Nova Scotia (Canada) is tyrannically banning all protest efforts, in complete violation of Charter rights and freedoms

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This just in. “Citing its powers under the COVID state of emergency beginning March 2020, the government of Nova Scotia, Canada, has declared it illegal to: Finance, organize, aid, or participate in a truck convoy; line the roadside in support of a truck convoy. Violators face $10,000 fines.”

This is true outright tyranny at this point. NS ‘health commissioner’ Robert Strang did this before to a few protestors at Citadel hill last year, but now all the tens of thousands protesting this tyranny in Ottawa (and provincially) face a $10,000 fine for supporting the convoy, completely in violation of their Charter rights.

“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Clearly what’s happening now is not a reasonable limit, if it ever was. There are lawyers make this case now, but by the time it’s heard a lot of the damage will be done. Thus it’s time to exercise nonviolent civil disobedience at this point.

Tim Houston, the Premiere of Nova Scotia, is a tyrant too, and a big disappointment since many voted for the ‘Progressive Conservatives’ thinking that it would help end medical tyranny. Shortly after he took office he imposed a discriminatory vax passport. He is just another obedient puppet of the ruling class.

This is an issue that should transcend political parties or old right-left divisions. It’s human freedom and the right to good health vs. state-corporate medical tyranny and submission to Big Pharma.

I now expect that Nova Scotians will suffer the scientifically ignorant and wholly unconstitutional vax tax like in Quebec and Austria, making it even more onerous on people — though I hope not. Getting a fine of hundreds of dollars per month and being barred from grocery stores is clearly a final stage of coercion, to force people into an involuntary medical procedure. It’s meant to demean and punish those who refuse to obey the state.

Well, there is one more stage: arrest and detention – which is why every province has now built “isolation centres” and is hiring ex-police to arrest us. They called that a ‘conspiracy theory’ a year ago when MP Randy Hillier exposed it, but now we have the photo proof and the government ads to hire the police explicitly for that purpose. It’s a fact that they’re getting read to start arresting us.

None of this is to protect anyone (as falsely claimed) since infection and transmission are completely unaffected by these mandates or by vaccination status. We have the data. mRNA injections don’t work as they were promised. They’re not true vaccines for that reason. It’s purely a punitive movement to punish those who don’t obey.

The point of the whole thing – lockdowns, masks, shots, restrictions, fines, isolation centres, arrests — is to socially condition us all to accept a social credit system as they have in Communist China. It’s outright medical fascism. The CCP is involved in this more than most people are aware.

And why not? China wants resources. Canada has the largest reserves of water, wood, oil, uranium, gold etc. And being positioned in Canada, militarily (which is already the case in Salt Spring Island, BC) gives them a strategic advantage over the U.S. as they strive for world domination by 2049. This plan to take over the world by 2049 is right from the CCP itself. They’re making no attempt to hide it.

In the last federal election, President Xi signalled that he would be unhappy with us if Trudeau were not elected. Why? Trudeau is all too happy to hand over Canada to China piecemeal (just as he did with gold reserves in Nunavut recently) but the deal is that he has to break us first. He’s really trying with these mandates.

The mainstream media lies about all this have been debunked by reams of international epidemiological data showing the injection are pointless. They lie because Trudeau pays them to, with our tax money. 

In the UK and Denmark  they faced the truth of this and dropped mandates; in Canada, we continue to be oppressed by them. That’s why there’s an unprecedented protest happening now. In the end, everyone will have to have chips in their hands and risk getting social demerit points for criticizing the government.

All this is a complete betrayal of the foundation of rights and freedoms that Canada is based on, stemming from 18th century constitutional traditions. We’re being forced to accept tyranny, to put it bluntly. But it’s happening in stages under the cover of a supposed medical emergency in order to ease us into it.

Now we know from Pfizer data that the mRNA shots will kill you with cytotoxins eventually if you take enough of them – just as microbiologists such Michael Palmer MD (and many others) said would happen. That’s why the 4th booster has been dropped: not that they care about killing us but it’s bad optics for millions to start dying all at once. The media can ignore a few hundred thousand but not millions dropping dead. It would blow their cover.

All this (ostensibly) for a disease (Omicron) that has the same symptom as the common cold — or could very well be the common cold, since we also know PCR tests are faulty. Where did the flu go, by the way? We now know that respiratory disease cannot easily be contained, so I suspect much of what is designated as Omicron is in fact the flu. I don’t believe lying fact-checkers who claim otherwise, since we know they’re all paid by Big Pharma and Facebook and the like.

The government of NS and Canada is clearly choosing to suppress people rather than give up the insane mandates — which were never about public health, we now know. They did nothing to stop infection or transmission anywhere on Earth. Highly injected nations such as Israel have record case counts. They were always about imposing autocracy.

The point of this is to scare people into submission by fining a few and having the complicit and corrupt media report the fine. Usually when these fines are contested they’re dropped but by then the point of it has been made in the media.

I think that with this ban on protests we just got the answer as to how this is all going to go: they’re going to double-down and suppress us rather than back off. We are now living in a true dictatorship in Canada. Their Emergency Orders give them license to do anything they like at this point.

The following is from a past article, on the people in NS doing this:

It is my considered opinion that Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer, Robert Strang, has acted like a petty tyrant by arbitrarily imposing unconstitutional restrictions that lack sufficient scientific justification and which also violate all ethical norms for a liberal democracy.

He is an unelected official who has become a human rights violator by restricting freedom of religion, speech, and assembly and for violating freedom of medical choice, resulting in enormous and unjustifiable hardship and pain on Nova Scotia’s citizens. He actually admitted that banning in-person gatherings last year was to prevent the spread of ‘false information.’

Anyone who supports his actions is grossly ill-informed. For example, we now know that the actions of governments have no effect on the transmission of Covid-19 which was unaffected by masks or social distancing.

A huge epidemiological comparison of 145 nations showed an increase in infections after the mRNA injections had been introduced. These injections (which are not actually vaccines; they are an experimental dangerous drug) made a negative difference in terms of infection — the very opposite of what the corrupt mainstream media is telling us.

The Omicron variant is unaffected by mRNA injections; these injections were initially successful in mitigating symptoms of the original strain of SARS-CoV2, in early 2021, but we now know they only serve to weaken the immune system and make people more susceptible to infection, accelerating the rapid spread of Omicron.

And the mRNA shots have numerous serious negative side-effects. Yet Strang still insists that people take them. As of Jan. 24, 2022, mask and vax mandates/passports are still in force [it’s Jan. 30 and still in force]. NS now says it’s “considering” imposing a ‘tax’ like Quebec did, despite all the evidence that these injections do more harm than good. That would be insane.

The UK recently dropped Covid restrictions, in recognition that humanity needs to learn to live with Covid (as opposed to a brutal zero-Covid policy) and to develop natural immunity and manage the disease. Trying to eradicate it is not working; it is only destroying the world and serving to transfer massive amounts of wealth and power to political elites.

Sadly many Canadians still seem unaware of what’s happening, as though they’re unable or unwilling to entertain any thoughts not sanctioned by authority figures in the media or government. [Though it is encouraging to see so many – millions? – come in support now via the convoy]

We should not continue on the insane trajectory ordained by apparatchiks like Drs. Tam or Strang, who have done so much to harm Canada and punish Canadians unnecessarily. His decision-making seems politically motivated to destroy Nova Scotia.

Strang issued an injunction to ban protest in Halifax last summer in direct violation of Canadian Charter rights: “He admitted he put the Order in place to shut down planned protests against his mask orders and lockdowns” (i.e., not for health reasons), leading to legal action by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association to lift the injunction. Some activists showed up anyway and were arrested.

Strang he has flip-flopped and lied to the public numerous times. For example, he said he would not impose vax passports, but then did so later. Canada’s health officers have turned out to be tyrants who ruined people’s lives for no reason.

Covid-19 came and went in waves that these restrictions and injections had no effect on. And the harm of the disease itself was exaggerated in the mainstream media, who were incredibly irresponsible and violated their journalistic ethics.

Medical tyranny in Canada, imposed by Trudeau and in NS by two successive premiers and by Dr. Strang have caused incredible suffering and hardship and provide no medical benefit.

Governments were certain to take credit when the Covid ‘waves’ receded, but we now know their restrictions had nothing to do with government actions. This is just how respiratory diseases act. In fact, we now know that lockdowns harmed citizens far more than they helped them.


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