tyrant Robert Strang.
Click to play video:

Strang he has flip-flopped and lied to the public numerous times. For example, he said he would not impose vax passports, but then did so later. Canada’s health officers have turned out to be tyrants who ruined people’s lives for no reason.

Covid-19 came and went in waves that these restrictions and injections had no effect on. And the harm of the disease itself was exaggerated in the mainstream media, who were incredibly irresponsible and violated their journalistic ethics.

Medical tyranny in Canada, imposed by Trudeau and in NS by two successive premiers and by Dr. Strang have caused incredible suffering and hardship and provide no medical benefit.

Governments were certain to take credit when the Covid ‘waves’ receded, but we now know their restrictions had nothing to do with government actions. This is just how respiratory diseases act. In fact, we now know that lockdowns harmed citizens far more than they helped them.

Above: A nurse wrote these signs. “I find it strange [that] Covid misses 2 vaccines and a booster but a mask will stop it . . .

  • 98.5% survival rate, age 0-70+ (

    [The estimates, published 2020:
    – 0 to 19 years: 99.997%
    – 20 – 49 years: 99.98%
    – 50 – 69 years: 99.5%
    – 70 + years: 94.6%]
  • 100 years of research = no vaccine for cancer
  • no vaccine for the common cold, no vaccine for HIV
    [despite 40 years research on HIV an 300 years research on the cold]
  • Zero studies on long-term adverse reactions!
  • Canada has had 269 Covid vaccine deaths
  • USA has had 21,745 Covid vaccine death
    [150,000 according to this estimate]

    [Note that “European regulators found that a Pfizer vaccine for cows caused a 1-in-6000 risk of the bleeding disease and this was considered “unacceptable” but the risk of Covid-vaccine induced myocarditis – which can be fatal – in young men is now estimated at somewhere between 1 in 2000 and 1 in 3000.” Which led to the conclusion that “the rules are stricter for cows.”]

Nova Scotia Health, May 2021: “It’s important to note a person’s vaccine record is their own personal confidential health information and an employer is not privy to that to that.”

September 2021: “Nova Scotia Health will be requiring team members to describe their vaccine status” (Nov. 2022) Covid vaccine mandate . . .

2022 - [EN IMAGES] Convoy of truckers to Ottawa: many ...

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